0 thoughts on “Ronaldinho advert is fake

  1. You guys are dumb its not the shot thats fake it's the fact he hits the ne behind the goal….I never saw him say I'm going to hit the post there's a video were Ronaldo says how he did it

  2. @andrewX38 If he was so accurate then why doesn't he make every free kick or take more long shots. He would make every thing if this video were true.

  3. nah i reckon he can do it, although if he can do it all continuously might be another matter, but if he just landed them on sepearte occasions splicing the vid would be no problem.

  4. Well i don't care if its fake or not, but i'm pretty sure thats not how they do it. he steps over the ball, and it went way higher then a person could reach…

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