Wagga and Joey take on the fans' questions...

Wagga and Joey take on the fans' questions…

UK Rugby

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got some fans questions we're nearly done boys it's been a great shot today thanks for coming on I want to go his first one so Joey from Peter Wilkinson is the fly off storm the cards will it be strange for you without Jackson nixies I don't know keep living with him well first the first question playoff definitely like I said before it's a very top comp so we're gonna we're gonna push for that but yeah it will be different you know being like I said on and off for about five years now but we also gotta love together we're a little married couple I'm the wife unfortunately I'll be now we're still going to live together I think you need leaves my hope and yeah and we bounce off each other well so it will still be there I've been weird really playing it children yeah love to come down and get a bit leader oh you tried to take your head off ten times and I'll say one word he will kill me for a day so Haley for a day but it'll be good fun I've got questionnaire from Lee Hall and you both might have a bit of an input on this do you agree or appreciate I'll see the need for teams to swap hawkers halfway through the game I imagine that'll vary on which hooker it is and what the role are but what's your take on it go I think it's you look over the last 10 years it's changed you know from 82 to back to 80 I guess it's Allah depends on the team the coach the players like for this year for example I've done 80 and of them and I've done the same where I'll come off the bench or stab and come off I think it's sort of something that's still up in the air to be fair I sort of guess it depends on the players in the team and the way the coach wants to play what you prefer you prefer to do the for later yeah I sort of fly just for my game personally the way you sort of easy not easy to the game but sort of just find your feet if you come off the bench and sort of obviously a bit of limited time and you got to jump straight into it but I guess it just depends on the coach as well yeah I agree with Joe it depends on the team the coach but back in the day when I first started out playing 78 minutes at Castle hood so I were in 18min ochre and they were gonna sign a twig in the world obviously Terry new word so I will call me nan and office for Terry and I think it frustrated him a little bit because he wanted the 18 minutes I preferred playing longest in so you could get into a game you'd have to force it your job when you got on the field would speed the look up so I just remember when it first came out the the second look like Mackay I'm kidding calling him and and then kind of players and and with the interchange swapping obviously it's gone back it's gone back to look who's playing bigger minutes so it's up to the team and the club Tommy took a while get asks have you had plastic surgery and it's not why does your face look like got wrinkles or wrinkles man faces have no work done alt just tells the story also from Tommy took a Joey is it true that your brother Darcy is going to appear on the next series of banged up abroad today but yeah I would say maybe possibly it's a chance without one obviously he's coming back in ll always are working for us and then I've literally got off on the phone crying like stuck in Amsterdam and cool stuff you Manchester not allowed to come back in there to fly back home wit crazy yeah well I caught him cuz we're gonna go for dinner that night I'm quoting the same song for dinner he goes I'm stuck in the airport I'm going home so and then two days later he sent in photos with the family so but he's back now I guess it's all sorted so but it was definitely a crazy little chapter there

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