The Boat Race 2019

The Boat Race 2019

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The Women’s Boat Race – 2.13pm (BST)
The Men’s Boat Race – 3.10pm (BST)

The Boat Race is a major London event between the UK’s two greatest universities – Oxford and Cambridge. Contested over 4.25 miles of tidal Thames between Putney and Chiswick Bridges and spanning 185 years of bitter rivalry, the Race has become synonymous with British tradition and excellence. The Race is regularly attended by thousands of spectators and watched by millions more at home.

Cambridge lead both the men’s and the women’s head-to-head records, by 83 races to 80 and 43 to 30 respectively.
The Race has established itself as the epitome of amateur sport, raced by scholar athletes who combine academic rigour with elite physical prowess. There is no greater occasion. A Race of excellence, run by the brightest and the best.

[Applause] can't remember a day like this for the race ever a marvelous day in their life double doctor read that fast back-trace go all out for the Fulham football ground [Applause] are sinking chance of victory [Applause] as spent to the TENS belongs entirely [Applause] coin and landed heads obstacle tails therefore pay which with the top Cambridge win the toss and choose sorry [Applause] so just to confirm a ladies and gentlemen the spin of the coin was won by Cambridge it is just over four miles of the twisting Thames between Putney and Martlet racing upstream but with the flow of the incoming tide the crews choose either the south bank the study station or the north which is Middlesex the initial slight advantage is to Middlesex our own Fulham's Craven Cottage after three and a half to four minutes the mile marker is reached and the landmark of the former had its furniture depository before Hammersmith bridge the majority of crews leading here go on to win and know the band favors the sunny side a large sweeping turn past half way into the straight of Chizik reach and past the island Chyzyk aids quite often into headwind this can be exposed and rougher water a final slight bantu sorry and then it turns back to favour the north bank under barnes bridge into the final thousand metres and towards the finish just before Chyzyk bridge Brits are really wild a wet day here in the city of dreaming spires and for the Oxford in the there is no they're really small people with a huge amount on their plate and we have to make sure we balance work and academics as well as we can they're pretty impressive people who mainly get to fitting now it is just got midday am I gonna head down to the boathouse alright if I come with you hello everybody do you have a stop this is where most of this sort of the team bonding happens here you often end up looking forward to the bus journeys because they're a moment away from your academic studies and away from the rowing you can just relax Howard is rowing fits into your life and indeed what does it bring to your life I think it's important when you're doing something as intense as a PhD to have other things in your spare time I really need to get outside a little bit just to keep saying you are the navigator so how much do you study the course a lot as you I do a lot of washing possible race videos where the big helicopter shot so you can see overhead where you actually are on the river is really helpful it's a real kind of tactical course to be on as a Cox don't think it's fair on a day like this to send them all that they're on the river and not you know be in it myself Andy bring the boat a couple of the women's crew are missing today because of work commitments so they've split them up into a four and two have gone out in single scull it's really revealing to spend the day with the crew and get to appreciate the strength of their team bonding and their friendship as well and the main message that actually they do this because they love rowing and on a day like today it's the love that's going to get you out there I've come to the gold debate house the spiritual home of Cambridge University rowing but this year's women's crew are hard at work ahead of selection are you guys waking up and thinking about the boat race or are you waking up and thinking about the next few days which could get you in the boat I think when you're in any type of selection situation the end goal is ultimately to win the race and if your end goal is to make the boat then you're already following a bit short all against each other but we all have the same goal at the end of the day and so when we're meeting as a crew it's not about who's gonna be in the boat it's all focused on being honest it's not like you just you're trying to go fast and if they beat me I'll beat you like everyone's just raising the bar getting faster how they beat an enjoyable group to work with oh yes the light it's good fun it's always a challenge it's a good group of athletes a good group of young women so it has been fun and what have you told them about the way of expectation on their shoulders there no expectations that's what I sort of tend to tell athletes yeah we've just told them to work hard and and you know they're their own crew and they've got to put together the best performance that they can and not worry about what's happened in past years we come in knowing one of the greatest races in the world and we have to live up to that reputation – it was before that and the fact that like so many people are watching us and we need to do our absolute best 34 in – I think it's just learning how to deal with you know what everyone's gonna do or be like on Thursday I know for myself I'm probably going to look very serious and very scary my teammates like to comment on that and I'm okay but I am so just knowing what you like knowing what to expect for yourself in that kind of situation and getting yourself in the zone and ready to race and ready to perform we start with the Coxes and for Oxford it is their president Eleanor Shearer who has tasted defeat with the Reserve Board Osiris and the blue boards if winning feels as good as losing feels bad then being part of the winning crew must just be the best feeling in the world Cox for Cambridge will be Hughes spottin who knows the water well having gone to Westminster School it is his first year in the blue boats sitting in front of him and stroking the light Blues will be Lily Lindsey the American has ruled internationally but to ruin this course has long been a goal I remember watching the boat race when I first started rowing an hour on the fourth year of women rowing on the tide way and it's really great to be part of that Oxford will be stroked by Amelia standing who was inspired to take up rowing after watching the London Olympics in the seventh seat for the Dark Blues as Tina creaseman it's her first Boat Race but she has represented Germany at under-20 three World Championships for Cambridge that seat is taken by Denmark's either Gertz Jakob s'en who won silver for her country in the World Cup last year and behind her is Pippa Whittaker she's done the London Marathon and can apparently solve a Rubik's Cube in less than a minute but this race requires even greater dedication total has been wavered the fate of trading for it it would be the pinnacle of my career brewing at six for Oxford is Beth Bridgman beaten last year and this is her last chance in the final year of a mathematics degree onto the five seat and it's where we find a live prior studying for a degree in medicine she makes the step up from the Reserve boards and in the same seat for Cambridge is Kate Horvat she was Philadelphia born and raised but a grandfather Lord for Yugoslavia and the Olympics behind Horvat is Larkin Sayer the American moved to Cambridge as a youngster and was in last year's reserve boat this year it's a big step up big a lot more pressure got the TV cameras millions of viewers in the four seat for Oxford is Lizzie Paul Green who is the oldest member of the crew and has crossed the divide in 2011 I was president of Cambridge and I graduated and I had a job for a while and now I've come back for a PhD at Oxford behind Paul Green is a returning blue or any cool shine from the Netherlands who only learned to roll while at Oxford in the same seat for the light blues is Laura Foster her own career began at the University of Michigan behind her will be Sophie Dean's who is a jewel New Zealand Australian national rowing in the to seat for Oxford will be an emergent who learned valuable lessons in the beaten reserve boat last year there's no point hoping that it'll go well or wishing that things are going to go to plan you just need to know that you've done it before and you can do it again in the bow seat for the dark blues is Izzy Dodds she has experience of beating Cambridge but on the road rather than the water as part of the Oxford cycling team opposite her is the very experienced Tricia Smith who has won in both the Cambridge Reserve and blue boards and those are the crews for the 2019 women's boat race okay 13 yet seems like okay this is it both crews get ready Cambridge Oxford [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] until we are [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] okay so treat you [Applause] okay good Trisha first Tricia and Larkin are alongside me and Tricia you got out of that boat first thing you said was hello again because you won it last year how does that feel very very special it feels really good actually yeah keeping my my street going a bit harder that one I'd say harder on the lungs then I've been last year but still feels just as good at which point were you aware you had that healthy lead when we come out of 90 seconds so the first 90 seconds we're internal for that 90 seconds and then he said alright we're half and like that but I thought okay we can do this he was remarkable wasn't he was barking the instructions at yeah yeah I mean he's always like that and it's familiar and it's so powerful and it works for us i lock in as captain how special a moment is this for you from Cambridge as well it's so special this is I've been working for this for two years it's everything I hoped it would be and you're in blondie last year as well and you know I was thinking about this all the hours of training that you've done with no crowds whatsoever all those dark mornings that you step out to thousands and thousands of people it must be incredible it is it's 99% of it no one sees and that's what we really love but this is the culmination of so much work so many people supporting us big parties are not yeah absolutely let's bring you Lilly as well Lily Ann who was well hello buddy congratulations Lily this is absolutely magnificent and you've represented the United States as well but how does this compare there's nothing like this I mean the crowds the media having one crew for such a long distance it's really a race unto itself and what about these guys as well the training you've put in as well I mean training alongside my teammates and the rest of cor has been unbelievable it's a really great working environment really great training plan we have a great staff great teammates and a pleasure before we talk to Hugh is well we've got to get a word about Hugh because he was barking those instructions out at one stage on eight minutes I wrote down on my notes he barked out a big yes so I think he thought it was in the bag at that point did you think he was in the bag at no point did I feel comfortable that we were going to and they pushed us the whole way down the course and for yeah it was good to see them in in our view keep me in our sight well do many congratulations you're from Westminster I read this morning that you meticulous in your planning did that race pan out exactly how you thought yes I think so I mean you know obviously as a crew like we're always you know we're talking about lots of different scenarios and we visualized every night anything could have happened but yeah obviously you know a great result and very happy with where you were going the way our cameras caught um I'm amazed you've got a voice left yeah so my buddy congratulations many congratulations brilliant stuff thank you very much indeed thank you guys thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you Lizzy you know all about this is what this is the hardest interview you will ever do yes yes it's although last time I did about race no one interviewed us very very difficult very difficult for you to know because this afternoon Cambridge was just utterly magnificent worthy I mean I don't I think both I I'm very proud of the crew that that we were in I think we've come a really long way since the start of the year and I mean Cambridge were faster than us on the day but I'm I'm really proud I know you are you're absolutely proud and Ellie you know I remember we spoke last year as well you know you're very proud as well of of your team as well all the hard yards all the effort that you put in for these last eight months yeah of course it's obviously disappointing to be in another year we just aren't fast enough but I think we rode the best race that we could have done and just got outgunned on the day so yeah likely as he said really really proud of how we come together the last week has been truly one of the best weeks of my life it's been one of the closest crews I've ever rode in and I know that we're all going to be friends for life so at least we can take that away from today and what about well said by the way what about the conditions out there today Ellie pretty good rowing to get conditions to be honest like water reasonably calm a slight cross headwind at the start that then turned into a pretty reasonable tailwind so nothing too challenging to cope with as I say tough interviews they're never easy but thank you very much and even chatting to us thank you bless you thank you well Robert Weber I just saw you in the middle of the huddle there how proud of you my man that was spin-spin a long year been some been some ups and downs but they got it done on the day so really really proud of them yeah really proud of them are you into the position as well and you must be very proud of the effort not only they put in today but also the last eight months you know when it's been very dark those early mornings long long days yeah yeah there's some long days out there some long cold mornings but yeah this makes it all worth it for sure and it I mean it's what it takes seven or eight months a hard slog and you know this is this is payday we've spent a lot of time today talking about the atmosphere within the crew in the build-up to this race what's it like for the coach what are the nerves like almost unbearable we should have heart monitor on you yeah you should have they were joking about that actually but yeah it's I was saying to to Siobhan in the launch is certainly the most nervous I've been before a race so yeah that was nerve-racking and just waiting for that that white flag go up from the Empire's launch so but I suppose it's like every sport really isn't it as a coach your work he's done really on the morning of the race yeah and sports like yeah rowing swimming running that sort of thing I mean you do your thing and you let them go and just trust that trust that you've done a good enough job and and and and they're good enough bunch of athletes to get the job done so yeah it also is emotional when you had that big hug there oh yeah hugely usually yeah I think I'm wearing sunglasses surprised you held it in Rob congratulations man thank you very much indeed thank you thank you [Applause] all of the like just to confirm ladies and gentlemen Cambridge won the spin of the coin and they have chosen the Surry station good luck to both crews it is just over four miles of the twisting Thames between Putney and Marley racing upstream but with the flow of the incoming tide the crews choose either the south bank the study station or the north which is Middlesex the initial slight advantage is to Middlesex our own Fulham's Craven Cottage after three and a half to four minutes the mile marker is reached and the landmark of the former had its furniture depository before Hammersmith bridge the majority of crews leading he had gone to win and know the band favors the Surrey side a large sweeping turn past half way into the straight of Chizik reach and past the island Chyzyk a it's quite often into head when this can be exposed and rougher water a final slight bantu sorry and then it turns back to favour the north bank under barnes bridge into the final thousand meters and towards the finish just before Chyzyk bridge [Applause] have you read before just in the gym for fun I did it on Walter once I mean you know what that's better than me this is gonna be intense not sure I'm ready but we'll wing it let's wrap this well let's go hello how are you nice to meet you how you doing Jason good to see you we're gonna put you through a series of tests today to try to find out what sort of potential you might have to join the board race in some years in the future I like this there's that word test yeah I'm into this okay so now we come to the aerobic capacity test this is the single best indicator of somebody's potential as a roar all right we can't speak after this Jason good look this is quite frightening are you ready grab your handles three two one off you go nice and gentle bison jet watching the heart rates climbing nicely well done take your time Jason – 15 – 1 5 Sam 150 really nice we're getting nice high heart rates up you go up you go well done they strong and that's well done – pair two pair well done folks okay so we have the little bit capacity test results Sam your score came in at 2.8 liters per minutes Jason your score came in at 3 point 4 liters per minute the ball race roars they'll probably have vo2 max is for the women of our own 4 liters and more for the men 6 liters and more so they haven't almost doubled the arabic capacity that you're having I'm half a man you've both been really good sports but no Senate test is complete with a proper race get ready attend turn go all right settle in guys settling nice player race boats gone through 700 you might have this go to overcook it well done fantastic fantastic well done oh well done brilliant super super super Wow well done just move on and do what you need to do nobody's gonna throw up are they if you do give it a stroke we'll get your bucket run till Jason you came in a thousand meters in three minutes 43 Sam 357 you both did exactly what what race crews do which is to go off hard for Sam your heart rate rapidly Rises right up to your max in the first couple of minutes up at around 170 beats per minute Jason same thing fast start heart rate rises quickly it Peaks out at around 166 beats per minute so all we need is another two years worth of practice and while have you in a boat race team nope no rat I can't even stand up right now so you know how weak I am right now and that was a lot how a sixth of the boat race yes good well done folks that's clear for suelto thank you no thank you are you hearing cabochons still testing people or lineups lineups yeah no we're just looking at sort of water and just reassessing some of the selection decisions that are made on early on the year so just to be clear it's the order that those eight people are sitting in not the 8 P yeah well you know we're looking at all the decisions and looking at just revisiting some selection decisions what about the atmosphere within the squad yeah yeah it's getting very exciting and we move you putting out some very good times I think that the confidence is high it's a very good atmosphere the good thing about having a young team is everything's exciting and I think it's almost something to prove there are no big egos in the way and we're feeding off Sean's experience of having done this before and actually having taken cruise which are younger than their opposition and making them win you were very young first time blue last year and now I'm sure the youngest Aqsa president that I consider remember let's call it in living memory how do you square that in your own head I've been chosen by my teammates to do the job that I can do and age is sort of irrelevant it's interesting thing about those things but ultimately doesn't change the job that I'm trying to do what about rowing beyond the bow race you know we're here at the National Training Center some big units training in the gym they're behind us in GB kit what about that as part of your future yeah for sure no I'd love to be part of it I guess it having worked up through juniors I'm the 23 seniors is obviously the next step but know at the moment the boring answer I'm thinking about the race because it's a fairly well trodden path yeah dark blue well I'm looking at the man himself yeah you know you're right you're right no it is about chaton path and again very lucky to have Sean Barden who has so much experience and taking people from knee level 123 level to compete on the world stage we are just trusting him listening to him and I suppose reap the benefits hopefully very good well good luck on the day thank you very much thank you [Applause] [Applause] really good to fathers of Jasmine row of strangers 49 days later we were friends for life he's a fiercely determined person whatever he's focusing on will take over everything else I'm fascinated that where the motivation came from to do this not the motivation to come here came from from the course first rather than the boat race is it challenging being back in education I'll put this way my first lecture I was the only one that turned out with a pen and paper really I said tablet yeah there was no internet when I was a university or last time that's one of the things you've done the marathon day sorry you've done the trek to the South Pole you've rode the Atlantic you've run the London Marathon in two hours 43 and change what you've already done is remarkable how fearful in this choice were you that this might be something that could have left you actually sitting on the sidelines not selected it's being that genuinely the most humbling experience I've been through because you know walked in the door October with a track record and by the end of the first week that for them it's gone in terms of the physical side of things how different is it for you now definitely a lot harder and I bounced back in the same way I have to have been more careful so be honest part of my reason for coming here was to show that you look after yourself you can make the most of your life for kids life showing that you're not done at 40 40 plus everyone has setbacks in life and in 2010 I got hit by a fuel truck in America when I was cycling I had a had a really big impact on my health for a long time then for my behaviour for a couple of years we mirror of a tanker hits him on the back of the head at 70 miles now his head went flying forward the brain just musing it's fluid and just smashes against the skull horrendous seeing James in that hospital bed was awful but he was in intensive care for weeks in hospital for months was hard and and he the head injury changed him profoundly but he was very short very agitated all the time and that was difficult for his loved ones his family after a couple of days ago onto the walk and that was it then he's just got so much energy and I was probably walking on the wards 18 to 20 hours or were named because his balance is a little bit doddery you know he's like a toddler again that's here me sir ezal is a battlin person you know he is a challenge to work with he's brilliant and inspiring in so many ways but oh he is hard and now aged 46 he's got a place in the Cambridge crew I am bursting with pride being surrounded by people who are significantly younger than you where do you find the bonds of commonality just come off the row machine now and grant while the American guys was listening to some Pearl Jam vana and he goes did you ever seen Navaro yeah I wasn't born when he was alive and I was like I'd gone to the University and spin conveying life before you go on how much does it matter to you that you will set a new record by a long way as the oldest man Tyrone about this what pulled me aside the other day and said I have put you in the group oh I can honestly say it was a proud of sporting moment as when you ever sat me down and said you're gonna be in there cost us 40 limpy's if I come up here and – I'll approve the Lots myself and hopefully ask for your questions so James last couple of days before the race how are you feeling inside yourself it's it's different well champion Olympics and that four cities already built when you're there we've been here a week now and you're seeing it take shape and it's strange I've been raced there so many times but realizing how different it's gonna be on race day and the nerves are they the same as what they always were in the other part of your career it's simply I mean you know that where it used to be at the venue you see the other crews going around and I would look at them and how they're going where as I deliver we haven't looked at Oxford because we haven't raced them you've probably raced anyone who's raced each other so it's no point what they're going to be as faster they're gonna be and if you look at the thing they're worse than you you're gonna overestimate yourself and underestimate them and that's gonna lead to a bad day a very difficult for free a very difficult week for you and the family how difficult has that been to keep the two things separate or has that been impossible it was harder at the start of that start of the year because the commitment I've had to make to the studying as well as to the rowing has given a focus that has been all-encompassing in it in a way that it's been I guess shielding me from what's coming and then I might uh note for the eighth there's gonna be a bit of a void when he suddenly I've got to go riding with loads of other people and everything's going on so that's gonna be interesting what are you most looking forward to about the race to be honest I'm most look for to get on this bit here get the star in one piece and then get out of the way the initial sort of noise of the crowds and then get into the race properly and and down to pace and just seeing if the pace you've worked on puts them under the pressure you hope it does and the night before the race surely tradition should dictate that you sit down change the plan all around turn it upside down put in the last call and that makes all the difference with you winning that's why I seem to remember you doing well yeah apparently going as hard as you can isn't the road useful in this race that's my tactic we just go as hard as we can and will crack converting how are you gonna change the have it of a lifetime well I think that might be why I'm down the far ends that no one baked just ignore me generally I just shout right I think Oh Connie what'd you say what'd you say old man both crews get ready Oh well we've just got some debris should be okay I suppose [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] finish [Applause] no I placing hey Burt Hayward [Applause] [Applause] three minutes 28 in the zone Phyllis relax and breathe the thief price for the next minutes thirty-six just in together [Applause] [Applause] without [Applause] in turn get ready stay loose boys every strike every strike boys [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] three chairs the Cambridge [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] James was there ever a moment during that race you regretted your decision to do this surprisingly not on the start I since our voices I've missed this time fellas for 20 years 20 years and a lot about the people around which is good and it started the first few minutes was great and then they just they just didn't drop you know I'm really well and we were convinced that our rhythm was faster actually it was pretty much the same speed as our sprinting is faster and by the bouncing okay this is going to be a humping all the way if we got a length yeah you got a fuel margin of victory shrink and then when they appealed off across the line I thought I could do that reroute to be honest I'm physically any question mark in your mind especially towards the latter stage you said how they were hanging on to be honest I the endurance wasn't a problem I thought our pace would be good and if I had any doubt it would be my balls out sprinting and although I make 12 and 1/2 send the crew I'm in a key seat there and if that was my question my okay and I just made sure I stuck in and hopefully had enough in the back of one minute left because the one thing I lost is his raw power you said that this is your greatest achievement even selection has the race even topped that yeah when he sat down Tom it's very similar yeah I can tell me I was in the for with you boys and the race has talked to it because of the the difference in experience age everything else on that big day some of the guys is that big is raced by far and they stepped up hugely well and and we said that this week nothing is going to go to plan you know if we've ever two guys depend I'll be a total anomaly and there's been some group it's bad bits but but today we had our recipe rest paddle our best warm-up and then you know Rob said to aim for a 7 out of 10 on the rowing as your bare minimum and it wasn't a 10 out of 10 but it wasn't it was pretty much 8 or 9 Olympic gold-medalist boat race winner well done our great scenes there with James Dora and Matthew alongside me just behind James's interview but I have to say congratulations you but first of all I've got to talk about James Cracknell diary you'll appreciate that you described him in the program notes as uncle James what a magnificent achievement yeah I mean he you know he brings a lot to the brought a lot to the bird and you know yeah he's part of this it's incredible it's incredible the whole process and you know I really you know really valuable where you know where he's contributing so much and you know he's just he's one of the guys yeah power and poise wouldn't for you last year same again this year Dora yeah I mean I think we've just been trying to work on the fundamentals and you know just drive hard in the paint and who wants once we just got to our you know our stretch in our rhythm I think it was just about chip away chip away and you know I can't be more proud of these guys it's absolutely incredible imagine I'm Matthew great to have you once again you won it with the women of course in 2017 what is this like can you explain this feeling it's indescribable absolutely not like a year of training has gone into this a year of hard work these guys have put so much in and to cross the line first is a rush goes through your body that I've never experienced before I said there was a bit of a clash talk us through what happened a corner got a little bit close both Cox's tried to do their job no one was willing to yield bought a bit of blade touch nothing significant but that's the part of the sports you took a year out to concentrate on music are you leading the sing song tonight oh yeah I'll be on the table singing don't you worry good stuff congratulations Thank You Darla Thank You Matthew about that many congratulations thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] this is all rights now this is we please welcome your presentation party for the 74th women's boat race presenting the medals holly jackson walters crew member of the RNLI Chyzyk lifeboat station presenting the trophy mr. steve o'connor chief executive officer of the Fulham reach Boat Club and Fergus Murison the executive director of the boat race company please give them a warm round of applause ladies and gentlemen you are very welcome first would you please give a huge round of applause for Oxford University women's boat club Isabelle Dodds [Applause] commiserations to Oxford also today a round of applause for an emergent ready cool shine Lizzy Paul green Olivia Pryor Beth Bridgman Tina creaseman Amelia standing and the president Eleanor Shearer card lines to Oxford University but we are here the trophy is here and it now goes to our winners cambridge university women's boat club led by Trisha Smith closely followed by Sophie Dean's congratulations Trisha well done Sophie let's have a huge here for Laura foster your captain Larkin ser Kate Horvat here is Pippa Whitaker please welcome either a Gorch Jakob s'en big cheer for Lily Lindsay here comes the you sportin very popular member of the crew shall we say and your president Abigail Parker will collect the trophy okay Steve O'Conner you've got the honor of presenting the trophy to Cambridge University women's Bo Club thank you very much well Abigail's just a very very quick word I mean look how tight-knit you are what a wonderful atmosphere what a wonderful team spirit you have right across the both crews exactly this has been a great season and what a way to end it it's very noisy here down at the beach were you aware of all the noise that came Bridgette look at them they're ready they're ready to party were you aware of the noise they were making as you were coming in well don't congratulations we got some sparkling fine wine for you so off you go we're gonna get out of the way enjoy tonight many congratulations Cambridge University ladies gentlemen [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Phoenix Oxford president never a pleasant moment to stand on the shingle at the far end having it lost the boat race was that clash on the first Bend was that it was dramatic was it instrumental how do you think so I think we we go into a good rhythm after it you know he came back still in contact coming into Harrods just before Harrods so no anything it was instrumental obviously a fate of both crews who have to go watch the replay to see you see what happened was that a fair reflection of how your crew could row out there today it was obviously pretty tough in the messy war so Cambridge you know we we really put ourselves out there I think we had a good row they plated them you know they they push won it when it mattered but you know it was pretty challenging out there dealing with the wash that was coming off their boat and Toby we always talk about the boat race being a Coxon's race did you give a good account of yourself I felt like I'm I felt like I did I think the cameras are quite aggressive pulling Durrani in front of us so early and I thought Jamie I did a good job to hold my line so generally I'm quite happy boy we did an excellent job you kept us in it really good did you have any options towards the end any decisions in your head at Barnes Bridge about what to do no so we started out wine to the finish before Barnes very which is earlier than planned and it felt like we were moving back on them so from about 10 minutes to go it was really starting lifting to the line and Phoenix it's a long time since Oxford have lost two on the bounce what's it gonna take from this Boat Club to get back into this race well you know I think we've had a pretty phenomenal season you know I daresay if they're braced us about six months ago we would've lost by more so no each year is a completely different year you know we'll just have to take it on next year we've got a lot returnest coming from both the isis boo crew and the blue boat you al yeah myself yep look forward to seeing that good luck guys thank you very much Matthew yes Claire thank you very much indeed let me introduce first of all our presentation party for the men's a boat race presenting the medals Rebecca Hearst marketing manager for Chappell down English sparkling wine presenting the trophy we have Fraser Thompson chief executive officer of Chappell down you're very welcome Fraser and David sill the executive director of the boat race company so ladies gentlemen let's hear it for Oxford University Boat Club please Charlie Pearson Ben Landis hakeem hearts I'm Patrick Sullivan to buy a Schroder the president Felix drink or Charlie Buckhannon Augustin one Percy and Toby mendonça [Applause] commiserations to oxford university and i have a very strong feeling there's got to be one big cheer for one certain member of Cambridge University Boat Club ladies gentlemen I think you know who he is would you please welcome Ned you're winners of the 165th men's boat race led by Dave Bell here he comes no Wellington's on here he is mr. James Cracknell ladies and gentlemen what a James congratulate spot keep that applause going and the cheers for grand pitler Calum Sullivan Sam hook way Freddy Davidson Nate and veg rich kiss him chick Matthew Holland ladies gentleman he took a euro to concentrate on his music he told me he's leading the sing song later this evening and your president Dora alleys are a-ok Fraser that is a very big trophy off you go sir good luck here we go congratulations here it is [Applause] it needs to pop in here it is were just having a very quick chat to Ali it is I mean amazing performance and I know James will get the headlines but absolutely outstanding team performance yeah yeah this this group this this club is just an absolute unit and you know for everyone is to this this is a very bad idea you don't like it I do this too bad yeah yeah it's just an incredible thing and this yeah just a huge shower to this club is just do incredible things from the you know Rob and rich and Donald you know I just these guys it's just absolutely incredible they work with James as well James come in here don't know I know that Matt's been talking to you as well Matt Pinsent as well but well you look at all these fans here who've turned up as well how does this compare 46 years old what you've achieved well it's a it's more amazing sitting on the start of the Olympics there's no one there and I suddenly u-boat and there's thousands of people there and then it's noise all throughout the course and and to do it with a group of guys that have gone through the early mornings and standing together and you know not living like full-time athletes is it's really special agents you know columns Essen halfway so you have to look after him designated driver on the way home and also the program no tally said they refer to his uncle James you comfortable that I took drive the minibus down today I felt very responsible and then the way thing is is it and they wouldn't they blocked off all the road so there go you can't come down we've got to get there so head of the mount the pavement and ignore them so you don't st. you know I am but many of us that can't be shots I didn't want to let us in so I said yeah you have to again I call you a tough to stay focused and and polish it in this environment well listen as a 45 year old is struggle to do 10 rounds of boxing on Friday you provide an inspiration to me and millions of people watching – well done my man oh thank you thank you for supporting the race it's very many congratulations top man thank you very much [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I'll take a few from you than you you it's for you today we got out well well Rob amazing scenes behind you they're the fans the crews all together a remarkable double this afternoon yeah I mean ecstatic excessive everyone won as well coming away from the women's team last year really great to see them with two victories so a great day for us James Cracknell undoubtedly will get all the headlines but this has been an unbelievable team spirit isn't it for the last eight months yeah I mean James I mean he's literally just one of the team's it sounds it's the team it sounds like a cliche but you know he's one of the one of the guys and he's acted that way and everyone's worked well together what's been the difference for you today well we got out well Oxford clung on really well and huge credit to them for doing so but we knew we had a lot of speed and we got it out there and we got we got out in front I would like to push it away a bit further but you know I'm glad to get the victory it was a bit of a clash that I talked to Matthew about um what he saw and he said it just happens and is that the coaches view to wrong I mean we you know asked Matthew for his cleaner races he could get I thought Oxford were quite shallow on the first part of the bend so it makes the the next part that Bend very difficult if they're coming back across and that's what you know we felt was happening there so yeah it's it's a tricky process we don't want it to happen in the race but you know I think it was a fair it came out fairly in the end and when you have someone like James and he's elevated the boat race it always gets newspaper headlines TV and radio talking anyway but when you've got a story like James it does elevate it that much further does it wrong yeah I mean it's great for the race we want good publicity want the exposure and the boat race to be seen as what it is a great spectacle and you know James has really helped that how has he done it a 46 any idea well as I said to Andrew Cotter actually the difference is none of us with James Crandall when we were in our 20s and none of us are James Cracknell now 14 no exactly thank you very much indeed well don't enjoy tonight thank you rob ready see you thank you very much you

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