The Documentary: Part 1 Interview with @benjockyoung83 shot by @thegrimereport

The Documentary: Part 1 Interview with @benjockyoung83 shot by @thegrimereport

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Part 1 of 4 Kids Boxing Documentary by @thegrimereport with an interview with @benjockyoung83 who runs the Two kings ABC Boxing club in New Malden.

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with boxing I think boxing is a poor man's sport so you know you gotta remember a lot of parents and got three kids I can't afford to spend big money on gyms and whatnot you know down here it's next to nothing we charge so it's all about bringing the next generation of boxers through [Applause] I'm never never been anybody I'm Sonny Liston I'm definitely there no one like my own therefore there's no way I was I was in Scotland with me cousin Thomas and he starred me brought me down to a gym called the bomb I've been coke breach and then we'll start from there really gonna come back and I started gunner keeps the boxing club and then I went to trip them after that and then eventually ended up with your own face that started helping me be friends dad out daddy's team and it just all started from there really started bringing boxes on there just more and more done it more and more and more boys built better than that and I'll just stayed with it I deal in a gym seven and upwards but as you know new local and laughing Luke who was five it depends on the kid really I mean they come down they behave themselves and they're willing to learn when they fight then it makes easy but you know a lot of five-year-olds they want to swing off the scaffold and whatnot and mess around and that but usually get one comes through a door that's about five we're knocking down and then down with the deal pops up you see my little own cord a limb not know yeah a lot little uns in it you know I wouldn't say boo to a goose but after that beam box and you can't shut him up now after a cut of the weights Kenny's I mean so definitely the confidence with boxing gives them something that keeps me fit keep some strong good coordination all the rest of it it's good boxing is good sport you know you don't know where we're gonna walk through the doors got a fight you're just down here keep fit and that's fine I think good learning Peter hands up he says you know nowadays everyone likes to put out a weapon or whatever now a knife or whatever will walk through these kids can hold their hands up they can have a bath dude I can never put before I remember they got big pillows on their hands and it's pretty unlikely I mean you see a kid get tagged on a nose near quietas obviously sometimes it's their first time but they can't they're too small to her each other really no they're not gonna hurt each other that aged me as you're saying this all you know I'm watching over him all the time it doesn't get our hand unless his maps unless he got inspired and everyone's caught on in it they fear that map's despairing at me

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