Van Gerwen v Ratajski - Quarter-Final - 2019 European Darts Matchplay

Van Gerwen v Ratajski – Quarter-Final – 2019 European Darts Matchplay

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Watch quarter-final action between Michael van Gerwen and Krzysztof Ratajski from the 2019 European Darts Matchplay

for slaying my call – so pissed game on it is the world number one versus the Polish number one I'm Dan Dawson Paul Mickelson alongside me for the opening quarter final of the night you get all four quarters to semies and the final is Mike probably have to say yes after that he knows what it takes to get through the quarter final on a Sunday night more than anybody else 100 everybody's been asked the question over the course of the last couple of seasons what's the most difficult thing on a Sunday when you could potentially it is the break in between the last 16 in the quarters and it's what you do but these guys look pretty fresh to me and we talked last week about drew I think we can probably stop talking about that now I think everybody's pretty much back in the groove Michael Van Gerwen roots here had to be Michael Smith and I repeat the World Championship final then he had to seal men saw Sullivan a repeat of the final from last weekend in Austria he was tested in both games with the biggest check out in the game but a ski came through or can only be described as here belt against edge and Lewis where he survived among six seven out just in a 17 17 54 needed bullseye 98 language just a bit too much adrenaline and Michael sweep up and find this green bit the dog blocks the parent brains the angle near $17 to start now MVG Andres hi Sookie there's only their third meeting think again yes he's lost the previous two in their singles game really performed to his capabilities on the euro tour earlier this year in Munich it was a brama retire ski can be anyone he could win anything he's won five PDC ranking titles in the last 18 months the most consistent players on the PDC tour in this weekend he's been averaging the high nineties right the way through he's gonna stop at a minute does he scoring at this start of the Adrian Lewis scheme was too much for Chuck put the handle too much in this like Ruby G need to finish just in case I would have no way you could see it total 16 that's favorite corner and he had a little look over there as if to see where's Michael well Michael's right behind you maybe in frontier what an effort nearly seize offer one for two after the 180 set up shot rattling Christoph's cage difficult man to rattle though the pole but is he rattled in leg – I don't mind that at all so the chair celebration fits two arms right out yeah bit Robocop's tail yeah what did they call that big enemy of Robocop in the original movie the one that the two guns either say come on you lot we're not gonna google it here or use any other search engine it's the one celebration he has Quinn essentially Christoph rutowski when he's let out of his cage yeah that's what he does I thought be nice segments on the dart show Christoph's cage that's well we we have interest stuff in the pasties English's it's alright but I think it's more to improve because I don't see him going anyways into the top 32 in the world rankings he's won five titles I genuinely think that he's arc intended to to win these and indeed major tournament such a thing he's so so consistent very much like men saw solely which was when he first appeared more than Michael Smith and Gary Anderson on the two games he's averaging more than 96 in the Players Championship stuff I mean that's unreal yeah I think the similarities between Bartowski and soo Levitch are very fair considering the soft tip nine players in Central and Eastern Europe and transported their game to steal tip incredibly well leave tops which is a bit flashy worked but this might work double 16 his fierce on the combo shots he just hasn't been able to pitch on the third nerve and go and finishes leg three with two tops in different visits well three legs all one on throw but in every single one white player looking to break as had a dog at the end of a combination finish this is tight I'll tell you one thing about Christoph's English it's better than my polish yes I don't think anybody will dispute that I also pause the question earlier to you audience what the Polish people have for Sunday lunch and someone said pierogies just toss that out there with nothing to follow it up and back up I have nothing right okay I'm like Whitney Houston we're proud in for tonight lively as well at times this afternoon but by the end of the afternoon session with glycerin and go and price going absolutely berserk in terms of the stats they were shopping they really did get stuck into it and if don't can continue to play like that all day he could walk away with his first gyro tour title rob frosty looking for a first hero tour title of course and the we know this one could face rob cross but they'll have to get past Dave Chisnall in the second quarter fine last night was a big party atmosphere here the order to deer has been just spot-on got some real dot hipsters in today 59 Michael you require 106 himself dance with to daughter but and go in 650s are the chances can't give MVG a sniff on 48 the scoring has not been pinpoint in this leg for Christophe 60 and the finishing is let him down a little bit – you've got to be clinical if you playing the best player in the world want to hope that he has one of those days it's looking like he might have one of those days good leave shake the head call a 2 dot conversion eggs in quite frankly the way that mvg was playing this time last week the game was probably almost over well he was close wasn't it and he annihilated 6 nil we will not see anything like that what do you think Christoph's chances are of having a grand slam the grand prix plays temperature finds all the world's what 100 his best one will come well ID had just been to carry on the men saw silly which analogy it was mental made his first major file of the European Championship he went there is the second C is that highest C it'll be very well play we could do many of you wins ear and wins in reso and winds of Gibraltar he might but one of those tournaments where you've you've seeded 1 to 32 based on the Euro to order of merit and it does throw up some strange matches it could open up for very dangerous at the Grand Prix for teens or ball gone for the ball gets its seventh misses that double 16 again and it's another opportunity to break the bank go in throw single 14 he needs the ball he's using up lives here 16 he's given another one to Christoph characteristic from mvg the last few months can people punish him takes the lead that's always the question if anger when he's off his game as it was with Taylor back in the day if he hasn't got what it takes to punish because it is much harder to punish Michel van Gogh in than just some random bloke off the tour because the important you know I'm a beating the best player on the planet particularly when you haven't done it before which Christophe hasn't it does just add some pressure but this is equally the best run that Christopher's had in a euro tour he has not gone beyond the quarterfinals you are quite right he is not beaten Michael van Gogh in before it could be a big for Christophe rutowski and if he were to beat the world number one then who's to say he wouldn't carry on and win two more games and take the title well I'm gonna stick my neck out actually I think if Christoph gets it done yeah I think he will win it well one thing that you would say about Christoph is that he doesn't seem to be fazed by things he was I was very disappointed in I have to say and he's going to get to rob cross at the World Matchplay just didn't really show up but and it what surprised me was he came off and basically said he won I've had quite good wait I got here I've played there for the first time you know I've lost to the world number two but I think I thought he might expect a little bit more for himself if he comes across as quite a humble fella and what he's done in darts over the course of the last few years cannot be underestimated absolutely himself a bogey number and he's allowed Michael van going back into this that doesn't mean just technically it means mathematically – and Michael van Gogh has changed time the thick play he's gone to the tops he's abandoned 16 really plant my abandoner double that you won your first world title on a Denis tops all the time the way he hits it he can be smashing people all over the board and averaging 115 yeah when he needs that little adrenaline burst he knows that on Sunday evenings at the Euro tio you have to pace yourself if you want to have enough energy to win it through but there are times where you need that extra jolt and that was at the start of this leg gonna be able to coast to the title it could be the Polish number one route I ski five titles in 18 months including two this year could be the world number to rob cross to follow wall ignorant BTW i couldíve equai 170 170 won't go wrote i ski has managed to leave himself a bow well look at that for punishment of leaving yourself for a bogey number getting that double 18 first start is putting those missed doubles from earlier behind him Fateh ski has a strong end to this year maybe one more title potentially as a couple of good runs and they do bring back the contenders do you think about Christoph being a contender for maximum but mighty Mike doesn't make you wonder doesn't it if there is anybody better than Michael Vaughn going on another planet egg foo I mean I would say a tentative from no but willing to be proven wrong I would love to be in a time where we have interplanetary battles on the dartboard well three World Championships to his name he could theoretically become the first integral at 164 it's just too much for him 41 Christoph you require 78 trouble 18 for double 1224 tops you really need to today's darts go in the board they've got to go in the right place did you notice how we through that single 20 of it quicker says to me that maybe the concentration isn't 100% 42 suspecting to just single you've got to give every single diet your attention mr. Cutler signals earlier this time and the worst he could possibly doing this much is the same result is the last time we cleared mvg yep two legs on both occasions six four on the euro tour we have nine points more on his average on that occasion he was thrown one average here he might have won this game already 59 thumbs at the World Cup when he was beaten for two short format games of course two players here who are using has not changed in what seems like forever go back to one with toasty first came on the scene this is what he was using mpg that's that's all he's put a logo on his flight that's it legs of darts from Michael Van Gerwen very good to go within a leg wonderful why he's the best player in the world as when it gets to the thick end of the stick reserves he's best stuff and wachowski needs to be two legs perfect now without any mistakes out and you could see there it was just a calm stride back to the back of the stage business time for Michael Vancouver win no shouts no roars because he feels you know that he's done what he needs to to give himself put himself in the position to win it still has to win it though we might on the socks of Ian pulled up we still might see things from MVG because route I ski has the opportunity to push him to the very brink and of course it was melon salsa which was the last leg decider 58 which is beat mvg in the final last week Christophe on three four six after six and Moore's legs will be trailing mvg but Michaels led him off I think that one's just snuck in this is that one lovely example of how rutowski can just Nestle them over the top Terry Jenkins style 133 can he get up and down in two visits from 206 it's gonna stay there why not the 19 to great if a team is a 1 7 1 applies all kinds of pressure on the Polish number one beautiful dart double six we are going to a last leg decider Laura takes keys given at the full boxing head tilt here and there shaking off the off I like it doesn't go full on Andrew Golota and stop punching Michael below the belt he's been so good at the 19's the last leg and a half think seemingly at will vert I ski needs to fill this up and he's not going to 140 minimum know this game is slipping away from the Polish number warty know he is battled and fought hard here but fanger win he's averaging 102 need to actually you can't leave a finish from 3 4 5 alright secretly wants to finish this game on a 170 yeah I mean that's the thing you've seen him do it so often what you think 170 almost deliberately for big troubles 106 dots in this leg position this one could go probably a blessing that it didn't fine because now he can choose a double that he wants and not get snuck it a bit can he at least put some pressure on gotta go downstairs Oh Krista Shirley that's it now Michael Van Gerwen wants double for 57 but he will get more opportunities in Christoph rutowski just hasn't been able to live with him in this last leg decider he's getting closer to him and he's got really close just in case Michael you were quiet but it is just in case and it does not matter because Michael Van Gerwen hook through its paces once more Michael Smith couldn't stop him men saw Sulley bitch couldn't stop him and Christoph rutowski try as he might could not stop him either

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