Snooker 19 Ronnie O’Sullivan Career Mode #66 | OUR BIG RIVAL!

Snooker 19 Ronnie O’Sullivan Career Mode #66 | OUR BIG RIVAL!

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Let’s Play Snooker 19 – the brand new snooker game for PS4 and Xbox One and also out on PC and Nintendo Switch. Join me in my Road to World Number 1 Snooker 19 Ronnie O’Sullivan Career Mode playthrough and let’s see if we can work our way all the way up to play the likes of Mark Selby, Judd Trump and Mark Williams and go on to win the biggest titles and become the coveted world number 1 player! Can we break Stephen Hendry’s record of 7 World Championship titles? Let’s find out!

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10 thoughts on “Snooker 19 Ronnie O’Sullivan Career Mode #66 | OUR BIG RIVAL!

  1. You may be playing on Normal mate…I restarted on hard and they hardly miss now…before they seemed to make 30 or 40 and miss and that's what seems to be happening with you…maybe give em a good chance and see if they miss…but I'm glad I restarted and made sure it's on hard as now it's a good challenge

  2. Haha ebay puts off player 😊 I spent 5 minutes trying to clear a mark on my screen, 'til I realised it was some virtual chalk!! 😂

  3. Got this game a few days ago and wow what fun game. Spent hours on it and didn’t get bored once! Your vids influenced the decision to get it so thanks

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