The History of Fantasy Premier League

The History of Fantasy Premier League

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Fantasy Premier League today is one of the most popular things in the world of football – but how did it all come about?

This is part of our new video project: Outside The Box – a series of video essays that explore interesting football topics and ideas.
For our first video, we look into the origin stories of Fantasy Football – and Fantasy Sport in general.

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Tawsif Akkas
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Ishmam Anan, Tawsif Akkas
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some of the football fans from gen-y will remember the year 2002 for a few things like sedans volley vs. Leverkusen for example or the rise of Arsenal's invincible or the korea-japan World Cup along with that cold in my heart however there's one thing perhaps no one who remember quite as much and that's the introduction of the fantasy Premier League as we know it today you see that was in 2002 but fantasy purely has been around for a while well at least fantasy sport has been around for a while so the question is how did fantasy football become so popular the first official fantasy league in England was invented in the early 90s but it trades back the earliest version of any fantasy sport we need to travel across the Atlantic the year was 1960 and a keen baseball fan by the name of John Ferguson who was also a programmer had some free time in his hands to create a simulation for baseball players now for something in the 60s that was an unbelievable achievement you could select the players based on stats that you feed into the machine and you could have teams made out of those Tad's to play against one another so while this is not really fantasy sport per se the statistical simulation was the start of something truly magical and it laid the foundation of simulation in sport as we know it today soon after fantasy football well the other football was developed by Bill winkin back in 1966 and determination winkin backs team would emerge victorious they had created the first set of rules and the games very first league Kapil the Greater Auckland professional pigskin prediction league and thus the legend of fantasy football was born but it wasn't until the 80s that the basis of fantasy sport was built inspired from a fantasy baseball game created by Bill Gamson in the 60s a guy called Daniel Okrent along with a few others created the rotisserie League baseball which eventually became the model for a lot of the fantasy games as we know it today and if anything that did was inspired this Italian guy Ricardo Albini the French so bastard funny guy he picked up the concept during a trip to New York and took it back to Milan with him with that Italy saw a rise in fantasy sport mostly thanks to a newspaper like z dello sport they hosted the game on their pages from the summer of 1994 and it was ridiculously popular they projected 10,000 players but during that year alone 70,000 players joined and keep in mind were still in the early 90s but let's get back to England meet Andrew Weinstein yet another guy inspired by fantasy baseball from the 80s so much so that he created fantasy league limited in 1991 and the idea turned heads instantly in England just like in Italy newspapers like The Daily Telegraph jumped in to take the opportunity the ad for these fantasy leagues regularly appeared in the popular 90 minutes magazine you didn't have smart phones back then obviously so you had a deadline every week to pick your team cut up magazines and coupons and send it to the papers or but there was one thing that really made fantasy football popular in England [Applause] the show was hosted by David Baddiel and Frank Skinner and it continued in a three-part series until 1996 now unlike the magazines the format of the show had a fantasy league based on teams selected by the various invited celebrities rather than the viewers who watch the show I need oh no Gallagher from the Oasis the years that followed the show return for special tournaments like the 1996 euros and the 1998 World Cup and salut Taniya Slee something really cool was happening as well an online network called Internet the Internet is a system of thousands finally your internet is ready ready on the Internet wagon Premier League released an official website in 2002 and with that they brought the digital version of the fantasy Premier League since then the fantasy Premier League has seen a steady rise in users but what makes us play the game so much what is it that millions of players share with each other that make them play the game like addicts now if you want to get scientific research shows that one of the biggest motivator for playing the game is the feeling of ownership and to me that makes sense even for once a week we are the managers we are the players on the pitch and we are the scoreboard with every goal with every clean sheet and with every yellow card our experience broadens as we immerse ourselves further into the game today it's evident that fantasy Premier Li has become an integral part of the fan experience and simply being a bystander and watching the game is just not enough the teams that we build are not just virtual entities but for those of us who are dedicated it is a reflection of her love for the sport and a reminder that in the end football is all about the experience [Applause]

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