White Collar Boxing London - No Guts No Glory - short documentary

White Collar Boxing London – No Guts No Glory – short documentary

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this cups the ads on far slighter minute scholars my name's got off with I'm the owner of white collar box in London we specialize and take in white color professionals over at temp we journey on their way to clocks in a ring over three two-minute rounds one of the benefits we believe you're going from us our quality moment is your beauty opportunity to go and take any time yeah welcome up my name is Daniel and I'm a corporate account manager I'm doing this as part of a bucket list my father used to box when he was at school I've never had the guts to do something on this opportunity arose and my chances are pretty good I've been training for the last 11 to 12 weeks my fitness is the best it's been for a long time I've dropped a load of weight and I'm 5 feet so I've got as good as chances anybody Oh check out absolutely amazing as I'm nothing I've ever felt before then stick to my game plan in the first round then collect the occasion in the crowd get to be a little bit rushed in I think Chris won first round second round stuck to my game plan worked behind the jab so his left and the top and came over the top of the right we kept walking onto the shots third round was the same as the second I got caught with a couple of shots and start the point which kind of putting the head I came back at the end of the draw so anybody thinking of doing it get in the ring side nothing you've ever done before you

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