Rugby Fights and Brutal Punch Ups - Part 3

Rugby Fights and Brutal Punch Ups – Part 3

UK Rugby

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Rugby Fights and Brutal Punch Ups – Part 3

We’re back people, and this time its really kicking off in World Rugby!

Featuring Rugby Union fights, NRL fights and general madness!

The darker side of rugby. This short compilation shows you some of the sports hardest brawlers dropping some heavy thunder, throwing big time punches, knockouts and fights!

Music: Onlap – The Awakening


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41 thoughts on “Rugby Fights and Brutal Punch Ups – Part 3

  1. Cual es lo deportivo , de esta disciplina, mejor póngales guantes y un cuadrilátero y que ahí jueguen rugbi un adefecio de deporte

  2. Why is it that when folk put up a sports video on Youtube, they feel inclined to share their poor taste in music with us? It ruins the video.

  3. Left in the first 6seconds because the music was absolutely atrocious. However I really enjoyed hitting the thumbsDown

  4. There was one where the guy gets reverse head locked and the offender doesn't let it go it could of easily broke the dudes neck,that shit is so dirty he should be banned 4 life

  5. Part three being the worst as some gay fucking music put over it… cant even watch the vid now.. well done..

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