Steve Chettle Post Match Interview v Stalybridge Celtic H

Steve Chettle Post Match Interview v Stalybridge Celtic H

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Steve Chettle spoke to Craig Lamont after Basford’s 3-0 home win against Stalybridge Celtic.

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I've got my sleep check laughter tonight three-nil winner home to stay libras LT you needed a big response after supper this serve defeat at mark in the FA Cup and you got that tonight in you yeah we're all heavily disappointed the weekend as you could probably tell from the interview but tonight we spoke to the staff after the game Saturday obviously before the game tonight that we needed to try something different we did we shook with a pack quite a bit I thought the performance was probably our best of the season so far yeah you say you should for the pilot was forced before different to all four changes tonight wasn't that what was he thinking behind those changes when we create up opportunities to score goals the two wing backs came in Brian's first minutes of the season Lynn's been away for two weeks obviously his brother's wedding we changed the two strikes at the top of the pitch just to try to give us something some impetus to score goals and it was going okay looks a half time but we'll just cut put the ball in the net which is the hardest thing in the world yeah I think the change in the change that you made in the formation you could tell the difference straightaway when you the creating chances win the first five or six minutes tonight yeah I said to the boy before go enjoy playing yeah we look very tense obviously the suppression was obviously after the weekend result but we said go play go smile going joy selves and in the end three no and mighty screamer happy days yet halftime scoring the old mill would create a lotta changes but haven't put any way in the first off we get a little bit concerned at all no I'm concerned if you don't create chances we created three really good opportunities probably should have scored with two of them disappointed I said the hardest job is scoring goals that's where all the big hitters get all the money at the top of the pitch but then the day three goals cliche I'm happier now say a clean sheet we know you're always a happy man when you get a clean sheet and you go I'm happy the wife's happy as well yeah so we move on to to this Saturday now things and I'm a bridge and you've got some decisions to make now after the plays the way they performed tonight I mean you absolutely that's why I've got 22 players the idea restart 22 but players everybody gets injured tonight chest gets ended at his hamstring jacked as well came comes in after being disappointed not started as well really comes back from his sister's wedding at the weekend so plenty headaches here asked great volunteer involvement tonight chess and now will Ford Saturday correct

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