Top Rugby, Football & Soccer Players 100m Sprint Race

Top Rugby, Football & Soccer Players 100m Sprint Race

UK Rugby

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Top Rugby, Football & Soccer Players 100m Sprint Race To See Who Is The Quickest
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one John Graunt the man you mentioned a nice order presented he from rugby universe should shield top try scorer for that matter now Lane two Jarryd Hayne from the Parramatta Eels will he be either hane plane tonight Lane three Greg Inglis we all know about Greg Lane for many raps on this man Lachlan Turner Lane five Josh Morris from the Bulldogs he stablemate Ben barber in Lane six Lane seven the Cronulla flyer Nathan Gardner and in Lane eight Matt Lewis now to let you know what's happening in the bidding John Grant was a late starter but I can tell you John the money has come tumbling in for him he is $2 55 yes Deborah T and I think John grants could have a definite e good chance 1094 1095 as a school boy and I think she I think she should feature towards the end good money for lucky Turner as well he was five dollars into $3 25 pain next-best $6 and it has been a well of support for nathan garner $13 would go straight into $6 the runners are just getting set behind they're about to get on the marks now don't work for a great race they are on their marks near their this field of eight to determine who is the fastest man in football no doubt the nerves of building up Inglis ins room here they can about to go down the water like it under 11 seconds the big question Hines going well and Turner it looks like hanging in front look at John Grant on the outside let's turn and look Marty got their turn Hey mine was definitely bird turn the two favorite story who do you think Monty got the non-id everything is lucky turtle if he really held his form he can deputize the Union Flyers a brilliant race the good form from rocky Turner John Green on the inside lane was selling in between that was Jarryd Hayne what would turn a budget it was going down to the line there was a great finish an absolute great finish and it looks like Lachlan Turner John may have got the nod there looking at the replay what one Turner might've just his dad John Green there was plenty of talk around Jerry Payne but what what Turner in the blue shirt looks to have almost got away with it was charging through the for he's wonderful lane 1 John Brent Landers of the line before you get the impression but Lachlan Turner this flying wallaby this flying Waratah might have stolen the prize here from John Green and Jarryd Hayne well they were the three favorites coming into it John and they have definitely delivered a van a massive finish by locking Turner Tony Cragg got out really early as you saw Charlie and I think I really wanted to win this one tonight so I think you feel a little bit gutted by you know well done lock you Turner skating a way Lachlan Turner he got the news that I quoted saying some of the war times were saying forget about home forget about English if this man races they will not get near him and I guess what John they were correct well you know living tinnies not a slow time for these guys or not obviously the king a bit of weight but you know it's just great everybody got through healthy and uh what a sweater spit what a great spin six met again I think that cause milk or tea might have someone down and they were said very important to talk about this but the reply he was just a why cords yes like I'll be with like eternal right now lucky looked very tired at the finish did you think you had it when you got across the line no wasn't sure had the two guys that saw me that server just said just kid going through the line don't look into it bastard site probably do that no idea until two seconds ago and your eastwood teammate John Grant right there as you expected yeah brilliant I've been want to have it raced for a while so when he got the call of a everybody was pretty happy with pretty tight between us and least a lot of bragging rights in the footing so yeah double boys up in the early especially pretty happy with this side good on your well-done market is going well two of the men in the Union back in the studio Brad what did you make you

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