The Beat | Robert Williams Interview 2.22.17

The Beat | Robert Williams Interview 2.22.17

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the beat brought to you by ASCO your place for case construction equipment in Texas welcome back to the beat we told you earlier that on Saturday Texas A&M beat Auburn now the Aggies look forward to a trip to Fayetteville to take on Arkansas they're back home Saturday night here at Reed Arena against Alabama on Monday Robert Williams was named the SEC Freshman of the week third time this year he has been given that award and we have him on set with us right now Robert I want to start kind of from the beginning here vivianne Louisiana is your hometown obviously not a lot of population up there in that Northeast Louisiana community growing up was there a whole lot for you to do other than own your basketball game no honestly it was just food and basketball all day that's all I did I had a quart right in front of my house but um I wasn't old enough to go up there I was I wasn't big enough as my dad to say so he bought me a goal until I reached like what 10 11 I just hope on that goal outside and I start playing with the big kids you know how was I for that so it was basically just food and bass cool something tells me he probably didn't have a lot of trouble with the big kids either entering this season your freshman year at Texas A&M were you confident that you could have this kind of success this quickly in your college career yeah I was pretty confident because um you know I was the underdog no one knew me like no one I played a couple games and he walked yell but I still never stood out you know so I was like this is my chance I know what I can do like my teammates DJ Tyler they see me this summer it was like hey bro you bought the kids I know what I can do so I feel like they helped they helped me raise my confidence level up a lot too and you mentioned Tyler Davis there the paint is a strength for the Aggies with you and Tyler Davis down there how much has Tyler meant to you this year how much has he helped you in your fresh he he's helped me a lot but I think a party's helping me the most is emotionally like controlling my emotions you know he just tells me like no matter what happens bro everything is a process you know you're not gonna wake up and be able to post me up tomorrow you know everything is a process but he's helped me on and off the club he's just he stays in my ear I may get he may get on my nose in love but yeah you mentioned you were kind of the underdog coming to Texas A&M maybe people didn't know a lot about you but are you surprised at the attention you now receive for your play yeah I mean this is surprising me coming from nothing you know I'm like every week I get a new Twitter notification congratulations congratulations on like for what what this time you know what yeah it's a surprise with this team like I mentioned earlier you guys are at Arkansas Wednesday night you come home to play Alabama on Saturday do you feel there's a run left in this Aggie team down the stretch of course we the comeback team I would know if we come back yeah I feel like it's a good run I feel like Saturday's game we had a lot of fun a lot of fun you know this team was picking each other up so I feel like if we continue that yeah it's a big one coming yeah you mentioned that Auburn game and it was also a special day the Aggies were playing benefiting Autism Speaks and that's something that's close to your team and we've seen photos of you with case rich Darby son Darby your strength and conditioning coach a special afternoon and you mentioned you guys had a lot of fun it was a great cause you were supporting and what his case and Darby meant to this team because we see him around you guys all the time when a case and kind of our little brothers you know Darby Darby means the world to us he lives for us his son in his life you know so we just just told each other before the game they look doing this for case like this all above it you know Darby gives us so much than the summer and during season we can dedicate one game so I think that's how we got the one well Robert we enjoy watching you play good luck to you in this Aggie team the rest of the way thanks so much for time Peggy miss Robert Williams right here in 12th man studios the Aggies at Arkansas Wednesday's home against Alabama

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