Scottish Building Society SWPL - Post Match Interview - John Doyle (Glasgow Girls)

Scottish Building Society SWPL – Post Match Interview – John Doyle (Glasgow Girls)

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We spoke to Glasgow Girls Head Coach, John Doyle, after their 3-2 loss to FC Kilmarnock on Sunday 19th May 2019.

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so John here at pol pot today against AFC chimeric tight game another one between the two teams what did you make it amongst em to be honest republic take on from wasting these performance against the I wanted to carry a performance to be honest we're gonna get enough from D door and every stay just me the hub in the game or Kevin I go away and I'm a published up too many goals nice to a games and it's not something or been open now hey governor Waihee sir yeah I'm so it's been disappointing in the game today when you got the equalizer seemed to kind of give the team a lesson officer anything sitting late on in the game as well was a bit of a sucker punch at that point I mean we got so back in the game from long haul and which probably gave his I left that that thing but it was I don't like things like you know life you should be doing it yourself but not it gives to be laughed at a team and they can I go up be about even game and all somewhere near scored and make it 2-1 nagging about that's a point he's not thinking also hopefully check going to me but but I feeling me rest on our laurels thinking well just gonna automatically check on him it didn't before myself to London but the back end it to each I thought lubricant you know as I thought as he's a chance to go check on him and we never buy Minerva but in terms of this league is so competitive obviously touch upon the metric hearing his hands and know again safety Pomona also it's too disappointing back yeah losses but again there's so many competitors games the coming games that gives you a waffle to go stall once the game possible there's a lot of a lot of games to play and I Stefan a lot – dip it played on that but we need to just read up a little but and trying to see over so it's what we've got because at this moment a mad policy asked to results the performances have been nowhere near what were played no ask for games previously so that's also something there we need to train in a train do way and it's just something it's this kind of manifesting I last got my games no I'm not gonna play to be honest 12 no played anywhere near and they're volatile earth that against in Johnson party and even Dundee naked so take what in these two games or contest stage of the season and get that can I perform and sir as this there's data point does that get these things there I guess T Korean we're in Franck's and also the quantity we've been it's been very very coarse you boys would be but I got towards the top of the table fattening more couple horses name like if he points to talk to flee eyes of a and maybe improve it as a team who follows well I think so I think I was that play I talk about and but we need to take it to chant we need Bolivia thn in Kimberly informant and move on and if I can't were all gone for a long hard season if it was it was a from when you started off getting better and better mmm of canal a hot we better all obviously last couple I got my games and there so it's important obviously to see also where the reaction the players I've got and we've got and the tank they tickets on just even that the next is giving his hearts you know the old it's probably came I think my hearts are fine there's a most vulnerable thing so they can care corn and weekend offering us sale followed behind so as a massive game next week ever forget any intentions of opinion than a bit in terms of your opponent's hearts to say that we do all the teams are able to take points on there's that even the fact that you've got that ability to go in and score goals the faint well against the team like that we feel a lot for Shelley okay as I see that I'm only always good as your last game from me and then I look at out performs to the then of course DCI self no we need a lot lot beer Anna's to do but we're just not sure that no mastery games which even pull with us a point but you know we need to take next game as many what we still have three week and just his CEO of cornet the rest room there and everybody move forward and just finally in terms of after that game ops it's a big breach this year because of the events that are going on within Scottish were in Super Bowl as a head coach does that give you as a good thing that seems to be what time to maybe would care making some changes tweaking the team a little bit trying to Sean or is a slightly disappointing the five even if not off of it for him and know you've got that pain to wheat was like I thought we'll see it been four weeks ago a bit and I visited myself don't wanna break you know but after these last two days Oaks and hopefully we can change that next week but I probably we need it equally but we but and she always the work we've got a name it's just hit see we also hope we can improve thanks and in all looks like and I'm at preseason and sort of try to get backing it out and get a few families and get a training standards that might be but as well so we'll look for that one for typical

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