Wales' World Cup Chances In The Welsh Rugby Union!

Wales' World Cup Chances In The Welsh Rugby Union!

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With The Welsh Rugby Union revealing the NEW Wales 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 strip, do you fancy Wales’ WORLD CUP πŸ† chances? πŸ‰


with the Welsh rugby team revealing their brand-new Kate before the world cup people are looking forward to the tournament now more than ever Wales European champions second in the world just one behind New Zealand it's really heating up in the world of rugby with the tournament kicking off in September Wales's training regime is in full swing as they gear up to face their opponents in Pool D despite sharing a pool with Australia Welsh winger George North believes Wales are in their best ever position and are ready to cope with the huge weight of national expectation with Wales is 14 successive wins and a spanking new strip this certainly seems to be a confidence in the camp but do the people of Cardiff fancy wills his chances we've got the capability finola I've watched them play and with one of six nations we've beaten like Australia and South Africa of all all those things but but all I think the only team that we've got get past is New Zealand speaking of New Zealand I stopped to chat with a Kiwi myself to see what he thought of wheels his chances I think they've got a really good chance of winning this World Cup really good they went well were in New Zealand 2011 with that game against France which unfortunately turned into a bit of a mismatch with that unfortunate incident but this year they've done well with a grant with a grand slam the defense is outstanding they're playing some really good rugby really good a tacking rugby throwing the ball around they've got a really good mix in both forwards and backs they've got a good number 10 in Kiwi ground Gareth hence come obviously so they've got a great balance but when it comes to support who's grunt really barking well my look I've got I've got to be honest with you we got married at the Battle of the morgen my wife and I in 2011 and I said then and my wedding vows I'll support Wales in any sport except when they play in New Zealand that's fair enough to be fear of that one

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