Pro hockey players play Rugby

Pro hockey players play Rugby

UK Rugby

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Off season training can become quite repetitive so Conditioning Coach JP MacCuallum challenges his stable of pro hockey players to a fun filled game of rugby on the Halifax Commons. NHLers Brad Marchand, Alex Grant, Andrew Bodnarchuk enjoy the change of pace and trash talking which follows.

quick review rules rules on it number-one rule goichi plus is the five-yard rule does co2 concerned with with justice the contribution sir a little bit Jeff had a rough week last week didn't quite understand the premise of rugby especially when it's a touch he decides to run away from his teammates and then today I usually turn it over yeah player coach solute hey Kochi bread how is your bread how would you characterize this team somewhat like a Montreal Canadiens no small skill speed divers French divers not diving bots how would you characterize your your team here but grains grains nothing above rings we're stinkers mix mixed up lettuce ISM and thinking the game right Bradley's gotta go boy whoa you've dropped it makes me sign seems to be a lot of trash-talking out there yeah a lot of rule-breaking how's the officiate Jeff brutal church is just taking advantage of the rules thing advantage to have a no referee taking extra steps fake tags done you don't like it

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  1. Why does brad marchand and any other butt fucker associated with boston insist that montreal, or any team that ISN'T the bruins, are a bunch of divers. I've literally NEVER seen more embellishment during a hockey game/series than i did in the 2014 ECSF. Absolutely disgraceful. Chara = diver, Thornton = diver, Marchand = diving queen

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