Short Hair Curls and Waves [3 days of easy- lasting hair ideas]

Short Hair Curls and Waves [3 days of easy- lasting hair ideas]

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Y’all asked for it. How I do my hair every day before I was it again. Only one day of heat to my hair and the rest was just product. Perfect hair that you can get from a hair wand, a flat iron, and then just using hair product. I love easy hairstyles and short hair can give me that. Each day the hair gets quicker to do. Curly waves to Beach waves you can have it all.

For Hair Product used and curling wand and flat iron use this link

Product used
Hair Whip Mousse
Salt and Sea Spray
Heat Protector
Marula Oil
GentleMens Pomade

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Jocelin McClellan here with fit mission makeup and I'm bringing you three days of hair three crazy day one it's gonna be really crazy curly – day – it's a little simmer down day three it's simmer down from there with a different part on the side I want to bring to you how I get through my hair before the next time I wash it I hope that you love this video make sure you comment below I love the idea this video this actually came from one of you so if you want more ideas if you want specifics make sure you comment and tell me what kind of things that you want to see cuz I'm more than happy to do what you want so we're gonna get started day one of my hair going down right now before I get started I'm gonna make sure that I go in I just freshly washed my hair and I am going to go in though and make sure that I am kind of blocking that out not to mention this gives me some added volume which is the best part right so I'm going to do that and I'm going to also put in a heat protectant so get that all through the hair really well it dries pretty darn fast and then what I'm waiting for this to dry I will walk you through some other things in the meantime so while I'm waiting for to dry I'm just going to tell you real quick like one thing that I do is I personally always take my curls back a lot of people you can you can interchange them with if you want to go back or forward I always recommend doing your front back and then you can do it however you wish the sky's the limit with this so if you want to do a flat iron to curl your hair you're just gonna be taking it and curling with it you can do the wand as well okay this is all dry now so we are going to get started so you can do whatever you want if you've seen my past videos I'll just start at the top work right through but I feel like if I wanted to be exact with my curls I feel like and it does a much better job if I have if I do stop being so lazy and if I do have it part it off and get the bottom taken care of first so I'm just gonna show you real quick on this front how you can go in and do the front piece so if you want this to be a looser purl then do bigger chunks if you want it to be a tighter curl then do smaller pieces so you can just go in and you're just curling it and pulling it down so you can do it that way or you can make it even more intense of a curl and what you're gonna do is you're gonna make sure that the hair in the iron stays straight right next to it instead of going down and it just see they kind of they turn out to different ways so however you want your curly so we got everything else curled I have just this top part here done down now to let to do so it's not gonna take very much longer but I'm gonna show you how I do the top part so I'm bringing you in just a little bit closer so you can see those curls and see what I do and notice the part how it is down the center of my hairs okay when I said it's down the center of my hair I didn't mean exactly but where we're going more down the center this little lady right here tries to kind of throw things off but work we're going more so I don't care if it's exactly but we're going more so down the center and then later on in the week I will change it over to a side I'm just gonna take sections about yay big right here get this one right here and then I'm going to wrap it all back now you want to make sure that this is where you can get some added volume depending on how you're working your hair so you want to be able to get a little bit more added volume so I am going to wrap this up here verses down and this is the rope wrap there at the end versus a flat wrap so you can rest your finger on this however you wish see there you go there's a killer curl so it does make a difference on the sides here I'm gonna do this one really quick like it does make a difference with how you hold the wand and it does make a difference with using the flat iron or with using the one so I'm going to show you so the one I come up here this I come down here and I move this along you can grab the hair to keep it centered but I just love this one it just slides through there so see the difference in the curls this one can be a little tighter as well but they do make a difference with how they curl so I challenge you to test out your curls and see which ones you like best alright so I'm trying to get more volume here at the top so I'm gonna lift this up just like so so it's right there hopefully you can see it at the top and if you want these loose you can make these loose and one thing I like about having the flat iron and the wand is at the end if I want to make my ends really flat I can okay so make sure you're not pulling this all over cuz we want to create this body right back here like so so this is coming up again opposite hand to the side of the head you're working on bring it up keep continuing going through the back and then working my way forward but you can do whichever one is easiest for you it doesn't take very long especially with this butter and I like this flat iron too because it has a dial where you can choose the temperature that you want to just feel like it gives really good curls it's a titanium flat iron so and unless you have really fragile or well it curls up well or it um is fine I would recommend getting titanium oh boy all the young kids are coming down the road which means I better wrap this up really quick because it's about to get really loud in your beeps okay hurry mom like on the go let's see how fast we can wrap this up because they're about to burst in this house and it's about to get crazy I should do a countdown like 5 4 3 2 1 crazy oh there goes the garage door it's getting it's about to get nuts it's about to get nuts almost done with the curls and then I'll style it up and we'll see if we can get this done before without too much noise because it's Friday what so it's crying so that means no homework day yet whoa that means it's waiting no homework okay hello yeah no homework all right everything's curled and here we go I'm gonna take that oil that I was telling you about and you spray on my hands because my hands are what's kind of guided me through it and I want that to be what breaks apart each curl so I don't go in with my finger or a brush i'm going in with that oil and I'm also just going in down here and then once you've gotten it in down there then you can go in and separate it up a little bit higher it's on this side just like so and you can go in and curl I think I'm gonna curl a couple more pieces on this side to make it be a little bit more tight for the day I don't want it to be so loose because I want this to last me all week long so you can go in and straight in I straightened out these ones here on this side so you can see the difference this is more with this straight I just took the straightener and straightened out those ends so you can see the difference that it does – – and you can do it whichever one you want you can have your curls even they'll all go together or you can separate them out I'm gonna put in a couple more curls that are tighter curls right up here or and these ones are those black curls these ones don't have the rope so the rope just so that you're clear what I rope curl is and what a flat curl is the flat curls you take it and you make sure that it does not twist on the iron so it's a very flat line on the iron the rope curl is that when you go around let's see if I can find it crawl hair the rope curl is when you go around and you just twist and it twists up through it just like a rope does so there's no let me there mm there's no flat to it and you can do which ever one you wish so spruce up those curls before I touch them I'm going to make sure that I am not putting them pulling them down while they're still hot I want them to be cool before I mess around with them okay then I'm gonna get my marula oil and go through those curls just like so now depending on how your hair likes to sit depending on how you want to style it there are your options you can take the flat iron around just like what I did on the other side and straighten it out or whatever you wish you are set just know that if you're straightening them that of course is and we curled the rest of your week so there are the curls this is what I do on day one for my hair I'm gonna go in real quick like get the root booster that is like almost gone and I'm just going to boost those roots so I did not do this before when I was blow-drying my hair because I just didn't want to overload the product I mean there I tell you guys to get your hair dirty but there is such thing as a little bit too much so we're gonna go and I move it all up there I just don't focus on just that one part I really want to get it up into all that hair and then on the back so I'm not flat in the back and then we are good to go you can finish off with a hair spray or with a texturizing spray a salt and sea spray I do like how this doesn't leave your hair super harsh if you don't want it to I do like that about it and you're good to go if you want to take your ends and really piece them out then there's this gentlemen's pomade that launch has as well and I just peace out my ends and making sure I don't have any pieces you can even get this stuff in your roots because it feels like hair spray you will need to wash your hands after you use this and you are done rise and shine all right so getting ready to go to the gym and y'all this is day two hair so this is fresh waking up nothing nothing has been done to this her yesterday I curled it I've curled it all up good and I'm gonna do my hair today and show you what I do because I won't be curling it today so I have like one day of curling it and the other days I wear it way more loose so after I get back from the gym gonna get that bad bud on get this hair done sorry sometimes I say bad boy too much it's just a fun word it's just a fun word so I'll see you in a bit and we'll get my hair done stat just got back from the gym day two so I have not brushed on my hair nothing so I'm just gonna tell you the little itty bitty things I do with it spend all that time on the first day curling it and then we just do a loose curl after that super super easy so I'm gonna start off with the dry shampoo I then put a sea salt spray in it and PS this dry shampoo absolutely love this the day Java from launch like with all my heart any hair color can use this that goodness so I'm gonna try probably do a root boost and then I will be doing a palmate as well so here we go check it out let's start off by brushing out the hair shall we alright so very softly do I brush it out because I want those curls Tuesday as much as possible so very softly just so it looks like I didn't just wake up you know that's important so very soft grooming isn't needed per day to hair cuz we want to keep as much curl as possible so just make sure that you're getting rid of that Bennett up here give it a good comb through yes that's super important I'm gonna go in with the dry shampoo first so I'm just gonna part it off in sections have to be perfect in here but I wanna frame around the face definitely get in the crown of my head because I sleep on the back of my hair I don't know if you feel like that's important but I do and I don't say people say how do you keep it through guys I will sleep I don't care about my girls you know you just just go sleep you get better sleep if you're not worried about how your curls are gonna turn out the next day I can tell you that much right but right there this up here we go I'm going to then I'm gonna put so you can choose if you want to do real booster just depends on your roots I had it in from yesterday and honestly if you're gonna do it I just put some in my hands and then I go in and just move it all around just like so and it just gives it a little bit more volume oh well and a little bit of craziness – may add look at this you love this you see this right here this is boys they took out all of my batteries for their nerf guns they took all the batteries out of my awesome hairs for their nerf guns so it doesn't do me any good well scoundrels Lavar mint although I will say the nerf guns are pretty fun but you can see the volume that I have on this side versus not having to on the other side so I think we should just have a little root boost this side as well you know do you wanna have some more friends and don't forget some in the back because we don't want to have a flat head in the back and just move it all around yourself good behind massage call it a day all right make sure that doesn't look too crazy going in we're free here for it all this could be either the best tutorial ever or the worst you never know alright once I have that done then I'm just gonna take this is a song sea spray by launch I'm just gonna take that one I love this stuff that's why it's like almost gone and I'm just gonna spray it in and I'm gonna stretch it up and this just gives it kind of treats it as like a hairspray but a lot lighter and a lot looser so you don't have such strong pieces that are like tacky and gross because you don't want that so you can keep scrunching it but see how everything is just waking up just liven it up it's super fast super easy and even more fast if you have a mirror let's brush my face during all of this good job Josh good job all right now we're going to take this pomade and this palma is really good about just getting your ends pc and it seriously feels like you have big globs of hairspray on your fingers so you will be washing your hands after but you can get all those pc looks i gotta fix my mirror so I can see what I'm doing and the other stuff I like about this as well as I can get this into my roots and it does not make my head feel greasy so I like that too so there's day to take out the pieces that are a little bit too loose but there's tissue just like that hair is done good to go and we're stuck I gotta check out the back but don't do it around the back I'll show you what it looks like but again don't judge me cuz I haven't seen a mirror yet okay so here is the back okay right now day three of hair so these are still the curls that I have left over I'm one tired woman in my cheetah robe slept like poo last night as my son had his nightmares and had to come and I had a rescue him in the eve in my slumber but I will be showing you in just a little bit headed to the gym getting ready to get changed to head to the gym and then I was showing you just a little bit what this hair what I do with it on day three past this point I just like to wash it it's not too greasy but yeah okay talk to you in just a bit all right so to get started so if you noticed yesterday I didn't brush out my hair very much at all I was very careful with brushing it out and today I'm gonna brush it out just a little bit more because I'm really really okay with having very loose curls now please bear with this hair last night was football for my little dudes and oh it was a windy mess it was a windy mess so we kind of got some craziness going on with this hair day so you can if you can see from here I have it super well to me it's super oily hair I'm not one of those ones that like to have oily hair some people it does not matter what they don't care they don't care but I I have issues with it so I just like feeling fresh and like I would smell fresh and I don't like it any other way so if you're somebody that wants to go more than day three and you're okay with being a little bit oilier then this is one thing that I recommend to you as well if you have a center part and you're feeling a little greasy a little oily this is the day that you can move your part over and change up the look of your hair except the look of your hair and it just it just changes it up and look at that it makes the curls go back out it changes the look of your hair 100% so I have it all brushed out make sure it brush the underneath side as well because we don't want things getting stuck together since this is more more likely where you get oily down under there okay so I'm going to dry shampoo it's almost gone I love it that much I'm gonna dry shampoo especially framing it around my face to kind of help break that down really getting it in there especially the back of my head cuz I sleep on the back of my head but that also is going to help add volume to my hair as well this is super super easy you guys this is what I do so on day three I've moved the part over unless it's not too terribly oily and honestly if I wanted to do take four I probably could I just choose not to but you want to get it kind of pumped back up so that root booster is really gonna come into play today to get it pumped up because the oil in your hair I wanted to keep that from you so you really want to use that root booster get it alive woken up today and move that around really really well I recommend not getting any root booster by your hairline on the front because it can get kind of um scrunchies and so one time one time I didn't watch the hairline and I went to go put my hair like this and it got stuck and it pulled and it kind of hurt so don't do that part please alright then I'm just going to take my salt and sea spray that I used yesterday as well spray it around and wake these little curls up so I want to kind of individualize each curl and get it going just a bit just waking each one up just a bit and making sure I'm scrunching those up and do it in the back as this gets you get oily and your hair might start to separate more you really want to make sure that you wake up the back of your hair – and it's not just the front gotta go you gotta look book you gotta look good on every angle you just have to and here we go so Phil making sure that your part is where it needs to be as well as we sleep on it more it gets a little crazy again I can't see what the back of my hair looks like you know that from earlier but I'm going to make sure that this is all woken up down here stay lit out on the top and then make sure you always check your part but here I'm done and took me what two minutes what is head shorter if I wasn't talking to you about what I do super easy so short hair is super fun you just have to realize if you want to be able to pull any tail or not since I do shave the underside of my head I can have a ponytail with this I also have a super long neck line so it makes it so I can't if I didn't have it shaved but we all have different hair and neckline so you might be able to do it too I can pull this hair pin a point out because I shaved my neck here is the back the side I'll show you the other side as well and we're done so there is day three just for you alright peeps so that wraps it up three days of how I do my hair if you have any questions you can reach out to me I love the fact that you were the ones that pick what this video was gonna be so if you want something specific from me in the future feel free to type that in there comment below if there's something that you want to see as well but I loved the idea so thank you so much for putting this idea out there cuz I always tell y'all that this is what I do but I haven't showed you so this is perfect you know what one of my favorite things is for the fact it that you can reach me on an Instagram Facebook and here all three fitness your makeup is where you can find me I would love for you to join me I new tutorials living life large lbs I feel like it might be in my little bubble but I feel like it's large it's happy we're good happy with a little bit of anxiety and other things mixed into play which is what you might have yourself so you can follow me on instagram at fit mission makeup facebook a famous your makeup and here to this home if you want to watch more things for me then stay tuned around this channel you could subscribe below wherever click on the buttons in the video I would love to hear what y'all do for your hair if you do something different and if you have something that you've found that's a little sound something that I haven't mentioned that you feel like it works to elongate the amount of time that you go between each hairstyle or wash I should say in between each wash and dude comment below because this is like a life hack that everybody needs to know life hack it up with that again I'm Justin McClellan with fit mission makeup so excited that your hair thank you once again and we'll catch you next time

42 thoughts on “Short Hair Curls and Waves [3 days of easy- lasting hair ideas]

  1. Using that much products on your hair each day and not washing for 3 days, do you get a lot of product buildup on your scalp?? I struggle with that :/

  2. You have a winning personality, you made me laugh a few times, while teaching me something. It's nice to see someone who seems so relaxed about doing their time-consuming routine. I do something very similar, although my hair is chin length and dark. I agree investing the time on day 1 allows you to go to day 3 even if you are pushing it "oil-wise" day 3. Do you find when you wash on day 4 you see a lot of hair fall out in the shower from building up? I do, and it's always a bit off-putting, but I know it's because I go that many days without washing. Just wondered if that was something you noted and/or bothered you? Also, do you ever put it up on day 3 to give it more volume so it looks less oily? That is kind of one of my secrets. I think you look beautiful when you wake up………….you don't need all that make-up FYI. I am a new viewer. Thanks!

  3. Hands down the best video for this style on YouTube. I have watched them all. I have played this every morning getting ready and follow you exactly. My hair cut is slightly different I have long layers in my shorter hair and I used different products mostly drybar. But the outcome was amazing. I have had more complements this week. Not everyone can teach, and these types of videos need teachers. You did a great job. Thank you again!

  4. I try to wash my hair with shampoo once a week and in between I sometimes just use conditioner and then went out and my hair feels clean like I just washed it it feels very soft. I read this long time ago and I have met people actually do this. do you recommend this

  5. Love this video! It helps me to style and maintain a "fresh" looks for 3 days without doing to much! Thank you!

  6. just found you on youtube and am so glad i did!! my hair is your length but with bangs. what c an i do with those? but am glad i found you and am looking forward to all your videos!!!!

  7. You are just one of my favorite people to watch… Your hair is darling, you have a great voice and personality and you make it fun and easy! Keep up the good work!

  8. This is just about exactly how I do my hair. I donโ€™t get oily hair in my older years, so I can go about 4 days now, so I love it!! I actually prefer my hair on day 2 and 3, after the curls have relaxed after sleeping one them. So if I have something special to go do, I will make sure I wash my hair the day before so if will be relaxed for the big day! Thanks for this video, I enjoyed watching it… especially seeing the kids coming in! LOL

  9. Whatโ€™s the use of dry shampoo? I mean you use what for? Thank you for your helpful video

  10. How do you wear your hair at the gym? Mine gets super sweaty around the back of my neck and around my face. Thanks!

  11. I am an older maven with thin hair on top. I part my hair on the side, then second day, I part it on the opposite side. I am like so many others, when I exercise, my hair is a wet mess. Thank you for your tips!

  12. I spray my root booster/Lifter onto the tips of my fingers rub them together. Making sure to get it between the tips of my fingers. Then I go strait into the roots I want the product onto and it works so awesome!! And I find I waste less, and I use less. ;~)

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