Throwing a Dart at Map & BUYING Whatever it Lands On - Challenge

Throwing a Dart at Map & BUYING Whatever it Lands On – Challenge

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THROWING A DART AT A MAP & BUYING WHATEVER IT LANDS ON! Do you want me to more dart map challenge videos? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe so you don’t miss any videos and make sure to enable notifications! BUILDING MY DOGS A HOUSE check out digitalnex’s channel:

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your video hello friends so today I am here with the one and only digital next guys it's me show everybody your face any water of course today because he had a little pimple I'm like I got a deal with it every day put some makeup and go sorry I can't put makeup on why just alright teach me how to cover a pimple okay okay but today we are going to be doing a fun little video actually it might not be that fun and why is that because over here you see we have a map of the United States of Gucci so we're gonna be throwing darts at the box see we get to show off its best moves like doing the movie booty anyway we're gonna be throwing darts over here or possibly missing and you know I hope you missed all of them because when I throw a dart on here I get to buy whatever I lands on but when I throw a dart on here I get to take something from your personal collection whatever I want well it has to be whatever I wanted though I should have put some dirty panties on it or something okay we're gonna be throwing darts my aim isn't the best I mean I feel like would you have good darting well you know my good hands broken yeah I've seen your overwatching ain't that great it's pretty good we have these ducks over here there is a France France yeah which one did you single scripts this is Fran come shoot this is England and this is something going us of a Great Britain why do these look like fancy pens just put some ink on me probably right no here we go who's behind that yeah here we go I'm going first don't you go first to channel you go first do I get to pay if you read it okay it's a pic when I give you two I know how this works if you miss you skip your turn I know there's a challenge about it I don't want you further angle it I don't care what you have to do that's what you get from missing hey I'm [Applause] too bad alright give me a new Gucci bag none of that would be good can be any bag okay hell yeah you see that bull's eye okay how many tries to mama needs a new bra let's go [Applause] let me do it how you do it yeah she's gotta like you know don't get my video d monetizes here didn't it I want everybody Milly ated now you better step back boy you better step back part of the loaf ah look I haven't broken I should be able to go up closer yes I saved me some fat money today if you don't know I'd have to buy her this I have to do it you have to fight no you don't I buy it for you I'm buying it got some money saved up he got the beacon I got a secret money I know I'm gonna make somebody spend their own money unless they were you to buy it right now we only do it one try from now on you know if I didn't get it we would have kept good here we go here we go yes oh I really like this one Wow oh wow what a privilege they're all crop you know what I'll just take this one yeah so I can be part of the Wolfpack hell yeah probably the nicest sweater I have here anyway yeah France first try ghetto French good all US of A here we go I don't know that that's a big old mr. Rooney I have shamed my family I'll give you another try go ahead but you don't solve squats I get Antarctica it looks like additional US of A we're back to whatever was lucky did you really I can't wait it's oh I got it let's see how many pieces you broke it into only three I mean anything oh man try again on the house you record me from above angle I were purchasing a below angle there's a compliment but you look good from every angle Oh Oh retries and still fail imagine if you only have one Friday we will be here all damn day if we had one let me let me get closer dude this is my last try I get one more try you get one more time okay let me get much closer science gets a park close I should get to go here we go oh that hits up bigger than ya sweater and a bag you got shot with some daisy dukes with you shopping today so we went to the mall I was supposed to buy my stuff right now and forever 21 said they were open till 10:00 but it's 9:00 and they're like we're closed so what are we gonna do because I really can't do this I can't buy my shorts hey where we are we you can't work you enhance that oh my god okay so I need my shorts now so we're going to go at my shorts and the sweater not Gucci burn through this videos budget these are my kind of shorts right here I'm gonna find my size this is like a shit sorry I can't use both hands because I'm holding my sparkly father I don't care what you like I care what's comfy and what will hide my belly for you know what I like I like the cola I'm gonna try that Oh we at HSN this is $60 okay you ready that's fine I've only been hit it from right here ready now that's cheating right here doesn't count this is right whose game is rigged oh no that's in the orange that's in the orange those are she's not those are shoes that's in the yellow why don't want these leprechaun looking shoes No can you guess which one I'm about to take no come on we think the same thing you know you already even supposed to get this daughter this didn't even no I'm fine you got like ten tries with the new couch yeah okay okay if it fits you get it at some angles that looks like it does fit if you just put it straight like that oh yeah fancy am i right these are mine now okay okay no get out of my house I will bite you I will hit you with a pretty clean on the bum that's good to know so you say bye to them bye say bye say bye bye anyway look all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure that that like button that I comment below if we should do a another one of these make sure you subscribe to my channel I love you guys so much thanks for watching bye guys

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  3. Wait did lia even notice that when she was name the country's if the darts she was supposed to say USA be she said usva

  4. CONGRATS on winning your award at kids choice awards!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!βœŒπŸ€˜β€πŸ–’πŸ‘Š

  5. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow that house beaty

  6. You should've got a Gucci sweater and the game should've bin he has to by wut you land on scince he got to take stuff from your closet

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