SuperSport Rugby Challenge | Griffons vs Welwitschias

SuperSport Rugby Challenge | Griffons vs Welwitschias

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Highlights of the SuperSport Rugby Challenge match between Griffons vs Welwitschias from Impala Rugby Club in Rustenburg

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first of all number three of the 2019 Super Sport rugby challenge brings us to the northwest this is the home of the reigning champions of Gold Cup rugby Rastenburg impala and the second match of the day features the Griffins facing off against two valve reaches of Namibia these two teams tend to struggle in the Supersport rugby challenge but it is a pleasure to have the midea competing on a consistent basis here in South African rugby this is the highest level that bell beaters play at outside of Rugby World Cups and Rugby World Cup so what they are always building towards so much so this year as well the 2015 World Cup they feature that and faced off against New Zealand in their opening match and they'll be aiming towards the 2023 World Cup as well and they'll have Zimbabwe to compete against for that spot the weather is just spectacular here in the northwest as one would expect the sun is shining and the one thing that we can worry about if the players perhaps getting fatigued by the amount of sunshine at the Griffins at this point in time have won just one of their opening three matches once they complete this match today they will have played the four matches of the rest of the North section which is currently led by Greek was Pumas lions and bulls we are now looking at the velveeta side and there are plenty of World Cup experienced players here Louie found the best days in who plays for pukka as well he's a star for their team he has played of 2015 World Cup as did beyond Conrad II another pukka star on the bench Johan trailing will come off the bench with World Cup experience as well and watch out for Darrel della harp who is the captain of this velveeta side he too went to the World Cup on the griffon side we have unlocked Albert's who scored five tries for them in 2018 stand our player you see our hearts in big a product of boys high and Western Province from 2009 to 2012 we'll have to stand up in the locked position Jean Pretorius has two tries this year in jail injuries there's all of the kicking for this side from the number 9 position will be crucial today we'll jaehwan jerries and as the Bell features make their way onto the Reston burg Impala park it is my time to introduce alongside me in commentary Martin um longer formerly of Mpumalanga Pumas Martin this Namibian side has big dreams coming up later this year Paul lovely to be here in rustenburg the home of impalas I must say they do have big dreams as you've mentioned they didn't start the season off that well but there is still some time to fix those mistakes and work on their Nichols plenty of World Cup experience and I believe that today will be the perfect day to execute that knowledge we have Chucky you saw him in the Bostick are performing very well leaving the stat tape introns and carries and defense great tackles one of the best defenders we had in the Worcester Cup so I believe this great Sanergy in this team and it's yet another opportunity for some dynamite right be super sport rugby challenge continued to deliver just that this competition continues to grow in stature and it gives opportunities to the likes of Namibia velvet cheese and there's an Bob way Academy who are unable to play this level of quality rugby back in the homelands we're almost ready to get underway it will be an interesting battle between two of the sides that head in the bottom five records of South African teams last year in terms of season percentage victories Griffin's played 15 first-class matches and won at just four of them at a record of 26.7% and it well features had one victory from eight games in the Super Sport rugby challenge which racks up at a 12.5% ratio however Vale beaches did manage one victory last year and that was against Valka we are almost ready to get underway now here in the blazing sunshine of the Northwest and we are underway wimon love so answered what a great chase that is from girl beaches to begin the match led by juries that is video Williams weapons jury sends it left this time passing the run but dance along the touchline far too closely and out into touch is Arthur William Williams Griffins looking to work on continuity straight from receiving the ball attacking striking on the left might be that their game plan today is just to play some running rugby and they see great opportunity against that wall which is fun of essays and feeds the line out and it is missed taken up by juries Williams though features all over that ball and have secured the turnover using giant cheese plays to the left and Russell fun Baker's making meters along the touchline giant cheese monkey gets it to run giant cheese moves it again has chipped out side by lobster multiple options to collect this and what a take it is from your highness Curran who will complete an excellent tribe [Applause] transport by your honors trunk previously played for the Kings and the Pumas and engineered structures but this excellent steel came from Justin human stuck on the ball they had the penalty advantage and why not take the risk with a kick and it was well received by honors Trump who is stepped inside to score his opening try for well-wishes live and love sir what should be a simple kick and it does go over give me the belt bitches and these seven points that'll lead yeah well the penalty advantage you have all the room to play your risk and that ball was well received by honest Trump just that well no one in front of him just stepped in to defend that circle and score the opening trifle well witches back underway courtesy of Duan tutorials linchpin of this Griffin side we'll be back into the action is to try score Your Highness Trump formerly of Eastern Province won a cap for the kings as well so many of these players of course have misused eyes for than a movie inside ludecke one of those with 16 caps to his name they come back genie Yankees launching it long and this has been miss controlled by dominic special advantage advantage is still being played about beaches they'll struggle to link use of this do do Williams puts in an effective tackle will not be able to thrive down the touchline the players have not yet heard the whistle but we will be heading back Clavin Lopes identified a one-man overlap on the far left-hand side saw the opportunity years past indeed right but Russell quake was in the loop to chase down the stretch 2015 World Cups as well Martin they might be targeting the set-piece render experience reference execution right now desperate to get it out of huge Yankees does manage to get beaches line that goes now is placed in front of manova late replacement into the starting lineup for prints revolver Gino balsam they're playing use any cheese waters one over the top this time it is well taken this is Aniston by Alistair Mumba starting the counter-attack and it's got Griffin's running on the outside with Niels Bennett he gets it away to Ezra Alexander Ezra Alexander won't be stopped and the Griffins of scored their first try [Applause] Alastor member did very well to run towards his raquel eggs and they must have identify Russell Stephen Ronald possession got the two men overlap and look at that here's Rick Alexandra with the pace making easy money out of this try with opening try for the Griffins to spare try for 2019 Ezra Alexander other is having a wonderful time the player that caught that ball and began the counter-attack Alistair Mamba he was part of the Griffins under-20 cup champions team last year in which he scored 17 tries through the season and successful with the conversion attempt and after seven minutes at seven points two five two valve beaches Moomba did very well to suck in those defense players released it to Alexandria who had it all in his court to score the tribe masae russell Steven just caught out of position and defense be the fourth to turn around and do the chase but yes not enough to stop an exam but unfortunately a washing incident meant that the jersey shot and as a result he's had to change control on this match both beaches or contesting at that ruck they've come down the side dominique schmidt what a kick that is raking it all the way towards the touch line but apparently out on the full and we are heading back to from whence it was kids taken quickly in this trouble on the air belt beaches sharp to the trance and rustle fun fake was the one running down the text wave weapons caught sleeping just for a moment there is there a turnover potential at this yes there's a penalty awarded to Griffin's de la Harpe not coming in from the gate straight from the side and that is not going to go out there beating some avoidable errors early on in this match this is the full-back Chris Ari's counter a techie the one catching check on our cliven loaf sir turned to the boot that will not be going towards the touchline plenty of options for Dominic Schmidt he launches the ball downfield and equivocal II asked about beaches to counter-attack from there love sir – Johannes tromp tromp keeps it moving Valle beaches keen to run there to contest as Lou do Williams couldn't get his hands on the ball working the blind now low sir keeps it moving the inside ball is a good one too crispy from the man over and they're still working in Justin Newman now goes to ground position for the turnover Tommy knows miss dominates that Iraq advantage Brandt is being played to Griffin's powerful offside play and Albert's getting inside Walter do you know Williams jaymund juries oh that is a powerful run okay you're more happy laying down the law Vaughn it's over Vantage is over and you see our hearts and Berg keeps it moving – Kevin annandale on the outside is relaxed on Daddy's murder in another player and founder of the right booth detainment juries juries trying to get away what they tackle kanji Chekhov and now the turnover as well your highness throb with a breathless play continues and to UM tries to find support he fails to and Levine Damon's keeps it alive Russell fun fake takes it into the context approaching the halfway line blow your mind backwards is the call on that nook as well from J with juries and now we're playing on to the outside that dominates Mitch and Tommy that Smith is going to score at the end of all that madness this is a well to serve trial by the Griffins making great opportunity of their spaces playing that ball from coast to coast you saw it from Alexandra using his face down on the outside from Viking with great pace and I must say Dominic's Smit a well deserved try and a great finish by the Griffins Paul this is all about the sense of urgency the sense of Legends of the difference is quite great compared to the well-wishes whereby it's more about so when one player makes a great play what we are watching of the plan of support running on me and not depending on the on the pillars I can see where you're coming from Martin what I can say is I'm enjoying this Reggie match so far well features brought the heat early on indifference have come roaring back into it this is Jay win juries to continue his points conversions cannoning off the post but it still goes over from J wind juries and that makes it eight conversions for 2019 great runnin sucking of a defender by author William releasing it to Dominic Smith Justin Flair all alone to score the try flying over the Twilight we have a game on our hands here both of these sides do love to score points unfortunately for Phil beaches they have been too fond of conceding points right now as they came back to this match their points difference was negative 120 to the negative 17 of down touch Griffins another high hanging kickoff this time slightly too deep to be contestable their steps in this match [Applause] courtesy of Griffin Cole be our referee today offside so my sorrow Forbes just caught of his ID and outside okay yep that speaks again to the sense of urgency polls it's not taking the time to fall back we need it to a new court offside you okay us there Griffin's not finding touch not for the first time and that pass out the back of the hand irresponsible apparently no no guns involved in any of that play that players out in touch as he's touching the ball and the flag is up pours out guys now after a great start these two sides need not to get carried away with themselves Martin and keep under control yeah well we'll just needs to find their rhythm especially from the set pieces it's a bit of a scratch let's lose game come on the mock open up and it's a bird and that Griffin son little catches them sleeping at the time you guys got to speed up this please okay standing even more touchy check off just one of the players born in Clinton and he went to Punto Kai so many points at high and bunch of gym products here in the vote features side that is well taken on the touchline by others to mamba keeps his feats in the last time for his teammates to get in position to support annex Albert's keeps going jaymund juries heads to the left again and finding some spaces to unglue toria's Pretorius just has to get the pass right and it should be tickets for Alistair Mamba know the cover defences spectacular Pretorius again yes that is beautiful and genre tourists will get over the line where instead try of the year all Griffins are in on the continuity John Porter is with the support run to finish off the track and I must say the sauna G between the background players especially victorious Moomba Han Smith is quite great and this is where the winning will come from the Griffins look at this Pretorius being able to release it to Mumbai Mumbai just taking a bit long to excess out there but what Peters did well to run back to that Iraq or loose play and released it to Jean Porter's to score the top of Griffin's may just have wounded himself as he dived on to that ball seems to be all healed up now John victorious and this is Jay wooden juries for the extra two juries does not bring the Pope play this time around it straight through in its 19 points to 7 the Griffins lead a lot of loose play a lot of scratchy play but prefers that wall and to step left sucking that defender open that gift wide and Pretorius to finish off the climb things have certainly taken a swing in this match well Beach has open the scoring with a 7 pointer since then 19 unanswered must be shaken up by that climbing lope sir restarts and Lou do Williams is already being deeply involved unbelievable juries Pretorius music alexander ju and juries Griffin's running it from their own 22 meter line there seems to be marked up by the bell features on the outside Mauro Peng takes it in keep working it to the left who URIs and one victorious and that is deadly stuff from Alistair Mamba domine Smith the caller's off the legs backwards is the call on that one Clive and Lopes ER with a hopeful pass which goes straight to a Griffin's player and to unretire says they're in support remember he sends it out to Lou do Williams continues to crash it up for his Griffin's team that is a fine pass from juries keeping things moving to the outside Stan odd moves it wider and now into the line is Alexander the inside pole that's spectacular John Turturro sweeps it alive not Fred Neil Steiners wife will not be able while we're just taking their time to fall back on defense and standing position Griffins using all that opportunity to strike back and I must say well which is also not securing the ball they have to work on that because they keep on throwing the ball back into the Griffins players and at the critical moments right in front of the trial as you know classes need to brush up on it not hard to tell why they have the negative 120 points difference coming into this defending like that it'll be a long day 60 minutes to go of this game shut to the back by Griffin zoos hold a steady scrum injuries altitude one tutorial toria's to the line is well handled Dave injuries the son shorts at Hudson big blue do Williams trying to get on the outside of his man low features called off the ball Jay winterice moves it blind and through the hands it's delicious from Schmitt number the try machine emo chick chick you unpossible more fun okay there might be concerned about the try and what might that be maybe that second last bus might have been bought for I thought I saw something which is under the rack which is on the right-hand side of the hills before all those wonderful hands took place let's have a look this may be it you think about that party the angle not too good let's look at the next angle this is to unretire es 58 58 points in the co2 Cup first division last year very crucial player to this side and here's where the knock-on comes in my eyes Kevin and Eldon seem to have tastic there was a knock on by the Griffins players the player want to pick the ball up about on the other side of the field so now try ok ok no Martin knock on knock on cold your opinion on that one doesn't know somebody didn't cut the ball the book that knock on came from tutorials movie but also had his hand on it while on the floor and there is one screen now he took that ball to the line in spite of all of that Martin it's looking pretty good for the Griffins in spite of going 7 or behind at first it's ass up you guys girls looking like a warm-up match here well that must mention Paul's very important to mention who by the Griffins have a factory and they're able to focus on rep 6 and to think that this team with full-time people who are full-time jobs as a team let's go to the Rugby World Cup these guys who are full-time employed are going to be players that represent the maybe at the World Cup some of them and there will be a bizarre coming to the squad of a tree pole and you have to see that in a mere but Namibia there's only a thousand registered players compared to Pollan you can see the intensity that some of our Academy is picking up every game getting better and better this end of this super Sports rugby challenge might not be that the way that again and they really are prepared to go the pool in unfortunate situation is that the but we're Quetta me are in the South section and Namibia in the North section that would have been by shaft there from the no more RP very solid in the scrums just went into early their kickers towards touching safely into touch our Martin does a scrum that is so dominant it in the way the Griffins were when they got the penalty conceded against them are you dismayed by that or do you are you more inspired by the fact that you're just walking over this Libya scrum no more inspired it talks about preparation Apple and now if you think about the full-time job how many of them actually get Thompson together you know away by it's quite tough from the Griffin salt so you are not the same dynamics but still they are competing in those hearts and big the poor boys hide products Griffin's completely dominating possession ever since they took control of this match following well features open perfect opportunity to compete right there they did nothing they could have gotten the turnover and Griffin's as a result are allowed to continue Dominic Schmitt steps into the art back position do one Pretorius turns to the boot but it is not chased that grubber giving plenty of time for Chris Aires to clear his lines big boot by Lucy Ari's but Paul it is important that that stop competing on the loose plays which I see is the perfect opportunities for them to get the turnover and pieces the urgency from well which is just a bit worrying and I hope that the coach gets time to speak in addressed another part of defence of course Martin is making sure that your opposition don't get the ball that's the best way to defend your line and bell bitches don't yeah well since they had a good start they haven't spent enough time you can see in Chucky or Nuuanu Vestas and making the attempt he's the one that you see most in the news players but I think that experience comes from básico where they knew that the ball is one from the front and that's why he's so active and playing and you can just see the bit of disconnect between how condition how he ready he is compared to some of his teammates but hopefully they be they will be able to turn it around man injured there was Ron ludecke measures in a 2.08 meters Albert's feeds back on to Griffin side another call of birds and juries Paulette it's say the game is won from the front and AJ the clap was listening to me the pace coming out from this man twenty-eight-year-old the core was backwards there was no need to possible that way he had an opportune time to turn on the faucet get out of my way it's my try try try by AJ declared oh I just absolutely loved the launch hey Jada Clegg just as he was supposed to jump into the air but it turned out to be more of a dive over the ground and AJ de Klerk who's been with both beaches since 2015 scores an absolute screamer of a trial I loved it poultices way Griffins can become their own enemy they have to stick to basic have to stick to clean play and I must say huge juries had enough time to turn around and pass a clean ball no need for that stunt and it cave opportunity to AJ to look like ports in that trial Klieman Loeb set Seaton to adhere to that is a superb kick and makes it a five-point match and we're going to take one last look look at the outstretched arm of hey Jane declared he had one look and he never thought again there Boompa out of the way buddy Dominic Schmitt goes elsewhere AJ Smith throws over the line Dominic Schmitt just needed to drop his shoulder more and go straight for the legs could have tried stopping him but there was no way by AJ AJ declared congratulations were back underway and it's your highness Trump this looks very impressive in the first half effective winger here's what's the plan here from Vova chose to crash it up with the first opportunity we do have clearance pickers in position behind this rep genies checking out his options and he turns to the boot himself underneath this is one people and that did not look good at all not at all your honor Strom yes should have held himself a bit back they can't compete a player in the air could have turned up very ugly play safety a priority and so I seemed one Pretorius down like that is worrying let's see just how bad it was the landing took to the skies did not pull out there johannes trump and the landing was not too bad then Yanis can argue that australia catch oh yeah now certainly nothing foul about that play Anna strong was in a position to get underneath the ball as he looked up there was a rising 2-1 to Toria see as a result enough Albert's will have a feed to the line art just outside the reaches 22 and then must corkscrew this either to the left or work it back on the right impact on the right is the way they're gonna Lee their our bodies to trip over there to unclutter yes to the line and this time he holds on to the ball and thrown out a pop pass of interesting proportions driven into touch by a desi Darius city if the coach needs to address while which is tackling tactics not doing great with the first man tackles and they put themself in an awkward position where they have to turn around defense or fold over defense rather just not the best tactics to use against the Griffins who has a striking attack guys how many numbers only four okay said the lavas quicker please yep Louie found a vest Hazen to feed the line out he had his problems in the varsity Cup this year that line out is perfect now working back on the air angle the Neve diamonds just 25 years old and he's already been to a World Cup one of the prospects of each a side like the whistle is dry Bernard yep [Applause] saved by the whistle yeah it's out of play as a five-point mention in a game that looked like it was getting away from 12 beaches as the minutes rolled by after they scored the opening seven pointer Griffin's which scoring tries for fun and we have an injury on the field right now the 3d looks quite serious let's do one tutorials in your screen linchpin of this Gryphon side and there's something and he's complaining about this does appear to be quite a serious injury let's hope that the player concerned is not too badly hurt the best of medical care being delivered in the dead-ball area this is not oh very very desperate situation I think it might be as I resist on that I think that's a broken ankle that we have you know what enough for all witches as they are preparing for the World Cup that could have been one of the hopefuls Thanks that's at least six months of work on that ankle the game of rugby can be cruel sometimes certainly can but there are as team mates taking on some water players that are going to have to pick up the slack here as Chris Aries will not be returning to the field you'll see run ludecke Bert noticeably taller than everybody else on the team two point zero eight meters he measures in it last year in South Africa the tallest player in the country was two point zero nine meters we are going to take click look at the tribes that have been scored today but let me tell you an interesting stat first the Griffins last year had the heaviest player in the country in mcclare leaf of Armenia at 135 the lightest and show in Cupido at 60 kilograms and the shortest with Shirin capito at 1.65 meters and a strange anomaly of statistics and we are now looking at the tries it all started with cliven Lopes irking to the outside opportunity was showing my honest Trump did very well to change the angle step and slide and score the tribe and the Griffins were angered by there they struck back next and the pace of ezarik Alexander too much for the velvet cheese defense far too much for it in fact he's been doing very well on the pace that he has quite great and Porter's setup this next trial that was fought by johann john teachers as well and that came from Dwayne Petraeus but I must say Alexander has been quite the store was here very active beating the men on the outside releasing impacts with Dwayne Pretorius and Shawn Porter is going that try for the Griffins and then that outrageous pass from jaywen juries after AJ declared from Eugene Yang's bug yes day when juries the Gripen scrum are passing into AJ declared the veldt Beach's prop who charged over the line for the try 24 namibian caps to his name the big man in the number 3 jersey and off the field comes Chris Aries good luck to you sir it must have happened when they were altering for the vorlons one of the toughest players landed on his ankle poor unfortunates well we won't be showing you the images of how that went down it really is it's not great the way things good luck to you circus areas good luck to you and we are ready to get back underway the clock is just before the 28th minute mark and let's hope that these velvet jazz players are not affected by their teammate suffering that injury safe touch fund purple for purple number four we have a lineup check you find a vest hazing all feet have a sub and the Griffin side of things after all that it's a tattoo my boon o'clock coming on Jessie our hartenberg SI schools in 2006 also played si and the 19 and SI under-20 makes its way from the field rollin subs in the super squad rugby challenge of course Martin you want to risk such a unit put him back on the last 20 minutes and let him break and bash into those pylons contest at the four ball Louie front of essays ins line are throwing comes under question once more will be asked running to Griffin's not finding the man and she's checking the Lana throat she asked to the first of all of knocks first one coming through from Asia to Clapham will which us update on the injury Chris Aries the dislocation just possible stretcher as well for all of five minutes students out there no Griffin scrum is being held by both peaches jaymund juries clears it from the base outside parts from you'll stand out is very well timed and that is the members cutting back on the inside Moomba drags on in a crucial final circle by Prince Rivaldo Gino GAO said Mumbai slithering through which has defense quite the step on him changes the angle as well supposed holding on running straight to the trial and we had the opportunity to release the pole see the man that just came off the bench totem of Windsor just hold on it a bit too long looking very elusive isn't he remember you can see how he got so many tries 17 of them in the under 20 Carrie Cup competition like a black mamba they say look at that it could have just released the ball either to Pretorius Oh Marvin that could have been a true opportunity but I guess also the best thing to do in such a situation is go to ground as you don't see or identify support close to you we find a past Asian feed straight turn off the tops by the Neve diamonds they're still trying to wake this as a mall now it is down and the Yankees eventually clears it spected karl said rushing Griffin's defenders causing serious troubles for bail beaches Justin Newman does get it to ground eventually as a hefty clearance not aimed for touch but a fine chase this is from your highness Trump is the only one there to put pressure Dominick Schmidt thinks he sees something to run into and find the best days in is there to meet him just outside the 22 meter line of the Griffins do I'm victorious you do do William selectively in the opening minutes of the match backwards is the cold do one Pretorius had to improvise he gets it off the edge Rick Alexander who puts boot to ball that does not gain that much ground at all though features will have a very attacking lineup just eight minutes left to go in this half will just be disrupted by that long break for the injury and it's just a five-point match between these two sides and one would feel that the Griffins will be disappointed by that well we just could have had that per hand yet just not contested in Dalaran odds he's not using the heart advantage and look at that visits to the opponent e27 sambar the Griffins and they have happen to do some magic in the twenty three scoring three trials well we're just about to set up the road and more line out is looking extremely sharp all the players care to get a very peak of their jump catchy check on that occasion the receiving from the Griffins all around this player everybody's on site it would appear fluffy and the collapse is the call and a part of the Griffons penalty advantage the voltages will they tempest toed the line are looking really good money Paul they managed to get you of that dummy as well feed it the decision to take would be a scrum the scrums have been competing very well as well or kick it out take the lana use a height advantage and get that more going again five meters from the trial on a lot of strength in aj declare and it's odorous setting so make use of all that strengthens called a try darius louie find the best days and feeds again can they set the rolling mall the receiver has gone to ground under a collapse an intentional one an illegal one from Griffin's sake fun of birthdays and at the back of this roiling more can they get it rolling forward when the best season takes it into his own hands but there are players underneath them on the side of Griffin's the holders one up off the ground they're heading back for another penalty and yes laughs singable odd warden coming through from carefully collated collapsing the light sac collapsing and for a sec the man has two sec Alana as soon as it touches the ground just taking a bit more time and that was a tenth part of a movement called it giving the the warning and the Griffons wants to avoid doing that in the next one or must be more efficient some running repairs for the towering presence of run ludic we are that that fact was way too late in spite of his run ludecke has not been the preferred target for chuck you find the best Hazen in the line outs let's see which way they go now again going up is catchy check is good the SEC is good this time and Kendall features recover from this and set them all now there be force out of it Iraq now and the pods are Ford's in position Cal said on that occasion the receiver Jen jeez it's off the Chucky finder fest Hazen but numbers the depth on the outside should they choose to go that way Eugene changing into the rack now skip spastic Bell features a driven backwards by Griffin's defense Sanji's to the left now and that one is bounced just before Geraldton della Harve the captain of our beaches sandy flood was able to catch and Griffin's get away with it quite a dangerous slurp of the past their patella hop the legs and I caught his hands on that he was gone immense pace on that man's boots well which is just seem to be a bit flat and receiving that ball just need to run from a further angle to get the effects of moles going or effects of bouncers going from the pods and the support is also not great you saw though I'm taking in by Chucky fan of a station was all alone kind of essays and feeds again and this time it is run ludecke rising to receive bell beaches and to the contact is Darryl della harp do one for tourists sorry it's climbing lobster he changes this is Peter steel bonito side Chucky Thunder fest Hazen turns it back to Darryl della hop using changes Chucky phenophase under an advantage perceptive staff though from Eric Alexander author Williams was off site from the Griffins as well as Dwayne Pretorius but I said reference might be the only enemy they just need to work on the timing on that rushing defense posts is the choice Griffin Colby points in that direction and we are going to see exactly how the infringement came off sides from the Griffins defense in multiple positions this cliven lobster seeking to cut the difference down to just two points man you play for Eastern Province and the Sharks lobster that is a clean straight over and we have a two-point match with less than two minutes to play if the first half reference discipline letting them down allowing will well which yes to catch up the decision-making from the world which is getting a bit better especially in the lan arts but they just need to be more effective on this and the set pieces and get clean ball out do one Pretorius with the kickoff there were some clear obstruction by both pitchers players but breaking away is johannes drop play open the scoring in this match chinese gets it away and peter Steenkamp who's looked great in the 10th position since coming on as a rolling sub continues to spread the ball to Velveeta and they help us spread the ball to the wings and after it's been spread to the wings ten times by Griffin's and just the three bygone features a mole is called and if they do not get it out the scrum will go to Griffin's and that's precisely what takes place one last chance in the top Aleksandr did very well to hold on from Pike will try it bashing through Darryl to tackle him on the ball and keeping up keep him up brother to secure that scrum for the Griffins so crucial for their reaches to hold the scoreline as it is before they go to the halftime break they are aside known for conceding points in big ways last year they conceded 10 tries against three separate sides Pima scored 14 tries against them lines 13 and Bulls 11 so defense is certainly something that they need to be working on by Jay when Julie's feeds the scrum it's been a hot contest at scram time to anthat aureus or the inside ball looked like it was going back into the Williams's hands but standout keeps it moving to the outside Moomba even gone he's got tango steps Martens some that went up for us well we're just Jess not getting that polar they started off the half with a try just didn't keep up the consistency and allowed the preference to make use of all that opportunity I must say it's all thanks to these men that play with such high intensity with ball in hand and the world would just need to just set up when they set pieces and also when play : end goes back to the ground and the top ends on 1917 for the Griffins [Applause] [Applause] demolishing opposition these are the scenes from rustenberg what a wonderful city in the northwest of this country just two hours drive from Johannesburg where Griffin fleet valve beaches by three tries to – we're almost ready to get back on the way you saw that advertisement on your field 40s TV now it will make your life convenient it is already included in your DSTV package download ears TV now onto your phone up goes the cake from duan Pretorius so crucial to the Griffins in the first half sent back by both beaches now to the impressive Peter Steenkamp 58 points for him in 2018 for valve reaches and he does look a solid option in the 10 jersey he's wearing the 20 now of course sent back by dummy neck Smits almost nobody there to cover that to really work hard to get in position and the kicks are heading straight on the field right now and one Pretorius he looks intent on changing that he stepped out of his 22 we the line that won't be going towards the touch line love Peter Steenkamp again six the million caps to his name he launches another aimless kick towards the Griffins defensive line and ezarik Alexander plenty of time he turns his left boot and he launches the kick up field altitude Alvin leaves kicks carry further and running it back for Belle features is Johannes Trump and he's dangerous Toronto's backing the bow so just off the fingertips enterprising stuff some individual brilliance coming from honest romp that could have been won Magnus magnificent try rather with a kick and chase following through just not getting his fingers on that I must say Paul well which is struggled in the first half to get a single phase or single set piece where they can play more than five phases and I really hope that the halftime they got the opportunity to regroup and regather and say listen this is our execution plan and we have to work better on the getting the side pieces clean so I really am hopeful for this all for the well witches good bye madness has been a to infer a battle in the scrum it looked like Namibia would be coming in strong with such an experience but it's been Griffin's that have looked like they're on the front foot although they haven't got much reward for it expected that the wall which is to be running away with his crimes but it's been quite even with H team winning their own scrums so hopefully they'll be a greater contest in this half by both teams capable stable enough from Griffins but both peaches look like they're growing into that battle they're up front the lineups have been no problem for Bell features inside best Hazen has been locating multiple jumpers another kick down field this one do I'm victorious not very well fielded by Peter Steenkamp and now under pressure with a poor pass and cliven lope sir is the player in possession that almost knocked on by – I'm victorious and he's gonna run it this time over the ball does he dare you settie that kick comes from Dominic Schmidt Schmidt seen some space behind the velvet just lying and that is a superb kick driving the namibians backwards Dominick's our surest identify opportunities behind the defense line of the wall which yes and he knows that he can trust the speed of Alexander to chase up that ball that line out finds the jumper one born in winter can attended when Turk I the number five for fell features no work it close to the ref now using giant cheese launches the ball towards the touchline it will bounce favorably for ezarik Alexander will always consider the counter-attack it appears and he's run into his eye now into the referee Griffin Kobe so it will be a scrum to Griffin's the second half a lot of kicking Martin and now we're going to have yet another scrum you think both of these sides are a bit nervous they're targeting this match for a victory I'm I think so you get letting the side of Griffin's and continuity they thought I'd listen well which has have been struggling will come in and put on the pole put on the point the backline and you saw you see that decision evidently coming from Dwayne Pretoria striking important then releasing it to the wings with the great speed Lange and Alistair Moomba and is Rick Alexander and then while which is also surprised surprising themselves rather with being able to play towards or playing to the advantage of the Griffins mistakes so I just think on persons while witches need to work on the defense ones be on the right arm work on positioning as well as well and the urgency when it comes to defense and defending the fringes and then we'll come to the crevices work on the time back on let's go work on discipline order which may be the enemy in this game it may just be and it tends to be in the Supersport irenka traveling especially defensively as we spoke about in the first half ten tribes plus four against them three times last season the magic spray being applied to one Pretorius top point scorer for the side not just this year but last as well jaymund juries has been taking on the kicking duties so far in the super sport of rugby challenge but when Pretorius is very much the linchpin and open play in the 10 jersey sizeable number 10 as well and we prepare to have another edition of the scrum battle which continues very evenly contested between these two teams Cups by another fear scrum battle and it's picked up off the base by Jean Pretorius but the mistake comes and we'll have another scrum this time to the opposition from Namibia showing juries just knocking that ball I believe saw the opportunity in the one-man overlap on the right hand side just wanted to catch it quickly and release it not getting his hands on that stark contrast to the start of the first half in which both teams were very accurate and we saw tries early on in this second half they have come out here with an idea of protectionism on their line perhaps just two points between them by what an even contest Paul you have mentioned each team as one they own scrums and then you get one like that where Griffins look completely dominates not being consistent as such peter Steenkamp takes it to the line wide it goes from daryl's della half their captain and space on the outside for felt beaches Justin Newman using giant cheese Rivaldo Gino a Gao Civ had bulls youth experience of Chucky Thunder vest Hazen hero of pucker Ches afford fee on Conrad II on the bench as well for this velveeta side he should make an impact when he comes on that is a tasty grabber almost staying in field Dominic's mid rolling the dice on that occasion Lana strum it's quite the busy fella tried making attempt then trying to get the ball back in but if I said well which is yes not don't have a lot of pace compared to the Griffons with the two pistols on the wings but this man you under strong putting in a lot of work for the world with you looking very good you Highness Trump very sizeable as well strong looking wing and railings on to the field fulfill Beach's front of the line out contested ball is muddled ping desperately jumping up to receive their two ball Griffin Cole be taking control of a situation that was a really interesting lana from Griffin's although features certainly looking the better team in the line on friends evidence what an opportunity this represents well out of the 12 line as well which is a well which he has a okay they've had 10 of that and Chucky so accuracy has been quite good like my contact just need to see bit more of Ron ludic being utilized you might just get your wish Martin there he goes the two meters point oh eight luck rising up and fell peaches take it at the front of the line up this is a well said rolling moral if they can direct it in the right direction I'm from the best days and now gets a support of your highness prompt there don't spring her on the side and over the line go build Beatriz velvet just come alive right yet Impala Stadium Chucky the trial scoring machine in the Bostick Cup did very well in joining that rolling ball she is not getting it going and it was joining for your honors Trump and Justin Newman got into that tough that loose broiling morally got the second shot Chucky front of a slice and scoring his try for well which yes a lot of white on the side of the Griffins jerseys it makes it quite confusing inside of that driving mall situation and sudden find a ver station emerging through the bodies they're grabbing himself a tribe which takes the lead to three points for valve eaters before the kick and we're almost 10 minutes into the second half it's turning into a really fascinating contest between two sides which will be desperate for points while we're just doing very well to taking control back into their own ends playing their own game not trying to keep up with the Griffin's tempo in terms of trying to play the a way of style but I must say just what they did right now was quite good they used ruin lytic got the ball out and get out rolling ball going and with shocky finishing off with a great ride the kick is up the assistant referees watch it sail over the bar cliven lozer adds an extra two to an excellent ride from vel features they set as well look at how they get out of the way of the play who's on the floor walking away from that Griffin's player and now they have the freedom of the park to drive and Chucky fun invest days in in perfect position gets it done we're back underway and receiving it as cliven Lopes who seeks touch traveler fish are doing well and gaining the distance in that kick back on the halfway line like I said I'd like to see what which he has utilized in rendering especially in contesting he has the height instead of picking up he should be one jumping in defense rather alphago ludecke that time not really being lifted that much by supporting players and Griffins take it lineup all off the top Williams into contact that time years betrayus do iron Vittorio's takes it to the line for the first time today here is the impressive Ludo Williams was not shown up in the second half before that carry what a hit Tata ma bundler heading sideways on the inside Paul is a dream Neal Spenard he's got one to beat and stand out with the inside ball to video Williams Williams will fight his way through tackles Griffin's are well positioned here jury sends it left oh and it's a howler man if that bullet stayed in fields Martin it was 100% a try honest Trump absolutely unchallenged by any Griffins players no unfortunate for Trump just in disbelief at the heart they could have blended they try took on the defense sucked them up juries released the poultry in standard and that's where the story play came in and just not getting a clean ball by injuries but waterline Iran by Anil standard well which I was struggling to defend on the fringes and you saw that Julius just exposed that no one on the fringes just popped it back inside no one in front of it innovative stuff from Griffin's though features on the other hand struggling to keep this under control try scorer AJ to Clark that's the work hard to get it down in decision from cliven low sure but he does turn it into something good Peter steer camp getting caught behind the line the Griffins defenses warming and they get their turnovers on Pretorius picks it up quick ball needed buteo Williams moving forward again attempted steal by Chucky front of hesitation no good J when juries hospital porcelain that was not out of any textbook that's ever been written in rugby Jackie from the best Hazen into the contact and now run lytic well vel features looking to run this from the depths of deepness and the beam Damon's gets it out to johannes trump and johannes trump kicks it with his left boot once more and it goes into such not the best decision making by the wall which is starting from tell aha he had the ball could have made the decision just to run a couple of meters forward and secure its but rather hindered running with the ball and then that allowed the Griffins to swarm over him and get that turnover another line our challenge for Griffin's now I'm Albert's five tries in 2018 I struggled to find his jumpers last time it was a bullet and it's a bullet again to the front and Moreau paying Leon unable to secure the ball play on his the call no not guns and Griffin's will somehow get this ball back jaehwan juries Williams Duan Pretorius Pretorius beats the first do one Pretorius he gets it away – Ludo Williams and that's off – Neal Spaniard Martin tell me what you think think just have to get the view from the TAF will be called into action now Griffin Colby wants to find out if this ball was started down over the line here's to a notorious holding it up well beating the defender the inside ball and there was a touch more rugby played before we got over here here's the telling moment Paula unless my eyes are deceiving me but that is enough on your side in a way this is why the TM owes a finish you can stay with your own fuel decision on the try right how do you feel about that one Martin that was very close but it did look like you had control got the port on she seemed as if the pole might have left is and first before the pressure of the totem came but you are we have expertise and GMOs and a decision stays the unclear it's called it a try and right now we are level 24 points a piece with the kick to come back on kicking duties now as jaymund juries he's puts it up he puts it over and the try goes to Neal Stan Arden myrin Pretorius has been quite active player running those elusive angles and then that try coming through for near standard been hard at work all day Neal Stan are the outside sender for the side from Free State and Griffins have reclaimed their lead but it remains a two-point game Peter steam come 58 points in 2018 with the kickoff for valve each's this man he glides across Iraq we click onto that platform even just in that little phases here awaiting at all times beaches in particular while catchy check Moomba slithering like a snake just not getting that Stearman ringing Karen just contesting on the floor there Peter steam coming bring him on please four tries for the Griffins 3/4 vote features we have certainly been much improved here in this match after the struggles of last year they won just the one game finished Auckland with an unhealthy points difference of negative 313 direct by that busy Jay declared carries it up the Griffons players they'll discipline the reserves anyway that's a build against it I did say that they discipline will be they were state just no need to continue with that tackle after the whistle their ad won the ball over by the knock justice tackle after the whistle has blown they follow through the tackle woods was just not in it quite a relief for Jean Claude Winkler who knocked the ball on with his best play right now he doesn't look like you'll be able to continue AJ declared 24 Namibia's named number 3 sub won't be playing any further part in this game back onto the field Desiderius city will say the name any chance to get the opportunity get some good work as well for Val peaches and he's back onto the field rolling subs in the Supersport road be challenged if you're wondering why players are coming on and off the field another perfect line uses the call Chucky fan of best days and gets it out to Winkler and then keep it moving it's into the hands of Justin Newman wrapping around bow and the Griffins tackles a sprint Estero to the Harper takes it to deck breakdown pays off big time Jean Claude Winkler seems to have contested on the floor ball not art he has a second attempt at the try many different times almost a good steal they're driving straight over the top of that those players have to be offsides after that contract is called Alton Bell features pounced on it Levine Damon's and that is a way to Terrell dela our Chucky from the best Hazen the intensity has just wretched it up but not in this match Winkler no I send it to the right and Peter Steenkamp with that crisp pass of his that's been in evidence since he arrived on to the field to romp get it out to Chris to fund America and we're on hold on to the ball play on is Nicole is with dominance MIT no Desiderius city could have made a bit of more attempt to drop the shoulder went straight to the neck fair enough and Griffin's are taking the time to arrive at this line art both teams must just really be very nervous about this match as the the minutes tick on we wrap red line final 20 minutes of the match two points separate the two sides and the Griffins already have a victory to their name the season but both beaches will be desperate and it goes this time it works out for Griffin's and it is into Ethan Williams hands another product of the Griffins champion under 20 carry cup side Ethan Williams approaching the 22 meter line of golf features Williams sends it again and here is Dominic spits spit sends it out to Alexander Alexander keeps it moving to Albert's and Alexander might have been in himself if he just kept ball in hand how dangerous are these wings for Griffins and Chucky found a vest daisen called off the ball Williams Ethan will emphasize and Duan Pretorius gets over the line Griffin Colby Awards the tribe duan Pretorius deserve destroy this man has been quite busy today being setting up those trials and right now scratching one up for himself and also under hell but is it very well sticking there supporting him with that wait I'm taking it it's right now right the opportunity presented himself to score first attempt came in from Arthur Williams and then the opportunity was seen by ethan williams at Duane platters Mona's on his own supported flying robits to score the tribe this big strong number ten to one Pretorius it's no slaughter please connection on that kick jaywen juries is off the field for Ethan Williams obviously taken off kicking duties here is how the Tri ended Duan Pretorius forcing his way over the line both beaches eventually running out of numbers and Ethan Williams the 21 for Griffin's who's playing at the halfback position in that champion Griffins and a 20 Currie Cup side scored seven tries himself and just to remind you the number 11 Alistair Mamba the other member of that side in this Griffins team now 17 tries and one season up it goes from Peter Steenkamp will start from deep and Williams softer Dominic Smith who's been growing in stature throughout this match who brings it in very well he takes the responsibility of sending it back the other way Oh huge mistake by Duan Pretorius inside of his own 22 meter line and Bell features have another path into this match perfect opportunity for valve HS to win the scrum while they have been winning those grams and same has Griffins but just unfortunate for Dwayne Pretorius and knocking on that pole he has been quite on par today smart mistake Martin the pedal continues upfront it does Paul well witches have won three of their own maybe this can be four of the farms maybe with the replacements that have came in in the name of Roderick Victor and on repertory as there may be a difference in contest on the near side of your bill features just 20 years old why he has one kept for Namibia very much the youth prospect in the state the Neve diamonds and the number a building towards not just this world cup but the next one as well they've been in and out of the South African game for a number of years the Libya since the eighties in 1990 they got their independence as an Olivia nation so there was some unrest which meant they had to pull out of the carry cup and they'd gotten with semi-finals in 1988 I think why sit since then it has been a rebuilding phase for Namibia it has been a long one taking it off the back of Jean Claude Winkler trying to have runners in motion but the Griffins defensive line has forced them backwards and a knock on is called Griffins will be excited about that Jean Claude Winkler must be getting frustrated second or coming at a crucial moment not getting clean passes odds that may have looked like a 12 mil standard touch that ball in the tackle but rather we're coming back for the knock-on from jaunt Lord let's go time back on shut up a free Griffon Kobe calls time back on and those stats have really come back into balance after Griffin's were dominating them in the first half especially so visits to a plan is 22 in which they were selling the Miller by about four never really reeled and back in have no pictures appear to be marching and they'll have to hold on now to maybe I'm seeing a knee on the ground but Ethan Williams clears it from the base here's try score Anil standard rather the man who created the tribe for two on Vittorio's what a kick that is over running inside the Edisto number advancing to touch as well disappointment for the hill Stannard but the smiles on the faces of the players are the most important thing at a celebration of rugby like this festival of the super sport of rugby challenge in recipe Paul it's always bliss when you know that you have two pistols on the winger's and confident enough than its punted the wool chase down that ball gesture than get the bounce 16 caps for Namibia breaking around the blind is Chris to find Ameri Griffin's attacking this breakdown a game for both beaches have done well to secure however they do appear to be suffering with the aggression stakes when it comes to the Griffins who have really cranked it up here in the final 20 Peter Steenkamp is forced to clear yep but not clear intent I was the Mambo he wants to run it back at the now Mamba it's his opportunity to show his coaches and of course the nation what he's all about this up-and-coming youngster from Griffin's Gavin Annandale such an experienced player Griffin since the red scrum cap in the middle of your screen right now he's played for Portland the leopards lions product of bran we could service to this Griffin side Lynn Eve darman's will the second side entry infringement well which is just running a bit thin when it comes to contesting [Applause] straight from the slide didn't make an attempt to come enter from the gate and a penalty for the Griffins [Applause] well the mall is going elsewhere out the right of your screen and it's eaten Williams who digs into retrieved one Pretoria stellar line propel beaches cyclist continue to hold on to this hefty number ten appears to be injured now and now John Pretorius Griffin's accelerating in the final quarter match ethan Williams caught by Johannes drum stand our player for valve beaches you know one x-men picks himself up off the floor to clear as a halfback now tot Omar wound back moving the Griffins forward once more Ethan Williams he does seem to be intent on quick ball Kevin Annandale moving it out wide but that is dominated in to touch duck to Voisin oh yeah this is the last thing we need to UM to Tory's already had a serious injury in this match coming to Chris areas of both beaches oh that's that looks like a knock King knees against the law hop just a bit of ice on it but it tends to get a bit numb such an oddity knock off me so two previous injury that we saw this is rather tame so that is hope that this is just a bruising injury for to enter Taurus it wonderful sake seems to be standing in position for flower good that you do and victorious now you're like taking a look at the various coaching structures in charge of Griffins this year after the long reign eleven years of Auto Salon quaggan Zola legendary coach in South Africa Jacque shuri's is now the head coach of Griffin's formerly of the Harmony Academy the place that produced the likes of Branca – Priya and he takes over from mr. gorgonzola who is now forwards coach this line out over the top excellently taken by Cameron fun Heerden that's the five meter line of bell Beach's dangers Williams gets it out to Annandale play on the call potential obstruction but the knock-on comes eventually and the experienced man cannot hold on to the ball Gavin Annandale just seemed to have it slightly knocked that ball in connecting in the pounce right they was trying to extend to place that just lost control of the ball Paul you've mentioned the experience in the coaching job in Cherise and then Phil Davis from Woolworths will pitch us rather also have quite some experience it played in Italy for Lana Lucia 2050 caps also coached since 1996 quarter lose glorious as well take a look at that scum Martin penalty and not a penalty try being given Ethan Williams once the tap and go quickly that had to be spread through the hands Williams is right there again it's frantic from Griffin's will it pay off will they have squandered an opportunity reaching for the line that's been spotted it's been spotted and robbed oh yes shop stuff from short cord Winkler heads-up play and Bill features live to breed once more holding on by the skin of their teeth two tries behind Griffin's but yet they are here fighting tooth and nail that spread wide right behind their own try line that Bloods the flag stays down from the assistant referee this could just work out for Griffins and their tackle behind their own try line in a really calamitous turn of events moment after moment well we're just in such pressuring numbers say it's in the field should get the ball and release the pressure that ball was put down just a bit short Jean Claude Winkler done that god he did very well to spot that ball and get it out extremely well Peter Steenkamp he has to be a capable fly-half ever since he's come on he has been excellent away from the base Dominic Schmidt Cameron van Heerden Ethan Williams moving it to the left Dennis passatti all sorts of subs on now backwards and that is untidy Griffin's will come away with it the luteal williams who's really been hiding in the second half compared to his work in the first that offload from Dominic Schmidt – Kevin Annandale who throws another loose with Thomas ooh Forbes well features will be desperate to move this up field with less than six minutes to play in this match and they have a sniff of a draw it's not a victory if they can score quickly oh yes please moving it from deepest dominate Schmidt Schmidt just beating a couple now he's got options number two pull it back pull it back sickening stuff one of his teammates holding somebody for that Martin nullifying his good work after he sent over valve ichiya shopping with some great stepping oh man that's exciting stuff Super Sport rugby challenge keep serving it up what Peter steer income kicks to the corner it all rides on this Martin the lineups have been superb all day long look at this dancing pole I think you can take some notes back to the inside Samba rumba sending them window-shopping yes not not the best play but Duncan from fear and probably didn't have to hold that man back either all things considered Dominic was going well Dominic Schmitt he has been dominating this match especially as it's worn on in the second half he's been superb Roderick Victor Newman on Martin Chucky plunder best Aysen leaves the scene key lime outs first put in Roderick Victor just throwing the ball scoop finding Rouen Lydia on the right shoulder or other than if shoulder from that angle 10 meters from the trial on not the best lineup born in lüderitz in namibia and he has been playing for Namibia's national team since 2012 fine and in so being very much a mentor to the Williams I've got a talent on their hands in this number 9 Ethan Williams marching forward advantage to Griffin's eventually they do get the benefit of their dominant scrum taken in by Williams Ethan Williams boot under a penalty advantage and they launched at down field advantages over your Hannes Trump is underneath this it's time to run it and that is a Ford pass that is going to be that's gonna leave the coaches heads spinning three Johannes Trump could have made a better decision to run the ball back to support just decided to pass it back and it was forward clear Ford pause you can see by the way the pole left his hands that was way Ford I think it's one of the unspoken rules and rugby Martin that on the counter-attack those kind of Ford passes tend to get let go more often than other ones I've never been a fan of it but I'm glad to see that one being called Johannes Trump who had a Pumas youth 38 caps for his nation fine we are approaching the final two minutes of this mention it remains a seven-point gap between the two sides Griffins must control this picking up his Norma Williams takes it to the line Ethan Williams that passes from Hart Sandberg and a fine pass advice well features players over the ball but being called off because he was in an offside position girl said Griffins retained possession and their intensity is still exemplary late on in this match hearing out this ball with all the pail with Ethan Williams digs in again advantage being played to Griffin and that should give them the opportunity to wrap this match up in terms of points Martin I believe so I think they take opportunity to go for polls final minute and a couple of seconds of this half look well which is all of sudden defense creeping instead of taking the opportunity to rush on defense and make the tackles oh maybe mental fatigue playing affected there they just trotted offsides look at the time on the clock Martin it doesn't get any more crucial than this seven-point still standing between the two sides they have taken their two biggest chances of the match the one with the line out in the opposition 22 and now giving away a cheap cheap penalty in their own giving Griffin's the opportunity for victory just to reiterate this for some of these while which he has players only played this Super Sports rugby challenge being the highest level they play where Jackie has been exposed to some varsity capital intensity denna passatti was successful with that attempt and that takes it out to a ten-point game from there are only ten seconds left to play meaning that both features have been buried here today eager to play on though quickly and get themselves consolation try if possible charging up to chase that as Darryl della harp appropriately the captain working till the final minute of the match and this man Lou do Williams appropriately still working late on as well Ethan Williams all right to the line although features get hands on now it's all falling down nobody keeping their feet a dead rat Ethan Williams yasya hartenberg stuffed again at times the vel features dispense defense has been really exemplary the final hooter is now gone the matches safe for Griffins but in the spirit of the game Dominic Schmitt does not think twice about trying to counter-attack Ethan Williams on the other hand is seen enough he kicks it into touch and he claims the victory for Griffins as well features just did not have enough to stay in this match and Martin it was a hard-fought battle between two teams struggling how did it go down here today was a hard-fought battle indeed Griffins that very well in terms of using the opportunities in the first half and while witches defense was quite better and thus of not allowing Griffins to use those opportunities but nonetheless both teams brought it to the park at 10 point difference between the two with the Griffins being successful with the final time being 34 to Griffin's and 24 to the well witches demolishing opposition the rest is history

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