Snooker 19 Gameplay | 17 Minutes Of New Tech And New Features

Snooker 19 Gameplay | 17 Minutes Of New Tech And New Features

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Snooker 19 is the first licenced snooker game in many years, bringing 128 of the world’s top players to PC (and consoles) for the first time. In our first Snooker 19 gameplay we find out about new tech, physics, multiplayer, online tournaments, difficulty settings and how digitising the player can throw them off their game. Snooker 19 releases on 19 April. This video was recorded as part of the EGX Rezzed 2019’s RPS Sessions, powered by XSplit ( and supported by RIG Gaming ( and GamesPlanet (

This isn’t a Snooker 19 review, but an introduction to the game’s many features. It’s been a long time since we had a proper snooker game, so it’s good to see how tech has improved the physics and allowed for a more accurate game. So accurate it could be used as a trainer, according to some players. Watch this Snooker 19 PC gameplay and judge it for yourself.

We’ll probably have a Snooker 19 review on the site closer to release, but for now enjoy these early Snook 19 impressions. And please don’t judge Matthew’s lack of snooker know-how – he can’t be an expert on everything. (Is he an expert of anything – ed.)

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43 thoughts on “Snooker 19 Gameplay | 17 Minutes Of New Tech And New Features

  1. Graphics are very dated, and humanoid animations really are not necessary. I like the two training paths and curvature line for the white ball. Other than that this is underwhelming. Virtual Pool 4 (Steam) is now old but looks better than this, and it does have a comprehensive snooker feature, as well as much better camera movement and options, plus the physics can be finely adjusted and are reasonably good but not perfect.

  2. This game is unacceptable and an embarrassment for the producers to release this mess with all the corners cut,very poor image to portray even if they can so called 'patch' things up! This day and age to be able to charge £25 for a product it is a joke to have so many imperfections,if it was an item of clothing it would be classed as a reject item.

  3. Got this game on xbox one.theres a 2 second delay on cue delivery.thought it was just me,but watched other gameplay on xbox one and it's the same.sound seems to be spot on ps4.they really need to sort this out.really off putting.ball goes in the pocket then you hear the cue delivery.

  4. – No overhad cam, you have look at the table from a bird's view? wtf (wait at 11:55 he says move the camera forwards; didn't see that in tutorial or in Settings – Controls. Edit: Actually you click with left mouse to go to an almost "overhead" view, then you can go back to the previous view with backspace… talk about clunky PC port)
    – Clunky free cam with holding Q and WASD or arrows together on PC
    – You can't use the mouse alone for operating in the menu, often you are forced to press Enter or Backspace at random places
    – No AA, everything has jagged lines like it's super low res
    – Graphics is outdated
    – Players lifeless and all move the same way
    – Flow is really slow and clunky with no way to skip AI moves quicker, can't speed up your own turn, gotta wait for those slow balls to completely stop
    – In Career, can't find a way to just end it to start a new one, i.e. if you selected a too high difficulty and wanna take it slowly by starting over. I can only find "skip event" and I won't do that through all events just to quit the tournament
    + Menu is nice

  5. I was disappointed that there is no create a player option. It seems like if you select a pre existing player, all their stats get wiped. Would much rather have been able to create my own player and rise through the rankings

    Safety doesn't seem important either from the gameplay that i have seen, the AI either pots from anywhere on the table or plays silly little roll up safety shots

    I only heard of this game a few days ago and have it on my wishlist on steam, but the more i see, the less interested i am in buying it, it's scheduled for the 17th of april on steam. Really not sure i will buy it, despite waiting so long for a snooker game.

    I was kind of hoping that if there was ever another one made, it would be really in depth, maybe having things like pressure and stamina playing a role, so as you start out in your career and play bigger events or longer matches, the aiming could be a little harder or something, but as you progress, you're able to handle the pressure more and maintain your stamina.

    Idk how easy that would be to code, but for a game like snooker and it being 2019, i would have thought it wouldn't be too hard

    The graphics, it's tough, the table and balls look amazing, but the actual players leave a lot to be desired

    The commentary is just like i remember the old games being, some of them good and other times make no sense and doesn't fit with what is happening at all

    depending on the price as well i guess, i will be keeping an eye out and hopefully they make some improvements, but still very disappointed you can't create a player

  6. I don't see where the skill in this would come from? Why did they not choose to use mouse speed and accuracy (or joystick of course) to judge how good the shot is? (Like The Golf Club does it essentially) this is basically just miniclips 8ball Pool but for snooker

    Anyone whose interested in this game, should be looking into Virtual Pool 4, 10x better of a game with a real skill cap aswell

  7. Looks to much like a cartoon, the snooker nation game is a better contrast of colours, and only £1.50 on the store

  8. That annoying screen after every shot is pretty bad
    lab42 hope its gone in the final build. i cant play this game if thats in game, its so annoying

  9. Lots of comments about graphic quality here, just wondering if the youtube compression has anything to do with it? Snooker's just about the ultimate game for close detail.

  10. I was kinda looking forward to this until this video, I was disappointed when the developer stated they were offered numerous things in order to help with the development of the game and they flat out turned most of it down. like the most basic essential is surely a real life full table in order to study every part of it in detail, this is how you get the little details right and kind of pisses me off to know they turned that down because of space. MAKE THE DAMN SPACE, rent a lot for a few days get the table built, play on it, feel it, throw the balls around, figure out how temperatures effect the table and how the balls roll differently, implement it into the game. its so clear heart and soul is not being put into the game when you settle for the basics and don't do it justice.

    I imagine we can turn the commentary off, but if its clearly terrible why not just leave it out entirely, as a developer id rather my game be marked down on having no commentary than absolutely terrible commentary that don't match the onscreen action, hold that feature back for snooker 20 where more lines have been recorded in a wider range of situations and you have worked on the ''voice acting'' aspects, the delivery and passion.

    I like to think a good developer is not afraid to say that something is simply no good, poor developers are the ones that say that will do and put it in anyway. as a last point the graphics look ok, its clear the effort has been made mostly where its needed but with that said there are finer details once again I wished had been more polished, maybe its youtube causing the colour banding on the baize and I hope it is but there seems to be a poor anti aliasing solution in place and really janky animations, plenty of visible clipping. I mean… its such a basic game and it seems very rushed, presumably to make the world championships this april.

    ill be playing this game in 4k on a pc using an 8700k and 2080ti, I don't expect it to be pushed ofcourse but I sure hope I have some finer control over the quality such as anti aliasing. i cant hide the fact i like snooker, im not a hardcore fan but ill watch when its on and i really liked the older games i just wish this looked better. pricing it at £25 aswell i have seen, gives me little hope theres any kind of depth to that career mode.

    also how about calling Nvidia and talk to them about implementing ray tracing, I can already imagine seeing the crowd reflecting in the balls, and shouldn't be too hardware taxing with whats on screen. ugh gosh so annoying i really hope its a blast to play.

  11. Finally there hasn't been one since 2011 i think I'm definitely buying it it was such a brilliant game to play on the PlayStation

  12. Hi guys. Do you know if this will have cross-platform online multiplayer? Unsure which platform to pick it up on and would prioritise platform with most likelihood of larger online community. Thanks!

  13. Is snooker 19 gonna be available in the US??? Because I’m looking to pre order it and I can’t find it anywhere on ps4. I also noticed on the tweet they posted it only had euro and pound prices

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