Squats and 900kg+ Leg Press with Martyn Ford

Squats and 900kg+ Leg Press with Martyn Ford

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hey guys today is Monday a little bit hungover a little bit tired very very very very dehydrated for a change so those legs we'd actually train legs on Thursday last week's training was all messed up I went to here in LA over the weekend so kappa scedule free didn't happen so back to a normal schedule business with legs again today it is not a problem but just still a little bit sore from last week so I'm going to switch it off we're going to swap the squats for safety bar squats we're going to swap the leg press for hot spot which I'm absolutely shit scared off because that's what I fuck my hip on not usually since what we're going to give that abbaschian I'm just going to leg extensions finish off some hamstrings probably calves as well by my life board training with me today me and M are hanging out whereas we went to a birthday party on the weekend with Aquaman so yeah you feeling a bit under the weather but we'll get shipped on so what we do return up and get it on no matter what is going down so we'll get stuck into the signal boss was why [Applause] walking sniffing not for our fucking Drive oh shit but it was just talk about him naughty boy [Applause] hey what's up buddy char about mine no one in my fucking mind small letters all are you okay yeah good you big fan of squats mine no no I I really stuff up with my unis on my leg so get in the depth on the squat for me is it fucking pay me off at the moment but I am going through some rehab for it so fingers crossed and start getting probably on beat because I do enjoy the exercise when I'm training with someone I think it's one of exercises where you really you can really push yourself and feel the benefits when you go in heavy hit em fucking nice but it's really rewarding after and you can definitely feel yourself going forward it's what exercises that tests every every last bit of heart and determination they'll in your passion to be honest so for that reason I fucking love it but when you go into it and you not feeling 100% – fucking are released we got beware now what the heaviest what you've done back in the day I was doing five six plates aside but never went like one rep max I'd always do probably five to eight sort of repetitions it's never really been an exercise enough prioritize which I should have really done if I could ever keep I could go back in time and start the training again I definitely prioritize your big compounds more than why do you do but that's sort of hindsight so my biggest piece of advice I give to young kids out there just do them horrible exercises because they're the ones that already really do fucking counter good day let me throw over this lag again the Leggett dislocated that lute isn't firing when I'm doing this I'm just trying to wake it up trying to get it all the muscles enough in all the nerves are from way come on so the work working for the West Oh [Applause] probably not a good idea do likes again after the session where I'm fucking crazy this is why when you said we'll do legs on Monday spread my legs Hobie Thursday we went out all weekend with no sleep I need food lots of alcohol then we do the lakes again every day it's leg day so for this session I'd say me and my training legs Thursday together right right a tough weekend nothing anything's food but also dehydration as well you know and you do this part is just sweating your tits off when out more talk about dehydration but it's such a big thing and the sport dehydrated it can literally take you know even if even if it's like 10 percent dehydrated it'll take food 2 percent off your performance and it leaves you open for injury so working up to a top 5 thing as a safe safe option today normally go p– like a tough 8 but as i say not quiet in the zone body's not quite there so just keep going till you a top 5 or on 5 to the side now probably another quite aside and that that's has done quite easily but why you'd be upgrading for the drum eight pints of Guinness in an hour I'm basically making love to the fucking law because I got two kids I'm in the midst of sickness to the spa ice what time good thinking a bit more puh let's go come on sink it yes I'm with you it's just in case come on one more go get it hurry up mate yeah can't keep up with me at that's fine yeah will the photo shot my way other probably two or three close shot fields sex I'm a machinist where to go yeah to what here and try yeah Joe's ripping my bicep and when I was doing it shit for mine let's get it my god yes one more let's get it the month pulley then to me rather than all supposed to well now that's we're done with the safety bar sorry sorry it's warming up your actors is that good morning mentioned that it really builds that's what sorry spin here I have all the lights on and at a bar across here with all the lights on the gap encrypted this office you did a single Lac we've done much breaking the rib turning into it just like the so I was going to do hack squat but two years ago a month after I won the world Strongest Man I had 700 kilo on there and about the third rap in I failed the rap so I found it here and instead of walking away unloading the way picking it back up for fucking I'll pick it back up from here so we're back in picked it up and on the way off my whole leg just went snap rewrapped it and just couldn't even walk on this leg that's when I found I went past kill and ever been by now fucking just attained me here so laughter silent touch them since and I've just did a ref with no weight on it and straightaway I could feel the hit trying to rip out so it obviously saw something too big to fit on the plate so I have to have a wide stance so obviously just something to the hair that's pulling it out so stay away from it a great muscle builder really good for soft transfer over to you know yolk runs and squats and deadlifts but it's a dangerous exercise it quite so [Applause] thankfully what do you mind I don't know basically right technical term for this would be making it easier because we've done the really fucking hard squats really hard press with very little wrestling between training dates and the time the tension work we've been doing the last couple of sessions don't get me wrong it's fucking great hard work but every night we mix it up and get a little bit of explosive work on their extensions equals one because it's good to rotate the body in two we're absolutely fucked makes it easier fucking fuck I think sometimes having a registry plan is really to follow but every now and again you have to listen to your body the most the hardest thing for for super like me and hate is when training can't be a priority or time because you're so busy outside of it is accepting that you've got a you've got this into your body when you consider whether a let go you can go now and again yeah go through the motions for recovery through that being said stop fucking around you're pushing 70 let's do this hamstrings tight for his boyfriend yeah so he just wears it out walking mode I'll chase you do you want it free wanna stop and that's just do precepts as well I've slit limestone control Oh on it strong I can walk it has to put his ass up here as if he put his ass at the bottom you actually get to the stage it's up to the leg press you like the street to fix [Applause] yeah [Applause] time for a fucking cucumber right all in good session today got some good work on the squats not exactly where I want to be strength wise but building back up very quickly leg presses phenomenal you know I honestly I haven't done that sort of weight since I won the world Strongest Man pretty much on the same level on leg press which tells me it's just the core that I've let go at those last two years which is which is fine you know I've stopped squatting hurt heavy a shot they're lifting heavy the cause reduced so it's not quite what it was but it'd be very quickly muscle memory comes back very fast then we did that the standard hamstring curls than the leg extensions then we'll just finish off on carve so all in great workout working sets we've always warmed off we've done like three sets of ten three sets of twelve feeling good how you feeling mine doing strong buddy I am a thing come up you're not very weeks down in the stroke training and the lifts are definitely improved and what's really noticeable is the isolation for me because I've never had never really been a big compound lifter and finding it challenging and although my compound lifts are improving slightly I'm noticing massive difference on my isolation movements especially when I'm not running time in detention so I think that's why it's key to try and vary your training and also always try and train the salon that pushes it to your maximum if you train and you never been pushed they're never really gonna change their brain if you train whether Norman you're gonna be a fucking Norman so mines right you know he pushes me actually just as much he's got his own unique way of training till I see the time under tension to stop and I just like to move wait for me to be well fit the best of both for what we're doing I need to be strong for the TV shows by also need to look good for the TV shows not my needs to be big and strong and look good so we've both got a really good goal right now I think with chain with party be honest tomorrow are we up in Manchester at it tomorrow yeah so content to come and you keep liking and watching and we'll keep training and entertaining well thanks for watching guys please subscribe to Johnny before you do that what would be also good is if you have any requests of types of training or myself I need to be able to talk about make sure you leave it in the comment section below because we do often get pulled back to our strengths but we learnt we've learned so much over the last 10-15 years that if you guys want help with anything or a certain type of training you want Eddie or myself to go further and get them to just comment below yeah perfectly coifed so yeah and if you want to you want to see guys please comment the section but please subscribe to the channel thanks for watching big look the Beast see you later love [Laughter] I'm a motherfucking

21 thoughts on “Squats and 900kg+ Leg Press with Martyn Ford

  1. The only person who did an actual squat in this video was Eddie Hall – who made them look stupid easy. The bald guy did ZERO squats. Look at the depth from 5:19 to 5:21. Not even close to parallel, it was awful – and only 405lbs give or take depending on the weight of the safety squat bar. Seriously awful

  2. Eddie, just for you to know that I have dedicate my training to you, today. Followed all your tips and advice on bench press and shoulder press and I have bested both my PR which I had been trying for a while… I thank you for this. Also, I have just watched (midnight) the 2017 WSM and was overwhelmed with your performance. And by the way, my 18 month son saw you and was in awe! Thank you, Eddie, for being an inspiration, for taking your time to help others and for being you! Take care and God bless))

  3. Way to not give in to corporate or societal pressure Eddie, keep farting in public ! It's hilarious as long as smellivision never gets invented.

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