Piers Debates Transgender Activist Over Genderless Acting Awards | Good Morning Britain

Piers Debates Transgender Activist Over Genderless Acting Awards | Good Morning Britain

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Piers and Susanna talk to transgender activist Juno Dawson about the ways younger people are engaging with non-binary or genderless identities following the introduction of ‘gender-free’ acting categories at the MTV Movie Awards.

Broadcast on 09/05/17

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well joining us now is transgender activist and author Juno Dorset good morning team thank you so I made my feelings pretty clear about this right I thought that the idea of gender neutral award ceremonies was a bit ridiculous unnecessary no one was calling for it I then did a bit of digging into why this has come about very interesting so the the the person I don't want to make any judgment here about gender who presented the award was Asia Kate Dylan who is an actor actress from America star of billions and she was going to beat now which is going to be put forward for Emmy hang on a moment you corrected piers and language I believe Asia is vey although I don't know either personally but I may be they are they and so they use the pronoun very to introduce themselves and they scleral know if the family they has been used as a singular for many many years I think the idea that non-binary identity I should say I'm not non-binding right though maybe it should be convene on binary I'm at in it but magis well let me use silver use the okay so they even I'm talking about one person well they fit us that they are both male and female Hakim is my various it is it complicates a complicated let me just finish my point which is that sheep they they said we're asked by Showtime who make billions we want to nominate you for an Emmy what category do you want to be in and in the end they the person said Best Supporting Actor not anxious even though she was born for intents and purposes a girl a woman and because of that we now have this debate because all the award ceremonies are now under pressure to basically not just offer male and female categories that's why we are worried on ya know you're here how do you identify are you a man or a woman um come on and I have been a transgender woman now for about three years when I was born my and I think it's really important and if we can take one thing away from this it's the difference between sex and gender sex is the thing you were given at birth it's what the nurse decided when she looked between your legs January is very different but when you take a nurse decided well because sex if a mammal is binary but then the world health organization describes gender as something else gender is a socially constructed concept gender is pair genders make up gender either suit-and-tie none of those things are sex and so if we can take away from this that there is genuinely a fundamental difference between sex and gender so I'm in the process of altering some features of my set do you think you were born wrong yes they got it wrong right when you were born what is your Baris think you were for example so I was raised as a boy I would say boy you're a boy well I was told I was a boy but I knew my earliest earliest memories when we're talking three or four years old I was like I used to say to my mum mum you know when will I be a girl and you know I learned when I was about 10 or 11 that you're not you know saying that sort of stuff you're going to get rid of you like you're going to get mouth I completely respect what you've gone through I think it's always usually Madeline it is it must be incredibly difficult and very courageous thing to go through you respect all transgender rights my only issue is about this issue of gender there are now according to Facebook 71 gender options some of them are things like two-person two-spirit person other woman is in there by gender androgynous cisgender cisgender male female to male gender non-conforming gender questioning gender variance and so on and so on and so on I mean could it be honest with you it sounds utterly ridiculous you know is it's because we're kind of old if you say I write mostly I write for teenagers and when you find a lot of time with teenagers they see gender in such a different way and I think they look at the design though don't they see themselves as boys girls young men young women increasingly how do you spend a lot of time on tumblr or Twitter or Instagram or snapchat they talk about gender in a very different way and I'm very lucky in a way in that I know that I should have been a woman and it's patently obvious but if things weren't so black-and-white I think things that would be really confused if you were nominated for an award yes would you want to be the winner of the female award yeah and if you look at the BRIT Awards this year an Oni was in the best British female category and she's a transgender woman but like say for me it's really easy and that's why I feel bad for the non-binary community because you know non-binary community those who don't identify as either correct plra why do you feel better than they have confused the picture which was very simple I don't know I don't know if it is that simple and I think you know we attached so much nonsense to both male and female imagine like they saw more we below it so the world was created but if I can't understand what it's like to be a deaf person cause I've never been deaf and not have I never been gender non-binary so I think it's really hard for us to get our head around

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