World Snooker Championship 2015

World Snooker Championship 2015

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now we're like it in the world there's always my ambition to play The Crucible growing up hundreds of millions of people will be watching is the pinnacle of every referees career buzz of bringing the players on it the crucible just can't be beaten our sports greatest moment why this is barrier giving you the inside track you may have heard there's a small snooker tournament coming up in Sheffield it's called the World Snooker Championship spin established since 1927 the one thing that's different is if you don't move quickly you don't get a ticket mark my words when I tell you the first week of snooker in this year's World Championships will be the best week of snooker you have ever seen these youngsters coming through getting the experience on the tour are now ready really ready tremendous copy the legends of snow had the crucible don't miss it

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  1. Still can't believe the red carpet has been rolled out for John Higgins after what he did to bring the game into disrepute. A great player at his best but blatantly happy to put his own interests ahead of the sport that made him what he is. Should've received a way harsher ban.

  2. I suposse he is going to make little "groups" which 2 players qualify in each group, as the players needs to play against every player on the group…. I dream to see it in snooker… AT THE CRUCIBLE

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