Throwing a Dart at a Map and FLYING Wherever it Lands… (SPENDING THE NIGHT in a DIFFERENT COUNTRY!)

Throwing a Dart at a Map and FLYING Wherever it Lands… (SPENDING THE NIGHT in a DIFFERENT COUNTRY!)

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A not so funny person, trying to act funny in front of a camera…

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a dart a mop of the word on my mom what could possibly happen next guys go follow my Instagram to enter yourself and TF ps4 pro give away all that you have to do is follow my instagram page and like the most recent picture on the page and that energy into the competition for the ps4 pro thanks blue guys is me the new gotta be 99 here on today I am going well I am NOT my mom is going to be throwing a dart at the map of the world and we have to spend the night where it lands no they catch in this video is that my mom doesn't actually know that she's throwing a dart at the map of the world and what's more is that she doesn't know that we're actually going to be flying to wherever she throws the dart to you so yeah so it's going to be interesting whenever I flex and hotels for today yep I'm actually going to be taking her to wherever she throws the dart at on the map of the world tonight we're flying tonight so guys if you like this video then like it and also makes requests by grab on which is subscribe and you can join the Navy Army and the Navy Army is the best army to be and also make sure to get your tickets and call them to Derrick Dublin and Belfast nearly forgot there so make sure to get your tickets if you want to see me and Jill do crazy things live on stage I am super super excited for and so yeah make sure to get your tickets as soon as possible so what the minute my mom is actually where she is Bobby I think she's downstairs like the insulting in the kitchen but anyway this gives me a chance to set up in the next room because in the office just right over there just in case you can't see I've actually set up a map of the world worth world I've actually set up a map of the world work world world world why can I not say that word so yeah I need a set up there set off the map of the world also make sure to get the darts and hopefully my mom doesn't throw a dart and like the North Pole or something because I really do not want to go to the North Pole it's a really cool and I don't want to experience any more coldness and the North Pole I'm super super excited for this video and if you're excited to make sure to smash that like button also make sure to comment actually I got a good idea comment down below where you are from like what city or country that you're from it'll be interesting to see all the different like cities and countries throughout the world mom before I do this I just want to apologize I'm sorry for taking you on a last-minute trip I did tried to set up the map of the world right here so what I had to do is take down the white board and the white board is noise the night sight so I hope my mom whenever she comes up the stairs she doesn't really question why the white boards off the wall but you know we'll roll with it and I also got some darts which nice look at that okay right do you reckon I should do like a practice shot I might try a little practice shot just to I actually test if this start goes outside like the wall because I'm afraid and kiss my mom throws this dart and the dart just bounces back at all so yeah let's do a little test shall we I thought so okay guys what we might have to do okay is that I did like a little test there no I'm not sure if you can see that little dart hole that we made right around here but what I'm thinking is that if my mom throws a dart at the map and the voice is back at least we can say where exactly the circle of the hole is so that we can then say where we're spending tonight I need to keep my voice toy in just in case she hears Mabel but yeah I think that should work do you think that would work what if like a lot of this is like sea and oceans as you can see hey I got a good idea say a say she landed the dart maybe lined up here so the hole is like right here we would have to go to the closest part of land which would probably be either here or here so we could be going to be Iceland or Greenland so yeah guys I wanted to call my mom on though she doesn't know that I'm actually recording this for you so I'm gonna get around and see her reaction okay mommy mommy what do you do I'm recordin this is a dart alright you threw the dart at the mouth and we spend the night there honey may have got through the dirt we spent the night there so if you threw the dart and it lands in America we're flying to America tonight you're off your do you uh-huh you do what do you mean I'm do unit you have to do it I went through all this planning to do this for you so you have to do it's not a prank I don't see yourself go yeah give me the washing give me the washing you take this you take this nice when you throw it at them up I'm serious I don't wait that's somebody who idea a value idea yes is there an there where in particular you would like to go No so the whole idea of this right is that you have to throw this dart and wherever it lands on the map we're flying there tonight we are we are no we're not we come I do that there's simple we just book flights and accommodation that sauce boom sorted hey mean you okay count me and you me and you only behind yes sorry dad and Cal but they have school and work so we couldn't take them – no seriously yeah dysfunction what oh no you have to do the video see your swing yes well it even hot anyway what carton maybe you should you do it like with your hands over your eyes close your eyes if you want to right oh oh my god guys well you made the hole right beside Canary Islands we're gonna ariana is that a part of Africa or or I swear Canary Islands why is Canary Islands right beside Africa what us put on guys so we're gonna have they say so yeah that's part of Spain that's part of Spain put on so it's the if we so if we go to the closest island it's the top one like this little this the whole top island right here let's find out where we're going because the map doesn't tells it just says Canary Islands I know what because you had on the water we have to go there what no you had the north ionic ocean not the water okay I need eight we need to figure this sort where that is who we can pick flights yes no well you better pack your something nothin here III need you do all this so you can record me become flights here inflight water under my arm loiter booked flights what I can't cook for you go ahead what you mean cool today it's my first party yeah it's a great off that's area enough yes no Adam well just all that anyway right just hold it anyway right Cohen to my room come on Oh guys our first question is to try to find out where that top little Islanders and Canary Islands if you guys know we're ready then yous are very very good at geography but my geography isn't that great where what does that okay guys so it looks like the top island right here is santa cruz de tenerife work with a Tenerife we are going to Tenerife we're going to generate well thank you so much better in the dark very cool detainer oh we have to go to Tenerife you threw the dart at we well near Tenerife that's the closest island to your dart wool no yes I don't know way yes no way no lip say no yeah yes [Laughter] well here check yeah okay guys no I'm going to go on google and search flight prices going on poking calm to get hotels no don't do please don't yes him daddy and Callum and flights to Tenerife today okay so guys there's a ryanair flight adenoid today it's four hours in 25 months my my head flew you oh so you actually want to play noise no I think so it leaves at 7:25 p.m. which gives us and all our 9 hours mmm G get ready it's sort of Belfast so guys we're in Derry at the minute so we're going to have to fly you from Belfast because that's the nearest airport to fly Steve at Tenerife and you have to be there or yours before do you know yeah sort but I have to leave pretty soon okay I don't know geumja do you nobody in that yet need to get your bags packed no don't be getting that at all right no yeah mama you're huffing this is a buddy wait dear T somewhere in Ireland well you threw the dart if you had a three somewhere in Ireland we would have went there but of course you threw it at Tenerife well you should have told me I don't know what this was that man well I don't I said wherever you threw the dart you're spending the night there yes I'm gonna cry oh let them cry is it because your son gives you like a spontaneous holiday no problem right guys we need actually search for flights on the way back so we're doing so let me just check Tenerife to you Belfast voice we're only spending the night there I don't dare we're not doing that there for a while night of course we are no it's for a video of you so guys I don't know if you can see that but we have actually booked our flights we are flying with Ryanair on the way to Tenerife and then we're flying with jet tui I've never flew with gently before so we're flame with them coming back home because we're going today well we and we're coming back so when I felt when I'm filming this video is actually Thursday and we're flying back on this Saturday so it means we have late night tonight and Tenerife all day tomorrow and just Saturday morning in Tenerife it's all booked and we're staying and a hotel as well it's called like Adrienne hotel or something like that so we're staying in that hotel all the flights are booked all the accommodation is birds no we just have to pack our bags guys we have our boarding passes going to guys I don't know why I'm packing as if I'm gone for a few days I'd love to make a one for one day I actually need to call my dad – you guys I think I'm home don't call him but I'm just gonna call him just to see his reaction he's taxing work at them on a hence why I couldn't take the wolf only because he is work and calm her skill so yeah let's see what he says hello well me and mom won't paint the house for the next two days mom I just couldn't believe it she thought I was like pranking her at the start which I saw her on because I am actually taking her to a different country well I can tell you sir it is not a prank let's go so guys we're just out of the plane right now I'm going we are heading to the hotel I still can't believe I'm back all the subs that's us and Terry at the hotel it is currently like nearly 2 a.m. so guys we just right in our room I'm being very quiet because you know the way it's like nearly 2 a.m. it's like a little walking wardrobe I don't know if you can see that but like that is the pole right over there it is so warm here and it's like nighttime so what do you think mommy Wow I love this bathroom it is like super clean oh my god we have a bot we have a toilet a bath and farm sure mmm the way we have our nice coats we have our own employess coats that is so so nice ah so yeah guys we're actually going to just like I think just get ready to go to bed so that we can actually get off early tomorrow and I can actually show you tenerife and we will see you in the morning bye hello everyone it's me the new Adam b99 here and today we have woken up in tenerife hey guys if you see that what the view is just insane this one hole is just like right here yeah I'm just waiting for my Irish you can do burn so yeah we're just going to make the most of what we can do today for one day only in Tenerife successive wave we're doing this whenever we walk off this morning it was like what are we actually doing yeah it is so so warm it's such a good change from Ireland guys there's I slay like look at that view comfy yep guys look at this view right and we have a bed a nice little bed to lay on guys we're just getting ready to go out to eat we're having our first and last meal in tenerife yay you ready to have some dinner yeah go guys I got like some burner to Luffy and say that I got some burn like the whole side of my face one side is my monkey Irish skin and the other side is just burnt nice you serious [Laughter] I think I'll help pepperoni pizza with our cheese what do you have a mom Michael spirit of all night that is so nice to be fair what do you get so guys we have just punished our donor that pizza was amazing I can't get the key in I can't get the key so guys we're just back in the hotel room ready to go to bed oh my god can you see the sambar no guys so yeah guys we're going to head to bed bad night I guess some well needed sleep for tomorrow's travel day back to I heard and just as for the value you just completely Pat me I will see in the morning peace and that's all well that was ten or a nine back home we have a London back home [Applause] and for we are back Oh Bailey Digimon says hello daily so yeah guys that is not for you I believe with this video idea it's like the biggest video idea ever so yeah if you enjoyed this buddy idea please smash I like both also make sure press to subscribe and turn off notifications follow me on Instagram snapchat and Twitter get the Mitch get your tickets and kanji dairy doll in Belfast and the 4th and 6th of April this year and you can see mum me Dad and she'll nice so yeah guys thank you so so much for watching this be made from me out of be nine-nine

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