Vinnie Jones interviews Eric Bristow, Professional Darts Player

Vinnie Jones interviews Eric Bristow, Professional Darts Player

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Vinnie Jones is in the pub with Eric Bristow darts player.

Eric Bristow MBE “The Crafty Cockney” is a former professional English darts player. He was ranked World No. 1 by the World Darts Federation a record six times. He is a five time World Champion a five time World Masters Champion and a four time World Cup singles champion. He won twenty two WDF and BDO Major titles and seventy career titles overall. In the 1980s, Bristow’s skill and personality helped turn darts into a worldwide spectator sport.

In 1993, Bristow was one of sixteen top players who broke away from the British Darts Organisation to form their own organisation, which became the Professional Darts Corporation. He retired from competitive darts in 2007 and now works as a commentator and pundit on Sky Sports’ darts coverage.

From the Men & Motors show “Coming Soon”, episode 17.

Original Air Date: 31/01/1997
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well welcome back this week we've got sir we've gone down market a little bit we've had all them upgraded people like chalk nesting and thank you and all the motor racing drivers nothing like we've met the man who is from the pubs he spends most of his life in the pub some of some other athletes like myself don't admit to it though all right I see everybody's able to learn that you coming down here and sharing a cup of points and you you're mucking in with the boys people I understand I mean like darts played all over the world I mean we don't just play in England I mean but we play four or five to limited America a year two in Canada you got the Australian Open Denmark Sweden Finland I mean we're all over the place I know where does that work does it do they come for an agent I mean I don't find you I'm gonna sell coming a stormy no but what we got is like a well rating like like the tennis they've yeah we've got so many tournaments in the world ranking system they have to go over there chase points and if you get right using the top 16 in the world then you can get invited to the TV tournament so so what you gotta do is go and chase the points and you're right I mean II just don't get invited to a TV tournament you've got a being a top 16 32 in the world what you know what's your rankings me I'm Fontaine there we just got out from 23 to 14 is it not does it not gut your work I mean he was number one weren't you for a long time long long time eight and half years yeah I mean darts I mean people say not if you say darts they say Eric Bristow no no yeah anybody is like 93 dart player decide myself John Lowe maybe jockey wasn't and what's it like for you three boys keeping up with these youngsters coming through I start once you get like any sport on TV I mean then the youngsters start playing and they come from and the same with snooker the old new faces in snooker I mean we've just got to keep on their toes and keep being them not by well again now I'm playing lovely David swim playing willing bad it's not all bad it's good you can practice and make yourself worse can you you cannot yeah you can yeah you can kill yourself I mean look before a tournament I usually play that two or three hours before I get on the stage and play on TV but sometimes you can burn yourself there I was practicing too much before so now I'm just cut down a bit when I went older so yeah when you realize that he was a bit tasty tasty young that I used to play for money when I was 14 yes yeah I used to I still when I was 15 I stabbed her job and he's doing 12 pound a week when I was 15 and raised to plate at night 450 pound so in the end the job went out the window doctor got a plan – which one I was lucky I was born at the right time I mean as darts got more and more popular you know I was I was a young lady and 1973 started and I was a good diet play and I was a lucky boy I mean that is there was no money in dollars before the father ballplayer toppled on me 11th birthday stuck it in the bedroom and I was intrigued by with different ways you can go different different shots like 65 you know loads of different ways that you wouldn't know Morel would you couple one on them leave 63 anyway darts of split yeah shouldn't be but is yes to two World Championships now sir but she's not right which is like box and it pops in here so I never agreed with boxing there's no I can't say it's right for dart as well I mean if you can't have two well champions get it really and you've got them two world champions play each other any state maybe one play us what we've challenged at the playoffs they ever look they won plans and what is what is the number one well err well number one is Phil Taylor whose plan superb I mean no we don't bet money that they beat the other boy I wasn't there less Wallace one year yeah capital the worst let's do the pair of them that was in the embassy final 100 not what I call proper dark glass and that's not been nasty to it or what's the difference I heard you when you're not good enough really what to get on to your circuit yeah they wouldn't like that m2 that was in the final of the embassy would not have got in the last light of air will turn to my yellow goes in as well but Vinnie pressure Jones get in please get in that was 70 pace please i the others somebody Emily big Hornets are there like you know you want to go and win well you've got it like the WC World Championship was just like Alfie was 45 Grand for the winner he got a news of the world which is a 40 grand for the winner then you've got another one that's coming out one on Eurosport which would be about full we ground for the winner so those like me about three or four tournaments like 40 42 grand for a winner have a good year you do Oh what have you been disappointed about in you know in your careers the only thing you've been disappointed that no over the graphite was the pipe was not our pipe was whatever Hillier like you know they don't like the British pubs from anyway do they really they like losers you want to put your up to knock you know hello losers British British papers like losers put up a good show old chap but don't win hello will have burn up tonight love Bruno he's a lovely fellow I like it myself but I mean he's he never was a proper champion was he and myself Steve Davis was the top of snooker and darts for years and then although one of those loose would have been American have been then love this up said to sum up like your best day would that be a bit of a boy's ear no yes they would that be the NBA when you make the Queen I enjoyed I enjoyed that yeah I'm frightened copyboy you know I don't I've never been frightened overly I mean nothing frightens me anyway but so what's the craic do you just get driven there like pick it up in a car you go through the guys know well now you go in there and you go in the room and then they the gentleman comes races like you and they go in a little line and then you've got a wool cap and yeah he puts the thing on the end he says to cut the worst yet you mustn't turn your back on it sleep you go woke up and then back up and off and then the next one comes in what do the best like none dart player you've played against is there any stories there like celebrity Engelbert Humperdinck best star player I've ever seen celebrity yeah thinking's used to be a good plan but Engelbert Humperdinck when I got the Vegas every year we play a tournament there he's usually on began what he's show and then we play heart words and he's sweet and we ever have a good session and he's the last two years he's done me I like it well give him these set of darts at the end of it it's not with me do you not do you beat me a golfer the next day as well yeah did you play now I'll kill you before I will pay you later tell me fair and square there there's good guy one day I'll meet you at a chance that was it I've been challenged me bad and wanna play when I think on the bad name yeah excuses yeah what was a charity for anyway charities for hair field my wife will take that down oh yeah I'll give you a number little challenges now I don't feel I know you like the crack yeah well might Billy Tommy could fit yeah it's gonna do three dozen inks in the yarn well they're not war but drinking drink a lot bill you got one for me does it 200 pound to airfield yeah and not only that I'll say it will do it less than 20 seconds did you have a look cliff bring him in pitch them all wanna see the eggs this is aleix just type them to make sure lyrics I'll believe you grouping whisked up you're gonna drink their next 30 seconds do does a lot of work with charity goes all around a country doing it for charity thank you so I'm like whenever you're ready don't bill came ready cliff give him don't let me down don't let me down Billy Tolley crip all the way from South foxy take your time take your time go on bail go up bill what's the boshi comes built

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  2. British media still loves losers, it's one of the reasons Britannia's now so fucked up on the Socialism germ.

  3. RIP Mr Eric Bristow. He’ll always be the first name I think of when I think of darts. Hope you’re enjoying a good vindaloo and a few lagers upstairs. Save me a piece of pakora mate 👍

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