rFactor 2 | AOR rF2 F1 Championship | S3 | R4: Azerbaijan GP

rFactor 2 | AOR rF2 F1 Championship | S3 | R4: Azerbaijan GP

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The Official AOR F1 rFactor 2 League of Season 3 returns with Round 4 at Baku Circuit for Azerbaijan GP.

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you hello and welcome everybody to the rFactor 2 f1 League season 3 this is e 4th race we are an Azerbaijan today and you might have noticed this is not your normal voice that is normally doing dar factor streams no my name is uh you might know me as a AF nino my name is Andrews Nina I'm replacing Curtis today he is he is occupied today so he will not be here this week but he will be back here next week tomorrow so I'll be here on my own I have joined him in two of the previous three races that I've been compensated here so I'll be here on my own so we will switch I think quali is started already yes we are I almost 5 minutes left in 2 which has had a short delay from the regular 630 start just a short the day there so sorry for you guys if any of you guys were waiting but we are underway and as we can see in the standings he still have or people set a time so we do have current standings right there so we have Craig Baxter apparently had this fastest time with a 139 nine around the back you track his teammates got Davison nine attempts behind on a second and you can have some Rowlett here third brennan all headin in sorry yeah Brandon Henin who's just set a lap time to go second he say just above us got Davison so he goes second your samurai Lim fourth Mac system v max Shepherd in sixth James Costello seventh Morgan's ohm in eighth Nick break in ninth angel Benitez in tenth and the rest of the the rest of the grid there have yet to set a lap time so as we can see obviously we have some new names I've not seen yet who they're tempest and Morgan's own two new names that we've seen pink we can expect a mother who could tempest for the Volante racing team so it was a two new names there and obviously because we have in the fourth race so we just checked the standings as we go into here just as the last few minutes of q1 tick down so the sentence currently stand here from the first three races Craig Baxter in the first place obviously he's won three out of three so he has 75 full points pretty standard so far for him we have his teammate Scott Davidson just right behind him in second place where I say just right behind him he is on 42 points or hole 33 points behind his teammate there Scott Davidson you have max lister here he's been there he's been the surprise surprise performer this season he currently in third with one podium there from from Melbourne and the fourth place finish in in Barcelona he currently sits in third on 30 points max Shepherd is in fourth with 26 after Lorenson in fifth 25 Ali is hit yes he is here so as you can see we have a 16 cars him so we have a you have a bigger turnout than we've had so far in the in the previous races I think Liam Mangan his in sick I don't think Liam Angoon will be racing today unfortunately Sam carpenter in the seventh but he's only had one one finish so far which was in Spain when he got that podium he'll be walking forward to a second finish today as he definitely needs it for his saber racing team Nick Brockie in zone 8 also in 15 points this race he will be with the actual Sabre racing team and not the Sabre junior team so he will be teammates with sap carpenter for this race excuse me so yeah that is the standings there so just from look into the back who track so obviously compared to the previous tracks obviously back is a street circuit um you know very very tough circuit for most of these guys honestly cause um you know I think the the grip levels here compared to the previous tracks are very not very uh rate forward obviously is not really it's very much more low margin of error for in this track you obviously you get a corner wrong and obviously because in a street circuit ya end up most the time in the wall so uh you know just copying the words the great words of a German bomber there you gotta be a winner on a street circuit all the time so yeah definitely opportunities for many of these drivers obviously you expect the to Defiance racing cars Scott Davidson and create back so to be near the front but obviously the the the surprise of the season so far for me has been my Max Lister and he currently occupies second he's currently in the garage so away from him but he currently occupies second which is a good time for him and Brennan O'Hanlon is in third as you can see the gap there switch because we do have a newer overlay as you can see the overlay and the switches from showing you the lap time of the pole pole sitter and the gap switch behind the pole sitter and the full names of and all and also we have the compounds of the tires that they've set their lap times on which is a good update to the overlay that we have so if we don't you guys watching if any of you have any any of any questions about the audio settings because of course this is the first time that I personally have ever streamed this previously I've been co-commentator with with Curtis and Curtis handled all the streaming from his site so if there is any if there is any settings such as audio that needs to be changed around if I'm too loud or if the game is too loud compared to my audio you let me know in the chats and I will get that sorted quite quickly so just as we're finishing off the first quality session obviously we then see the full session because we started a bit late today just a short delay but it is the top 10 that will make the second qualifying session and at the moment it is none of the not of the people below the top 10 are currently out on track they're all immigrants so we do seem to have our top 10 pretty much set so it will be Craig Baxter max Lister Brandon O'Hanlon Scott Davidson James Costello obviously a well-known streamer he is currently in chat hello hello cosy that was a sweaty lap I can see that v is a very impressive lap for mu 148 a very impressive left him from cosy there obviously Sam Rowlett Matt Shepard Nick Brockie a Joe Venegas and more than some R and off the top 10 that will contest that will contest beat on top 10 places in the second or the flying session we will move forward with that's very soon so we will have the 11th to 16th places that have been set which is Tong Hoopa Rica sloven hatch I really hope that got I got that name right I apologize if I've mispronounced that is in 12th Hugo Tempest in 13 to the aluminum 14th Alfie Lorenson and Sam carpenter and I don't think some Sam now and Alfie Lawrence in the war Sam carpenter set a time there neither the Chico Tempest though those were four drivers that did not set a lap time they're going in so they will start all back the race as we're just switching into the second qualifying session now and first out on track that is a defiance card that is Craig Baxter first out on track you'll be wanting to set his lap time very early obviously uh free ones out free you'd you know you'd be wasting your money if you bet against Craig Baxter pole position here today but obviously you know backu being a trap that notoriously can you know catch out many of the experienced drivers you know many corners that I can you you know you saw wrong gear and you know you're back to front well you you know you might just end up in the war there so even for the most experienced drivers even for the most talented drivers out there like Craig Baxter like Sam Davis and still got to be a level of caution that they have to take in order to get that perfect lap time to get that all-important opposition Pappas in maybe not as crucial as here as you know maybe other Street circuits such as Monica or Singapore but you know you don't want to be starting further back if your objective is to win the race or get on the podium position so composition is still here bonus towards that goal nice Craig Baxter will spectate him on his outlet as he will begin his first time that lap let's go asko and both of Craig Baxter this year how he takes these corners or the time very close fit to the ward there Craig Baxter has got there so he is definitely pushing pushing the limits of idea of the his car there obviously obviously don't please ignore that sector free yellow flag that that is a slight glitch there is currently no incident in Sector three no don't think so no there isn't so there will be at times when it does show yellow flag is sector free but there is no incident in Sector three so now it should show track clear though it's fine now so forty three point nine nine three first sector there by Craig Baxter that is the benchmark they get spectrum him I need sets of thirty point four second sector the first sector here in Baku notoriously very long compared to you know the the sectors of other tracks you normally see the sector's pretty evenly spaced out in other tracks where you have an ultra long first sector here in Baku compared to you know second and third sector there isn't as long so he completes his first time lap Craig Baxter in a 139 five so that is an impressive feat there and the Scott Davidson will be right behind him and I think he set to 139 seven so just two temps behind is teammate Scott Davis in there so not that far behind a very impressive response there by Scott Davison so we'll be hoping that um the gaps behind Kerry Baxter answers big you do want to see Baxter challenged as much can you see that impressive firm lap time for Scott Davis in there max shepherd he just said at that time of 140 points seven around one point two seconds off the pace of Earth to Defiance cars they do see the the gap there between Baxter and the rest of the field Mac sister there one is a 148 not but not the best lap time there from Exodus I'm pretty sure maybe mistake you expect him to maybe get up maybe get closer to that we also haven't yet seen a lap time from Costello so I think this is I think this is out lap the Kazi they're obviously fellow commentator fruit aor accommodates the f1 races on actual f1 2018 to see me assume and the other side racing on an R factor I'm very very peculiar change of settings there for him but um previous races he has shown he has shown that he can produce some results and he has produced I think Barcelona yeah the sixth place finish there which is a very impressive performance there from him so we looking to improve maybe backer can spring a few surprises one or two you know obviously you expect her an incident a crash or maybe you caused into the ward that can change the order there very quickly but he'll definitely wanting the best that best I'm lap as possible to give himself the best grips it let's see what's a first second I think this is a particularly big Latvia film Costello forty five point one first sector not bad not bad he is currently probably a second off the pace there but um Estela be looking forward to improving that's over the lap yeah we can pull out in this second second obviously back ooh being a tractor very very low grip compared to actual proper circuits there so especially obviously we did discuss the new car that's either drivers get to drive compared to the previous seasons and they've had three races already so obviously in Melbourne we had there was a lot of incidences in Melbourne compared we have drivers not being used to used to the car itself you can see because some of their completes in the 141 5 zoom in 8th position and the Scott Davis in there he had he had set a purple sector first sector there with 43 9 and then Kray baxter comes through with a 43 43 7 there we take a purple sector so Scott Davidson there is a setting faster lap times by I think Craig Max is improving as well though the top clock has ticked down to zero it is yeah checkered flag out I think Mac sister has improved all right I mean to click away from it Mac sister has improved to third place Matt Shepard and Brandon on Hinton were in 4th and 5th and Nick brekkie just completed this lap time he goes forth and scan cam Scott setting that tone that gives him pole position he does 139 4 or but Craig Baxter who wasn't didn't set a purple second sector it's gonna be Chloe just gets there with a 139 to his fur his purple first sector was enough to give him the gap to his teammate that would give him that pole position that second sector wasn't his fastest but it was quicker then Davison and the third sector I think he lost a bit of time there which made the gap closer Davison only 2 temps down so um a little bit of a sweat there by Baxter but Sam no biggie he gets the results as expected he gets pole position and Davison completes and all the fines racing front row there max Lister an impressive heard from him again he continues to impress he's been my my outstanding driver of the season so far other than Baxter obviously Nick Brockie in fourth we knew with his first outing in the proper saber racing car I'd have been in a Sabre junior in the previous races Matt Shepard and Brandon O'Hanlon 5th and 6th in the two Balkans time rather in the rookie monsters team in 7th the rookie masters team have very very different livery sporting very different livery uh this race if I can go on board with him I can show you guys as you can see they're very different they're very the the rookie monsters team bought in this season he got bored of him obviously there's not much you can see there but when he goes pass on track look at that very a very unique delivery there by the rookie monsters team if you know if you want to say your opinions on what on how that livery looks in the comments please do so hi old Benny O'Connor hi there welcome to this we've just completed qualifying this is now the warm-up session I think they will have a slightly shorter warm-up session because of these short delay that we had earlier so though it will be a shorter warmup compared to previous sessions just to bring back the lost time there on board the crate box today obviously the castle section day is past as Stephanie a section that can catch a mini a driver out if they're pushing too hard if they've probably made a mistake earlier in the in the earlier corners they want to push hard to recover that lap if they've got to get it right and you can't push too hard otherwise you end up there in that section that can definitely block the whole track and cause another and I'm a blockades there for other drivers last thing you want last thing you want the more action more action the better I say you have a strategy there that we can strategies stock strategies that do these drivers will be taking obviously Taiwan previous tracks has been sort of very free-for-all I'd say they've been we've seen various strategy very strategies used by different drivers over the previous races I think it was back in Barcelona Sam carpenter Scott Davidson and Craig Baxter who Ottoman he occupied the Prix the first three places bowing different ways in their tire strategies that's ultimately I think some I think Sam carpenter had had worse tire wear then he would have respected and compared to the other two drivers that I think had to switch him to a free stopper whereas Craig Baxter could complete when the two stopped and I think Scott Davidson also could contain the to stop which got done that one too for the further for defiance back in Barcelona we've seen drivers like Mad Max Lister managed to do one-stop races in I think was in Melbourne he did a one-stop ER and in Barcelona think he mat he tried to stretcher one stock and run out of rubber there in the end so you had to make a second stop there oh you see we've seen previous truck we've seen various amount drivers have differing results differing results with their with their strategy changes you know if they find that their tire changes over over time if they feel like the eyes are holding up for them they can definitely switch her maybe a to stop to one stop or free stop to to stop so that's his you know and that's definitely something that many drivers will be thinking over there over the race distance well done max is David I'm pretty sure that is max list is that in the chat I think he did mentioned is that does watch the streams when he races when we need to be then post race in one of the races so and once again he is watching from the chats oh hello there and uh hopefully best of luck there to max they can have another great performance because personally I think he's been he's been the he's been the best performer in the free races another driver I wanna showcase is Alfie göransson and I think he's starting from mild from the back of the grid and so he is starting from the back of the green he didn't say that time in q1 though this is a happy Lauren says another Drive that has impressed in the previous races I think he had one podium in borrowing for which I was not present but TV in Hindi Melbourne race he did have a good performance and I think he wasn't cause for a podium and then got passed by a couple of drivers are at the end which gone unfortunate because I think you didn't deserve a clothing back then you've got a podium in Bahrain he had a very unfortunate non finish in Barcelona I think he was performing very well there as well it was pretty much in the midfield so that's one is one driver you know to showcase if he start from the back he can definitely make up those positions very quickly you'll be looking to the two on those early laps before the if always pit stops to get those early positions and who knows because he will have Sam carpenter who his sides also starting from the back there so you've got two very very competent drivers and carpenter and Alfie Lorenson on the back I can there's a just a slight spin there from coffee we go away from him yeah but those are two very very very peculiar drivers right starting from the back that can definitely cause a lot of trouble for the midfield the definitely seeing them pick up those positions as fast they can maybe trying to stretch out their tyre strategies do the limits see what works for best and yeah and another one I want to focus on I switch over to Brandon on hand and that's not the driver when I focus on because he's had some vermi as he's had some he's had some very tough races but he's had some very racist that is really showcased you know his potential he's a very fast driver um I mean goes him and Melanie finished a very impressive fourth but in the last two races in both on Bahrain and I don't think you've raced in Bahrain oh yeah he did only bid race in Bahrain and he did not finishing the points the other mince up in there and Spain in Barcelona was the same thing he had an incident very early on to see their hero obviously there and he goes back to the it's the warm-up session he really just used by the drivers to really really find their limits there they used a practice session as well and to practice their race starts as well because they need to get it very very need to get the race starts who perfection or as close to otherwise a whole strategy can go into the bid well four starts so back to Brandon back to Brandon Lennon his last two races have been full of incidents and it's very unfortunate for him because he's been in very good position to where he could we really be fighting the Volcom racing team him both him and Shep and Matt Shepherd I've been very much stuck in the midfield where I feel that both of them can very much and use this race to show that they can battle for the upper positions the podium positions I think Brandon has shown the speed capable of achieving that and his but has bought himself up in incidents not all of them of his fault but he has been caught up in incidents with other drivers that have cost him points and you very much wants him to stay out of trouble because brand-new handling can stay out of trouble focus on his own race then don't think there's very much a lot stopping him you can very much get into those into that fights with both defiance cars Big Macs Lister and we've obviously a great opportunity with SAP carpenter started from the back alpha dog – starting from the back NIC brekkie who is ahead of them he had the save a racing car which we will switch to Nick Rocky's also had a he's also only only had one point finish when he was racing with the Sabre junior car though he was teammates with him rice but from this race and I think he is a permanent move that he will be with Sabre racing from now on throughout the rest of the season but I think was in Australia that was his only points finished where he finished third place oh yeah the other podium there so he's definitely one that could definitely take up the the podium positions if he stays out of trouble so obviously we've spoken about being the midfield being you know yeah as we have finished warm-up in the midfield being the positions that have given us the most racing in the past races and that's been very true but I very much want to see the battle for those for the lead and for the podium positions I want to see that can that can definitely get very interesting because in past few races okay we've had great Baxter and Scott Davidson really occupying first two positions or the both podium positions expected to be up there as well and they're shown in quality they're had the past two fastest cars you know this back who's back is a very back is a track that can bring about all sorts of surprises you've got some very tough races there obviously were two of them knocked him from the back of the grid Sam carpet and Alfie Lorenson this several times you've got drivers got Brown in the head and like Nick Brack e-maxx lista like max opportunity that's maybe to get into those podium positions and have a have a great result as we finish up warm-up I think everybody's finished is Davis in the last driver on track coming into the pits that will be warm-up finished though next time you will switch up it will be the grid we will be on the grids and will be the formation map RT so everybody in chats not having me feedback on my audio setting so I presume everybody is fine everything is fine if you do you think I am too quiet or if the or if the game audio is too quiet then please do let me know I can fix that very quickly but so so far so good we are about the switch to the grid and once the formation that gets on the way we will see the compound of tires that's driver will start on and we will go through the running water that will start us around four of the rFactor f1 league it's just about get it going OOP yeah just refreshing server here we go we've got the grid so they are just starting their formation lap as we see everybody starting on the soft tire everybody starting on the softest compound tire well in strategy from everybody nobody is taking the risk to go on a medium or hard compound tire maybe go for a longer first tint nobody's gone nobody seemed to gone for a different strategy so we will go through the running order that we will start this race so on pole position in Azerbaijan we have Craig Baxter or defiance racing you have Scott Davison in second place also or Defiant's racing in third we have max Lister for north-south racing in for free ethnic Brockie or the Sabre racing team in fifth we have Mike shepherd for the volca racing team Brandon O'Hanlon is in sick also Vulcan racing some rather in seventh or the rookie monsters team angel Benitez starts in a p– morgan zone starts in ninth Tom Hooper starts in 10th Jurek our slogan hatch that's in 11th you go tempers will be starting in 12 James Costello inky as a back of grid penalty because he was in he was in q2 so he will be starting from 13th 14th ever so Naaman in 14th and the back the back row will be crop occupied by Alfie Johnson positive team Tepper and Sam carpenter of Sabre racing that is are running or the 16 drivers or today Gregg Baxter will lead them around oh I stand corrected he driving the driver compounds on over they were not updated so we do see these are now the updated overlays as we can see only six drivers starting on the sauce so we got trade backs in the scam Sam Davidson starting on the soft tires and then go for the max Vista starting on third he is choosing the medium tire there are several drivers as she chosen medium tire to start the race with obviously those who made q2 who start on the tire that they set the fastest lap on those many have chosen to start with the medium compound tire that now we can see the various range of strategies that's everybody's gonna use that's a total of ten drivers down to medium compound which you would expect the those who did not make q2 those who for example we start in the back and grid to start on the medium compound tire I'll give them a different strategy to go for a longer first stint give him big opportunities or overtakes on the early laps so everybody is in their starting positions I will waiting for five likes to come on that will be the start of the race this hope for an interesting race back who usually brings up interesting races in actual f1 there's hope for the same in the heart factor we have five red lights on and it is lights out and away we go Craig Baxter gets us away Sam Davidson has Nick bratty on his inside and he's falling around Nick Brock he and Sam Davidson and Scott Davidson sorry oh there's a big incident at the back and Scott Davis is down to four from will go around and that's the to volcán cause lost Ephrem at Sheppard Air lost their front wings and so is Brandon oh hell no that's a disaster for Vulcan it's a major disaster for Volcom both of them getting into incidents we do see there we have discussed – I'm getting into the incidents that has cost him very early on that's the last thing they needed to do but Scott thing is an anemic Brockie hadn't had a comment see better also in the first lap day in the first corner and they Pratt he's down to seventh and already right behind him his Sam carpenter from the back of the grid he's already up to eighth what a start for him and he's a got lucky with the the – the – vulkan cars getting into incidents there some Scott Davidson is also down to fourth as we see a major change of position so Craig Baxter leaving as expected but we have max lister in second we have some round that for rookie monsters in third place Kenny little bit of every state coming out that turn Scott Davidson in fourth only losing two positions from the starts kind of that half spin because collision the albunack Brockie more than some up to fifth James Costello up to six from 13th from the grids he is caught up in many positions Nick Brock ease under pressure from his son from his saber racing team teammates will go on board if Sam carpenter as these round the back and Nick brekkie also their surrounding James Costello both the saber racing cars and I think Nick rocky will me make the move stick no Dave Cassell does give him room but um they decide not to go for it they don't want again to too much trouble there was Nick prakasam already going himself into the incident there he seemed to have gone wave him only just lost positions no damage but we do have several drivers already in the pits and that is who is that as Morgan some as mu Gerson also come back to front he's lost his front wing again not sure what happened there but so listen I think there wasn't easy spin on his own was very much a spin on his own that was unfortunate for him but he has to complete that lack without a front wing he'll be losing several positions there yeah there's such a great start it's unfortunate for him but you see there Scott Davidson has retaken second place something has happened to Maximus done some Rowlett if both being overtaken by the defiance racing car go back to see what happens that's more than sir hatt's Morgan so all these on going straight on there so let's go back to live so as we complete the second lap kraid Baxter still in the lead Scott Davidson in second well there was a regaining the second position he got he lost in the first corner and it is max lister and Sam Raulerson Rollins right on the back of max lister that could be a very interesting battle developing from them you see Sam carpenter getting your heads and Nick Brockie they both go ahead of James Costello so several incidences several incidents happening struggling to keep up with all of them so as you can see battery does string a lot of surprises and we've seen that very early on but let's keep were with the battle and Max lista Sam rather and Sam who Sam carpenter starting from the back of the grid nuta for after two and a half laps he D 5th and right behind the battle for third place he is just 2 seconds behind the podium position even Sam carpenter I'm sorry even Sam himself would not even imagine this in the best case scenario I mean it's all falling into place room but it is max lister ahead of some rather and Sam Harper turning rocky has fallen behind his teammates you do see several drivers at the back here we have a little I think that's a Hugo Tempest he's already a lap down he's definitely add an instant there from the start they'll go aboard of some rather is he's gonna have DRS on max list ahead of him and Sam carpenter will have DRS on these two as well will some rather make a move here going into the first turn decides not to but he's giving him a warning he is saying I am there I am here and I'm ready to do battle Sam carpenter he's loving this he's loving the site ahead of him two cars fighting for third place and then Ryan is graphing you're gonna make him move for fourth it's a little this gives a samurai little warning there user looking into whether he can get the positions going in there I think some relic got a bit wide there is his opportunity for some carpenter and he do make the move around the outside he does make the inside into this turn and he makes the move stick Sam carpenter is having an amazing race here already up to fourth by lap 4 that's just astonishing and then some round that has dropped decision back he will be quickly caught up by the other saber racing car Nick Brockie but so as we move back to see go back to my sister because he will be a sitting duck again for some carpenter this seemed to be no stopping some cards and now he is had amazing luck in the first lap obviously avoiding all those incidents concerning both Brockie and Scott Davison and obviously the two Vulcan cars who have seen a wood that ahead of him already and see ya birthplace royal within his sights wouldn't make a move he's got the RS will he make a move into turn one fights against it but he will have another long straight to make another move let's see where we can go okay do you wanna I will increase the volume of the game so you can hear a bit more car volume that is a bit longer I hope that is good for you guys I do read chat there but another battle we have is some rocky also getting ahead of some rounded the Nick rocky they're getting ahead of some rabbit so rule this is a replay of Nick Brackett getting ahead is sound rally there just a we missed that the Sam ran again going a bit wide probably giving it rocky too much room there to make his remove but I think he was conceived in that place anyway that is all and that is Sven lawmen no sorry that is who is this as what will Rickie monsters yes I is phenomen getting into an incident with who was that that was odo he spawned on his own and that was a no sir Alice they spawned in his own I think I was max list of running into him so again the backing track really not coming to play for many of these drivers and we've gone back to live and that is some carpenter getting to move on max Lister for that position we will show you the replay of dots some cover even before he has the RS Sam carpenter is making the move on max lister or the position he kind of had done bell I'm behind you had to battle there bits between Nick rocky and Sam roller and I think some rail that there made them move on Nick breaky this is a replay of some rail let's move on Nick Brockie once again positions changing all the time I'm trying to give you all of them all that that I can so as we go back to live break baxter still takes still holding the lead he has need around three seconds over Scott Davison run 2.5 seconds they're both fire about three seconds ahead of Sun carpenter it is not much of a gap at all and we've had an incident some rather what's happened there oh my okay so this is a replay there some rail and Nick brat you've been battling all this time either just crashed out no they seem one of the do is him the other rookie masters team have incident on his own and he's done the same thing and Nick brat he is well spun don't know if Nick Brock e-ring the brat is going away with it but son rather an unforced error he spun in his own and he's the second rookie monsters driver to just spill on his own but this time it's a biggest bin and he's out of the race that's uh that's an unfortunate mistake there from some rally he was performing so well but he will be scoring zero points there he joins Hugo tempest who is also out of the race but Nick rocky I think has escaped his own spin there I think he spun to avoid some rather head of him I think he's escaped there without damage he will be resuming in p6 but in the meantime day was James Costello who got ahead of them both up to p5 the Kazi they're getting to positions early and also finding yourself in very fortunate circumstances to see drivers in front of him spin out and he can collect the positions the mood he had some piss you would have some pit stops there obviously so now man has come into him to repair the damage that he had from his spin earlier I've also had the Eureka Slovene hatch on he's he has stopped and his engine is blown and he just stopped on track and I'm pretty sure we're gonna see it DMF cuz that is him this is a replay that's a replay of him just his engine blowing Wow that's the first time in the world that we've seen that happen obviously our factory is a game you can't um do many mistakes in terms of gear shifting on and all that because you do make a mistake in your gear shifts it can blow the engine can very easily blow the engine and I've been a spectator in previous AOR races there have been some some incidences where it has happened but not yet seen one this season that's the first time have you seen proper engine blow up Jerrica Slava notch I'm fortunate for him and we will see Nick Brockie coming into the pits this would be his first pit stop and uh seems to be a fast pit so so I don't think he had any damage from that spin he had earlier but I think he will come out ahead will he lose any positions or will retain sick place you do have Alfie Laurence and going ahead of him I think he does just come out behind Alfie Lorenson the Nick Rocky that's in 7th behind alpha Lorenson an alpha Darren's and I think as he made his own pit stop pinky has he has made the Pope it's over any services for position IV nurse and also get he's also had started from the back of the grid so this is very much very much a great position for Lorenson to be in who go ahead of Craig Baxter who's just lapped I think he's it was him just laughing Sven Nauman they're already laughing cause ahead of him is the is the is the car volume still too long I can up it up if I can keep putting up the bits if you want it definitely upped it a bit more that's okay I don't know because obviously I don't want beer the game to be overshadowing my voice so I have upped it there a bit do give me feedback if that is maybe too loud but back to the racing is crate backs they're still in the need Scott Davidson years around three seconds behind his teammates and carpenter in third place who pretty much on his own there he's got a he's got some very much good fortune their business a behind him up from the back in the grid the third place obviously none of the first five year have made their pit stops none of Baxter Davison carpenter max list of all cozy Costello yet it did we've already had three bein EPS happen in the clothes pile here is between McCracken Hawthorne's and obviously we have the to Vulcan cars yeah if he saw got caught up in that incident very early on back up to 8th and 9th if I think they pit stops to repair the damage that they've had and back on the way but yes again how many points if they lost though far from getting too into crashes and into poor incidents let's go back let's go back this is the starter race this is a replay from the start of the race let's go back and actually spectate this is the to volcán cars they got together and they were all so caught up in the incident between Nick rocky and Scott Davidson and that was who was that so they both got co-op and with a car going upside down as a very very you see a car go upside I think those hugo tempers I got caught up there as well so at least six cars they're getting Co up enough turn one incident you go back to life so that was a very much replay there of the earth of the term on incident both cars Scott Davis and Nick rocky getting its of instances and Hugo Tempest you go tempers is the only one out of those that has ended up retiring Lizzy Craig back so he's just lapping cause the slapping cars cuz these two ago these cars are going on a long spin right back since got names and rumor are on the soft tires though they have pitted they have decided to go ten laps on these soft tires they seem to be very comfortable with their their tire wear and carpets has started on the mediums and so it's less than Costello so you expect him to go longer I've seen both alky Lorenson and Nick Brockie going on the heart eyes for the second thing they have right next to each other so very much you could probably expect the battle between those do this for position very very soon think we were nomads is how else is happening and going on the travel via sleep it's right here between the enormous and Iraqi the two closest cars on the track I've included you sought for allocation of vince's is there between the in the first couple of laps you can see but it's very much waiting to see when this first two are gonna make their pit so when the first five the make the bits of the inspector capitalist and Costello you go longer with starting on the medium-sized but you see the heart I being utilized very much Susi Mac shepherds Tom Hooper and Morgan's own wonderheart currently under hard tires for the second thing oh I know one kind of wonder maybe they can stretch out for her a one-stop maybe truck some of these drivers may be trying a one-stop but you expect at least two stops almost it'd be drivers here we'll go back to them carpenter who's currently in third following him around I think he is losing the gap to Davis and the head of him he's currently two seconds behind he has been slowly but surely up and down that gap Scott Davis in the head you would think maybe Scott Davison has reached the limit on his tires and maybe you would see a pit stop from him very soon and he is doing exactly that Scott Davison the first to come into the pits of the leading cars you will be changing from his soft compound tires and he will be putting on the hard so he will be going from soft to hard on this first stint so is Scott Davidson maybe trying to make a one-stop work he will fall behind maximista so you will come out in fourth place and that is closer in to Costello right behind the Davison so Davison has managed to get ahead of costella they're very crucial there who really wants a free free piece of track to himself so he can very much not carve too much into these tires getting past I was a head that are on all the compounds so you would expect Craig Baxter also who is the only car left who has not yet to make a pit stop on the soft tires obviously come to this Tim Costello on the mediums yet to make their pit stops to would expect to see Craig Baxter maybe starting to think all right my teammate has decided to come in maybe is his tires to start and go up maybe mine will go off to nice the tongue is very well Craig Baxter there's been a one-two very been very good on tire wear in previous races oh who knows maybe they said that he can maybe stretch his own I think he is staying out no he is coming in Craig Baxter has decided to come into the pits or his first pit stop when he met keep on the same strategy and right behind him Sam carbon so also coming at the pit stop he's coming in and he was on the medium compound so he's medium sis decide he's deciding these mediums cancer last any longer oh maybe he is coming in to just cover Craig Baxter and crepe I say is coming doubt coming out on the hearts I think max mr. will come out or take the lead here right ahead of Craig Baxter Maxo distr notorious of managed to managing to make one stop races work you might be trying to do the same to see how long he can take hit his set of medium compound tires Sam carpenter decided that he couldn't do it any longer and he has come out fifth he's come out behind James Costello that's pretty crucial he didn't really want to be behind Costello he didn't want to really lose time trying to overtake cozy on his new sets you really wanted to have a free piece of track from between him and Scott Davison there is max Esther currently in the leads not that the fact they need because my sister has yet to make a pit stop you're still on his we first set of meeting tires and if anybody can make her a proper one-stop work it is mr. Lister himself but let's see how long he decides to stretch this current set of tires who ventured to think if some carpenters decided to pit the lap before on those mediums mr. must be thinking I don't wanna lose any more time compared to him it's great back so we'll have the RS and we'll make this overtake to retake the lead very much easy as can be to create Baxter I think Sam carpenter has got ahead of Costello he needed to make that move as early as cut as early as possible you didn't want to lose any time behind the Costello who was yet to make a pit stop himself the Sam carpenter will be starting to chase down as Scott Davison but Scott Davison think just set the fastest lap of the race 1:44 four is the fastest lap of the race so far by Scott Davison so some competent was trying to close the gap to him he isn't working but lives in these responding properly he's close slowly closing the gap to max Lister so max maybe you would venture to think I don't think he can maybe stretch these tires any longer he wanting to make a pit stop and hit stop very soon and I didn't I don't think I mentioned this carpenter made his pit stop and he came out on another set of mediums that is very crucial so Sam carpenter has to has to make at least one more stop for another compound you have to run at least to compare two different compounds you're in the race distance so Sam carpenter has to make at least one more stop so that could be very crucial that could be very crucial in terms of his fight with Davison maybe max Lister will be thinking this as well dee vee can make a one stop work he could very much get back into this battle or a podium position and I don't have Scott Davidson he's come out the hards if he can if he's thinking to lost to go the distance on the set of our tires this is some carpeted area just setting the fastest lap of the race 1:44 one will just quickly beaten by Craig Baxter he said to 144 zero these lap times are slowly starting to calm down there's Scott Davis and I think we'll stop sir once we could get ahead of Max Lester because the race is behind him his he must know you must probably know in his head Sam competir came out on the same compound of another mmm-hmm another set of Nieman compound tires I'm easy has to make a second stop the cam Davison stretches three M of the race who knows now is the story of the everlasting change of strategies that we have seen our factor racing drivers go through over the past three races don't think Scott Davison will you get the RS on this I think he will on max system axis the deciding yet again but this isn't the time to make a change of tires but Scott Davis and we'll make the overtake for second place the maccalister back on third but he's confident if anybody is confident on his on his own tire way in his max sister neck sister has told us that he seems to have got the tired aggregation you know saying his head that he can go and set make further laps on a set of tires than any other driver seems and we've seen the proof we've seen the proof in previous races and his hurt it has heaped great rewards for him and it and he achieved something very great here as well this race which back I think we're very prepared on the battle between happy Lorenson and Nick rocky this not seem to be a change in the gap Alfie Johnson holding Nick Brockie very well behind him is the position they will keep max Shepherd in 8th his teammate Brennan and further back in ninth you've all come racing cars really probably again disappointed how involved in another incident pretty much crossed up to the opportunity to maybe be in the battle for were higher than the higher positions that the stuck in the midfield in temped we have a Morgan sir min Evans and Amin and then we had on Hooper Ian there this is Tom Hooper Ian effing and again this is another not a driver losing it on his own back attracted in the tourist we're doing now we've seen that several times that was a replay of toe loop as E&F he can maybe find a job benegas who also Ian EFT is again this is again he spun out and I think he stowed the engine he spun out and I think he stalled I think he decided he couldn't go on anymore but that was unfortunate for him we go back now is James Cosell he's just made his pit stop the James Costello he makes his pit stop on lap 18 and he comes out behind alpha Lawrence and animate brekkie on the heart eyes you maybe think that Costello will not stop again launching and rocky are on tires that are I think around seven laps older so you ruled maybe ce3 getting very close to each other right at the end of the race and that ties decide to when their ties decide the tie is slowly rich the clip I think I said it will have maybe that extra grip considering he pitted around six or seven laps later though the only driver aren't knee racing that is yet to make a piss off his maximista he's just been overtaken by son carpenter cuts out the sound carpenter making the move for third place the mac sister is still deciding he's still deciding you can you can race all you like you can know that you can pass me all you like I don't mind I've read I'm doing my own race I have one goal in mind I know when I'm gonna stop and even though he's losing these positions he still thinks in his mind that his tires can go even further the course Sam carpenter who just passed him has to make very vital has to make another stop cuz he has to make another stop throwing other sets of compounds because he started on mediums and he decided to come out on another set of mediums he has to make at least one more stop max lista you would think him who stretched this to a one stop I don't know about Craig backs and Scott Davis and ahead of them I think they might be able to we will patiently just sit with Max Lister as he we wait for him to the sides when he will make his move and coming to the pits as it can't be can't be any longer if it max mr. Khan bet these stretches tires too long it won't cover time we're decides to come in and I don't think again he decides to stay out so we will switch over to the battle the second place once again Scott Davidson and Sam carpenter will do battle we saw in Barcelona they did a ferocious battle of both strategy and on on track and on track overtakes back in Spain which then she saw Davis have wind that battle even a second ahead of Sam Carter we are seeing that again and he is currently Davidson ahead button do you remember Sam Carpenter started from the back of the grid and he's still managed to find his way up to third but Scott Davidson is on older hard and some comes on new mediums with some capita has to stop again Scott Davison I don't know if he will be able to stretch these sets of heart eyes to the end I think that is what he is the attempting to do but his set of hands is very much older couple apps older then Sam said medium so if Sam needs to make an overtake happen now and he's just pull out a gap for his last stint then he needs to do it now Ballu depart this battle here you go to the race you go remembered Alfie Laurence and McCracken James go settle that battle the Pick six and seventh would switch back to Matt Shepard who just was overtaken by Brandon o'hanlan I switched that now so Brandon making up quick time this is a replay of the overtake max if it is currently ahead Brandon does make the move right here and I think that might be little build team orders in play I think Brandon has come into Max Shepherds here saying I'm faster let me let me past but the gap from them to uh because ahead isn't it's very very long so don't know what benefit that that can do that I don't think they just want us to know each other down to be honest you go back to it back for second place Scott Davidson and Sam carpenter and as you can see the gap is closing some carpenter has to be thinking in his mind he has to get past he has to get past now because when he makes his second pit stop I'll presume might do for a set of soft tires needs to do so he needs to close the gap as much as he can because I think Scott Davison is very much I never forced into stretching me side to the end of the race samgyeopsal a DRS and he who makes you overtake on the inside can he make it stick he does and I sunk up to taking second place from Scott Davidson Sam carpenter up to second for the saber racing team Scott Davidson renegade to third but I have said this verse several times do recall Sam has to pit again and carpenter has to make one more pit stop for another set of tires and Scott Davison who maybe think he can stretch these hard compound sighs maybe not who knows and if he doesn't then he might have just conceded second place then let's go back Nick rocky and I is Alfie Laurence and coming into the pits so you will fall behind Nick and James kostina so this is his second pit stop he wasn't a hard compensate so those hard compound tires didn't really last very long he mm let's pull this up Alfie Lorenson has a so he it sit on lap 12 now EP 2 them so he pitted on lap that she don't even say when he picked last range he bid say it's on he's not done very much laps on that serve heart eyes and he decided to come out on the mediums or his last stint and he is right ahead of Brandon o'hanlan so animator to swallow my words when Brandon overtook Mike shepherd they're thinking maybe the gap was too that gap is to hit big ahead of him wasn't really much for nothing well guess what random D sees that he's right behind the car good make something good the end the race Nick brekkie will take fifth he's got James Costello right behind him so as a battle you want to see a bit more and carpenter again these the two closest cars in truck mean Sam Compton Scott Davidson and they are very much Sam carpenter very much needs to open that gap as much as he can now and you know what I think Scott Davison is responding very well to keeping that gap as close as you can at least within DRS distance as I think he knows that master key has to fit again I think Scott Davidson will have the arrows here and it's no sir Sam wasn't coming to the bids now he's the finding his inside so Scott Davis enforced around the outside and really make the Moose big cool he got very close but he does make a spectacular move around the outside Sam comes the wolf make the switch back into the inside will he retake the place no he can't son Scott Davidson holds the position and even though Scott Dayton has DRS some coated us at the slipstream and I think that the RS is enough to keep Scott Davison behind by think he's got two eyes you're too right Scott Davidson went to right there Sam counter gets ahead and very much the Bauer that we were as as the spectators wants it to see but not very much what Sam wanted so I'm really wanted to make one overtaking Scott Davidson and really open a gap but he's been forced into the battle Scott Davidson very much very bravely responding to the front they've been overtaken and he very much knows that this is gonna very much effects some carpenters chances of getting ahead of him once he makes his pit stop I'm not sure you will make another suit so we will let's go back to a replay of Brandon Owen and this is a replay Brandon and getting past Alfie Lorenson because we did you see off yourens and coming out to the pits the fresher mediums and he goes wide so that's how I feel and soon retakes the position that's how uh I mean yet the RS against Ivan like he made another move will stay on this replay just a bit longer I think he looks to the inside they can't make the mousse Nick and Nick Brockie this is also a replay he was just he just came into the pits and crucially he is falling behind the Battle of Alfea Lorenson and Brandon oh emmalin so as we go back to live this is Nick Brockie yes spectating he's carnie 1/8 it is James Costello in fifth place he's only made one stop and Brannan o'hanlan a few Lorenson in Nick Brockie behind him have made two stops so James Costello may be also trying to stretch a one stop he has 15 second gap as a 15 second gap between him and sick days Brennan O'Hanlon so maybe maybe him he is able he can stretch this grow another 10 11 laps and I think max Lister just made his pit stop max Esther did just make his pit stop he losted 25 laps on the set of mediums that is just extraordinary by um by Max Lister he pretty much has locked himself up for fourth don't think he's in any position to be overtaken noise in any position to overtake anybody ahead of him there's easy no empty cars ahead of him aren't in any position and he's got a very healthy gut to the cars behind so he's pretty much locked up for very impressive strategy again Max's they were managing to stretch his set of tires to the limit and it could work with fourth place in the end once again in this battle for second third damn carpenters got Davison Scott Davidson is doing a marvelous job of keeping on the tail of Sam Carson sometimes you just can't shake him off some company is begging that he can open pull out a gap so that um he makes his second stop he can give himself a chance to maybe catch him up Scott Davis didn't have him the harder compound and very old harder compound ties well David's knees doing a marvelous job keeping on his tail Sam carpenter must be frustrated inside thinking why can't I shake this guy off why can't I I can't I get rid of him we'll be wondering when Sam comfortable.this decide to throw in the towel and just make his second pit stop right then and there doesn't want him do it too late cuz does it too late maybe yes Scott Davidson will will fall off the cliff but will give him enough laps to maybe close the gap up wouldn't be surprised if maybe between al Apple to Sam carpet so we'll be wanting to make the pit stop and I think he's coming in to make the pit stop now yes he is we just make this conversation now and Sam carpenter decides to besides enough is enough he's gonna make the pit stop now I think that is a pendulum and right behind him also making a nice Morgan so I'm also coming to the pits that was in 10th he's in the last points position but Sam carpenter making the pit stop all thirds and he's come out on a set of soft ice he's come out a set of soft eyes so the gap currently between him and Scott Davison is around 20 it's around nineteen to twenty seconds so Scott Davidson done a marvelous job of keeping for keeping right on sank up his tail some cops are unable to pull out any sort of significant gap to make his second pit stop thus if some conference is gonna want to chase him down to second place he's gonna have to do it through war speed and it's hoping and praying that maybe Davison in the next few laps does hit the clip on his old set of our tires let's go back to the leader Greg Baxter easy is pretty much in comfort zone isn't he he's a 14 second gap to the car guy he's just set another fastest lap and he's pretty much he's pretty much in cruise control he is uh once again he looks like he might make it fall wind up oh I don't want it don't really want to jinx him of a lapse to go but he's just lapping cars very comfortably looks like he's gonna bring this home with a one stop and I think it was noise look at that Scott Davison it's coming also into the pits and he is decided it's hot a compound car lost oh my good that I didn't expect that okay so Scott Davidson really Wow so he decided his heart compound tires weren't gonna make the distance and he decided to actually come in for a second stop for a soft compound and he is fallen behind some carpenter Wow that's was very interesting he musta okay so he must have maybe think for that lacked where some carpenter came in that his heart eyes was now starting to slow him down that's unfortunate for him that might have cost him second place but who knows very much these two is very much giving us several battles this race and in previous races so um so uh here those they still seven laps to go and Scott Davidson close the gap on Sam carpenter make up maybe a photo finish for second place I'll be very good Brandon O'Hanlon has fallen back behind this is a replay rather not him was the head of Alfie Lorenson this is a replay of the overtake avenues and there's a DRS Brendon Hamlin covers the inside so I think it has to go around the outside and he makes the move big and I kind of cross they Brandon Brandon but he doesn't make the mistake and Nick brekkie there and a behind these two really much making closing a significant gap on them so and Craig Baxter also he also made came in for a set of soft sighs so I think he had when Scott Davison came in for his second stop he decided to but he could make a pretty much risk-free second stop and he can just cruise the end of the race but the battle for second is by no means over what Davison is well I don't think he's losing a significant gap but yes seven laps to do so we must be wanting to stay with this battle just in case anything does come amiss even though some carpenter is setting fastest laps of the race that can't be good news to Scott Davidson but they haven't really much wanted to try and really member doesn't look like he has an I'm pretty much what Scott Davidson was gonna try and stretch his heart eyes to the end of the race don't think he could you would have been in like 26 laps you oughta try to take those hot tires on maybe he had reached the clip on those but he couldn't make it didn't do that you know it's um pretty much hoping a massive gap on Brendan hand and he looks like he has six in the bag and then falling back when he fall back into the clutches of Nick brekkie the gap between those two is around two points around no around for three seconds and the think maybe too much of a gap considering they run pretty much similar strategies back to Sam carpenter in the second place pretty much one day he looks a little looks a little nervous right behind there I know in his head he must be thinking how have I got this wrong he like come you don't come in too early or the hard tires not on the race I couldn't stretch them out to the TM of the race great Baxter we're making another fastest lap 141 for I think made me sound comfortable set a faster lap who knows what says the line doesn't it Scott Davidson who sets the fastest lap with 141 one flat and maybe this is a chance for Scott Davison to slowly close that gap Miss Ann Compton this is the batter we very much we very much want to stay with it's a devii from behind some cars his car and very much a sight that Scott Davidson will be wanting to see is the view from him fronts oh but did he hit the wall there oh did oh my goodness that was not something we wanted to see Scott Davison was pretty much getting into his own and I think he clipped the wall Dennis go back this is not the corner this is a replay of what happened this cool very returning to much I've was that clipping the wall was that just as a smidgen of ervis there I'm not sure but that can't have helped that can't have helped him in his quest he still he still has some carbons in his sight so don't think he's had any damage from that he's lost a bit of time not too much but Davison is very much closing the gap he no gap now 1.8 seconds but is he running out of laps is he running out of love there's like four laps remaining you might just be running out of time to get this gap down to very much a DRS range of one second so you could make a move on de long under long straight we'll go and board with a back on board in her Scott Davison has a thing happen well that's a little spin there for Morgan some the lower replay from him not really much not really had the best of races walking summer together if you avoided order or the carnage from early on in the racing good girl if they're all those positions but almost spins into the wall they're almost losing his front wing unfortunate for there you go back you live will go back to the battle between these two thank arbiter Scott Davison very much the source of entertainment these two have been over the past couple races and airplanes of them they have not given each other an inch even though it's a carpenter they're looking a bit nervous they're just the hit of a smidgen of oversteer had to correct that it's got Davison has that sight ahead of him must be thinking see being a easy getting a bit nervous is this my chance it's got three laps to do something it got spent now man they're having a little spin this is a replay oh you just go straight on okay back to this battle and it's you have to think the psychological battle between these two battling each other over and over again must be tiring it must be tiring Davison you'd think with Craig Baxter ahead of him getting all these wins the pressures more than him to very much prove that he is the second best there's a yellow flag on scepter one in his Morgan's Somme and that pink is he gone off again that was the nominee giving him an overtake you just go up strap yeah he just went straight on oh he just was that a spin like a semi spins let me lock up there I was spending armed and overtaking him but sin lament is one down through Morgan's home so August Oh homeroom routines him back to it lap 34 we have two laps to go and I'm really much think Santa's got second place in the bag but Davidson pretty much as run out of time I do really want to I do really wonder what would have been the result had Davidson decided to stretch his hard tires to the end maybe must have been maybe must have felt that his heart eyes were slowly reaching the cliff I mean would not have made the end of the race battle that is developing is alpha Lorenson chasing his teammates James Costello James Costello who has managed to stretch this too a one-stop race but he's got a fiance who is on the to stop and on a fresher set of medium ties Stella on an old set of hearts Estella's done a excellent job an excellent job so fifth is that about to end is his teammate about to steal it place from him those like the RS on him so he's getting closer behind Lawrence and his Brandon the hand in the nick Brockie I don't think they're pretty much close that's happy Lorenson spun into the wall right at a crucial time what he didn't really need to push I don't know if he has any damage from that I'd hope he doesn't but that's his chance of maybe taking fifth place gone and i'm brandon behind him must be thinking am i gonna get 50 gifted six places it doesn't seem to doesn't seem to be hindering Lawrence's race so much but we are going into the last lap of the race right Baxter Steelheads and he's got a comfortable gap he is pretty much been mistake-free into them free 10-second gap compared to Sam carpenter ahead and Scott Davidson has been slowly slowly closing the gap and they both had a little smidge of hosted I don't if they both hit the and it's half on the wall but this gap is closed right down so I'd really hate my words that maybe just maybe Scott Davis hadn't lost his battle here but it's still not over yet I think the gap is within a second so it's good if Scott Davidson does get at the Rs you might just make the move right going into the finish line but it is Craig Baxter coming brew let's go past Matt Shepard there and is that is that the finish line is that oh this is the last I apologize no this is the last lap this is the last look right here okay so I thought the previous lap was lastly I apologize for that this is the last lap and Scott Dame's and here you see he has DRS he is really on his tail now and this is this is the opportunity by his handle it alone all these are their tires starting to fall off are these sorts and they pushed so much that their tires have really hit the cliff here it might be the case but Scott Davison has to make the move now he has to do it now with DRS he's right on his tail he will have the long straight to make that move these two men they can't get enough of each other they've been battling all race hooter for that this would have been the battle once again between these soon Sam carpenter consider me start from the back of the grid amazing amazing from him but very much right in this last couple corners they need to keep everything inside don't push too hard considering they're tight look at them both pushing it to the limit both of these guys have their tires right on the clip surely these last couple corners Scott names have will have the RS and this is the last chance I think there was an incident with Morgan sermon spin now man by the is Craig Baxter coming across the finish line he will take win number four out of four in Baku just a perfect race room we will go back so Scott Davison decided if they didn't make contact and then rate service and does he make the move yes he does who cross light first Scott Davis and makes the move he gets the moved on for second place Sam carpenter must be he must be gutted absolutely gutted and I did say it would take me would take one more lap but some carpenter just gets passed right at the ends you can remember Valtteri Bottas getting right pastor long stroll in the 2017 race that was a spectacular race as well this is a equally spectacular race what a what a finish from those two very much max list that will come across in fourth place again very much stretching to a one-stop and getting a very decent amount of points impressive from him very impressive for max Esther his dad in the chat will be proud of him James Costello and Alfie Lawrence and side by side who is loose games got sell our heads off you know he wouldn't get past as well as again on the finish line Alfie Lauren said gets past James Costello rye on the line we have two drivers losing position Brendan Owen and comes on in seventh Nick rocky in eighth he almost crashes there and they's Brandon doing a little 360 there Matt Shepherd comes home in my and Morgan soem takes the final punch position attempt wow what a feeling that is the spectacular finish from both know you're both Sam carpenter and Scott Davidson it's what they've seen getting a pass some carpet around the line there and Craig Baxter there doing his doing his doughnuts is a customary post-race doughnuts there from him but knowing he does the two team temper cars again having a battle right on the finish and I thought Lauren said when he hit when he had that little incident going into the wall there that may have been in the end of it but no he didn't seem to get any damage from that very spare a spectacular there and he manages to take fifth place um James Costello go ahead there for the cozy but it's been a spectacular race from him sixth place he can't be disappointed with that he managed to stretch to one stop and he started from near the back similar to Sam carpenter there one he from the back of the grid he manages to get podium race he can't be disappointed that very much in very much must be happy with that and is a great Baxter right there on the finish line this is a pretty much a tradition that's he had the top free drivers come across to do some sort of donuts and that is I think one of the one of the tempo guys I think that might be Lauren said that is Lorenson joining in with the fun why not and why not he got there in the ends he might as well join in the fun he must be pleased with that he must be so so happy that he got there at the end and the to Defiance cars once again making a one two is if I record the correctly their bird won two races once you finish the row I did I did if you recall make a mistake back in Barcelona that I did say that was their first one to no past Bahrain was there for one to Auslan was the second and hearing Becky was their third wow there's no there's no more you can there's just nothing else you can add to it oh what a spectacular race from incidents from the start from you know and the battle between competent they was a massive just a spectacular battle we will never see and also the team type of guys giving us that grandpa Grenn finish as well you think a disappointing race from a Hendon and Max shepherd the to Vulcan race racing cars getting into intimates is they're right on this first corner seven for ninth at least they got points to show for it so we will be going on a short break a very short break and when we come back from a minute or two we will have some interviews with some of the drivers so stay tuned alright welcome back guys I hope you all have a breather from that pretty much a pretty much spectacular race I'm pretty sure our breath I hope you enjoyed that race and all we will have some quick interviews with our podium drivers from all Craig Baxter as Scott Davidson and Sam carpenter we want to view them one by one so we will get to Craig in here first break and Amy yep okay Wow 3-month spectacular race it was pretty much into them free for you you pretty much got away from that in turn one pretty much likes to flag victory for you how was it I deliberately left a huge gap and turn one and then like in the corner of my eye I just see a big blue thing coming and I'm like oh god this is gonna end badly so what tried to mess the corner even more and then I seen Scott again collected so from what I seen it was completely night fault after that it was really just control the race we had a pretty interesting bio for a fastest lap going on as well though I had that then Scott uses quality modes to get it as well but I managed to steal the fastest lap back that was probably the most exciting part for me yeah well Scott Scott Davis also having his battle with scam carpenter which was a pretty much occupying him um so obviously you talk about that server one incident what what did you see of that obviously you managed to get away from that Bobby Scott did get caught up with that did you think when you when you saw all that burn on behind you did you think that it would have been much easier race for you I I had a feeling it was gonna after that I hardly cup might be one and a half to second lead and Scott said he had pretty bad damage which was affecting him in the street lane so I knew pretty much that effort had managed to get a gap that probably should be able to comfortably hold it but the pheromone begging on the softs was quite a big problem which was unexpected that was why I also decided to just do a comfortable to stop rather than a one I could have made the warden last easy on the hard spot I don't want to Skinner yeah we did see both of the both um Scott pretty much coming in lay up or maybe the hard wouldn't have lasted how does it feel for 450 our for you pretty much dominated through our how's it feel very good I wish someone could get a bit closer at least the gaps are coming down and down but I think next up we've got monocle which if I don't put that on Paul then it will be a difficult one to win sir he was in front of me alright cake alright thank you very much I'll drag you back then I think her all she told me was Cheers next we will have Scott Davidson Scott man Wow I can definitely say from Comte I'm from spectating that that was one hell of a race that must have been pretty much from that turn one into the music you can explain that term on isn't them what really happened between you and their Nick I have no idea clay honestly em I go average start and I outbreak myself and I very nearly hey Craig and then all of a sudden I see a blue like a blue dot in my mirror and then all of a sudden I'm facing the wrong way but I haven't watched it but Nick did apologize and vice chair and said that he just messed up so I presume in that a just yeah but so that gave me a lot of damage and definitely didn't help my cause against Sam but Gotland Enda I was gonna come across him he didn't seem to he seemed to come away from that the the better of the two obviously maybe you did say you didn't have damage was that affecting your subsequent battles with Sam and how much did that effect for example tie with your tie strategies honestly it didn't affect tire wear or balance all that much it did a little bit but not much why did affect was my straight line speed so at times even with DRS where Sam was the same speed as me if not a little bit faster so so I was very lucky that I got him on the last lap but it wasn't so bad luckily some struggled with his tires as well in the first and especially and then we did different strategies and then I had one lap pressure ties and last and I was just able to get him out the line which I was very happy about that he was saying I did several times because some was it do his first in another say meet him so it did have to make a second stop were you in any an eighth I'm trying to take those hearts eyes to the ends or was it to stop always in the blood I could have pitted later I'm a first and then the one stopped quite easily but the problem is me and Craig especially one softs and the thermal degradation was quite high so there's a lot of slidin I pitted early just for safety really so I didn't crush and to be honest the damage and just generally trying like I don't think I would have kept some behind the first day though in the last and so I thought that my best chance was to just hope he made a mistake and luckily well he didn't he I was able a just about LPM sir yeah happy Bella he must mean very happy he got him right on the line in the last laugh so that grand finished yeah in the discord or just like Quahog Chabad what is poor ad pad the board you but yeah just got a black buy a 10 for something he wasn't very happy about the bowels between need to have been pretty much pretty much the entertainment from the the last couple races or thank you for joining us Scott and I would regular yeah oh I hope it actually give you something a watcher at least on this room we pretty much very much did for all of us i Scott thank you very much Sam I can tell you from even like even commenting by even as expected that was one hell of a race that you had let's talk about the start because obviously you were back at the grid when you saw that seventh the several incidences that happened to me was like five or six cars did you at that moment that you got past them or did you think podium was possible um I mean you never know you just you just go for it hope for the best to be almost on the first lap at a street track I tend to stick to the outside in moments like that because obviously when people the rear comes around they then go back to the inside so I was like and as soon as I saw that the people on the left as well didn't get such a good start I was like I'm sticking to the outside and I found myself in like I think eight after turn two and at that point I was like I'm gonna probably end up where I would have ended up if I qualified third or whatever so it's just from that point you just try and focus on the races away the way you always would have yeah I did see that you decided to because you were starting on the medium company they decide to on that first it's thought to come out on another set of medium so you have a two-stop strategy pretty much set were you thinking Scots ahead of you was always on a one-stop and were you adjusting to that well I knew that Scott would be going probably well try and go hard to the end because I knew was gonna go on hards because he was gonna try and do the opposite of me but when I heard in the first thing a lot of people were having thermaltake problems and I I might I just felt okay but the way I was coming down quite quickly so I decided I'm just gonna commit to the to stop early on at least that way I know what I'm doing and it should be pretty easy if I go medium medium then I can probably go soft at the end no problem which I did it almost worked out in the end right at the end I mean I can imagine how it must have felt inside you to just lose that battle right at the end I mean I've done it to people before and I know how good it feel like and now I know how it feels to for it to be the other way around yeah there was a moment I think coming out of the castle where we both had sort of oversteer moments and Scots was a little bit bigger so I was like just got to keep it together for this last sector and I did but he had a really good last sector and as soon as he came out of the last the corner before the last proper corner I think that's when he deployed his qualifying boost and I would he'd used it a lot more in them throughout the race than me at that point so I was like surely he can't use it for this entire final sector or he'll explode his engine will go boom so I was like after the two kinks leaning onto the street I turned my quale boost on but he'd already gotten over speed at that point and he just inched ahead to by like a kilometer an hour faster than man it was it was agonizing in the end but yeah I think I underestimated how much you can use the quali boost so in the end I mean it will be another year another season until we dubaku but yeah in the end if I'm battling someone ahead I'm just gonna deploy call your boosters at the final corner yeah well even even with that you know heartbreaking losing the second place design even start from starting from the back of the grid you still must be at least by podium yeah and I'm gonna try and do as well again at Monaco I'm gonna be qualifying I don't know obviously I can't get a backup grid from Monaco cuz I didn't qualify here so I'm just gonna hope to get a good grid spot there and then race alright well thank you very much Sam you gave us pretty much great entertainment throughout the race thank you very much that I could provide alright that is the interviews for those free done what sports throughout that is uh as you can see it was it was a hard race for for those three as I can imagine for the rest of the grid I can see good cause II and me and the chat saying holy crap Scott and sad did the same yep he also had a heartbreaking you know loss of position on the line unfortunate for you cozy but as you can see it does happen it does happen with back you having a very long straight to the finish line that does tend to happen but I really hope this race was just as entertaining for you guys to watch as it was for me to commentate over if I the blast to do it so next week I'm pretty much sure pretty much think it will be Monaco as the guys have said so I hope to join you guys then I'm pretty sure Curtis will be back but in the meantime from me this has been me AF Nino you guys later you

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