Price vs Brown | Quarter Final | German Darts Championship 2019

Price vs Brown | Quarter Final | German Darts Championship 2019

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Rett order in 2019 European tour jamming is good it sounds ridiculous well there's a lot of people out there will possibly think that the favorite for this title is Getty price not gonna disagree but a lot of people think that this is the hardest game of the weekend after that brick and these guys for me they've got that strange gap or do I go back to the hotel or do I stay here now last week in Leverkusen it was an easier decision to make because the hotel was on the road you could get back there and two minutes flat the hotel's about 15 minutes from here so you're just thinking shall I go back she live refresh or shall I just steer here and chill out it's really easy a steer here and get things wrong and possibly over practice and think that things the wrong way I think guess he might have gone back refreshed and come back I'm not sure what keegan did yeah and i go and went back to the hotel i'm not sure about keegan but the thing is the gay one has been in here before he's been here more regularly these final days of Euro tours he's won one he made another final last year he knows what they're about these final dates and of course you know we've seen him at the UK open where he's made the final there before which is a similar kind of setup and he made the semies this year where you're playing in the afternoon and then again potentially three games in the evening so going price knows what these days are about keeping Brown has less experience doing that single 11 for that tops that he loves you know that didn't like that double or he found a flight to give a backhander to I think when it comes to fly verses gezi I think anyone otherwise he was doing a great flat chop it is Russell me near the after all obligatory all new person and wrestling reference ticked off if you got that on the bingo card [Applause] fifth time these two have met two wins apiece for them played each other for a couple of years and it is the last couple years in particular in fact it's the last sort of ten months in particular where go and prices really pushed on and become one of the best players in the world right now Rob and I were having a very interesting conversation earlier but Garin Fraser who Adrian Lewis because it would make for a very interesting fight wouldn't they would because of crosswords in the past but interestingly enough that started because of Adrian saying Gazi that the two proto has one nobody turned up nobody of real naught was there well when Adrian won his recent title it was a broad area where mpg wasn't there so Rob and I were talking about the fact that I'm sure there will be some sort of ribbing in the and the bustle because of it I think the relationship between the two was a lot better than it used to be double 12 I'm gonna say given price he can Brown excellent shot very good laughter – Keegan for how many times that I'll say that last night excellent shot yeah three legs in a row one-nil Van Gerwen one one two one Van Gerwen two to three nil and then at the end of the match he was just too good yeah well he managed to defend his own won't even brown against MVG last night and then when the one chance to break did come he seized it without fly any [Applause] this is way needs Simon will of the ping it he's the expert at pinging the fly they got Bobby George to do this and some German I think it was a journey maybe there's a Japanese game show it was like a bands I type thing and say the proper Georgian had a big white cube of a room and put a fly in there I guess in this fight with these darts when the middle of it is an incredible piece of television I had seen this honestly Google it's good it sounds like a fantastic native viewing the second best amenity lighted half tonight yeah I mean is only a small segment it's not like an hour-long show Bobby Jon's bedroom trying to hit one again go in price could go double double yeah it was the route and nothing wrong with that route you just do it my niece had an Indian t1 because he hid the last leg so can you do it again he may go a double-double three darts means I'm looking at tops this weekend there's only one outcome [Applause] yeah I mean odd approval to the wife who is sitting in the crowd this weekend he's been away from home for nearly two weeks as gezi and very much like rob cross earlier and know he's looking for a gone haunt seeing the girls in South Wales it's a tough job – sometimes especially when you're in the Premier League and you have to flip-flop between places there she is mrs. ice man it's it's nice man yeah it's been a profitable couple of weeks for going price picked up a quarterfinal spot last week and got five grand for that it was very nearly more should've beaten MVG midweek in rotterdam and obviously he's got another five grand here and Counting six and a half grand for a semi-final if you make the final 25000 in ranking money if you win the whole thing I am very much looking forward to Cardiff my Cardiff Premier League is always good caught it just in general is incredible however desi price is a slightly bigger deal this year the last year and after the somewhat controversial grand slam I watched social media for a good couple of hours after the final and Wales got behind Gary price they're really dead and I think when he's in Cardiff we could be seeing something quite special I wouldn't want to be as opponent in court let's pull it out we're gonna get booed on in to walk on although to be fair it's in nowadays and go and is playing such good stuff they threw him on his walk on within two visits they're cheering him because he's firing him big scores and playing two dogs oh here in brown that was a robbed cross esque approach very similar works her last name isn't he's standing there holding his throw quanta for Denis mistakes bid team dark big train hits and he's got that similar for twister last night there's no exuberance there's nor just stick your leading it's just eyes to the floor eyes to the board throughout what you're looking at type of focused stuff I like it from Keegan I mean it's the II battled past matters or asthma in the first round that was sixty five you have an incredible win against MVG defying 108 average for the world number one and then he just brushed aside Jerusalem this under the noon Wilson is he's struggling he's got a problem with his eye that he's gonna get sorted out next week apparently but Keegan did a professional job he averaged almost 100 in that game and got it done you can't stay there can he no sensible switch let's not forget Keegan has a ranking title and in the final in Coventry he put in a performance that was very befitting winning a title because it was something in the region 110 average against the Adrian Lewis in that final well there is a chance we could see Keaton Brown Adrian Lewis in the final here some way to go here through semifinals and the final to follow straight into the semi-finals with Adrian Lewis taking on Darryl gurney real heavyweights in the world of guards a two-time world champion in the world number five the unseeded Ricky Evans faces the winner here could be to unseeded players fighting it out for a spot in the final grunting from the ice month this weekend I was a little bit against good bridge there was a little bit of everything against Todd bridge but a big exchange coming up here I think if guess he takes this we might hear something 40 it needed 48 hit for tops big shot and a fist bump from Keegan Brown it's all very friendly since very friendly to dear it's been great to watch so much respect between the players all the way through the afternoon and tonight I think the spirit showed from Van Gerwen last night with Keegan Brown was great I assisted in he always does it doesn't he's very rarely but you see you go and go if somebody play's incredibly to be so and he usually have to play incredibly to beat him he's the first person to congratulate him John Henderson the only drew hando with MBG in the family but mvg was quite happy sir Lando have his moment and acknowledged it credit lee byron that was that was cool I still got friends in northern Scotland we're still talking about it they're probably still drenched from that night because most of the drinks are at 20 feet in the air they've had no banging in the 180s you know the Premier League has been fabulous this year we've really enjoyed it I'm always gonna miss the contenders now that they're not in it well unless the PDC have got something at the sleeve merely go in price will be in belfast of course he takes on Michael Van Gerwen in the final game in the night on Thursday from the SSE arena I'll go and he takes on Bob cross a man he's beat this weekend Michael Smith not here this weekend he's back home for his young lads birthday uncle junior so he's back playing Peter Wright on Thursday and mint sauce to Levitch against James Wade we've seen a nine daughter to nine daughters and two tournaments on the ureter it's gonna be a tipping nightmare this we've done our big score here yeah I don't mind out at all I think that's a good shot that bullseye might be academic double 16 excellent lead over again massaging his inner keegan from from last night it's the very same performance he's defending his own throw undies hoping that go in price gives him an opportunity at some point to break he's gonna need to he's defending his drawer like the daryl gurney pizza defender that's a story he weren't tuning in last night then you've missed out indeed you've missed out on something this isn't their sort of level to perform some going price that we've seen from so far this weekend look at that eighty nine average and he's not been averaging below ninety very much at all this year it's very true he's very high up in the average list the second only to cross and Van Gerwen in the player's championship series had a spare lives twenty games unbeaten which straddle that weekend where he won two titles on the Saturday and Sunday one of those days he averaged 103 for the day that's better than anybody else we've seen winning a title since the youth Dark Knight system [Applause] that's a very key in 40 from gezi the advantage of through mere be the separator in this game but yet again he could well have to take the one or name it's going to be twelve this time for that double top it doesn't come to his rescue this time and he ghen has a braking opportunity is this the chance double 16 and King and round leads for the first time how good were those three darts that was a phenomenal trevally 18 and the first shot at double 16 was a dream guide for kids and he used to go on and win this title keegan there will be tears shed not only by him but by Ross as well he was suffering from a chest infection but is still here this weekend this could be a career changing weekend but he's still got a lot of work to do against a feisty Gazi now in terms of Euro tour stuff Keegan has been in a quarterfinal before it was about a year ago and MV judicial did to school he smashed him six now this is very different what's actually helped Keegan already is the jump in prize money in the quarters and potentially for the Sammy's as well because it's at five thousand now for the port finals it's six and a half thousand for the semi-finals that's gonna aired his cause for getting into future tournaments but I can guarantee this is not one player left in this tournament now who's thinking about that they want this title they want to ask himself to that wall of Honor [Applause] [Applause] the roles reversed this time around Keegan may not even get a go at the 107 gonna see it get those 60s out really quickly because they were dangling now this would be magical he's looking to square it up that's all right 54 that's why you go downstairs for 107 you've got out down there then we wonder what stairs double 10 forget either Brig back oh no no no no two darts in hand looking at double five if you got a Miss you cannot miss inside and go and price is that the moment that sees this game slip away from him maybe not [Applause] take two concluded he's gone away with it this has been a very very close contest and somehow guessing price has got the initiative back can he use it he's been a very good closer this year pretty much apart from last week where he had 57 for the match and didn't hit the 17 the tops he hit the – yeah they've been a couple of incidences in the Premier League where he could have picked up an extra point because he hasn't managed to get the job done but I mean in general you look at his Pro Tour form and one thing you can't accuse Garin prices not getting over the line he picked up two titles not getting those ranking points yeah gotta get those ranking points that is not how you want to back up a max back in the leg is price after some what if he starts Keegan having to be crafty crafty enough [Applause] a great-looking dog [Applause] probably easier to hit up and miss it well he was winding up for a celebration I think there are they gonna be on the same finish after this start oh no they're not it's definitely advantage price now singly 18 he's gone the correct way for one money it little recess this is a very difficult shot look at the 19's first gets it tops tops oh boy [Applause] everybody has to bow to that shot that was simply sublime on real shot from Heejun Brown a 1 3 7 2 double tops and it means he is throwing for the match phenomenally go in price can I take another one he says yeah I'm sure you've seen that shot already this weekend it has been that many good finishes um I'm losing my legs on are now that this is an over in a little bit of energy a bit of Hornets go in price he's not feeding off Keegan Brown I think it's really smart from a psychological perspective what Keegan's doing he's not feeding the monster look mark don't bridge tried some shenanigans at his game all it did was mate get desi fired up that's when you start with him even bigger scores active and close the game out very very quickly you can fight fire with fire sometimes but sometimes you've got to fight fire with something that isn't fire kill him with kindness high fire with kittens well it's not the court Dalton from Roadhouse but be nice a strong leg that was a rule house tape shot door that 137th man who might have to call at the Roadhouse one okay I'm Batman for them every time it's on now I'm gonna see Roy house may not be enough double-double chose not to why don't understand well if he gets this to back up the 137 it'll be epic 57 nor shot at the bullseye so gezi has been proven to have done the right thing tops four five each oh yeah we're going by five price hatch the dogs that is no guarantee of winning a leg because the last four legs have all been great to throw and genuinely nervous done if this has been such a good game well it's been tight as knit this standard has not been at the levels these guys have produced so far this weekend Keegan comes into this evident average hundred four and then ninety nine it was last two games guess he was averaging 99 almost for the tournament but he has been closed what a first start will be plotted with us got it that first start was plum and now keys are stolen the darts up to three hours up to him now grits which that'll do he has never gone beyond the quarterfinals on the European Tour Keegan Brown we give for a 180 here or possible this is from Keegan Brown 68 left after nine go in price he's gonna leave himself something he's gonna leave himself something what a possible climax double for he missed it previously [Applause] long to the semi-finals

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