Steve Chettle: Pre Match Interview v Matlock (A) FA Cup

Steve Chettle: Pre Match Interview v Matlock (A) FA Cup

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Steve Chettle spoke to Craig Lamont ahead of this weekend’s FA Cup clash with Matlock Town.

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stevecarroll joins me tonight 30 night training night ahead of our cover up game on Saturday against my clock we look back at the last few games with the Bob the opening games of the season one three you lost you drawn one bit of a mixed bag but he's that sort of way you expected it to be really I didn't really look forward to losing two games at the start of season and both the games were really and we probably could have taken a point so a couple of points down for where we'd like to be to this point of the season so after six games a bit of inconsistency but obviously work in progress you know we look at the game on Tuesday against stuff and stuff in routine who were down at the bottom illegal I say only six games but they this league everybody can beat everybody can't they are very tough League this leagues really tough and luckily stuff it came off the hide result of the weekend got be four nil we knew they were gonna be a reaction they work extremely hard they were physical director we were to cope with a lot of things that they throw at us and I thought overall knowing there was a fair is over the good point for us you know we did have to we have some good chances in that game they had some good chances what do you think the draw was the fair result for that game man yeah I think if you know probably stuff it will be disagree with that thing they're the better chances obviously josh is clearing off the line but Jamie's are two good opportunities keeper saved one from a free-kick and saved one from the near post as well so we could have had probably three points which might have been unfair but I'd have taken three points but I was quite happy with the one away from home with a good new nail you know we'll move on now onto to Saturday to the FA Cup every player every manager every fan wants a black cup room and possibly could become a giant killer somewhere down the line we have to take it one game two time Matlock they've meters here a couple of weeks ago if you think now's a ton good time to get revenge on them hopefully yeah we'll watch the game from a couple of weeks ago at home we've looked at their strengths as normal and we looked at where we could counter right there you know and nullify those strengths and where we're going to be strongest but they come off some good results they start the season pretty well and obviously they've got a late equaliser on Tuesday night so they are stronger they'll keep going right to the end you know they already might you say you like to get goals late sunlight they did here and but FA Cup one leap form goes out of the window doesn't it for an FA Cup game it does it's a potential one-off game in an FA Cup over love FA got the romance of it all and we're no different the players to the fans that we'd love to be in the Hat on Monday morning and we see tonight a head of training you setting the cones upon the the grass pitch at the side of the ground the main pitch here is that something you do when you're going to be playing on grass away from home you train on the grass pitch and 3G when you're playing at home yeah we're 40 we've got the Questor to do both so when we're at home obviously train on the main page but when we're away our training pitch is excellent and the pitcher normally rate at this time of the year and I was it no different so we'll turn under the lights on the grass and we look forward suspect okay and finally just a quick word for funds ahead of Saturday's game come along and enjoy the ride with is there folks a little bit different you know it's a one-off so we've got to give our all hopefully you get the same as well that's pretty much thanks public on Saturday not good session to the host code thank you

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