Reventon Classic Snooker 2019 Semi Finals

Reventon Classic Snooker 2019 Semi Finals

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sorry it's best to sit I'm having a good run commentate on behalf of both commentators will work out what's going on by the end of the day so that was a safety shop by James y2 thick and gone into the jaws and he's left sort of a decent chance here if we can clip this right in I think he's got a nice line to come up for the blue going underneath the black bear a little bit of running side mostly play just fraction too much angle I think so it might be a cannon on this red to make a popping in and out of Bowl between the green and brown see how Alison what aren't safe yeah a little cannon man so you should really be thinking of going into this pack at this point cuz there's only that one one right on so nice able on the blue here again we have the same shot as James had before trying to hit this paintball full football and this time he's got you know 12 Reds in that pack so he's gonna have to really get some power into this and when you do get a bit of rain the balls that spit that they don't spread as well so I'd be trying to hit this as hard as possible and try and get that football contact on the pink that's all of the same shoulders giant just didn't quite get it football just not enough screw my wife's drifted to the corner pocket so nothing easy here and he he's really got a similar shop that James was left with after replied he went into the pack he's got this tricky read into the middle well the clock even gets rid of this red doesn't lock it it's a go be a safety here I think I think he's taking the right on into the sauna your government took it on James looking at this cut but it's really really thin I think you just get past the blue for this this red but no idea what the positions gonna be able to describe no well that was very well played to mr. Oh mr. kiss on the right and come out for the boy fantastic shot it's perfect was a mushroom at all was a tar that was an excellent shot I'm sorry mr. Kissel all right he catches the kiss on the right day and on the top potion just like nothing now is he what about it works doctor do that it's all got two billiard players in the semi-finals Matthew and Saurav both will be featuring in the billiards festival which starts tomorrow at the event an Academy here in Stephen Street 175 D Stephen Street there's gonna be some some of the best players in the world competing and this year we've changed the format of that International Billy's championship and we're not will no longer playing 150 up so if you can make it down to watch some of these Billy players play I mean Sarov as we've mentioned is the current world Billy's champion Peter Gilchrist is here who's six times world champion Rob Hall from England he was runner-up in the world Billy's championship a couple years ago just yeah and team of Indians as well the Varia who made a 500 break recently in tournament play so yeah there's gonna be some massive massive breaks with these guys and yes certainly will be yeah for those who are interested for the Pacific International baby it's starting tomorrow yeah the format is round-robin groups with 90-minute games and then starting from the knockout stages will be 750 up but then if our and up for the quarterfinals plenty of opportunities for big breaks s or is you know 150 ups is just you know all my stairs like hitting my help short game so their play starts at 10 a.m. and goes through to all 10 for 12 hours there's those plays are having action all day for the next from Tuesday till Friday so get down here some world-class billiards and then straight after that the next day starts the Australian national Biddy championship so certainly throughout the whole week there's plenty of opportunity for anyone who wants to come and watch some very high club idiots with you know pacific international visits with some of the world's best as we've said and it won't be the champion is here and also better girl for us as well there's a many time will get his champion and then we'll have international but it's nothing bolton being as well and also have my fellow commentator steve has been competing him both certainly be a tough fast debate and how do you think you're gonna go and both of those events steve i'm wonderful question governor yeah I'm a practicing a lot of snooker so I'm just gonna take it a game at a time and see how we go I got to the semi-final last year of the International billiards and made the final of these Australian national so last year was pretty good just have to see how it goes this year I think we have more internationals this year so it's gonna be quite difficult and so have at the table still have that black tied up so not clear-cut at all even the Reds they look spread but they're sort of blocking each other a bit he straightish on this so he's gonna have to use a lot of coop hell to get that wide out of there not good on the pink but I think he goes to the top that was blocking the path it's a pink into the middle and in and out of bork if he wants to continue the break it's a rather tough shot pink in the center my shoulders ready was spying on offers just taking the 6 and then gotta play safe and try and leave James in trouble James coming around to have a look at this red just having a look if it sneaks through you can play shot to nothing here send the cue ball between yellow and brown he's caught the brown it looks like so I've caught that one a bit thick and he sno-cat him on most of the Reds but James got an opportunity here too I'm sure he's gonna take this long ball on and try and screw just past the middle pocket of the blue nice hit that an excellent fantastic one pot very good control the white to to just leave a nice angle another good positional shot they have very perfect asses just concentrating on the blue here the keys to just get past that middle every time I'm not sure if he's got up high enough here well he got that pretty quick so he's a bit of a stun run-through so always I find a good sign if you just floating up a step I mean top side of the blue that's a good sign that your cueing well and you're hitting through the ball properly screwing off the red that time just past the middle pocket again so this is looking good for James because I think that red on top of the black guards as well so you can finish in a spot here to leave himself the option of that one or the the one that's over the pocket a little bit short on that being a left-hander it's not much good to my dad so I think next show we're about to find out whether that rate goes near the pike you know it's slightly trickier this once again rocks out of the blue a lot of running side this was the crucial one because he's yeah I think he's a bit too straight to get on that read down you had to you had to really cure that once week two to get in the right spot no it's gonna be after that if he takes the boy who is only 37 over 43 on the table and most likely gonna be moving the two rides opening them up make sure won't wants to do so there might be more value in putting a color safe here and plainer safety he's taking the five points why's this I think he's gonna oh he's just grazed that that's incredible I don't think James quite meant to play like that but that's a very good result that's an excellent result maybe he did go yeah am I read it I don't think from John's reaction that a quat meant a guy that same thing that's just just kidding but he's absolutely dialed in behind the pink there he's hit that first time but I think oh he's our left him on orous no get him I'm not sure looks like the Reds owner from the way James is longing out yam so that's – what up B just tucking him up along the yellow here and I'm pretty sure we're gonna so – want to join us that's our result James lights by 37:35 on the title I can't see the edge of this red that's a bit of a loose one I think that's plenty of value here and taking get a red-black than the yellow with the brown and green with an out pickle incorrectly on the green just to run up on the brown I think James his last shot was a bit too loose he should have just got a bit more concentration into that last safety this frame is it's not over all this Sun at this level once make her as no yeah a winning advantage it's pretty much even money with your colors the way they are at the moment just rolls through here he's gonna give him quite a nasty snooker behind his Brown here trying put the grain near the black it's almost like someone was out to save the future I think he's gonna go both pushing here it's gonna be a ball cushion not to say any other way well maybe you can just miss that pink and get the great I doubted her whether it was I'm not why other but John's was over Taiwan he's got a better angle and waited yeah it's always been difficult on the screen that obviously he thought he could just squeeze past that Pinkman now sir I was 23 behind 25 unreliable so not a really I mean taking this ons a bit risky because he's got to float it in really against the nap can't really stand it in because the middle pockets is so I think the shorty here is totally if they green down near the black and by to say plug the safety behind the brown yeah I think that's what his plan he's got that wall of three colors in the blue pink and brown that he can live the white pine he had a year to go to see the the pace of the shot was just he's a bit tentative with it because of the little pocket you know we couldn't really hit through the ball the way you wanted to know this is awkward to cos jams are bridging over the brown view ball but those won't fly there yeah that was that was no gimme really with the position of the cue ball and queuing over the brown sir and after the disappointment of missing the smoker that's a good job but he wanted to put that away and with like a ball going [Laughter] we had to side once and survive again is now it's no good 26 behind 22 on this house oh well that's fantastic that's more like what I'd like to see James do really yeah especially at this level one slit is not much at all so you should be tightening up these safety private so James just mopping up the colors now four to one will give you a bit of an update now on the other matches see how they're going I think the [Applause] so the situation in the other semifinal between Matthew Boulton and Tyson Cronus they're still in the second frame and it's 40 to 45 our five points the difference and Adrienne Ridley has taken a three nil lead in the final of the plate so Matthew at the table they're on that they're on the green or do you know Tyson's in a snowgo so Matthew in control but Tyson's had a slice of up there clipping that grain very thin I don't think he's no good Matthew mouth he's got the edge of this it's great I've chosen about to go off now gangs about to break off in the fourth frame against sarov Kothari leading to one we keep you updated on that second frame with Matthew and Tyler and Tyson for those who aren't aware James is also chasing quite a bit of history here if he wins this event he's won the Triple Crown prevents an international or event of masters it's actually the second this is the second event with revant ins generous sponsorship they have a series of three events la-based they actually support a lot more than three events in Australia nuga but the ravenna aren't actually main events are the international this one the events on classic and an invitational tournament at the end of the year called the ribbon Todd masters that's for the top 10 players in Australia they get ranked after the after a 12-month period and the top ten get to play against my masters which is the the final event but there is a bonus of $10,000 for any player who wins all three events that can only be James because he won the international two weeks ago at Aubrey so this is the second leg so he's he's still going so he's the only one left who can win all three obviously coonass for a better result there really yes he's left the red into the middle but there's not much after that so and thank you for that clarification what James piece of history is chasing we'll try and get your yep some images of the other semi here distorts yeah still on the green double kiss no damage I think we'll go back to the other semi now because sir I've lifted a touching ball which allowed James to play play the cue ball in Tubac he's played it into a very nice position sir I've just faced with one read here the pots on but there's no value he's taken it on with power and I think he's left James an opportunity here so it's the outside red man around for the boy I mean she goes if it makes him he's on the blue Oh is he I just got a bit of angle you know down for the red and bulk might be hampered by the grain here mr. Brown a lot of bad kiss really could float this in come down for the read that sort of in between the pack of reds and the and the black or possibly the red it's closest at the black that would be ideal actually to start clearing the black spot so the worked out pretty well is just kiss on the brown has he floated through and off for that red I don't think I think he's to strike near the black so he'll have to take the other one go back up for think the right near the near the Packer sir nice he's taken the straight one was power he's trying to screw out of there up for the blue but he was never gonna get a good angle on the blue yep he's got it into the gray pocket it's not a bad break building the situation here because there's a number of ways you could open this pack up if you just finishes on the red to the edge of the packing and sort of pot that road and screw screw off the pack it could be interesting to see how he goes about this it's a very go shot well hit nice yeah just over screwed slightly so I can't see how we could take anything on here just to save the other thing the one thing you want is to get that cue ball due to that bolt cushion when you play so it's not a pretty good job there hasn't given sort of too much of the cue ball to hit and Seraph certainly doesn't want to catch this pick and spread the Reds everywhere it's cool to slightly thinking he's kissing this round horrible color as well squat the brown James now has the right into the right top pocket as we look at it I Spy that with check is quite a well nice little car that's a dream kiss nice clip on the blue and well the balls are quite good here just a little bit of work to do to free up that black but that's a mistake I think he was playing for the red by the pink then yeah just open Osaka cable typing this right on stim Nick right well the only thing I can think of URIs he's trying to stay on the pink I can't see coconut well he could avoid that very difficult for me the extension yeah well that's a missed opportunity by James really the balls were nice there really South Matthew and Tyson still on the green so this this safety battle on the green has been going for some time one point the difference Matthew in front and syrups got a problem getting back a bit much we're watching sort of his house bad to say in the other match between Matthew and tossin the white we're going we hope everyone away out to watch both matches complete this matches in the full frame there in the second yeah by the time this much finishes also being about the third frame hey sir Epps played a pretty good shot in maneuvering the cue ball there was a lot of traffic there so he's got back down a book he'd be quite happy with that really James has taken this hunt that q-ball's going into Red's here why his long game is in pretty good shape though it's a handy part that little oil on balls in this match so smoke is a you know it's quite easy when you start knocking in from the distance he was saying at the start of this match that both clients are playing very well coming into it and James are certainly showing that he's long game he's certainly going very well red hasn't hit that one well is he on today I want to get through it yeah he's looking at this red so maybe it's not covered if it's on he's had a bit of a result there and didn't hit the yellow well certainly was on ptosis are you got it that's our tossings part of the grain so pausing to points out my baby's in good shape on the I was gonna I was gonna say in the game we currently watching James had a result it didn't take advantage of it so sir I've now at the table 26 behind on the blue here that puts someone living up and he isn't he hasn't hit well actually he's he's in good shape on the on the pink here this pink the tournelle for Tyson and he paints in so he's turning up for a good start tossin actually played at the same venue I played it at the Brunswick Club in the round robin place and I watched these first frame of that because I had to buy in my first round and he took 10 Reds and 10 blacks he was on a maximum break and there is a special prize of $5,000 for a maximum he could add a position I played a double and just missed that the balls were very nice but he played very well he had a tough group he had a fellow he's a Vulcan and Robles leaders group who represented Australia the World Championships last year very tough group and didn't drop a frame so always been a very good qeh started in my opinion one of our best talents really in Australia but hasn't won a Australian ranking event yet so he's been knocking on the door for a long time I did notice that Dave's in fantastic form and hadn't had a string of breaks in the round robin face and he certainly was playing very well yesterday defeating Shaunda let's 4-2 in the quarterfinals and before that Kyle Barrett yes three to master five and Ben Gorski in the first round you three nil so we had some very tough opponents here and being from Queensland I saw him play at the Queensland open or he made it a long way through defeating Germany Qi as well it was a stalwart of the strains snickering billiards very hard man to beat as well as I certainly has been showing that I showing that he's very talented buyer and as again by backing this Emmy following this event and is now two-nil up against Matthew Boulton he's doing very well but you know there's a conflict that's Matthew that matches just started yeah Bobby trail up that so I'm pretty sure with a chance knocking in long balls he's probably gonna take this one huh but he's he's going into the red again yeah we don't have the stats up on long pot success would be quite high for James in this match and after that long putt earning every earning a very good position on the pink these balls are nicely spread now and this is definitely a frame winning opportunity 33 to 1 and that's down 8 nice position on the blue very good opportunity to go 3-1 up in a best-of-seven here [Applause] I lost the cue ball slightly they're just not in our ideal position so this is bit of a warrior really he's good actually that red goes it goes into the corner so he's playing this into the corner hater dance a bulk I think he was actually playing a lot right away trying to land a lot straighter than what he has well that's just the lovely yeah that's he's held it too well I think he's straight on the blue but yeah it's not a confidence to play a lot of that just smile yeah I soaking up the pink yeah just the natural stun off to cushions with a few touch of running sword and he's back in good shape now he's recovered the situation so it doesn't really need to pay for any other color than the pink here just nice ice control around the spot got that one wrong he's gone up cut off the blue head a bit more [Applause] so this red and another color just looking at a 3-1 lead here maybe six unexpected the way he's been putting long balls to miss that shot virtually frying ball really he's had a little bit of a result with the red going safe on the side well but this is this is no good release wouldn't take much force or of to finish nicely on that road and clear up from here might even be having a look to see whether I can move now where is looking spot-on Galvan easement he's moved it into a good position stand on those two Reds doesn't need to worry about the black at this point you can just take pink sand comfortably when the prime so you will just say him just stay around the pink Ian these three Ritz doesn't know fathers a difficult or entitled from here just about holding yourself together they situations ready nice flight that a very long there is a great shot now reset us roll this this is my seat frame massive right now this is some could be a turning point in this match I think it's perfect on the brain so yeah I can't really see a problem while he's looking to see if he's that good I know things might be a little bit striped but it doesn't really matter just strike screw back he's gonna come over the lawn on the brown so very little bit Punk's are the blue Garvin so I better work to do now still needs all three it's crucial to cue this really well and well he's not he's not contemplating dark around the table he's just gonna drop it in maybe he feels the tables not running quick enough to play that shot so it's just dropping this in very slow drag shot here or I think you'd be punching this one yes screwing it in off the couch he's looking at the scoreboard he should know that he needs both like that I hit that well crusher it's a nice clean it's very good clearance and you can see what it means to Emmys I put up a reaction there and it's one that get away yep we have all really good chances in that Fryman and now we returning to the match between Matthew Boulton and Tyson Curtis here is a team 2-0 ahead well 12 is it sorry serology all seem to know to Matthew Matthew s 14 tossing Zara with Dawson is at the table those are tossing he's gonna take the Li here play for the right and walk and it'll be probably coming out for the blow after that so and that was a very good shot there by tossing he's got a bit of work to do here giving himself quite strong at some angle but where his next words gonna come from unless you can land nicely on that rattle on the cushion that red might be in the way to get to anything else and after that brilliant clearance but survived but now back live with the Sarah Jane Smith match and joining me in commentary is revenge and sponsor Chris Tucker Sophie welcome and Steve no sorry oh jeez stay pissed over those eyelids Chris joined us my apologies since your father well that's as close as you could get to hitting a ball without hitting it but obviously because there's still 15 Reds on the table you must you must hit it really so he'll be he's replacing this and there's no real problem here for Sarov to get this safe so get a cat-and-mouse before the at the start of the fifth frame well I said that there's no problem but he's these left James in you this is a really good test for James to see how well he can put that behind him that clearance in the last Froman that he's missed the first read so and lifts her up in nicely yes why nice chance for syrup now take a 3-2 lead looking at this position I'm trying to work out what's next yeah yeah it's not clear-cut Govan landing that obviously it's got to go into these three Reds that above the black foot he's got you go into it a couple of ways he's striding to the center of the threat he might have this cut I think he's still on this cut so he's gone into the down into the bulk area after it and I'm thinking can hold for the blue so probably be on ball color after this they have nicely played choice youth yellow or brown here it's so this is actually looking like a very good opportunity now he's asking for the red to reclaimed wants to make sure not much trouble here really like I can't see any trouble the next four Reds and he'll be in around the blackened a very good opportunity to go through to up you'll probably take the lower of the two Reds here so I think there might be a kiss off the pack depending on the angle he's hit that – well us wouldn't believe he would actually did that – well nice angle to float up for the blue here be too strong no problem he's got ball colors you can see the change in body language now he's destroyed it around the table looking a bit more confident striking a ball better as well gives you a lot of confidence my finger crunch clearance like that to win on the black and obviously does the opposite to the equity or opponent when they're on the verge of going to him and as you can see in the other game in the top right corner Tyson's looking very good for 3-0 days he's cured so well I think he's sort of played at this standard from start from the southern corner and the round robin first to today that's now 3-0 to Tyson big moments for Tyson really I don't think he's beating Matthew in a match stone [Applause] big shopper James here he's hard up he wants to scatter these Reds and get that cue ball into walk with his knees aren't they hit that luckily he's not left anything but could more syrups come around he's a look at that that is looking at that middle red I think the shutter nothing is on so possibly find that the cue ball in between the yellow and the brown here I think you took the one near the pink yeah he did very strong safety though he's smokin James on this side of the table so he's sort of trapped in mood here he's played that well but has he left that red on to risk anyway there's no position taking it over alongside actually play a pretty good shot there James syrups got a bit of work to do to get Sophie he'd like to take that read on that the one in in the middle of those three their line of three and come back down for safety hey I was wondering looking at the angle whether it was actually on or not he's trying to work out I think it's on but it's just the cue ball who's gonna run into Reds I think that's why he's not taking it on and especially with a outside read for safety no no he's gonna take a one-hole and pushing 40 out my shoulder waving that Reds so checking my Fenton ikonn here you can suddenly say suddenly a different mindset and Sarah I was thinking from earlier and I'm a cheese looking now to almost take anything on to wear in a match he's trying to look now for opportunity to wrap this frame and try to pray too while he took it on he took it on I can't believe he took that on I thought he had the could apply the same red thing on the other side and got back to Vogue but yeah that was very risky well another test that James is character here too he's got a very good opportunity here just the big ass now to put that disappointment of the fourth frame behind him and get it back together but I think sir I've smelled a bit of blood there and wanted to try when the frame of that visit but yeah great stay that the safety know if that same red on the other side was the man leave James a whole lot of trouble looser I feeling good was probably they smarter shopping now his life James with all the doors had a chance to get back in the to try and certainly a chance to get his Hugh I'm going Murray has it had for a while not an easy clearance got the red on the black cushion then other rate that sort of over that middle pocket that not quite on it's a bit of work to do you got three more Reds before he has to worry about those those other turrets I just build up a few points get back into the frame that one sort of struggled in a little bit just screwing straight back for the red near his hand here nicely played a little bit of angle just run through this off the cush just the Pens where he wants to go after this one now yeah after this right it starts to become decision time yeah I had enough angle to just start so he's low on the black I don't think he's got enough angle to then on the one in the middle pocket so I'm pretty sure it's that red near the blue now next but that's really tricky that one in the middle because it's pretty good for a right-hander if you land behind it you can put it down the rail but not good for a left-hander and if you're trying to kiss it out it's quite tricky really he's played that while he's got nice angle here so we can just stand back down for the black stun screw here this is the red scores a 44h big moments in this match now last three Reds doesn't know why he's left it there so I think he might have I think he's just yeah I think he's on it so he's just thinking of that at rid there was just there he's he thinks maybe you can just drop in behind and just drop it in dead weight so I think it's pop this onto the blue Wow charlie believing that right to lost any fear yes absolutely yeah get down for the one underneath the black here and if he thinks he can drop this in then yeah the clearance is on just on the hidden I think I think he was trying to come in between black and red and just behind the register and while we're paying a lot of attention to this match here form a match just st. Matthew miss a pretty simple black off the spot that's left Tyson how a lot of opportunities so Tyson's got a very good opportunity heater up to match up 4-0 both object-ball safe for James and not clear-cut swerves neck Spurs next safety shot pause with a little bit awkward here let's add a traffic there with the ball colors John look out what he's doing okay fine yet stunning into the side rail basically these are the fit red on I think I think there's a gap between brown and blue for James to get through here yeah I think he was trying to apply if I'm on the block there this is looking good yeah yeah he's got that little clip on the brown and I think he's no good sir off here now could possibly return the snake here to cushions off the bottom of the ball cushion if it's going one mop the other service the asanas run out of position there and he had a good opportunity to win the match but he's run out of position but he's put in a pretty good safety there yeah syrup gets out of the smoker but these left James a half chance of this road I feel it's gotta be positioned for the brown here the way the last red will be cut again on that right it would have liked a little bit more so you might need to play a delicate little cannon here or I'm not too sure about the angle you might be able to roll through then have the phone to the middle pocket yep I'll be bothered snafu James if you can compose himself here and get this frame on the board and I put the disappointment of the previous frame behind a few potted a long read out of theis and safety there and these is banging now so Matthew in a strong position in that frame he's gone a bit too far James I feel there yeah what could be important I know I mean needs up to an including the boy so doesn't need the pink not going I just need to finish her a little bit out of position you know that's like two inches out of position there makes all the difference tricky shot with the wrist the pot wasn't tricky but just the position of the cue ball just becomes a bit more difficult and he spied that nicely it's gonna be under Brown perfectly finally Nate's blowing pink for three too late for Suraj that's three two to survive that miss green is going to be costly and in the other match Matthew's on quite a big break here amounting to come back as Matthew as a big habit of doing so to believe players making the finalist law on the common tax case they dismiss that brand into the middle so you can't believe it we'll try and get a score for you it in a second guys and it's Matthew on 31 Tyson on 421 yeah 3121 – that's me [Applause] well there Tyson you're not going to get a much better chance than this mate it's balls nicely placed for him these are those hopper positions that you have in practice routines sign to win a tournament I set these bowls up and in the oil your practice routine saying to win at ornamental make a final you have these awful positions to go through now it's a matter of staying everybody sitting in doing huh Wow he's made things a bit difficult now shouldn't have been that cube or shouldn't have been traveling so he just lost the cue ball he's coming around to have a look if he's on this road looks like he is not that easy against the nap could be lazy but he's played really positively and it's real while sir I think the Pink's the other shot really is going to screw this pink back and get on to the red good part that I don't think he's got through the Y as well as he wanted to oh that's a big shot he's part of that what he's left hand you dad Oh weird again left-handed yeah well virtually match ball really pleased left hand see what a fantastic brand that was well it's a that's a big that's a massive win to tell us and really I'm pretty sure it's decibels ranking miss Ryan ranking event finals a huge breakthrough for him good good to see release I've always been a fantastic uist and I'm bold I'm Tyson before zeroing so very impressive result against Matthew Boulton anyone defeating Mackey for Zerona Vista serve and it's done very well so that's a big victory 4,000 yeah so yes all right back in momentum just shifted completely in this match after that clearance [Applause] I think James will need a bit of help from Sourav now to to get this frame really it just seems like it's old now in his white now oh I think the Blues gonna be covering in here no I think he's just done down slowly huh I think it just just goes you are called it right government question there for you commentary what are you William Kent has a switch Club is a play that it's played of the revenge on Academy in Yerevan if you were in Melbourne and you're keen to come down and watch live come down 175 d d forestry terrible it's free for spectators and yeah anyone's welcome to come and laugh along and watch James has gone into the pack lovely there and result from the plate final was a win to Adrian riddle II for one so that's a very good victory in the polite final variant so sort of missus have read into the middle there and James Mifsud with another opportunity can't believe is miscued there we're all saying about Steven I was saying about ten minutes ago that momentum seems to be going and things you know game seems to be going sir I was away and when momentum seems to be going one players way odd things seems to happen like miscues and when you'd apply on the wrong end or eyes everything seems to start piling up on yet I spot slightly low on the black but one good pot in this black and it would be a really good opportunity to win match Wow Wow Wow yeah I get the feeling that sir I was starting to say the finish line here I don't know if that was a kick or what happened there but that was that was a long way off possibly he was just thinking of getting the cannon I don't know it took his mind off the part that well James should count himself lucky now to have this opportunity and I said early and he's a little bit of help from Saurabh so that could be it like could we say this harder here even though the balls are favourably placed I think this is a big chance here James can take this we were just saying that momentum was getting suros after that shot on the block if James can take days yep so I thought that sure on the bike sir I was seeing the finishing line now if James can take these and make the three all yeah this could be nice as well if he can if he's a bit low on this road he can run through and open that other RIT up that's next to the pink now he's taken the road below it that would be nice if he could finish the low on that red and just graze the other reason open that pink and red up or maybe it's on governed by view I think correctly I think we've maybe but both of them are actually on to the right corner well wow that was a bit that was a bit edgy that one she asked wriggled in his pay T is all the pockets monsley isn't all about composure at this point just taken a deep breath composing yourself now the work begins these last four Reds well the one did there the green pockets not too bad and yeah that one's yeah not great for a left hand oven he's close to the middle they're facing off Wow 23 so anything we haven't got too many predictions right governor we said that the other matches still be going once this was over but that finished before Tyson winning four nil that would have been would have got a good price on that that result perhaps the thing they're both feeling the pressure now the most making mistakes that my wife all right hand there you wouldn't expect the bully apply to mess up an expositional shop but you still got this yellow but I can't see where the next Reds gonna like yeah they could possibly just float this down leave himself that cut on the red yeah so yeah he's played that into a good position actually so if he pots this red he's going to be naturally on to the black now I supplied that very well yes you sign it a bit shrine little me they might have enough angle yeah my bill hi Jeff this and you up on that red sort of in control now los it doesn't line that train that's perfect yep that's absolutely perfect now if we came back for the boy he could possibly win this frame of this visit yeah I think you want to go back for the boy you're here if you can does it once I get on another opportunity missed sorry James can get himself together and Nick this frame I think yeah it's gonna be anyone that's cuz they're both now mischance is the one match so well they both missed the few crucial ball sir nothing in it sir after all points up that's a solid safety by James unless or as he as he kicked the goal there looks like he has sir I've taken the road on well sure John James has taken this one on pockets are starting to look a little bit smaller for Sarah from the last few minutes well that's interesting Roy Jones is part of long balls he's refused that one he's opened the frame right up taken that read off the ball cushion Oh easy well this is trouble this is well an opportunity now has he had a bit of good luck there with where he's put the brown I think he's made the yellow I think the yellow goes nuts could be he's saving grace here but I mean it's not a gimme about this shot cuz he's I think he's killing is a bit awkward with the brown and yellow there it's just that having to elevate the cube I think he's gonna be in good shape you cannot sit in that quote that really sick and what's he left he's lifted quite nice now sir another chance for James go just to let everyone know as well who are watching yeah that these match scoreboard is actually showing survive on 44 James on 43 but our scoreboard is showing 747 James on 43 yep yep suros on 44 alright so it's uh I think he might have come down a bit too far in this grain he's gonna who made perhaps he wanted to be a bit straighter to get on this Ridge see now with this shot I can't really see the angle from yeah now he was able to screw straight down and that's that's well played really but he's got that problem of the yellow now so that this Nick next shot is crucial it's al and all my struttin the blue from where I look at him if you wants to get on that yellow I think it's gone into the great problem well he doesn't have to go for the clearance if he dashes low on the yellow he's gonna have an easy snooker to lie but I'm sure Jones will be thinking of developing the yellow here you might be thinking to snow goose or of next quite a difficult shot now to go up down the table and play this cannon it doesn't really need to put side just getting the right amount a stun run through here of two cushions you can catching that jaws just helped him slightly really so he's had a little bit of luck there because he didn't get them get the line right but yeah without catching the jaw I probably would have been yeah behind the brown he would have less he would have had less of the yellow for sure and I think it would have been so good but you would have had less of the yellow to hit still maintain control of this prime if he plays a bajillion and then well not that was the wrong shot that was the wrong shot I don't think that shot was hot Petrey soda birthday party sir I would prefer to serger James there was quite an easy smoker really had a big target but still very tricky for James to get this safe this is this is tough really has he gone enough that's the question it was going huh Iver always played that quite well in labour where it is without cutting him off just look behind the black I was taking it on now as he kicked a cow I think he's took me took that on ah Govan I think he was flying the slow cooker lucky for James he's got a smoker opportunity now the angles quite good really just naturally floating up for the brown lovely shot on the brown really nicely onto the blue and the blue is in so that's three or Barracks nope is obviously but I'm pretty sure James will slot this one into the middle and we have three all govern yeah Wow well a few twists and turns in this match and I don't know who's gonna be the happier the – I don't think of this stage is probably James we heard it's really had a few momentum shifts this match so any what anyone's guess who's gonna win the disorder I like sir I will be sitting there out of the minor thinking let's talk about a more prosperous tomorrow at some moment your finances property investments property management accounting and financial planning I looked after in an exceptional capacity under the same word when you are hiring a team of professionals to support you in your investment and financial decisions your future is reven tons future so let's talk about a more prosperous tomorrow today well it this is 70 same what so the final for those watching the final will be played at 2:30 so Sourav with the first good chance here of building a good lead in this designing frame pretty what do you want the cannon hasn't gone to great still got the road into the middle that awkward queueing break goes to 28 so building a bit of a lead mr. Seidel nice pot on the red bridging over the pack nicely onto the blue very close to the ready sway scope there [Applause] a bit surprised he took the brown there I thought the blue was a probably a very shot 30 point lead James the Safety's eyes left that red really so the frame looks like it's favoring surov now that colors of all off their spots and beautiful long PI 31 point lead choice of brown or blue looks like he's taking the blue well how's this ended up well he has got a half chance to James misread but not easy and bit difficult again on the color so I'm not sure how much value there isn't taking this on I think he's actually gonna try and split the red and black here to get another color and nice taking it on the safeties okay I think so I've considered this red actually so he might he could have a sort of go of this clip shot to nothing he's played the safe thing he's open the bunch well I think James are going this done off the rotor on the left-hand side off the cushion for the pink yeah yeah there's a there's a nice gap there to get through it yeah tough pot Bernie's come for the one on the right on the right hand side yeah he's gonna leave that red on top of the black if he stands through that gap he's tried to screw backs for safety so no damage done there it's bit strange playing safe for the lay of the table the way it is there's nothing really to get behind and the Blues off the spot so our first real scrappy frame that typically lasts last frame dog fight yeah colors are all a mess yeah they're all nice and tidy the six frames before this yeah sometimes it just doesn't work out sir I've got 31 point lead and James hasn't really had any really good chances so I did a bit difficult for James to get into this frame it's caught that all wrong and it's another opportunity for syrup now it's a very good opportunity really feel rolls this were long ready and he's naturally on the pink and everything's nice after that's her match-winning chance really yeah I think he's on your one shot here just gotta play gotta play this route just yeah gonna drop this in time rallies a lot about he had areas on this right on the left that's right on the right it's like on the one on the left not yet girl I'm not you're not yet he certainly doesn't like going on the right that's for sure not comfortable just out of reach he's putting a small extension on didn't fancy rolling it in apply it with pace off the cushion so the opportunity the opportunity falls to James now has he come too far I think he has these wrong side of this brown so round the world here trying to come back down for Red's I think that cue ball nice to slow down he's over hit that by a long way this is a bit of a nightmare really this um shot into the middle because he's gonna leave a lot if he does miss it so there's a lot of pressure on this now he's basically leaving the match for us or of taking this on and it's a little bit awkward with position I think he's got to come off the cushion just sort of laying on the blue yeah I think he's gonna apply his safe these rushlight safety abilities kiss the brown football had a good chance to play with a lot of side there and try and play the cannon on the yellow faul Miss Jones putting a lot of sight on that shot trying to get the edge of that read getting a bit too much side and swerving and missing the read going into the green sir sir of having the balls replaced still with a 30 point advantage well–that's he's not put them back in their life spunk regular side they're out from the bush yeah that was sort of level one yeah oh it's not too bad actually they're a bit further down just a bit too high up the tail and I think it matters that much anyway doesn't really make too much difference to my Jones gonna hit this now and he's played that nicely good fight that fight James really needs to make up at this point he's just one mistake away from losing this match so he's got to start doing that nailing a few safeties to hard up and try and create an opportunity he's caught that he's called the grain but I think he might have got away with it and the Reds come blocking the red if that red goes it's probably it all probably only just goes he's probably got half a pocket there I'm trying to get a view it's a bit hard so we went from that angle not a nice situation to be in because what do you do like even if you try apply safety no matter it's gonna be over the hall sir I think he's just taking in the Sun it doesn't have a full pocket to go out that's for sure supplied that ball well this is the tricky part getting these blue pink and black back on their spots and let's drop the blue in possibly gone up for another blue here if you can just um maneuver the cue ball to get through the gap has he kissed the right he has I think that spoiled his position looks like just the safety on the other now I'm possibly the brown and try and snuggle behind the green and crucial to trying snooker sir ruffian the cute looks cue balls hot up good containing safety shot there wasn't in slay Apple to get to back to got more cushions I just ponies he saved each containing shot leaving the problem for James to get back to the ball Cushing without spreading all the Reds yes this is tricky if he tries to get back to bak here this is this is very tricky he's gonna play with check side come on send the cue ball near the yellow he's under hit that and he's open he's open the Reds up it's a very good chance for sir over here to tie up this match one good positional shot she was trying to count on the red there that's down the pink that called it a bit thin I'll be safety shutoff the brown to try and get behind the green or pink well that's a report that's a that's a good show well you can't see this red but I think the middle jaw is gonna come into play here so Jones has got to be careful of this thank you gotta play it super thin like he's playing the safety off the road near the block please miss the middle jaw that's the key and how's the cue ball a little bit short for it so I think it's another opportunity for Sarandon place well that's not a been on think he's throwing a bit of bait out there he's seems quite happy for James to take this on into the middle as James had a result there I'm not sure yep yeah looks like looks like he's here it's not easy for Sara I have to get a site from here yeah it's understandable taking a bit of time over this one because MIT isn't straightforward there's a bit of traffic to get back to the Bork area and if he was to leave it short he's leaving that red over the middle for James I think he's got a possible shutoff they write on the top cushion three cushions for cushions around the pink engrain looks like a possible yeah I don't think he's playing the one on the cushion I think he gallantly be screwing the the one above it no take him taken the road on if he's got a go he's gonna go positively I think it is this figure-eight shot with screw running side trying to get behind pink and the green perfect yep lovely shot James has got a problem now well he said he caught that all wrong way too thin and got quite a nice kiss on the blue left it sort of happened with the green sir it's getting edgy out there getting very edgy and there's a lot at stake you know to get to this final so been an interesting match so long has been momentum has shifted between both players I've certainly had a lot of opportunities yeah and with their balls now mostly open up the last few shops the blow is gone dead again yeah otherwise yeah you know though both in good positions in this match both had good opportunities to take control the match and and miss them and well that's just that's a great shot I'm pretty sure in you he's going into you know red or black there and took it on anyway but being 23 behind I think getting the blow out here is so much fun he's thinking of taking this pink home yeah good decision taken in the blow-off Oh they left the right Khan started so how to name the blowout unless all right as he covered this road I think he has the Browns snickering that red bits on you know very good shot there by Jack I mean the first time I really had to play good shot there cuz he was living that red all day long and that's that's just a wonderful safety shot he's forcing seroff to play the suit say for it as well so dump shot onto the top cushion turn the road down a little walk and weary and if I gotta live the two Reds Londo then he doesn't live in anything quite a bit of risk with these shots no not nothing yeah he's leavin a half chance could be a shot to nothing into the middle for James here cueball heading up towards the grain but could be all over now I think James thought he'd be was missing the jaws are the middle but the cue balls just caught the middle jaws and lift her up in prime position here I'm perfectly on the field black of him yes sir I've applied that wall to check it down the middle of the table rather than coming around or three just getting the white ball clean settling himself down he knows this is much over here if he holds himself together so this is match ball I'm read to put the match beyond down so the final will commence at 2:30 between sourav Kothari Tyson Curren and that will be best of 9 thank you – down Lynch or all of his work fantastic coverage great – to get snooker streams online and how's that for a result Thank You Garvin thank you for your commentary today and we'll be back to support you in decisions future it's written tons future you

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