WCT 3 - Best Chase Compilation

WCT 3 – Best Chase Compilation

UK Athletics

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Here are 7 of the Best Chases from World Chase Tag’s™ WCT 3. Go to our Facebook page to vote for your favourite and each athlete involved in the winning Chase will receive $1,000 each. We’ll also send some WCT merch to three lucky voters.

Chase 1 – TaVon McVey v Haroon Hanafi

Chase 2 – David Nelmes v Andy Skyler Tomin

Chase 3 – Seth Ruji v Caryl Cordt-Moller

Chase 4 – TaVon McVey v Valentin Dubois

Chase 5 – Marc Busch v David Nelmes

Chase 6 – Andy Skyler Tomin v Davis Vasconcellos

Chase 7 – Augustin Ciavaldini v TaVon McVey

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Keep Chasing and Don’t Get Caught!!

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  1. I wonder if it would be a good idea to colour the floor of the outside part and make a rule that you can't be in the coloured area for more than, say, three or four seconds consecutively. Would make for more varied matches.

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