"The WORST pies in the football league?" | Reading FC | #TFR92 SE1 EP1

"The WORST pies in the football league?" | Reading FC | #TFR92 SE1 EP1

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Join the team of TFR as we venture across all 92 stadiums in the football league. Starting with Reading V Norwich at the Madejski Stadium. We rate the whole match day experience from travel, atmosphere and even pies.

Reading FC v Norwich

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welcome back to the football Republic and this is the brand new series here farm 92 we visit all 92 stadiums in the football league starting with red in FC in the match their experience starting with tickets and travel stadium and facilities fans and atmosphere and then food and beer or drink soft drinks have a lilt or cider alright so starting with category 1 tickets and travel I was in charge and we're gonna tickets got their way in advance sort it all out the tickets were ordered they came to the office no dramas that made that happen so much so that he actually turned out the you'd sent your tickets to your mum and dad's house by that's not true though well it didn't come to the office didn't go you everything come to their house didn't come to my house they win so where did they go into reception twice and I was no I went free to a pretty high Wessex the reception it wasn't there so I think how I feel I like where did they go then where did they go a spread in FC we did we had to and I again I have to get him to print them off all over again so you have to queue at the ticket office when we got there and then pick him up there and the ticket Lee had addressed Tom had to give was his mum and dad's address it's not it's my house we got there a bit of pallava but we've got the tickets in the end yeah yeah the guy the tills i oh yeah I mean good for them to reprint them no but but then where did this end the other ones most fun that gnome was in a seat thing yeah seats there just got sent to to hit so guys ready barrier next travel yes i rated the travel we went through our score predictions diffic to a Norwich – to Bri nil about 3:1 Norwich so anyway what they're to read in 25 minutes later said so that's quick we're all very into that yeah and then we were thinking how we're gonna get from here to there the f1 bus we found the airport yes I hadn't done much reading pre-trip pre reading and it all odd read is the f1 bus will take you there if you find it it will take you there a week name isn't it it's a week nickname performance concerns strikes me because we spotted a certain character it's all wearing a very tight Norwich shirt who I think he made that shirts a lot yeah there's a lot shit I said a bit like a baby so the character travel through their to the stadium don't brilliant I'll tell you pound return bus journey three miles from the station to the stadium and you could pay on card well what we go for the ratings for tickets in travel that's him I mean the tickets was matted lemak down to the travel no I disagree with that because they reprinted the tickets for us no problem very true that is true I would say out of 10 tickets and travel I'm gonna give an eight strong eight I mean even though the bus is had carpets on the ceiling as well I'm making it up for that quite dated I think that was that added character to it hey felt like you were at considering how low the ceiling was a proper game that ceiling was low I know that I mean a little bit of comfort I think the take tickets might be a bit of personal error slash but they did if it was therefore they resolved it so I think I'm happy of makes the travel was they fixed your error if it's a era whoever it be model there so I'm part of booth and I let's go everybody yeah hey wait a 10 boo good start from read out of see yeah it's a category to stadium and facilities hmm we had a bet on how old stadium Muslimin did we didn't catch on film know how I asked I asked all of you so it didn't ask all of you when you fought this thing's built very walk up to it nice Stadium looks fairly modern blue I think I said hey you said 60 years years old which was 50 I think Ian said I think I said seven seventies there since I said ice of 2005 you in a bit – moment you weren't specific wasn't that seven years off 1998 it was bill other facilities that they're that they're shot power so basically what you had to do was kick a ball as hard as you could at a screen or whatever and it would judge how hard you kick the ball so we all had to go up my other fascinating thing that Stadium was a certain Jazz Cafe and the on the side of the building drive carefully yeah which I found very their logo was a questionable most stadiums went out a Jazz Cafe on the side of it I don't read in the game you know what they're into jazz yes even comes Murray we were drinking at pop up at that time not all clubs would know all clubs would cater for fans outside the stadium with pop-up bars so I think that would count and that comes into the equation but you you couldn't pay with card if this stadium was built in 2005 and you need to be out of view from once we're in FIFA see the actual inside the stadium actually I like this that's me that's me when he's okay now I think that the views the view was really good I would say like we walked up a lot of steps to get to a stage and once there new tenants and look to the pitch it was a really good view and it was the kind of one where if the people in front of you were standing up he's still had a view it wasn't like no wife stand up and then they have to stand up and then they'd stand up yes recline where is it he did lack character she facilities were okay I don't think all of them start this off I would give it a four maybe four is a bit harsh but I don't know I did that I wasn't wild no no I got like a solid middle five five yeah I I was yeah I'd say five I'm actually gonna go I'm gonna be talking before because the card thing it sounds minor yes but like if you Turks a football match without cash you're essentially just stuck you can't do anything you can't buy anything so that is I'm gonna mother down the thing is that it was cold yeah Oh many facilities just per car machining because they know in 2005 it was create this as well so the thing is you could have actually queued up and handed someone your card and they could just walk tour and tap it for you yeah given the back before yeah all the stadium facilities category three food and drink ah tragic this is gonna be bad let's start with the non tragic beer Heineken for me standard to win I win solid they had a tap or IPA at the front flip those I quite distinctly remember Keon get angry because he's pine it was poured about someone what's the car yeah I forgot about that need to get into that so the guy was pouring like year pints and he was just like tilting and pouring it properly yes I stood my plastic a lager a lot more love turned it off I was like wow who's gonna watch this and then even when he was finished with your points he just kind of stood and left it go and it's like you like to think the beers gonna be bigger in 92 of the 92 stadiums it's not gonna be a lot you can mess up with the bit but I feel like we should judge the array selection yeah thing I will say at least they had it wasn't just and then we did we had to go for food that little deal on 850 for a pie and a beer which I thought was actually quite reasonable I think yeah I think as long as it's an under 10 quid well for part of the pie yeah Lou mate it's 2018 everyone as we venture across the country will find out yeah if if there are better deals I imagine there's been bad deals and better pies well I mean they can't they can't not be better place that's about three weeks old just crossed I'm assuming there's something else endeavour has just crossed for about ten minutes it takes so long to get to the villain who's hi those pies were revolting those pies were the worth pies I've ever experienced you had the last chicken Baldy yeah the rest of us all had the year with the guest pipe the ominous guest pie yeah guess the pie what was in the kisser scarily BAE very good there's yeah there's beef cheese and bacon I didn't see any cheese I don't thank you that yeah I got no cheese we could just click that's quite they have the little logo thing on the top yes what professionally done gourmet very homey but then you start tapping on it like a drum yeah I mean knockin games [Applause] tough as old boots she doesn't very well rule number one you gotta let your people get into your path to be able to be so you even said you opened the pot I'm gonna speculate that those pies had been there from their last home game which wasn't the weekend it was ten days prior big cough I mean it's a massive column no evidence here but that was the driest pie it did take minutes to get through that like outer wall the fucking Citadel that was the pie just to get like through to where that meat was I think cool Hollywood will give you hand Jake I think you give you a punch in the throat if you maybe Hollywood uppercut the put the pies are gonna let them down massively yeah and there any football fanatic do not go to ready for a pie I would say rating wise for obviously its food and drink if it was the pie alone it wouldn't get above a one genuine in that bad for me I'm thinking a pie how pie how bad a pie could be in terms of it being like not cook away for a while yeah absolutely stinky don't see me that is gonna be a one for me so I think a – I think I think I've ever a three for the pie and the drink because the beer a will is five the beer that a bit of a choice of the beer yeah I quite like the fact guest piles of things al is it mystery mystery got it – I think – I think so I think so I didn't even give you a knife to cut through the crust I think – because it's early days episode 1 but I do think they might be the worst pies in public no we can only judge as we go and i'm sure into one fans experience worse but they might be the worst literally yeah put it this way we're not gonna basically yeah I think give them a two-round on the one because we're gonna find somewhere that's gonna be like raw or something that is ask a point if it wasn't picked for if it was raw probably think free three did you awesome theory says we've led to what we do rock with Priscilla five can we give it to give a 2.0 yeah yeah two five two point five for the food and drink two point five struggling the final category is atmosphere and fans and obviously we're not we're mainly rating it on the atmosphere home support it's not way days it's home support so starting with that how do we think that you know the fans were already it's worth noting that yeah capacity wasn't no initial but to be expected midweek game they were quiet yes yeah the whole way through wasn't it there was some rogue shouts from behind this they I found him really funny there was a group of like four three or four students I reckon I would you know there was one of them that just randomly shouted chill out beanie no first half first half we heard we heard some shouts from behind us about beanie they're just behind me obviously they're not going to be doing that but I sprayed you about halftime you said so with I thought the same thing second always do consider second Raman off second half the second Harlequin kicked in I'll spin a bit you know bit fruity start shouting some things just some reading scored which mental ed tomorrow I'll shout and just random stuff and then suddenly from behind Chiaverini so I think it definitely was we know definitely kids so the story of the match suddenly you know the goal went in for reading one or we were loving it get giving it one year shadow that was the Norwich fans [Applause] [Applause] and then within 20 seconds I mean they literally run straight up I think yes I think it was probably 40 seconds it was one it was one nil – Nora – halftime straight for 30 now ready Gordon was an orator and straight from kickoff you were still shouting at Norwich fans win this yeah baby but the big big news was let's throw back to when we saw baby on the bus my way baby and then what some guy from the Norwich fans took his top off he was loving it he was happening loving it it was Jack's Bar None I was so happy I scored their second goal and he was full on shirt off waving it around his head no and like that and everyone was just like correct me if I'm wrong you said that he put his boob in his mouth oh yeah completely forgot about that he was like almost like feeding himself nursing himself in front of everyone we can't really credit the reading fans because he was obviously a Norwich fan but then he did bring out a little bit of yeah it got going between the two says it brought the heat as well and another shout out to all of the Irish fans was someone spotted a woman with a puppet okay yeah it's like that although I mean you big green wig oh my god and a puppet yeah but she wasn't even doing anything with the puppet it was just a ting on her own yeah it was like a furry cast yeah yeah baby if you're watching if you're when we do norwich in touch cuz we'd love to sign with you I'll go back about 1 a.m. here on the subject of chance though reading the Sun have single-handedly won Charlie worst chart of the year we've given the worst party and worst chance they're gonna have to do very well to be outdone yes by anyone else's chance because this is just dreadful I've got it I can't remember [Applause] I think one thing I'll have to say even though the atmosphere wasn't kicking off the red and fans and even though they were losing it's amazing how you still get pumped up with a team you early from support school oh you get carried away get really into it I think that's also another reason why we're doing this is so that as a neutral football fan how good these experiences are for you as a neutral football fan to go and just if you're in the city and you know you want to go on a whim to go and watch your red ins or whoever how could these experiences are and it was you know like you say when they did score you did find yourself sort of back in here and really wanting them to do well if it's based on the home fans which is which it is out of ten I will probably go for a class in those guys behind us yeah and what they did for me personally on that night was the moment they said chill out beanie I was wetting myself so I'll give them a six because it wasn't it wasn't a bad atmosphere it was just a bit dead at times but but then we did get kind of joined in what everyone was kind of yeah a little good fun I was is it that bad that it's good day yeah it is it's definitely good do they know that's our six OKs that's a six four atmosphere in fans so we give them red in the total match they score twenty point five which sees them top of the league probably the first time in the World Bank let us know in the comments below where you think we should go to the next and we think the series don't forget to Like and subscribe to the Football Republic and we'll see you next time bye baby [Laughter] [Applause]

39 thoughts on “"The WORST pies in the football league?" | Reading FC | #TFR92 SE1 EP1

  1. Love this concept, really excited to see all of the reviews as someone who’s overseas and can’t get to any of the 92. Really enjoyed it!

  2. The Jazz Cafe on a matchday just shows skysports no Jazz unfortantley 😂😂 Also thoose pies looked burnt there usually banging and not that burnt!

  3. If you do the riverside stadium (Middlesbrough) try to get in the south stand (specificity block 60 its always buzzing on a match day) 🔴⚪️🔴

  4. Yeah we do know. “Come on, Reading” has been sung since time began. Agree that it’s a bit shit but it’s been going on far too long to stop now.

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