PDC World Cup of Darts 2012 Last 16: Gary Anderson (7) vs Shawn Hogan (38)

PDC World Cup of Darts 2012 Last 16: Gary Anderson (7) vs Shawn Hogan (38)

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be the fresher but still it sir it's gonna be a tricky one to call with it being a short former city don't forget we're an hour ahead in Germany from UK time so it pretty much fast approaching midnight in Germany so too often that Anderson's had to wait until 60 chuckles first dark of a match so they will have an effect fourth best player in the world though so should bear to handle everything this thrown at him literal lazy sir well not quite literally start throwing Anderson interesting spectacle if little pain thought we've already seen 45 the South African team win through they've ever seen him on stage beating Spain on it I guess says cotton were quite happiness in Africa one because Spain defeated the squadron last year in the World Cup proper the score ball at the moment he posted a person on 2 for 400 on 3 9 6 – these 16 3 3 6 well Gary Anderson has a little one ATM whats going on Gary my travels he really does top the 180 stats in there the Premier League last year 2011 which he went on to win 60 world champ ad Lewis in the final he'll start the defense of his Premier League crown next Thursday in Manchester 104 363 after 15 darts as we see the scores they're quite correct rod 63 layer and to 7 607 63 43 can he be put under pressure gary has said many at times his Achilles heel has been his doubles because he just buys them so those alrighty so probably in 191 it's missed a few there Gary is here Hogan trouble 17 okay that keeps 16 as a target for the bullseye there you go you missed doubles do you lose the leg as we said before with this format if you throw first in the 32 if you lose it you will throw first in the next and not a good start short can kick off with a bigger hit from put himself in control an early stage and this is big stories that we mentioned during the South African game this afternoon against Spain that Hogan is blind in his right eye 100 remarkable the level he's throwing to with just the sight of his left six day would like to treble that opens itself to another one 135 after the first start from Gary for one expected to 180 as he hit so many 25 135 there's a lot of treble spine in already we'll go down to the doubles and that we've seen that Peterson and Hogan are a very mean combo at door wasn't Anderson a Peter right it had to play well to beat this pair I think 196 we don't really know a lot about Shawn Hogan but what we we do know is a very good dart player as Gary and you want to go inside really won't be pleased without at all 100 stone you require strange may not matter tops South Africa report 120 their way it I don't know I really don't know when you could it another trouble to leave $1 double Bert in control of this max so far use the word only advisedly because you expect one of the first in anyone expected the world champs either surely this time [Applause] Shawn Hogan is there to dance at a double and hit to mention the fal ability in before he's thrown seven a double not hit one yet but we're here at 140 180 and a leg he gonna bite itself a few more slowly and you had a thought that this leg is he's belongs to him perhaps he wants 18 for the ball it's no guarantee he's no guarantee wheel because so far these kind of finishes in fact as you alluded to earlier yes mister double and the match if he gets a DA a double which he's not now are these are wild 26 well he won't be stopped no pencils 25 9 double eights to get a leg on the board gotta hit doubles 17 as wild as this African wildebeest but now he still got chances and the sinner spurned 10 darts to the double in this match when I want that oh now it's on now it's on take your pick Shawn 9 is your pick for double 16 [Applause] [Applause] could have been three-nil up himself we're probably set again Gary Anderson seems to lose matches that only need the Blues and that is purely because of the finishing do you think he thinks about it too much rod 85 I think he doesn't a lot of it is because we keep asking him about it how many times have I or don't work or Stewart pike very good 45 every shot tell me what this would be one of the things we mentioned that Spain turf Scotland out last year but in terms of individual games we can think back to Alcinous and Rodriguez beating but I mean this would be right there with that kind of thing wouldn't it I mean understand I know it's a short game only first a four way but I mean Anderson to lose to shore home but Shawn Hogan has been completely dominated he only puts in 20 points in front Anderson if he hits doubles he wins this match 39 even this County's gonna ride well I'll tell you what here's the actual reality of this situation Anderson is gonna win four legs straight and three of them will be on Shaun Hogan's throw I don't care you're playing aware it is to break the troll is a tall order he hasn't gotten to 62 yet I'll tell you it tops hasn't it a double in the match has names Uruguay is going to beat up those actually scored okay and we see he's enjoying himself he knows that win or lose this match it's going to come down to the doubles 16 the best of starts these trebles 16 this chances presented itself to Sean Hogan then he hit a couple of trebles and get in front and put Gary under pressure and wrap it up 60 needs a trouble no NZ sir don't want to help a will Anderson dig him out dig himself out at this moment appears not just to be a hole but a bottomless pit 81 the trouble 19 and needed it – surely 9 darks throw 1 6 4 left I understood but the way he's been wrapping around doubles 100 well it should now be 3 2 and the equation will they'll be that he's got a great hole that's throw twice running can he do it but for Hogan to cross the winning line will not be easy because it's set site is comfort zone there's no doubt that 61 the quality of Anderson report so it's not a given gimme but you'll be given chances but not the right one well yeah good point that actually counts as a Miss double doesn't it even though it was a hit double see what I mean he wants a double 16 hit double a he'll come back to double 8 in a minute wonderfully 16 that would be [Applause] [Applause] he's had to win four legs straight has won two of them you may come to some favorite now I'll let you know after these three darts but this game is it's all about Gary Anderson if he plays how he can he wins 85 but he's got to rely on Shaun Hogan being slightly off in this lick 92 otherwise he's not going to get a shot at a double the the fact is I Hogan must tell himself that you want that's good enough on his own crow horse Anderson tonight in twelve-volt fewer which we know he can but he can this is what he does just said if Shaw noggin isn't off I think oh he's gonna have it 100 you have to do it the hard way into trouble here and gets one [Applause] just need a good most but he said he might have forgotten 12 darts where he could go out and 11 man is a joy to watch it's described not being able to it anything to actually eat everything [Applause] just to easy boiling he just make a very difficult game what ridiculously easy doesn't it there are very few players you can do that in any sport understand when he is buzzing was just that that was the 63rd leg of the evening session this is the 64th and I tell you what is the good news is plenty more to come including future sir he'll Adrian Lewis Lewis plays Johnny part Barley's in action Vincent Vandervoort Anderson was three leg six a hill down its fourth the decider and he couldn't buy a double then but now he's hit 377 for darts it's not all bad but Sean Hogan he can hit a 140-foot himself well in control of this match that's not a deal wrong in the last two and a half legs so has he I mean Anderson obliterated of muscle with to maximum today clean finished an 11-day he's plotting on OK in this leg his remaining straight but she's giving himself a chance to hit the tonnes 45 there you go that's not enough what will Gary do look like he was going to be the victim of one of the biggest upsets in the history for treble 1363 remaining 39 will leave 24 when Keith della was on 138 Bristow didn't get a shot Anderson might not get a shot missed the double 12 this isn't a gimme an ax chops for a win from tree kneel down to Gary Anderson [Applause] [Applause]

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