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Hosted by: Frankie B: (Instagram: Pro_Beez)

Panelists :
JP (twitter: @BoxingLuton)
Terry (twitter : @the7wolves, instagram : the7wolves)
Angela Hebden (twitter: @angelahebden , instagram: justange_boxing)

Boxing Correspondent: Shaz Chaudhry (twitter: @Shaz_SMAC , Instagram: @Shaz_SMAC)
Interviews with Scott Quigg & Fres Qquendo.

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everyone's a good game like already faced me all the money my dad makes the window ladies yeah whooping side of the fam balls in like a baby [Applause] the pep talk boys or you're welcome to the pep talk UK sports podcast the podcast that talks the major boxing and football news from around the globe real points of view from a real panel hashtag reuel tolkien pep talk I'm your host today Frankie be and in the words of Kell Brook I'm back baby now we're joined by a special panel today firstly I'd like to welcome lutens own equivalent to conor mcgregor from boxing Luton man like j/p hello there I Frankie be and then it great to be back on the podcast buddy I love this maggot suicide forest thank you for having me back brilliant JP you wanna shout your social media thank you it's an ad box in luton on Twitter and the studies of noodle wo facebook.com slash boxing loon that's what I like supporting a homegrown fighters next up I'd like to welcome from the seven wolves platform the professor XO boxing punditry Terry how you doing jeez I don't go I'm probably finally when what I want something with JP leave it here after all the talking with their battles author this is good yeah brothers Hawk and animal need unit in that barbarian warlord yeah Terry when I shout your social media um so it gives to go on twitter at the seven wolves follow lots of things entertaining and Marvin music can I get our seven water Oh finally I'd like to welcome the first lady of pep talk the blond bomber and jebden how are you I'm good I'm good how you doing I'm all good you ready yeah I'm ready I'm always ready let's go champ in it I see you throwing bombs and the passive gun shows the other day yes blond bomber yeah yeah yeah guy's best punter is definitely getting stronger and definitely was snapping those punches so yeah it's working wow it's working you want to shout your social media just an underscore box in on Instagram and at Angela hebden on top brilliant brilliant brilliant now it's time for some real talk on pep talk let's go so we had a massive night of boxing last weekend in Manchester where Anthony Joshua beat Eric Molina and Dillian Whyte outpointed dereck chisora now before we get into the main discussions are boxing reporter shares and the rest of pep talk UK were at the Scott Quigg off the party where we met the man himself you spoke of his spectacular victory and Antony Joshua's annihilation of Eric Molina UK i joined by a victor on the joshua malina card back to winning ways is mr. Scott Quigg I don't Scott I'm doing good got to be back and back to winning ways for the part how are you feeling how was training obviously I was if your last Friday matched up against Frampton things didn't go your way you seem to take control from the start it is fine at Manchester talk to me yeah obviously it was I wanted I was exciting it been a long time since I've been out but mine Chester work he didn't go my way in the front of Mike joy was people was wondering whether it be me whoever I'd be a bit more nervous on coming back to where I got beat on the pig guard than that book it was the platform that I wanted to come by teaching on this stage 20,000 in demeanor again you know I was just excited all the way through training company went absolutely brilliant the move up to featherweight was the best move I could have done july especially for this one after being at the ring for so long and i went in the enjoyed every minute of it and it was just good to be back in front of all the people and reminding everyone what i can do you come away with an interim bail tonight what's next for Scott Quigg he's smug that's what's worthy of you we fight we are the plan I think it's just about getting the amendment no momentum going again and coming off that win tonight with that knockout people are going to start mentioning my name again in the mix with the world champions that's where I wanna be the main thing is of the sort of great leader hopefully I'll be out there getting march here full time and get them event winning a big fight in the summer and then I'm massive fighting the back in the next year trucks go out Molina their demands see that boy I didn't see it or not only managed to see it so you're not gonna be our break it down for us know what I'm all Joshua was indeed I I already fixed him he blitzed him and you know what's happening it or quit store Joshua Klitschko holy night hey how'd you see that going man I mean hot well beyond that guard you know what I hope so too cuz that's that's in London I'm in love them Hawkins I don't have to travel all the way I come and see ya but north at admit I've been after it's a great bite each what watching need to you've got home auntie Joshua we've got no respect him the way he carries himself to wait for forming and he's not shying away from any challenge you know he's a world champion he wants to prove he's the best and he believes he's the best I think it's going to take some stop it if anyone's gonna be railing cuz I don't think you'll be able to Scott it's a pleasure to speaking to you always live in a chat with ya I'm so happy you're back to winning ways you're a people's champ and it'll be nice to see you vying for a file and having a belt round your waist again thank you very much you pleasure talking to you thank you lovely Scott thank you also at the same off the party pep talk UK bumped into a heavyweight boxer called Fred a cuando the boxer who told us that he is next in line as the number one contender for a WBA title bout with Shannon the cannon Briggs pep talk UK are joined by mandatory heavyweight contender mr. fresh Kendall how you doing sir great great enjoying the beautiful country of london and new england Manchester which is a great great event there tonight my apologies for not welcoming you to the UK welcome to the UK sir thank you my friend now so I mentioned your mandatory contender who are you due to fight that's correct a mandatory contender for the WBA heavyweight championship of the world due to Lucas brother George head bruceochy gasps relinquishes his titles and retiring due to Crisco hurting his ankle now the next in line that's available for me to fight is Shannon Briggs so now he could put his a name in the mix and see if he's the truth now sir you were there tonight Shannon the cannon Briggs was there tonight did you guys have any conversations wish to me knows I'm here you know he's always pleasant you know I'm a real fighter fighter that nobody wants to fight it's unfortunate for him that he's gonna have to fight movie wants to fight for a world championship now sir when and if and when is that fight likely to happen I depending on the first pitch so you have many times begin new year februari march maybe another card of pesto versus the Joshua in April there'll be a blockbuster to it whatever we attempt to fight now you saw Joshua do the business tonight what did you finger Joshua kid strong raw talent a great opponent for him make it look like he did tonight but uh I look forward to the challenge god willing I win the championship to unify the titles no one of the crisco in Joshua you know I look forward to a challenge and you saw Klitschko Joshua how you seeing that fight going sup I still be very interesting with josh agassi richard died younger fresher got a strong like Crisco oil crystal its kind of fading and he's caught up with him his last fight with Tessa Furion it will be interesting for you thank you for breaking down tonight's events we wish you the very best of luck when you're fighting Shannon the cannon Briggs we're pepto UK are grateful when hope you enjoy the rest your stay in the UK thank you very much Thank You peptide forgive me you know the pleasure to introduce me to look at the country lovely thank you sir Thank You shares let's go champ nice to hear from Scott Quigg JP how impressive was the night round knockout and yeah I thing is it will ya it was good it was great to get him back in the ring after the front and fight or not it's hard to know what you know what to think about Scott Quigg because he is your typical mushroom phaser is me it's just like you come forward northern failure and it is good for him to come come back in and all out but I'm not I wouldn't say I'm little hope I use appointment with rare and I don't know where this fight takes and when you search to move up to your rank so it's nice to have him back are you fronting fine there's a there's a hobby horse ever wouldn't anyway huh so if we can tell from the accent is a friend mmmm right yes roundabout definitely now we're going to talk about the grudge match between Dillian Whyte and dereck chisora cracking contest but white got the points victory Terry how did he see the flight mate so I dealing winning and the reason I had dillion winning was in those last three rounds he held his form together that I thought you know Derek had the the old man tricks of trying to lure him onto the ropes just didn't feel directed enough come of ropes especially to control the middle I felt in most of the fight didn't control the middle which yeah and I've heard rumors that just sort of struggles to throw a straight right handed it's for a number of mechanical reasons it's not a dancer like a skilled there's some mechanical limitations but it means he's always vulnerable on that on that gap between the right hand and his chin and didn't could always pick him off for that jab or quick 12 but I i thought you know Derek rediscover the derrick of old it was good to see that Derek in the ring and I think if he can maintain that and just get his conditioning sorted he's still fringe world level and only know I think I've said it before in another lifetime Derek she saw as a multiple time world champion but I for the fight was really close but hey didn't white got the victory and congratulations to dilly and white now Angela I thought it was a draw what do you think it was if you know what I think it would be best I think a draw would have been fair and as opposed to having a winner and but if you were going to choose a winner and this really isn't me being biased because I think didn't why now I'm so serious Dillian Whyte has just improved so much he really has you know his shot selection this is tidy he was clean calculated that's for sure well calculated throwing some bombs you he really has you know like 10 seconds Hormuz was fantastic good night in his pepper and off that jab beautifully but you know what and I've watched it three times because I'm trying to make sure that i'm not being biased when I first watched gels but I had Derek up by like three or four rounds and home some and I thought no general manager let me watch it again and be completely unbiased but even unbias lee i still had Derek up by two rounds he had dillion in trouble and it's not you know that the conversations in camp is not his conditioning it really isn't you know I think anymore and he would have left it in the gym and then we wouldn't have seen the derrick that was saw on Saturday night it was just purely that you know what he went in for round one with them big big power shots you know so come kind of round 11 round 12 round even from round 10 he just didn't have it in the tank to maintain what he was doing earlier on you know he took some shots as well don't get don't get it twisted there were times there were times when Derek was in trouble you know um says it's I wouldn't I wouldn't say that it was his conditioning he just kind of went in too hard too soon but his problem is because he doesn't have his jab he has been quite aggressive on way sohini he never had that thing where he could say I'm gonna have a round I'm gonna keep dillion off battles with the jab just keep making up those little points because I'll make life a lot easier oh listen if you if you juice at Jabba me nothing there was one round where he started to use it you even her debut take commentate so this is the first time we're seeing Jarett using the jab and if he had maintained that even if they weren't even hard jabs just peppering him just keeping that distance and small in those shots it would have been a clear win for Derek and that's something to kind of work on for him I guess you know you never stop learning you never stop progressing and he'll tell you that's what he'll take away from that fight for sure but Angela are you as a boxer and Terry you've been box for many years how many times have you watched fades I mean I never boxed i right boxing as bad as far as eight do you know how many times you watch faiths ago he just needs to use his jab more hokan are live from the trainer to the bouncer hyannis I first I was just it just told us in some name it's so for showing you know sometimes boxers don't listen and I'll give it to Derrick he listened more than what may be he normally would Derek is Derek and he was quite the way he wants to fight and that's fine because he's an established boxer you know and he knows his limitations he knows what he can and can't do we can't can't get away with so you can only really listen to your coach so much and I suppose when you were at that level because you kind of you know just kind of I don't do what you did you trust yourself to changed up in the air and what I'm happy yeah is whilst we weren't seeing Derek using his jab so much what have you really ever seen Derek work the body like that yeah he really worked the body the best I've ever seen him about the time you all here to go with Vitaly I think with Derek that our said Derek ideal there at scenario was 12 rounds of double jab right hook to the body left hook to the body listed to the head if he walks her that he could do 12 rounds like that nothing anyone loosely but us out you watch Derek and when he gets into that lino working the knees bobbing the head what Derek seems to think is I can get in without using the jab of the game yeah so he must make me the shots he eats the shots going in which is obviously gonna wear him down at the same time as well and there were a couple of times where he was working the body and I really wanted to toss all right come on come up to the head now but you know what the shots that he landed my TV was vibrating he didn't pause you know he was famous definitely the more powerful Allison soon so are you guys saying that that jab kind of and you some points yeah it definitely a definitely kind of worked in Didion's favor when he was working that job that's probably what school do in bridge words yeah and and have Derek have used it that I mean it just wouldn't even have gone that way at JP where does Dillian Whyte go from here I don't know I mean that once Dillian Whyte fall hunting Joshua oh yeah this is great I thought I don't know a lot about him i know i think i'll just write eat and I think Terry said this the other day on them on social media that he he is really improved as a fighter I was first a couple of times I saw my car needs the European level no more but actually you know a fight like that against especially she's on a really positive performance out he's done incredibly well in that Faden you know and you know what he's gonna move he's going to get better and better besides release going to get better and better so I don't know where he goes but you know what they definitely people in that division and he could wipe the floor with I mean I was Vivian the shots they was taking from Derek you've got give it to his condition it that's timeless yeah you've got to give it to solution how the hell that man stayed standing with those kind of women do common buyers you know the shot that Derek was landing how anyone stays static it's the right it's the rice and peas Angela that kept him standing and a dumpling you know that's what makes you strong like you know a great credit they sure as well because the amount of time we saw him and he's been having the chicken and chips doctor but you know he's coming up 19 and 20 stolen this time to assembly in stone so you know what he's done his reputation some massive almighty good as well Derek Derek try later I can say this Derek trend bloody hard for that fire hungry he was so hungry he weighed in light up and like you say we saw signs of that old Derek he just just wanted it you know he's changed his lifestyle he's more determined is back on it his back copies back the child enid on Charles so you know that little kind of bromance is rekindled and they're on it now yeah on it yo yo yo fun it now Anthony Joshua easily tucked away Eric Molina in three rounds TK Oh stylee Harry the Molina comfort a paycheck or was aj just too formidable I'm I'm gonna go on record as saying if you take fury out the picture I think AJ's the scariest every way out there and I'm a big david haye fan but I'm now looking at Joshua time saying much anything the jabs not a weapon yet I don't think he's quite worked out and how to break someone's nose with a jab because theoretically he could knock someone out with the gap I genuinely think that but the mechanics aren't right yet but when he throws that right hand you know it's going to change the direction of the fight if it connects and now what now what he's added since have Dillian Whyte fight which I really like his two things he's added the left hook to the head which looks a lot smoother than it used to but he also now knows that people are dipping away from the right hand so he's bringing the left hook up so he's catching you as you're coming down so Molina thought you just dip away account over the right hand until he realized Josh was meeting with a possum and smashing him down there and then he was just like you know what I'm stuck and once you realize all of molina's tricks had been for something and they'll being counted you realize this wasn't gonna go for else mm-hmm JP word on the street is that they're called an aj the terminator now haha you know what I what I love about Terry to the fact that we've already seen probably about 20 to 24 minutes of agia fighting but he's managed to dissect all of that stuff I'd adore and so on the percent correct actually because the heat of a six rounds was Dominic Brazil but the rest of it you know wasn't lot going on but he is he is improving he's doing so credibly well I also give out about EG not easy i get motivated sort of put through gaze he fades but he's fighting what's in front of Amun you know you just want to see him in a war don't you just want to see him in a war and see what he's good because we know how good he is to watch when you just want to see him in a big fight now so I'm for credit on Molina yeah I got the idea of paycheck i would say go towards that is a bit like I remember plenty it when he followed by Harrison you see his eyes going wide and he was scared and in the first minute of the fight i'm melina just it was in survival mode to think he was probably trying to be clever and trying to pick off the old shot and take somebody I'd take try and take a GI but I will never gonna happen because as Terry said he thought that much more control he's got these far better punches in his locker that even though these are tiny little faith story name in its 12 verse he is picking up all of these new tanks as he fights so yeah it's gonna phenomenon the Terminator quite right but let's see what turtle Tyson Fury is next year I think what I'd like to see the next year I would have see some of pushing Joshua back mmhmm yeah I Laxmi yeah I don't think he can box as well going backwards or someone holy ground you could even stick me with something like Arthur spill skirt who I think would be a good fight for Dillian Whyte as well at a southpaw he's just gonna throw hard shot from the first round to the last I'd like to see Joshua having to back up and then go actually you know what let me shuffle back rotate the pressure yeah yeah i'll be honest i think that i think there's on into british heavyweight that would give Joshua problems and that would be David Herren Tyson Fury and I really I really do honestly wholeheartedly believe David Haye would not anthony joshua three yeah sleeping go ahead all of his other reporters but together David he has got far better head movement we don't know today but here we have today because we have all the fights and we found I think we're gonna see the david haye that we yes I would love to see that but I think either all honesty I think he's going to put Bell weeks sleep yeah so done I want this and once he's taken a mother's povod asleep I think he'll be Anthony Joshua maybe I might be wrong you know not lots of the Anthony Joshua come through but I think right now where he is I just think yeah I think David Haigh will take him out I really do and having seen David in the gym some of the stuff they're working on it stuff that I looking over that's pretty clever stuff so the old David where it was just you know covering miles around at the periphery of the ring will see less of that will see a guy prepared to actually hold his feet ball snail pocket oh it was like encounter a very slippery character use definitely Terry do you think Anthony Joshua's got enough punch variety oh whoa listen if you have to show to be good weapons why had it hello you know it's like I said to you if you if you walk backwards against Joshua you're eating those long punches if you try and roll around with him is you eating hooks and because he's got that power and you know you saw joshua malina I look at Josh I go look you're 246 pounds and you have no fat on you so you're essentially a nineteen nineteen and a half stone heavy weight by normal physique standard so you're a big guy molina didn't look like a big guy in that ring and that's the problem josh is a big guy he was explosive and what he does is he gets full extension into the punches so he doesn't waste doesn't waste motion he doesn't waste energy Molina just there like a chubby Cruz away yeah but you trim down a bit for the fight I think he waiting as it just over sixteen stone which I was a price point is that he didn't look well now after the fight Eddie had announced that Anthony Joshua Wolfe fight Klitschko at Wembley Stadium on the 29 for April 2017 is going down baby shut down as skepta would say Angela course a to shut down down locked out no Angela click who was ringside at a josh from a luna fight then he gets into the ring and does his WWE promo I didn't like which I'm sorry was it was the most it was a most boring adverb a box in my life it was a bit like you know when an ultimate warrior challenge Hulk Hogan to Wrestlemania match gosh out how to unhide for I get bloody me rich car in the ring on the mic anybody sorry go on go what does Klitschko possess in your place that can defeat entrant rostral ok firstly you've got to absolutely fine specimens of a man you've got two athletes you've got two Olympic champions and pitch Co has got the multitude and knowledge and experience behind him and he'll know how to use the ring more he's got more tricks up his sleeve know how to hold you knows how to hold he's got obviously a stronger jaw you know obviously kitchen has been knocked out let's not forget that control husband knocked out so you know it is very possible that it's going to happen again and why he's got the strength to enjoy his conditioning is a lot higher than these bombs that Joshua's been fighting so you know he will give Joshua a fight and he's gonna lose I think I don't think he'll pop as much of a fight asma you know he has done in the past he's getting on Joshua's got youth behind his side I think Josh was a lot stronger than Klitschko he looks he looks so much bigger than him in the ring as well so I think I just think yeah that's my opinion I that still think it sure will we take it come out if you would put vitaly klitschko in maybe that would be a different story but wladimir klitschko anthony joshua will win wow that's a big cool man well you know what you gotta be brave but it's all about fun right Constance you've got just lay all out of it if you was a guy will say you've got big balls yeah well I actually have this one m8 prediction Frankie yeah JP shoot I've got a prediction for the fiscal fight and I reckon critical and Joshua will probably be on third base by the time to get in the ring in April um right there holding be there holding hands now to be Kissin probably tones come on me open man swear to god what was that what was the my actually I swear alone can you imagine the gloves are off for this fight oh yeah I thought it'd be you I don't know you I know I know but I respect even if I respect you or hold your position actly no you're wrong eclectic oh she's really i mean that that is serious bromance going on live are now my roommates international relations going down April 29 I don't want to see tables getting trolled over but I'd also don't want to see some real anybody want to see you see your face I most people find my adorable is the bar still open I don't care I know by even the crowd just like I should punch each other we don't want to know we are failing out yeah now now Terry what skills do you think Klitschko has to nullify a jcm power one of the five bitte geben boxing yes sir now Josh was not too hot at his jab his dad's quite boring and is there to distract you for the right hand bitch go will hurt you with a jab he will break you down with you with his jab it'll go to the head will go to the body and he'd be the first guy Joshua Ford who's his height and can jab an elite level so is about how Joshua can deal with that and it will take a lot out of him to deal with the critical job because as Mike Tyson said was when he was breaking out pitcher Vladimir fissures consistent jab jab jab jab jab double jab ho jai ho ho jab yeah and he can do it going backwards you can do it going forward and I think that would be good for Joshua to be able to think that through I don't know who you get in to replicate wladimir klitschko smart I really really don't so there's there's a nice bar together as well yep hallo so but that was a different Josh with it if I'm being honest I think I was a completely different Joshua of course laughing it was not be calling him out but but i think what Vladimir seen is the same thing we've seen this this guy will struggle if he goes backwards and against each of you teach go hooks as well I'll be buggered if we're gonna see we're gonna say the level of advanced and in Joshua's defense you know we haven't seen that yet yeah although I know if you watch the Molina fight I think you can see he was trying to show us some of those defensive moves so he had a really really high left hand whenever man who was throw the rising is slide either side of the glove up the side of his head what molina didn't throw nothing i must have blinked oh yeah the only thing we're Molina's fronius apart you may excited so you started even at me over nine minutes sorry I think you saw that this is sort of cute you can drop a list so he's got the in traditional sense a call in to the solute blog he's got that he's got a little bit of a slip he's got the dipping the knees coming back up at the right and their bits and pieces joshua has but povetkin had those pool have had those Jennings had those yeah everyone's had those and no one was able to put kids off his game but then frenemy it wasn't fighting people his size so that's another thing to consider so let me know no she was bigger than him oh um so historically speaking Vladimir is probably weighed more than Joshua come fight time and how it was i think is marginal ya know but i don't even meet her heart was wait why's that bladder come in about 2 48 and Josh will come in about 240 a 251 but he looked trim on Saturday night Klitschko he looked small compared to Joshua when they got well maybe just hasn't been to see the doctor yet he needs some innocent simonet dillion white rice and peas my friend now i'm dave allen our friend dave allen got stopped to Luis Ortiz now Angela how do you think Luis Ortiz is now silence his critics no not yet and I wasn't I wasn't watching him ago my god is amazing and I just wasn't and he looked he's strong I get me wrong he's strong but he looked really basic to me to be honest and I think he was just with with dave allen the shots that he was catching with we're just heavy I don't think that I don't think he looks amazing yet he's a good South ball but I don't think I yeah for me I'm not excited by him yet I know that I will be I can see it but by that fight nah actually wasn't that bothered by it and there's la wasn't he's not living up to the hype here so i would say probably let's see what he's got coming next and that's when i'll guess i'll decide by so far i was really excited about him as a prospect actually but it was one time and sugar yeah yeah everyone everyone was raving about Luis Ortiz and I was okay this is gonna be wicked and really good science a match room excited and so far not really living up to my expectations of honest love shame chillin I don't know Luis Ortiz that stinky had with malik scott that put me to sleep early on a saturday night my friend I that remains in the memory however I do think he's got very very good point right I must say he's got my books an IQ the shotty put together and dave allen they were quite good yeah i'm not saying they're not I'm just not I'm just looking at where he fits into the heavyweight division and I'm just looking at okay are you really going to be able to be any of the greats I don't think so I don't think so and I think the more experiences get in the older is getting slower than again when we're not talking about us from chicken you know we're not okay so JP how did you party DC Luis Ortiz its performance inside a yeah I think you agree with Angela not that impressed for them and I really hope I going backwards i think a little bit about d about and I really don't want him to become a cautionary tale when it comes to when it comes to boxster because we leave had him on here on the podcast she'll always a great guy and yeah you know she's got a granite head and all that you know when switch aside from Donnie he's a good guy from that door exactly and I take here I take it I mean I loteria notarios itching to get him in the gym again you know we could work really well he needs to be much better and you know somebody said he was a 126 crown for all of the fights he's done recently including your ridiculous you know you know you have some fighters just get climatic any day used to be a each battery used to take more of himself I think yeah and I think you know how some fighters just get looked after and built up slowly and gradually including the likes of Joshua you know they get built up built up built up he's straight going in for the tough tykes you know he's not getting built up he's not he's not it is not even given a chance kind of get a good record before he goes on to the bear fights I mean you look at okay let's look at it um theoretically he lost to Dillian Whyte he's gone in a loss to Luis Ortiz who does he fight now because it's not gonna be fighting she's hora no Joshua you know who where does he go from here gotta come back the bases he's got to build up a new reputation and this is a weird paradox that we have that actually saw names hype is actually a little bit important as opposed to going month of a donk after the rear strike and faith somebody actually some names is about seeing no does he need the money and he doing it for that he's bigger than that he's better now and he's a better box with matt and he's very young as was very young as well you know it's like he's a young and he's taking some big shots you know and it just what I just worries me that his confidence or getting not but also what he gets really badly hurt bird stages in Ireland Charlie what do you think what do you think what do you think what is best for him we would draw a line under he can't do this forever kind he can't just fake people for the sake of fighting they can he needs that you need to get in the gym and easier somebody to promotion properly and boo being used as a sacrificial lamb that's what's going on white wine I'm happy problem with he has no protection so that you can give you the mushroom fighter there's no angle these fights he'd be fighting hasty lasagna Moses return some way yeah and that's understandable because he needs those sorts of rounds where he can work out who he is in the ring when you watch Dave Allen box you can see this is a professional sparring partner because his defense is incredible but anything like well I don't really know how to attack but you need to be able to knit the two together and Dave and the guy who's intelligent enough and you know you know we cannot the Engel camp I think there's probably fewer few institutions that give you a bit of boxing education in terms of tying everything together because people just assume boxes and tacit defense actually pockets just one continuous dance where you're you're in it at any moment you're in both states at once you should be ready to attack you a bit of position I think this like David of being able to get all of that and then to get that physical conditioning as well so Tara you saying that Dave Allen needs to talk to his brother Joe Allen thinking did I hear it white or was it someone else is it Dave Allen who hasn't really got a coach or a manager or anything like that yeah no not really training anywhere he hasn't got look he's his own boss like recrossing yes for Super Hornets he walks as a substitute teacher all right the teacher well yeah hey those deer bonus what he does he's to make a substitute teacher she was like you said he need these gates there's Terry sure to find a reputable trainer and a good club and work with together with them and stick with it as opposed to go in here there and everywhere i'm training when he cares about that especially if you want to get in a ring with the lights of Luis Ortiz come on it's about how bad he wants it would he take his bags up a move in order to be successful because look you can live in doncaster all you want there's nothing there of any value let's be realistic um you want to be somewhere all the big men if it was me I'd moved to London somewhere a year in London sparring everyone everyone else in London I switched him to Brixton look maybe no no listen I'm moving I'm moving up to London because that's how much I want it January come January I'm moving up there because you know I can't at the moment I'm spending kind of four to five hours a day in my car where are you then I thought you weren't London no i'm not i'm in sorry so to get to north london it can hate me it can take me up to two hours to get there it can take me up to three and a half hours to get much hilary call you tell by the accent she's from serrais sorry yeah you probably can't sir Sam look back but yet so it takes forever I mean that my time I saw you at better and you ought to be three and a half hours to get there on a Saturday afternoon mm-hmm you know but you gotta make those sacrifices how much do you yeah that's what it boils down to because however much people say these things I handed to Joshua you just look at Joshua you go this guy leaves no stone unturned of course yeah he travels to Sheffield he goes in hard body he goes in yeah so so then then then you know every box every heavyweight has to look at themselves ago why don't I don't matter i say i'm training hard i say camp went well but look at me and look at him he's can point yeah okay we're gonna move on i would like to give a massive congratulations to Kyle efi on his world title win and Frank vimeo knee on his impressive display get in there so what's a rocky story that would you guys what do you guys think of her and be the only fight because a lot of people said that was the best part of the night yeah well dilly white almost gave me Gary as it work yeah we'll put very good and Frank Pogue Leone and I've always liked him and I don't know what he's easy how did it like because he's a nice fella I got hurt that part was really good guy oh and for us that he's a very nice guy very shallow you base fellow them for then going into this fight I was like I don't know cuz I was a abhorrent obviously with the to it amor quite well matched that's the fight started take it off when I target first Cyrus T in there do only taking shots at play mmm I don't think he's gonna get through this yeah as I started progress I was like I said I watching this guy thinking I predict commentators watching the scene photos i'm watching because boobs yoni is actually pulling the faith back a little bit here and its face at the end that he got to stop because i thought you know if it had just gone all the way that extra minute it would have been hosed was it wasn't gonna happen he just eat just had to pull a stock which it was so pleased for because you know i watch as i love Steve Collins and his brother packing collagen on those guys when Frank googly already went to Ireland Tramp those guys he never really went any farther forward for me where he was before after a fight four to nothing that I'm so pleased emerged to get this time you know they're just so honestly because he's a good boxer and all sneakers please for him as well obviously but you know what it's just in almost fighting you've got to get the end of niall you know what the best day what the best statement that you weren't going to give up you must measure up and you know what Frank Soviet Frank so resilient you've got remember Hosea Bert and is the tallest guy in that division yeah you know he's undefeated they had a previous fight in the amateurs as I overton beat him yeah and so you know that there's history there Jose button was ahead on points you cannot you can understand why maybe he was ahead on points as well you know you weren't that jab nicely work those wonders Frank took some major heavy shots in the first round he really did you know any ate a lot of jobs as well throughout the fight but he really pulled it back and he wanted it he just wanted it a rocket me it wasn't us it was a straight rocky story and you know he although Jose Burton was up on points the shots that Frank was landing for an to 211 was so heavy and hard that it wore house anyway I don't so but wasn't yeah it was weird in in that in that 12th round Hosea Burt and rocked him the absolutely rocks Frank and Frank just was like I'd you know what I've got nothing to lose Donna's little voyage on shuffle BAM and you know what there wasn't even anything in that right hook it wasn't even a power shot but where you've done so much work in previous rounds wearing Burton down that's all it took that was all it took was that right hook and it is done she's done romione done as i pointed in getting back up after that you knew he was down again mm-hmm congrats peony no it's football time so on Monday Cristiano Ronaldo won the Ballon d'Or for the fourth time Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann were second and third respectively now JP who do you think was missing from that short list for the Ballon d'Or and would you have given it to Ronaldo I'd said Gareth Bale should have been up there really because it is really well in euros and messy obviously in second but he hadn't will say not a great year but not a great year and messy terms it's still a great year isn't it but what we discussed this a few weeks ago I was thinking about Garfield old maybe I completely forgot about the fact of euros happened you know the ugly that were an outward one the euro so yeah he definitely deserved it you know he's before and I Messi's got five and you know what this makes this whole season out quite intriguing the city was going to call it on top for chess for now though you know won the Champions League One euros as captivating and so yeah fair play to a brilliant stuff so who would you have given a ballon d'or um I think we're now they deserve is it here being honest with you no wait wait when you win all the big ones it's always gonna have your name on it same reason messy one it as well and they're both doing look I think one saying this about these two another messy if you got football manager and got the editor and made both of them 22 everything they still wouldn't score as many goals as I do in real life they're the person two players go to good for a video game yeah so prepares no I'm pleased for him but and they were at that point where your people side take these are the greatest footballers of all time and I just say no like for me neither of these guys touches what we saw the real Ronaldo do what we saw ronaldinho do you know is that made you go wow yeah do you know why cuz that the overall standard of world-class players has gone down overall so it's great at the scoring like 50 goals a season but there's not a lot of top defenders around like they used to be agreed next up is machine on you yeah you'll get those horrible guys and who will put you in your place in that first minute of tony adams we'll just go straight through yeah so am otherwise I mean you guys who do you think once these guys will retire these super players who do you think can be the next Ballon d'Or who could be the next global superstar Thomas Waller well happen well he's quietly doing his thing for Bayern Munich is me but he always seems to show up when when he's needed he's one of those guys that there's nothing flashy but scores yeah is he a nine is he a false 90 me know what he is but he's a hell of a player so I think it'll be that sort of player where they just have to come up with the woodworker come out the shadows what I was more thinking a.j.p us more thinking Antoine Griezmann all right okay i gotta completely clean letter for sale he still does oh yeah yeah yeah with 18 million pound buyer close but he scored numerous amounts of goals lost season he had a spectacular euro 2016 yeah and he's probably one of the sort muscle of the players in world football yeah I mainly did you say just say came third in the ball and all this area that's right yep you did yeah okay mm yeah probably i mean it depends would we go mayor I don't see anybody who's playing on aim it at the moment Renee are you know the ball in the warming car filled go on display and a Scott Thomas Muller definitely my dad look I will this Thomas Muller do you think cuz he looks about 30 please probably only by 26 reason we're can look about him dizzy it was you know he is phenomenal I agree with Terry is naturally phenomenal terror Thomas Muller and produced by and go to kind of a tight apps you don't know where we go matter what he's gonna you know come on now and how far are messy and then ran out to going to go forward well you know how much I've much forever they got a dominate what are the notes if we really are take Greg's been very good Tom's network name off and he's a top players well no more yeah you see Neymar as well but then again sometimes these players get lost in the team behind people like Messi in that you know so it's hard to know who's gonna comment is there any is there anybody in the Premier League now you've got control these phenomena is only 20 order not really radiator so yeah maybe we have to hope for the ones who actually just established themselves from pretty down good night mother definitely actually is international court go to brilliant so yeah I think copies only Thomas Muller yeah anybody else Terry that we concluded in the mix for the next Ballon d'Or for the next Ballon d'Or won't look at the Prem stand pretty love and they are singing Champions League it might be sanctions if we've asked the words when the champ is Egan is massively wishful thinking yeah it's quite Lenny's contractor mom to be even higher on which you create even more problems but I put you know he'd be in the mix um I think oh this has got to boil a bit this season but you know he was what he'll snap to um but then you're genuinely struggling amongst the top teams you know I thought the broiler was gonna have that sort of season this year but that hasn't worked out fruit actually yet right not to get sherry yeah yeah three so there are a few of these guys as odd hasn't really hit behind there doesn't look at this been doing this isn't a season where anyone has really stood out where you're like wow you know I need to watch this guy so I guess what we're now just looking forward to where's the next wave coming from and what worries me is we're now deep into this generation of academy players you know I call them just this the South empty generation all these young footballers coming through or six foot six foot one all-star tiles midfielders then specialized once I you know get to 16 17 but no one denies doing the elastico no one's doing anything two to get people excited about football again the romance is almost gone out of the game now we did a little bit of a fit in with Marcus rush for dignity when he came off for money inators and I almost people going all again look at him why you know we need to give her the ground a week pro you know contract and then I'm sitting there going then we didn't know who he was last week how many more players are playing from onion are on 50 grand the way that aren't actually doing anything that's the first thing people say always only on 50 grand awake in an egg but actually who else is on 59 280 we're never gonna hear of see that's the problem of the game because they're in place they get the the big contracts quite early so they don't aspire to develop and make themselves better but the menu today come out we think they're all year the hard don't they or not we pick them up and then they never realized the potential because we bring the mahkumat Iran resting cuz those Brazilian striker called Adriano mm-hmm who looked like he was a guy yeah specially yeah and what happened with him was he got rich so quickly that he just lost the motivation because he'd always played to take his family out of poverty what's his family were out of poverty he never played the same again I gianna was meant to be there the second coming of them the big Ronaldo yeah brazilian bernardo and it didn't quite materialized and i think that probably started a trend of young players getting big contracts and not fulfilling their potential but we move on to the Premiership there was some very very important games tonight and that was everton v Arsenal in the midweek game Chelsea keep winning they feats under than one nil liverpool won three nil against middlesbrough man city 12 not against watford and spurs are back to winning ways of beating hull three Neil now I know you guys I know you guys know what I'm gonna say about Arsenal in Terry is it a case of deja Vue again also one lil up and everything start to get a bit physical and Arsenal implode um so we're gonna miss with Steffi I just think Gabrielle biggest weak link of any team of the privileged ship while we don't just play Rob holding their you know what I have need a rope holding on Gabrielle all day every day I'm so if we look at holding more the problem arsenal have is we don't have that viera guy who when a team tries to bully us about stand up you know I forged I thought its Jack would be that guy but look venga nice to go back to senegal is sierra leone Ivory Coast those places there and find those 18 year olds like he used he needs he needs those guys in the tank and until we get those I don't think we posed that much of a threat because without the most direct football inside my bum ask the bus has come back without the most direct football inside like we used to be about 10 years ago one of the most intricate footballing side like a Barcelona we're kind of half in half and we're definitely not physical enough and somehow venga needs to work out with football headed and build a team around them i'm bored to be honest of this idea that he's a football of 2005 young players they need to develop we have the potential as wenger says JP how did you see the game against Everton what were the shortcomings of arsenal ah well every word a better take the award Arsenal in every department is one of those would make sure you go so ignored and you lose symbols are hard work pays the bills hard work pays the rear deck and first I think our this it ok it's ok Arsenal they can learn all the 12 but neat in the penalty against sanchez Nolan the last few minutes you know and they weren't already a little when twin and early on and conceded the goalie and on but better perspective i think is that it's only the second game in 14 it have actually lost the lost the first game of the season for 3 against Liverpool at the Emirates and I was horrendous but you know what I mean the league is an intramural games after out the don't work yeah it was the difficulty thing will have no good a lot of arts and farms including myself so now advances that was a kid is that you know we have this thing work because we've done so crap for so many years well we've always got the jitters so you want you thinking you go on ah we want that give you win a game last penny 10 we won the one that last year and then you lose the game last bend your ass the same old arsenal so it's kind of act in a bit anemic suit like you're never really happy because you've had so many years of failure that you've had to watch so you never know where you're at so yeah I'm thinking butterick I'm latarian this is that you need just you just you know somehow you just wanna watch a game ago we're gonna beat them today you don't have them anymore that is gone and she was sealed we've seen a scope III know up and still not be able to be relaxed so yeah so does that's what we're at most we never really know so and what I'm not going to go to modern at night because there's a lot left in the season it's only two losses you know I think but for me I think for me the game yesterday was a classic case of neglecting your defensive duties because if you look at the two goals first of all you know leighton baines he fated on wilcox am right and interned in across the end of his a before coleman headed the ball now Coleman's our fallback and by my thinking oxlade-chamberlain gotta track his man wherever he goes right mm-hmm so Coleman comes into the box aren't marked and has a free header because Chamberlain didn't track back and the second goal from what I saw Ashley Williams the biggest man well one of the biggest players in the field he's being mocked by ozel once again lack of defensive organization was he be a mark or not mark well he should have been a lot way to go I was all slacking in the fancy turned his back on the fancy okay there you have it they have it and one who I can't not get Seamus Coleman cuz he should only go around from you must be a good bloke now Terry Chelsea they just keep winning yeah um I actually wanted contact whether the event that this is the man who should replace venga does he knows how to defend you got that George Graham this value if you look at once a t-shirt Robson said that as well football pundit he has a just solid B you know like if you look at the event his defense he had those guys were rubbish before he got hold of the mother bizarrely had gone from the land to Germany to hear he got lost in the wilderness and contact made you know what are the best defenders on the planet so we don't contact and do a job um he already had the attacking talent there at Chelsea and he's giving them a platform it helps that they play once a week so they'll always be fresh you know let's see what happens with that before Champions League program behind them but tells you do really really well and I guess contest highlighting perhaps how poor Guardiola's been well also play man city on sunday that's going to be a very very massive match how do you see that game going um also need to win it because it's the kind of game that if you beat manchester city what it says is we're a team that's fighting for this title yeah anyway it will let us know how much those are so players believe in themselves yeah i think we pick our strongest most physical team and we go out there sanchez leads from the front closing down do not put oxlade-chamberlain in the team that even within the squad he's needy no he's not value adding in those sorts of games and that's just just a nice hard physical game like like member when we did it with coklat had the game of his life there's another game like that I've got feeling you might bring back Ramsey I for God's sake God let's go as the Ramsey experiments been over for a while he you know he's made will Shull of world class but I miss jack well what about Liverpool back to winning ways three Neil a way to borrow JP it looks like Liverpool and Chelsea they might be involved in a shoe up for the title it's trying to pick which nettle you want to stick your finger on sorry baby it is honestly which punch mountains you wanna grab your hand there ok I'll imagine I don't know why it difficult nah I think her following I said this is the start I said my name city were false all the way I didn't actually take you know what this is exactly my Terry should be on this podcast a lot more his knowledge of things like context I Kyle Conte would eventually just gonna get to about Christmas be too passionate something players and end up the whole season for the part yeah but actually Terry knows a lot more than that from his back on that I day cuz I thought Mourinho my poli united together says he would fall away because garba quality all I wouldn't understand away somebody games in the season I have you know six you know six five tops gives mercies and then just run away or just you know sorry just fake in Germany or in vacay in Spain where you have like only a few tough kids the season I thought he would get to England and just disappear and that's starting to happen I I taught Mourinho would actually saw said all I get some decent players and come back I didn't even reckoned it I thought he was gonna fall out with players from around Christmas and be gone because he soon actually so far but actually he is really pull a team together I'm like Jesus how does he manage their dad but not yes he's got everybody raving about paying 352 now what is dependence got everything together and this is the kind of stuff that Terry katella's also Terry then I hey grown-ass podcast thank you sorry but you know you know whatever things with with Conte people forget he's very limited right now I Terry yeah every time you something right now cuz I listen to you here I'm just no end of the podcasts I don't forget cuz i don't know you educate me I don't even know this stuff at the ferg place thank you thank you look now contains been waiting 23 at the fact that since the footballing ideology what I like with Conte was he tweaked around which house he kind of like what Ranieri did less than he made small changes that worked and then you could bring in other changes because it's my own thoughts into it I think a lot of managers like Guardiola he kicked your heart out straightaway said you're not my sort of goal key and it was like well Holloway you might want to show us that your plan once before you start kicking people out because if I was a saint but I'd watch Joe Hart between the sticks right now you know because member Joe Hart has a communication with the defenders he already knows stones from England he knows company from city he knows ultimately he already has a communication Bravo does not okay how many cubes brother can do he's you know he's not at the level where you could trust him to win a title but speaking of Man United they're back winning trail again and they're not far away from asking to be honest I think the gap is only about seven or eight points behind Arsenal now the Christmas games are coming up a couple of wins together might actually draw him back how do we were given tonight I think against polish because what happened was United scored a goal that was a combination of a handball and offside and somehow you've managed all of that no one goal the bereavement Ibrahimovic humbled the ball I can't learn to publish but good internet so it was just weird and next thing it came up the other end and second half and then Palace scored a goal and then United got a goal rude off offside that was on side and the first thing I thought was I bet the marine who's gonna give heard about that cool but forget about the fact that good a handball in the offside on his goal it has few minutes of the game Ibrahim which came outside us for a pretty cool so you know what they pulled her to buy but you know what against crystal palace you like oh yeah totally crystal palace but actually whose awful kids going down the London on a night like tonight through the games you need to win and he still not so we don't know what I'm gonna call me in what Christmas even with luton town and watch ten nine christmas is a very one time you close yeah but around you you know you're going travel the people you never travel too far because I say the Christmas schedule works well you know what it is so important to 612 69 points that are over that period are so important yeah you're right Frankie those are you know this is you don't know what r us can tell about the tented January and then we knew where things r I so yeah we'll see what a compliment but you know what they pay really good football tonight have a couple of Lucky decisions but actually they got there in the end so we'll say yes we will see now guys that's our time I'd like to thank Terry I'd like to thank JP I'd like to thank Angela join us again for another pep talk UK podcast boom

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