The Scottish Football Supporters Survey 2017 Results - STV Feature

The Scottish Football Supporters Survey 2017 Results – STV Feature

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STV cover the results of the 2017 Scottish Football Supporters Survey, looking at football and society and value for money of the game.

football fans say the Scottish game still has a major problem with sectarianism a Selvi of tens of thousands of supporters are found they believe the sport is failing to tackle the matter the sylvia has also found funds did not believe they are getting value for money going to matches a Sports News correspondent grant Brussels reports Scottish football has tried for years to tackle its issues with offensive behavior from fans particularly on the issue of sectarianism today a survey of 13,000 supporters has concluded that sectarianism is still a huge problem in the game of those polled 88% city witness sectarianism at Scottish football grounds 50% say the problem remains very serious further 32 percent rate the issue as serious the theme is not necessarily about legislation but around this being a kind of progressive thing that we're kind of challenging year-on-year and I think you know some of the work within colours are scarce working with the younger generations of football kind supporters I think that will only improve in terms of those numbers hopefully decreasing over the years offensive behavior at football act was brought in to tackle such issues 71 percent of those surveyed believe it has not been an effective deterrent sometimes we need to take a step back from all the noise and hate about this and actually work out what sort of football environment we want to create why we want to welcome people in the matches how do we get people back to the double sides so we're all for educating fans we're working with them in campaign but ultimately we still need to see action taken supporters direct Scotland survey stretched 55 questions and also focused on finding out what motivates or to tears people from going to football matches most important factor is the ticket price 48 percent said that's crucial followed by the kickoff time with 45 percent if a game is on TV 75 percent say it doesn't matter they'll go anyway and 63 percent are in favor of a trial of alcohol and Scottish football grounds this is down nine percent on two years before the headline figure relates to whether fans feel they're getting value for money coming to Scottish football games although the position has improved slightly since last year 40 percent believe they're getting pure value and other 14% believe it's very poor only 11% would see that are getting good or very good value the Scottish FA and its clubs will again get the chance to review the survey and consider what steps to take but the message is clear there's plenty still left to do to address supporters concerns grand Brussels STV news

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