School Sport Australia Netball Championships // Grand Final // NSW vs SA

School Sport Australia Netball Championships // Grand Final // NSW vs SA

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What an amazing game. NSW played their heart out, but the might SA were too strong.

welcome to the school sport Australia Netball championships we've got the grand final match with South Australia vs. New South Wales it's gonna be a good game I can tell and we've got the very lovely Jackie from New South Wales and Scott who's from Team dick joining us on commentary right now what are you taking a you – yeah really looking forward to the game today South Wales afford hard to get here and really proud of the girls for being here but South Australia going to be a tough team to beat South Australia the way they've been moving the ball down this down the court has been amazing Scott who's your pick today Scott look I said before I'm I'm going for New South Wales I think they're builds up to these competitions been great we're a little bit slow off the blocks but every game we've got better and better and I think they've got the goods to deliver it for today but South Australia have proved to be strong but it's the exciting game yeah the New South Wales team you know they've really built on the weak they've got their combinations working they're a group of girls that come from all over New South Wales and they met each other about two months ago so you know friendships have been made and I think combinations have been built on this weekend and they're looking strong they're looking good to take this yeah yeah they've all come into actually as you say that we have the 12th girls there by half forth for three days sleep over just to help them bond you know they're a great bunch of girls awesome family is with commitment to this board it's great to see well I'll tell you one thing it's gonna be pretty hard to commentate with all these common people around us the games starting with South Australia got the ball it's going to be tied in that circle first shut up shut up it's cold on the board let's go new south okay so the first shot for New South Wales it's me Leo nice quick pass quick pass off to mirror and the shots are right thus nerves are settling let's go that's great for the confidence of New South Wales is golden that's it gotta break those nerves some great bug great go attack but working hard that new Southworth defense keeping that ball out of the circle a great work great tip I Charlotte and then backed up by Zoe let's get it down the court new South go quick turnover back to South Australia it's hard to get that ball out one on one all the way down the court nice shot from the south straight go attack she's been solid this week she's been consistent hasn't she very cases very consistent and again the South straighter into defense got a breakthrough that our nice paths into melee rates in there right oh great our flood and a nice shock familiar New South Wales respond respond we're on run centers yep oh no you surprised look like they want this today look hungry don't they they do but it's a long way to the end nice grave rebound to Charlie under our under up going there right a chance for New South Wales to get it up the cord and convert off this turnover that's it everyone's working hard great turnover for South Australia yes New South Wales have got it back working hard by Orion our Center there we got enough cycle okay Amir working hard on that baseline double movement unfortunately a footwork felt there we'll get it back for her here working hard down the court out South Australia's time to work it in another footwork fault there we're a bit of nerves in the girls I think this man or men are moved to fits great work for South Australia but New South Wales come up with it oh it's a hustle there but it's going in South Australia's were almost five minutes into the first quarter and it's two points each so it's a tied scoring game at the moment oh and that's that's a bit of an error from South Australia they're a bit of another footwork Oh Charlotte our goal defense managed to stay on side there and now working hard on the baseline no Meah can she get it into Mele No oh she's gonna put up the shot put up the shot that the balls off loaded now settle with your shop Millie some great work New South Wales got the turnover South Wales now three two one point up four minutes 20 to go these South Wales with the ball they're pressing pressing forward patience patiently feeding that ball in great job Audrey looking around searching for your people a nice hold by Melly Roach and she gets the penalty from it settle for your shot and it's in for two New South Wales take the lead it's early oh it looks like the fans have got involved yes Strayer working hard to get that border a shooter tight tight defense New South Wales they're working Oh Charlie got Charlie got the deflection and New South Wales picked it up well done Zoe great back up now we're told the work at the Centre Court straight down straight into the circle working hard New South Wales ah and Millie's putting our nope nope that's it merely great game settling for a shot no no not confident to take it but it's in great work yourself fantastic long shot fantastic long shot oh look a girls have got better and better as the wakes come along the biggest lead of the game so far we do South Wales spray up and charging again to the yep two turnovers from the center and it's back into melee and the shots up and in awesome show nearly roach that's two turnovers to us New South Wales leading 6 to South Australians turned to try and respond to that goal by New South Wales it's in the goal attacks up the shot c63 push poppers to be too hard therefore a little mirror on the wing there great right there by that goal defense from South Australia great deflect from Chara unfortunately a contact call Oh and South Australia take one back you know 20 to go New South Wales up by two points important they keep that lead going into the second quarter another deflect by Charlie she's another girl who's really come to stress strength through this week and South straight draw the penalty shots bringing it back to a one point four gun great fake by Mayer into milli and the shot is up and in great job news hour 40 seconds to go working hard to hold this shot in South Australia I've got a chance and the rebounds are deflected by Charlotte unable to catch it and South Australia scores so New South Wales have to work hard to get a goal in the next 17 seconds before the break great drive there by Audrey unfortunately going offside but a deflection we need to get it in girls yes girls oh and running out of time I believe yep we take it to the end of the first quarter the first quarter that's seven for New South Wales and six for South Australia we saw a New South Wales start by a couple of points up but we saw slowly South Australia get their rhythm and come back into the game so it's going to be a cracking second quarter still some nerves with both of the girls both of the teams playing for this grand final I think for the whole 40 minutes of the game today it's a big game for the girls they're all young they're only you know Under 15's here so you've probably got some 14 year-olds playing in a national title wow how great for the girls to have this opportunity certainly is that we can see the crowd is definitely building as well and getting behind the two teams we've got a huge turn up for New South Wales on our left here and we've got a massive turnout of South Australians as well and we've got a shout out from one school that has 32 kids in the entire school within South Australia and they're watching on the big screen if that's you send us a photo we would love to see a photo of you guys watching on the big screen at school and putting down in CIL's just to watch your team and your your student who's representing your school compete in the national championships that's a great story it's a great story and you know the kids are here from the support of their families about their schools they've been given time off throughout the years to practice the sport that I love and they're really good at so it's some great that the schools have given them the opportunity to be here and the parents that have given up work and other family members to get the kids here today it is and looking at both of the benches at the moment the coaches look quite pacified after the first quarter they look quite content talking quietly to the team giving them some instructions and I'm not sure if there's any changes at this stage I wouldn't make any changes at this stage you know why would you everyone's doing their job out there it's gonna be a tight game you know the coaches you know it's a hard choices you're gonna put on the court who's going to deliver the goods and you know those girls who were sitting on the bench they've done their job this week as well they've earned their position in the team they've done their job to get the girls here um for this game today and they're very much a part of these teams that's absolutely right there's 12 in every team that's correct that's the way we've got to look at it and these girls work hard to be to be the best in their stage at the sport they chose and they got a long long road ahead of them it's the beginning of their pathway so we're about to start the second quarter we do South Wales up by one with South Australia with the ball South stray can score us this that's going to even this game up again they working hard the South's trade or holding cold down there for Charlotte and it's now even the South Wales with the ball great long tries and there's the baseline drive from Mia that's her signature she's been doing it all week nice toe ball up to merely Rach in there lovely tall girl and her shots are on so how'd you percent from Milly today that certainly puts the pressure on South Australia when you're scoring every goal right big work there for the keeper now charlie to keep that back Charlotte's back into the circle working hard in their defense and shooters we've got a chance for a shot a shot serene South Australia respond quickly a told there's nothing between these two sides at the moment very close very it looks like that game settling in now the nerves are settled the girls are looking nicely to sit by goalkeeper from South Australia are working hard there's no easy pass in these guys great turnover charlie well John reading the game so well oh we got a sandwich she's up she likes to spend a bit of time on the ground does Charlotte saw wood great speed through that center court working hard using their backups trying to find that break in that South Australia defense it's solid nice Drive me settling shots in now but unfortunately unable to rebound there and near South Australia get another chance New South Wales are putting a lot of pressure on South Australia I can't get it over there half court right now their time to go to work nice touch them from Zoe on the wing but unable to keep the ball in play so South Australia to feed it into their shooters if this level of competition keeps up we might see our first game in going into extra time Wow I don't know where the parents are cope with that one I don't know the commentary will go absolutely no great feed into this the goal attack and no beautiful shot in as we've seen as we've watched her do all week so it's some fast rate breaking the New South Wales centre there that's the first time today so New South Wales needs to work harder here to not let them score great footwork by Charlie but another obstruction call so come on Charlie you can do this that's it great work great work Charlie you stop that feed into the post and a shot in so newspaper ads really need to keep this Center South Australia now two points up the biggest lead of the game so far the play goalkeeper you've done a great job today that's it New South Wales it's hard to get that through that Centre Court the New South Wales have really built their Centre Court this week and what's really hard so we need all those up now straight take the lead Sadie Levin we really need to break this centre new surprise everyone's working hard out there one thing we should say is that the audience are really enjoying the speed and the skill of the girls that are producing turnover to New South Wales important they get back on the board it is important it is actually great watching these girls and I've been involved now for three years and you I know we'll start seeing the some of these names hit some of the super netball we had Ashe Brazil here the other way who's now playing for Collingwood and she played as a New South Wales player she's probably tuned in now watching interesting fact parish actually played with the New South Wales coach in this tournament South Wales New South Wales Tammy back taking the Australian Centre it was a very important goal wasn't it it was very important that's it got to be patient now New South Wales I'm waiting for the equate for the a.m. spaces open up trust in each other nice nice pass and a shot invite the Milly roach New South Wales respond with the last two Gold's momentum slowly shifting back to New South Wales I love a good tight game everyone doing their job and South Australia back to that Center it's gold for gold at the moment working hard being patient with that feed our unfortunately a turnover great passing there by South Australia to get it back into the circle shooting range they move the ball well donde South Australia I was watching the play yesterday and they've just got lots of lots of options all the way down the court everyone's working hard oh great work great work defense combined in so well now now straight I'm New South Wales we just need to get that three that center court working hard right dry so II pull it in Mia that's all good we're gonna turn that back to South the sprayer and see if they can get it through that center court she had it on her fingertips was there really important you South Wales stick with it this quarter so they it's closed two or three points within I don't want to we don't want to collect this game get away with anyone just dying to two and a quarter minutes we just stopped the clock here every second thing morning that's tied to that center court looking for openings everybody's on everybody I into the goal what's happened the shot is up and if he's in we real New South Wales really need to please turn over now it's gone to 1310 so South Australia taking three calls and your cellphone's really need a turnover now if they want to keep this game in tow oh great work great deflection rate pick up there charlie great job now can we get through this center court great pass great speed through the center court the agility of audrey has been awesome this week and a nice pass in to Miller Oh bit of a fat man it's a tough one to ask to catch that one through that foot that was better South astray it got it straight through that time when both teams go on attack they move the ball so smoothly and so quickly I just say the track oh wow what a defect Audrey straight through that Center it's like it didn't exist working hard now New South Wales the South Australian Defence or awake they're here and the goalkeeper picks it up again the goalkeeper for South Australia's been quite reliable hasn't she she's don't know the number of times she's consistently good playing great anchor for their team 20 seconds to go the ball is in attack for South Australia South Australia really want to score if this but you supposed to do everything they can to stop the point before the halftime break can she hold it up what's gonna win but I don't know she didn't get that away I don't know what's the center call that's halftime and we saw that South Australia put a little bit more pressure on and come back with 14 points to New South Wales by four looks like that quarter we always know title third quarter one thing I looked at in the second quarter was still certainly less nerves a few nerves in the first quarter bit of ball change over but the second a lot smoother into the game coaches are having a good chat to their girls I would like to be a coach in a game like this yourself Wales had a fantastic win with Western Australia yesterday do you think New South Wales put so much into that have I got anything left in the tank for the 4th quarter these girls trained for this this is they've got the energy to go for the weak mouth you know a couple of weeks ago and they had their we had our state tournament obviously which was the tough hassle and the girls we've had a good couple of weeks to prepare for that there's no injuries coming into this they should be fine they're 40 minute games they're not one a day they've got time to recover they've slept well they've been seen the physio and there there should be good for the forty minutes today South Australia yeah they've been staying together as a team and you can tell from the way they conduct themselves on the court see how it doesn't look like there's any changes no one's throwing patches around which is always good which is bit approaches showing confidence in the team that they've found put on the courts today so we're going to the Premiership quarter Scott you know what that means I do being the ex AFL player yourself the Hawks hawthorn and they certainly I certainly look relaxed South Australia because they're right on our right-hand side having a good chat to the coach giving him some last-minute instructions that they're looking very comfortable over there and I should say New South Wales are a – you can see they've got belief in their eyes and their intently listening to the coach and I think we are in for a huge third quarter now you deflected what I said Scott you used to play for AFL under coach Allen chains Allen James yep any premierships in that time no not for me but the the team had a few before and after but I miss that how many years you play for them I played about five years for Hawthorn in a year in Tasmania for Sandy Bay and then back plain amateurs for two years and then I thought I better get a proper job so I had to start traveling a lot overseas so that sort of ended the football so tell me how was it coming out of football was it was it hard to to give it up after five years of it being your entire life absolutely you you train you play you're so dedicated to it and one thing you you miss about it is just your mates around you and and what you go through and the and the pressure and the the physicality on your body and I've tried to play other sports since then the nothing's quite matched waking up the next day from a game and just not being able to walk or feeling sore and you miss that you don't at the time interesting because I watched a bit of a show on insite they did a two-part series on after the game it was called I know if you saw it and they they got a whole bunch of people swimmers netballliz divers but very Hall was one of them and he talked about the the onset of I think he would call it depression that coming out of the game he virtually hid himself in his house for four months because it was just so hard to exit such an elite level of sport but we are here and we are excited and like I said before it's exciting to see that some of these names that we see today we know in three or four or five years time we'll probably be picked up by super netball you know a lot of these girls are also doubling in the AFL you know people say the skills are not a lot different absolutely you need the height you need the agility they've got it here today and there's a favorite of physicality in netball as well even though it's a non-contact sport upgraded to a medium grade now a break already a bit of an exciting start there's some one speed quick over the line wanted to get going with a lock on or 20 minutes yes the South Wales have the ball with a quick turnover attack from South Australia's have to be careful now and not let South Street get this goal it is their hour break turnover charlie well done charlie tough down there cool as a cucumber charlie all week she's just solidly anchored this team great take Audrey with a whack in the face if South us that sorry if New South Wales could get the next gold it'll give an enormous amount of confidence absolutely great fade town mayor and that's a long way down for it go like nilly confident with her shot anything yes well done Mele continues that shooting at a hundred people today working hard now in defense furs for New South Wales this is a critical goal let's if we can get a turnover now it'll bring them back into the game and we got a d-flat great great agility it Charlotte you got your head to that pool working hard on that baseline oh great job great hands unfortunately taking this baseline and you know South stray get a chance for a school so I'm not sure how it's possible but the school level and the tempo is sort of risen again for this third quarter the umpiring here this week's been really good their school girls themselves umpiring school girls it's great to see and a great opportunity for them as well to showcase their skills and as you said they've been outstanding these girls have grown confidence and they've done it our all Charlotte's on the ground again where were used to seeing that from her she bounces back up I couldn't agree more I think the umpires have been super impressive just not missing much at all but what's really good is the succession planning that these girls are now got experience to take it back to their netball championship and hopefully get a career in umpire that's the biggest to come an empire peers they're doing it on their you know they're taking time off school they're not getting paid to be here I think they go home with a new shirt that's about all they get and they've been tough had not faltering unfortunately the stick so New South Wales really want to stray keep it tough here now a turnover would be good South Australia we're going to take it off working hard in defense they're causing a help for what great defense from the New South Wales South Australia it's sort of slipped out to a six-point lead at the moment with six minutes to go anything can happen in the next six minutes but New South Wales has to get on the scoreboard the speed of what they throw the ball is quite amazing isn't it you're blinking I don't think I'd want to be the answer to some of those parts I was thinking the same thing they really do pass them pretty quick and the trust in their teammates to get where they put the ball sprays everyone doing their job they're passing it back through the wing to settle the shooters in South Australia's certainly putting a lot of pressure on the on the forward side of the court with the goalkeeper South Australia go keep solid making it really hard for us go hands down their New South Wales scored the last two goals only four points below or behind at the moment so this is a critical play and the shot is unfortunately it's all right she's got it again we're testing we have a game on our hands mum and dad Finch today really would like an opportunity on the court but you're in a state team still plays a critical role supporting the team and not to mention everything they've done to the leader and medals medals are really important but I'll tell you one thing that is from my own son who's done team bit for track and field yep it's the bond of friendship so he's created that is phenomenal he's still very close friends for the last five six years with these boys and they're really good kids I've met new friends throughout the state they'll be lifelong friends and not only the state either like even with internet are in interspace days making friendships as well as really good look at the commentary right now we've got team and three points in this game now it certainly looked like it was going one way but New South Wales will come back again that's a rare miss if I do say so they've been pretty accurate luck you'll wing at we've got one pointless one point difference now New South Wales are done from six down to one I've got a strong New South Wales crowd at the moment we have they get an exciter it's nice to see the other states I'm supporting this final game I think this whole tournament has played in great spirits from from everyone coaches umpires teams it's been fantastic well I can vouch for there has been no problem all week we've hosted this event and to my knowledge at least there's been no issues I think the only issue was when they said there weren't got a live stream the finals that did actually cause a rift but my boss Nick Mooney got behind it we said RAF we need you down there we need to appease this crowd that could be a riot maybe say look all the families and friends at home very happy that they can watch this game today it's a great honor for the girls to represent have the support from people back home something that is invaluable to their well within a blink we have seen South Australia's score two quick goals and it extended it now by four point lead Locke hasn't stopped if we can get this South Australia are they gonna take a center they are gonna have to release that pool I can't not sure whether it'll be South Australia or South Wales coming back and you can see the crowd really building here and getting behind this team anxious moments quarter Premiership quarter just finished one more quarter ten minutes left so New South Wales have put himself in a great position from being down by six they're only down by three with one quarter to go so a real belief they could get that only three points south strain girls might be a little bit in they probably weren't expecting such a close game they smashed New South Wales on day one of the competition so credit to New South Wales for bringing it here today and I'm be South astray and girls are gonna have to work really hard too if they want to take this gold medal today the New South Wales team have got the the drive to do it is no doubt New South Wales have brought their a-game to the to today and I've really taken it up to him and are in a great position to go for gold yeah three points in it like we know that can change in 30 seconds could be an even ballgame we may go into some extra time as ref here called the coaches are having words but still looking can throwing bits everybody's focused I think when you you see the amount of running they all do and the speed up and down they don't look overly tired do they considering the amount of running which just gives you an idea how fit these athletes are and the amount of preparation and training they do to be in that position do this day and day again so with the New South Wales team do you head back to New South Wales tonight all the girls get the flight so good they came hey wait your carriage way all the way it should be fat got to be back on the courts at 8 o'clock in the morning fair I'm local country daughters at home sounds like you have a very sporting family that's how you end up here okay you have to commit to sport as you would know you do right we're on now we can see the crowds been a lot more vocal now they know what's at stake south-southeast Roger started out with that fish new supplies have to work hard here a couple of early turnovers working hard no changes to the seed besides that I can see Oh fantastic long shot don't forget our we need to work out this game could go anyway great reach Charlie and a rebound great job that was a ram nice goal in this game I think we've seen about three nice girls in the whole game it's so important that New South Wales keep this and convert this to a gold now bridges a gap you can see the intensity of defense but new South for South Australia they have been very intense [Applause] well great pickup for South Australia they read it really well and you can see the patients in that passes now they are thinking they know how important possession is now the South Australian girls well done charlie she's had a great time great sip and regain their as important not that I know much about netball as important that as it is to score it's also important to stop scoring to try and keep her the same they've just got to be down there and you don't get many opportunities but you've got to be strong when the ball comes your way it's a physical game in the circle this is a critical part of the game at the moment New South Wales must convert what a precious shot that was two points down New South Wales New South Wales have the ball oh great save on the footwork there man and a confidence of New South Wales he's starting a flow through six minutes thirty and only one point down from New South Wales and South Australia cool [Applause] great job wait for it South Australia trying to get it through this Santa Court which has been tough South Australia going in to attack the maturity of face I must know every second counts stop the clock agents for three seconds it's gonna come down great fate we telepaths have to be careful being now great defense in the circle there it's hard for those some shooters to get out [Applause] I'll like I'm watching a netball game of vixens versus Collingwood or something just at that level the defence of the goalkeeper and goal defense of South Australia have done some great intercepts over night and they work together just very special South Australia we're going to swiftie me I mentioned to Australia hopefully we can turn that back you surprised five points to Charlie again less than five minutes to go the reflexes are just fantastic there and now we've got a head full again the defense of South Australia and there she goes she almost gets it again souther screen 6 points up it's for 5 minutes oh sorry 3d South Wales have the ball I need to compose themselves take their time everybody's driving there in the middle she is everywhere that girl and Kimberley oh that's alright that's an important goal just to steady the ship three minutes to go just reminding the viewers that the clock on the screen is just a guide because they stop and start the clock here so that's a manual clock and it looks like the crowd are really appreciating this game you look around they're all mesmerised into the skill of these girls put all the states in here watching their their Australian colleagues and really up for another shot and of course it's in that's a fantastic shot 23:28 and South Australian yourself New South Wales is not giving up and another what's that this project gets emergency get that poor town becuase you need to give us some run South Australia with the shot in New South Wales in advance I really need to score off this Center tonight states like there from the wind defense he says while starting to mount an attack lines cost a bit of confusion this week nice work nearly a tenth of 40 seconds 40 seconds to go there's still six points in it so your South Wales to put up a great-size it's been some great nipples skills out there today to come from forth to be planing this much today has been a great effort from the girls now this could be the last shot of the tournament is she gonna put it up and it's happening that's a lovely shot seconds from the started a silver medal we proud and world Down South Australia with a big ice to beat Utah I think we've got to look at my teams and acknowledge also what a what a great game and the fact that these 24 girls from both teams you know represent the best out of all of Australia and you're in the top 20 for this week you've done race and look at the teammates they're there they're together they're together they cuddle in each other new friends have been formed confidence is built they've had an awesome week and absolutely no one should go home with disappointment it's been a great effort you suppose should be proud of himself in South Australia have not dropped a game all week all week they've come free you know phenomenal all week they have not dropped a game and the girls have had a tough way tough so to go through undefeated you deserve the gold medal and your South Wales tough start you've been beaten you've been down but you're fought back to be here today so you've done really well and this should be proud of yourselves your family friends school mates back home really should be proud of you and we should also just make mention of the umpiring as well what a fantastic standard of these young girls and aspiring on peyer's the amount of spectators watching you they're watching the umpires it's pretty cool and they've done a great job this week and it's been a great competition too hasn't it they will run when they go back they're going to take this experience it's awesome great experience they work hard well done South Australia and great job yourself and all the states that have been here this week that's it thank you so much to Jackie and Scott who volunteered their time to come out and do some commentary today we're going to leave you with just a 30-second exiting video and we will join you some other time for cross for a live stream you

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