Whats In My CAMERA BAG 2019?!

Whats In My CAMERA BAG 2019?!

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what's up everybody my kid I'm not Pete McKinnon I'm go something what's going on everybody how you doing if you are new here I'm predominantly a gymnast if you don't know that I also do videography photography and everything in that juicy genre genre so I said in the last video if you guys want to see more stuff on cameras slap it down in the comment section below and you did a lot of you said yes which I'm quite pleased about because I've been wanting to talk about this for a while we're gonna talk about today what is in my camera bag I don't know what I'm doing my hands here but okay we've got a lot of stuff to talk about not as much as a lot of people but soon as I do this as a profession we do have a fair amount of get going to start with the basics first thing on our list because it's the thing I literally use pretty much every single day is a Joby Gorillapod I have used these for about three to four years this one has actually lasted me a brilliant piece of kit so I don't actually deal with lighting a lot because the events that I'm at or all professionally lit thankfully at the moment I just go there through the bit on sports because they're all on Sky TV so it's all purple it don't need lights however I do own a light that I use a lot when we're doing these sit-down talks you don't notice them that's the idea they're very very subtle this is the light I use this light right here this light is called the aperture I'm around is the a LH one nine eight I believe it's pretty cool it comes with these filters you just pop them off and then you've got a white light then you snap it back on bit fiddly and you have a nice soft warm line this is what I use over in the corner it's very subtle you can just the brightness of it it's quite bright and then you can really dim it down and it's there enough nothing that what I like to do is place over here guys can't see it that's the idea and it just adds a tiny to see et weeny weeny weeny bit of soft light to me but I exciting are something very very essential that I have broken many of and tried many different brands and these are the only ones that work consistently and don't seem to break unless your dog eats them because that has happened to me recently so memory card readers so I have two of them well I actually have three because my dog ate one of them that doesn't work anymore and I now have two I've had problems with other memory card readers in the past where I've actually been on a shoot in Vegas and it just thought these didn't stop working but the budget one that I bought completely stopped working thankfully I had this as a backup and it has gone through the wringer it works all the time and they're never a problem the reason I have two is in case I lose one because I lose a lot of stuff and I'm very unlucky like that if you want to get more on Amazon they're fairly cheap on Amazon they're about 16 pounds I think I got this one on prime day and I bought this one from the Apple store and it was a considerable amount more don't buy it from Apple so you have all these memory cards but you have nowhere to save them to you don't really want to save them to your laptop because that's just silly and will take up room so what do you do you buy yourself a samsung t5 SSD this is the best thing I've ever bought I have hard drives as well and don't use them as much anymore I only use them as a desktop item pretty much I take this everywhere with me on every shoot it is fast it is amazing and it is tiny so nice 500 gig it gets me through I put all my final cut libraries all my projects on this and then I'll back it all up to my much bigger drives that are hard drives and this is of course USB see because I own a MacBook Pro with USB see we're not going to get into that USB see these stuff but it is quick so for the part that probably everybody has been waiting for what lenses do I use is because that is the most common thing that a videographer gets what lenses do you use what gear do you have they're very simple I'm quite minimalistic with my stuff this is the first lens that I ever bought it is a sigma 30 millimeter 1.4 it is quite cheap it is a budget lens it was about 350 pounds I think when I bought it this is the first ever F 1.4 lens I ever owned the only thing I owned before that was an f4 this lens is an aps-c lens but my god is it incredible I don't know what it is but the bokeh on it and the color the general color of it I literally find it amazing I use it on so often it is probably the most used lens that I have a photos video it's incredible only downside to it is the focus ring just I don't even know it's it's really smooth but like when you actually try and use it it just doesn't really work that well Sigma 30 millimeter F one point four trillion budget lens the next lens we are talking about is one that I have come to you is quite there is the Sony 50-millimeter f1 point a probably one of their cheapest lens I think that they own it is a full frame lens one point a I don't know you know what more could you ask for this lens is 180 pounds or something something crazy like that is so cheap it is quite light as well it's very very small as you can see it is it's it's you know it's time and it gets the job done but I'll focus on this again not amazing there's a lot of noise but when I'm shooting an event I'd literally never use autofocus now anyway I use manual focus and the manual focus on this is really really good it's very nice it's very easy it's not a wired focus which is a little bit easier and I prefer anyway and it's just a really nice lens now we're gonna talk about the most expensive lens I've ever bought I was not keen on spending this much money on the lens but it had to be done it is essential for what I do and I really really need it of course that is the most recent lens that I've purchased which is this the Sony 72 200g this thing is a freaking beast it's freaking expensive this cost me over a thousand pounds for this lens however it's one of those lenses that I've been putting off and putting off and putting off but I need it when you do sport you can't get that close especially when there's TV cameras about you are not allowed anywhere near the players because obviously TV don't want to see you the cameraman so what you do you have to get a nice zoom lens and what did i do I got a nice zoom lens it's an f4 pretty fast it's a nice lens autofocus is incredible on this bokeh it's very very nice at 200 millimetres it has all these switches you've got the autofocus switch your focus distance which is optical steadyshot this thing is amazing I can actually hand hold it as well because it is actually super small very very light I love this lens it's not practical for everyday use it is very much a business lens I need this for business but I do love it it's just look at that it's just a it's just it's just a monster I couldn't really justify spending two thousand pounds on the G master I just couldn't do it oh just break the bank the last shoot I did for matt reum this was literally the only lens that I pretty much use the whole time for shooting the players the only other ends I use is the one that is on this camera right now the sony zeiss 16 – 17 millimeter it's a really really nice lens the autofocus is very very good on it it tracks my face it is an f4 it's quite expensive it's in the range of about 800 pounds but it's beautiful it's a really really nice lens if you're looking to buy a vlogging lens this is a very very good lens if it is a crop lens but I use it on my full frame cameras I don't really care for that full frame look too much at the moment I use this lens predominantly for trophy shots pretty much use this lens for the whole video that I just produced of Maxon pommel it's just amazing colours are really nice and it's just got a great focal length I think my camera bag is the thing that we are currently filming on right now which is the sony 865 hundred I bought this camera nearly two years ago now and I've been fairly hard on it and it's still last to me it's still an incredible camera it got me into love in slow-mo it got me into love and vlogging it's really it's a really small package it's got me to where I am today without this camera and without you know making the step of buying and a more expensive camera I wouldn't be where I am today so this camera is incredible I love it it's nice and small and it you know you wouldn't know that it was this small of a camera the newest addition to my camera addiction is the Sony a7 mark 3 I got this camera recently and I loved it I loved it even before I had it I knew this bit Sony were kind enough to lend me one for a little bit when I first started collaborating and doing things with them and become an ambassador and stuff they led me that for about a week with a bunch of lenses and as soon as I got my hands on the camera a side am I need one of those I need one but I couldn't really justify the upgrade because I was only shooting vlogs and it just didn't really make a lot of sense to buy an extra camera for this cameras about this cameras around the 17,000 pound mark I just couldn't justify that at the time I didn't need to upgrade there was no real reason for me to I I hadn't got a profession in it it was just purely a hobby for me and then this year came around and I went to Vegas and I went to Vegas again and I did two more events when I came back from Vegas format room and it became apparent that I actually definitely needed a second camera because before this Sony had lent me a sony a7s month – and I had that camera from my start the year for the money shot they lent me the camera as they let me lenses to go and do the money shot and they said you know what we don't need the a 7s mark to back for a while you can keep it may just keep it as long as you want until we basically say I kind of need it back as it happened when they wanted the camera back and they needed it back for a further then I actually needed it that weekend because I was shooting the video format room and I had to shoot my whole weekend on one camera now for the people out there who does as a profession as well you know it's kind of stressful when you only have one body and it stressed me out that I only had one camera and I about eight batteries on this camera it did the job it got me through it but that really started to make me think like nah I need I need I need an extra camera so I got one and I haven't regretted it this is amazing I use it every day as well as I use this every day takes both cameras with me everywhere I shoot all my photos on this now the sony a6000 is now my backup in case anything happens to this the battery life on this is incredible the 4k is incredible it's full-frame it does 120 frames a second at 1080p a very very nice bitrate you've done a bit rate it means there's more information I can do more to the picture it's a beast but it's an affordable beast and that's what I love about it that's Becky we're gonna talk about something that I bought recently again sort of cuz I had to sort because I wanted to because I want to update this it's a gimbal this is the Weeble at lab and it's very small take it all apart and this is you take it all apart and it is very very small so in order to actually make this quick you have to buy this quick release plate which you just go pump pen it in I made the mistake of only buying one at the time and the reason you – is so you can whack it on the top there and you can go and then pop like that and then you've got both of them and you're very very quick and very tidy and it's nice and easy to switch from that so that's been it I'm not going to show you the bag I have because a camera bag it's probably the least interesting thing ever and my camera bag is quite small it's not interesting camera bags are stressful so I hope you've enjoyed this little insight into what I have in my camera bag and what I use for all my jobs that I do I hope you've enjoyed it it's very different to what I'm used to but quite excited to see your guys's reaction and what you think of the video if you I did guys please make sure to leave a like rating leave a comment as well I'd really appreciate that YouTube's algorithm doesn't really care much for the small youtubers at the moment but if you guys make a big impact I will appreciate that a lot so click that subscribe button and I'll see you in the next one you guys know what to do make every day count and enjoy though I don't actually know what my next piece of kit is it is called the aperture Armand imran it is called the aperture Owlman m.a Moran damn it it's called the aperture a Moran al one nine eight no clothes called the aperture oh my god a comment this light is called the aperture then you slap it back on and then you snap it back on oh my god I can't do it and then you slap it back on 400 I bought this camera my batteries just blow up

27 thoughts on “Whats In My CAMERA BAG 2019?!

  1. I’m a still photographer at the moment but I’m interested in doing videos. Right now I have a Nikon D7500, a crop sensor and I want to trade it in for a mirrorless camera. Your video gave me great information. I’ve always been impressed with your vlogs and videography skills and they just keep getting better. Love your channel! Thanks , Dennis

  2. Your thumbnail threw me. I subscribe to a few photographer channels that I don’t always watch, and didn’t notice until now that it was one of yours. Thanks very much for sharing. Your long lens will obviously come in useful at a gymnastics events, too. They’re also good for big outdoor people get togethers. That’s the case because they allow you to take shots from a distance so you’re more likely to get honest shots where people aren’t hamming it up for the camera. Also, the greater length puts more people within immediate camera range. Admittedly, the large size attracts attention but people eventually get used to that. Despite its size you’re going to have a lot of fun with that lens.

  3. I just took the last 3 or 4 days and binged watched every single video you have on here, and I loved every minute of it! SUBSCRIBED!

  4. Hi Gaius,
    Cool video buddy!😎 Awesome camera equipment, I didn't know that some of it existed. You did an amazing job. How is your anexity? Been worrying about how you might be.❤ looking forward to your next videos. ❤

  5. I am jealous of your equipment but I am working on mine. Glad that you are able to have it all because you have a great eye. Loved the outtakes.

  6. Hi Jay…Enjoyed the vid and the equipment you have to work with. Did you give any consideration to purchasing the Canon ef70-200mm instead of the Sony. I purchased the Canon for $1,099, that works out to just 908 sterling.

  7. Hi Jay, awesome vid! It's really interesting to see what you have in your camera bag. Hope your anxiety isn't to bad. Keep keeping on and making your excellent vids. Oh, Did you get the letter that I sent inside the tube with the picture?

  8. I was scared by the intro haha… Was like nooo.

    But yeah obviously good idea for content. Came back from Iceland on Monday, had a few hours to visit the south (until Vík) before leaving to the North the next day, and I also wanted to do some basic photography but with my phone and try it's features since I got it two weeks ago and that I don't have any semi-pro camera myself (only my mom who had it in her holidays).
    So I did my best with the stress of having taken auto-stop people on the way. I recommend never to take people with you in Iceland if it's your first time; if you lack time and if you want to enjoy the landscape. There's never enough time for that nature…

    Other than that nice useful video! Thanks

  9. Cool stuff, glad it works well for you! I got the Samsung SSD T5 external drives a little while ago and love them too. So easy and quick to use!

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