Soccer Betting Tips: How to Bet on Soccer

Soccer Betting Tips: How to Bet on Soccer

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Soccer Betting Tips: Direct from Las Vegas, TV host Marco D’Angelo (@MarcoInVegas) sits down with soccer betting expert Carmine Bianco (@CarmineBiancoWT) and goes over how to bet on soccer for beginners and reviews some of the basic terms to know when betting.

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Some Soccer Betting Terms to Know:

Two-Way / Three-Way Line – The two-way line does not incorporate draws into the line. You’re simply looking to pick a winner. The three-way line incorporates the possibility of a draw into play, and all results are on the table.
Goal Line – Just like the spread in football games, the runline in baseball or the puckline in hockey, the goal line incorporates the final margin of victory into your bet.

Draw No Bet – When two teams are fairly evenly match, you likely won’t get a goal line spread. Instead, you’ll get a PK or DNB option. By taking lesser odds, if the game that you bet on ends in a draw, your wager will be refunded. It’s a “safer” way of betting tight matches.

To Advance / To Lift the Trophy – In the group stages of the World Cup, games may end in a tie. Once we get into the knockout rounds and ties are no longer a viable outcome, there will be two betting options available: Regular Time and To Advance/To Lift the Trophy. If you bet the Regular Time odds, the result that you’re looking for must occur within 90 minutes. If you bet the To Advance odds, your team can win in regular time, extra time, or even penalty kicks.

Asian Handicap – Another “safe” way to bet soccer, which when done right, can be very profitable. Asian handicap lines are expressed as .25 or .75. If you bet on a team that is -0.75, half of your bet goes to them -1 on the goal line and half of it goes to them -0.5. If your team wins by two or more goals, you win both halves of the bet. If your team wins by one goal, you’ll win the -0.5 half and push on the -1 half. If your team draws or does not win, you’ll lose both halves of your bet.

Bianco has been wagering on Europe’s top soccer leagues for the past 13 years but has never sold his picks before. The Prez one of our co-founders at Wagertalk has been betting and winning with his soccer information for years and has finally talked him into joining us. He’s has studied trends and team analytics for the top leagues such as La Liga (Spain) Serie A (Italy) Bundesliga (Germany) and of course the EPL (England) to pin point +EV spots on such wagers as Asian Lines, Over/Unders, Halftime/Fulltime and Double Result while Focusing on and analyzing depth charts to zone in a few select games each week. With soccer being the most widely bet sport in the world Bianco can help you diversify your betting portfolio by adding winners to your sports investing bankroll.

welcome back to wager I'm joined in studio with carmine Bianco I'm Marco D'Angelo we're talking soccer maybe you've never bet soccer I know nothing about soccer what I do know is if I have a guy that knows what he's talking about I'm gonna follow him this guy knows what he's talking about but there's different kinds of bets carmine in terms in soccer that's different to everything else we do here in the United States with regular traditional betting we know we could take the Steelers – seven in football and it's real simple you make a parlay you make a teaser but there are some terms and bets in soccer that are a little different talk to me like I'm seventh grade or wanting to vet soccer well I'm actually surprised as an Italian you don't follow soccer but you know we'll leave that argument for after the show you know as far as soccer there's it's it's obviously it's broken down into three different categories obviously there's an over/under there's a 3 way line 3 way line incorporates a draw so you're either petting team a team B or the draw there's always a result any wager you make within those three there's always going to be a winner there is there's no possibility of a push books will also offer what what is called a – a line a – a line takes out the draw in the sense of a team's either gonna be favored by a half a goal a goal or or more and the event it's a very close game you'll see like a PICC line where it's picked – 119 obviously 119 is the juice or pick plus 105 which is you know sort of the reverse the game ends in a draw your wager is a push at that point every other two-way line wager incorporates a number into it what books are doing is there's an Asian line so you'll see sometimes you're booking and you'll see okay well I bought Carmine's play and I see that he's got Liverpool minus 0.8 what 1d got me that what so like what's what is 0.8 well what zero point is our software I wager talk takes what is a books Asian lying which is minus 1/2 and minus 1 and condenses it into 0.8 but at your book when you're betting that line of minus 1/2 and minus 1 if you're been $200 half your wager is graded at the minus 1/2 half of your wager is graded at minus 1 so if you take Liverpool minus 1/2 minus 1 they win by two goals you win your bet completely they win by a goal you win the half and you push on the minus one and if they either die or lose the game outright you lose both the same goes for for totals sometimes you'll see a total books won't books would rather put out a total of minus two and a half or two and a half three then to put out a total of two and a half minus 160 or 170 juice they they rather get the action on an Asian split line and this is why you see less of that so on totals if you see two and a half three on wager talk it'll show up is 2.8 but it's a split line and half your wager is greater at two and a half half is greater than three good stuff you got a contest that you're running at wager talk tell us about it yes this it's actually a pretty cool World Cup contest it's being hosted on a site online the link will be both on my Twitter and on my wager talk page I will all be retweeting and in the new section at wager talking to soccer section but it is a much like a March Madness bracket kind of contest it's the same thing you'll literally pick your group stage your group say winners second place third place and then right on to the finals we're going to give the prize a weekly prizes because they're six weeks so we'll give out some jerseys we'll give out some wager bucks that can be used only for carmine Bianco of course but the grand prize will be your choice of a ps4 or an Xbox along with the FIFA 2018 soccer game so you let it the you win you let us know which one you want and we'll have it shipped to your house within it when do you play I actually play neither I'm a live soccer guy right so I played soccer in high school a little bit in university then hurt my knee and then I became an official and then I quit that because I was giving out too many yellows and Red's so I heard you had a little prop bet recently with our beloved leader at wager talk yes yes Lawrence sir president who celebrate his birthday the other day said he can score he could score penalty kicks on me so I invited him out to a soccer field near where I live and set up everything for him told him that if he could score 3 out of 5 penalty kicks on me that I would buy him dinner and if he couldn't score 3 out of 5 you'd buy us dinner he he scored through the first three one I didn't even move on he missed the fourth and then I told him he was like well here it is I told there's absolutely no way you're going to score he shot I made the saved over to my left made the save then he ran in tried to kick the rebound in and say it counts I'm like it doesn't count right so I can I can still play even at stage hey I want to tell the viewers all the stuff that we talked about with the soccer terms and how to understand betting if you go to wager talk we actually have a nice little cheat sheet with all of these terms and what they mean we did it for horse-racing too because a lot of people with the Triple Crown and stuff they didn't understand how to better or tsa's so we're doing these little things and we're gonna be doing some more videos at wager talk helping people learn the different things on how to bet because the markets going to be growing with legislation that just passed with sport basically legalizing sports betting it'll be a while before it happens but once it happens it's gonna be domino effect with the other state so we're gonna teach everybody the things they need to know so check that out wager talk calm you can find all of that in our news section definitely follow carmine on twitter if you want to do anything with soccer but like I said I want to let you guys know this is not a one-trick pony he does all sports and you've been tearing it up with the hockey as well must be that Canadian stuff up there they can't win any playoff games but you know how to pick them so check out carmine follow him on twitter that's it for this one guys be sure to give us the old thumbs up for the videos if you like what we do subscribe to the youtube channel and be sure to share it with all of your friends we'll be back here at wager talk comm with more videos

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  6. Soccer's my top sport to watch but it's hard as hell to bet on because of two things: ties and lack of value. Ties really throw a monkey wrench into betting, so there's a bet called "Draw-No Bet" meaning if the game ends in a draw you break even. It's great because it turns the game into a U.S. style bet, a winner and loser. The problem is there's usually little value in it because the favorites are huge favorites…but if you believe in an underdog, it's a top choice. Goal totals are random too. When it should go over it goes under and vice versa. So…it's just a tough sport to figure out.

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