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O2 Inside Line Live

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LIVE | Dan Cole, Jonathan Joseph and Lewis Ludlam react to England’s win over Wales in O2 Inside Line Live #WearTheRose🌹

hello everyone and welcome to awaken of Stadium we are live on the England Facebook page this is or two inside line legend gentlemen welcome that's your cue to cheer welcome a momentous occasion the start of the Quinta quilter internationals and we have got three stars from the England rugby team joining us who are going to take your questions so if you do have a question just pop it in the box one of our wonderful assistants will find it and they'll send it to me on a fancy card like this and I will pause your question to them so without further ado let's welcome mr. Jonathon jaws if Dan Cole and Louis start with yourself congratulations on your first cup very emotionally we saw the tears streaming down your face singing the national anthem because I would imagine that's something that you've always envisioned as a kid and as a professional would replace putting on the jersey getting out there and singing in front of 81 thousand people today how did it feel oh yeah yeah special like surreal moment really I caught my dad in the crowd so he set me off his tears of stream it's like that got me going as well but yeah I'm real occasion I'm just glad we got the win it's it's quite a special moment it's something that you will never ever ever forget but when you stand there we've spoken to the senior members of the team in the past does it all kind of just disappear and do you end up being in a little room of silence because you were pelting out the national anthem I'm nobody's business yes bizarre really I mean I wasn't thinking about too much last night this morning it was fine and then obviously went out there and the anthem started and it just just got real all of a sudden and yes it's what you dream of and when you when you growing up and playing as a kid so yet to have it come true was a surreal congratulations very well 286 caps Dan call it's always a pleasure and a joy to see your beautiful face likewise thank you we've read numerous accounts as what it's been like in camp in the build-up to this call to international series today the team look the fittest they've been in a long time you happy with the physical performance of the team today yeah I think it's outstanding thing if you look at we've been in camp for think seven or eight weeks now we've worked gonna be hard through those times it's been session Journal been tough without a Heitkamp injury so but same time nothing it's been hasn't been mindless or so everything we've done had a purpose and I think this is the first time of actually this week it's really first time I focused on rugby as such so I think we had a fairly simple game plan but I think our fitness and all physicality to the Souris through say so please you know step one of building blocks move on to the next few games the first half looks absolutely awesome what was the game plan can you Kim give us a quick insight into that what was said by OD on the team the game plan was basically just to play on top of and score three tries and whatever we do we do we did but and I think we saw from out of the first part it was forward carrying off 40 carry off Willie I'm getting to the game making line breaks he's clone the front foot that's the game plan sort of why was the physical side so you know on them sort of have the ball then you wanna play in their half and keep them as far away from you around as possible so we did and we looked really quick as well and fluid Jonathan and that's the first time you've been in an English Jersey for was it eight months I think it would be like that no is it 18 months that's better they got 18 months and I was watching the sky coverage after the game will Greenwood said that you look like a duck that had got back into the water and it was a seamless transition from being aware to get him back on the field did it feel like that from your perspective no you know I wasn't too nervous to be honest I think like we said we've had sort of six seven weeks together training so hard in Trevizo Penny Hill all over the place the amount of graph we put in and you know on and off the field so taking the field with the boys today and I was more than confident to go out there an important performance and you look bigger I'm bigger it was 6 kgs heavier than it's not something that you've been working eyes that's something that has kind of happened because of the intensive training that you've been doing the intensive training the food's very good so yeah it's just yes it's just piled on I think all the squad in a whole done looks a little bit bigger is that something that I mean obviously we're preparing for Japan but is that something that is at the back of all the trainer's Minds is that when we get to intensive series of games we're going to lose a bit of timber as well I think so I think preseason you keep on muscle and you FC is the longest have been together for four years so you don't normally come into autumn or Six Nations years to divert the Mercia clubbing of a week together which currently anything with words we're about two months solid of being able to physically prepare thing anyone's people as sort of lean as possible but as muscular as possible so because the game you saw today a lot of its based on collisions and winning the game line and so you been you know if you get sort of big boys running of the game on that's gonna equal success that's what I've been doing and the most capped player amongst you three done let me ask you the team spirit obviously we've got a handful of young lads you've been together for a longer period of time than usual yes is it really good for team bonding and giving you guys a chance to know each other a little bit more no longer about clash of clans never about like with England away but I think the ability to have two months together you're just purely training and looking after each other and you kind of know ever nurse that parts play never wants to pushing as hard as I can so it's been really competitive in training everyone's pushing each other but at the same time we're cooperating and helping each other out it's not it's not sort of one versus one it's the whole squads working on together to get better and that's what I think you're today really excited especially England pounds we're gonna pause some questions to you that have come in on the old England Facebook page firstly bear with me one second what he said come on down rag or something lying around will sort that I don't really look that's all you look awesome your loss Tommy Kidderminster wants to know Daniel Craig was in the crowd today who when the squad would be the best James Bond there is you think Arkansas like Mark Wilson like proper action man just business Joe Cocker singer yeah I mean he was he dropped every single gear and just went for he didn't even try and jump caught any he's 120 kgs and he runs a full of wonderful quickest we have its 42nd behind Johnny terms of speed he's a freak literally being in the car crush if you get this scary Sarah in Durham once an arm which Marvel superhero are you most like that's a good question we're getting to the nitty-gritty of a post-match interview now the real important stuff yeah knock spider-man I don't know why oh yeah he's just like sort of like underdog isn't it yeah it's pretty obvious Joe [Laughter] first Johnny Johnny black panther maybe nice strong Bradley on the other white wants to gnaw hose you Japanese can you coach a ten yet because I do believe that you've been having lessons on hoes it are using a teeny yeah Jewish tenth [Laughter] question all right Pauly Bristol where's Polly Bristol heaviest Paul interesting welcome from those guys on an amazing victory today gets a Welsh I really meant a lot to the fans their thing and yeah well done congratulations my question is I've been a fan of really Hines since he's been at Gloucester for lasting seasons been pretty impressed of him he's being drafted into the squad's and I just like to ask you guys what kind of thing he brings to the squad and what kind of you know mental sort of straight for beings to the squad cuz he seems like really now Don nine quite controlled say just like you know what's he been yeah good question also making his England debut today he brings a good Hurst off I think Willie's is a very level-headed player you know he's very controlled he knows what he knows what he wants from his fours from I am what he wants from his backs and you know it was his first cap today but the kind of performance he put in you thought was you know fifty cap to run the show them thank you yeah so like you could argue as a big call for for editable remember you know he's done an amazing job and he's trained so hard oh the ultimate professional and you know a great asset to the squad well the compliment Thank You JJ yes we've been good for me like another another guide way more experience in me making his debut as well so yeah even though it's given me a little bit from the from Batman or Superman every single superpowers suit just got do it's no competition really all right gentlemen one last question let's refer let's go to the Welsh game on just six days away tomorrow Eddie has to make his selection for Japan you think that will change the game plan for the Welsh game on Saturday in Cardiff I think I think you might see a different game plan I don't know today we find out therefore I think like today we had to be a fairly basic game plan I think as we move forward multiple game plans you know there's so many different teams are different ways of playing and you've got to negate their strengths I think probably next week you'll see a different game plan whether it's a bit more unstructured running around I don't know that I think yeah so work fine tune in the squad and the performances and the game plans towards Japan in a few weeks time JJ let's talk about this week's prep what would you think you'll be doing – I know we're going to Bristol for more or two inside line stuff but as far as training cause what are you doing no on the field to this well skin are you back in the gym you're doing cardio just eating Lourdes refueling what do you do eat a lot get your hydration right I'm not too sure to be honest I imagine tomorrow be quite obviously obviously a down day because we're just played a game but then we'll get back into it so sort of choose day Wednesday Thursday I'm sure we'll have some some form of plan and we'll be given the tools in terms of what we want to deliver on the Saturday and like Cory said we're just going to build on what we've done today and probably add and tweak a few little things on the way as well all right fellas as always an absolute pleasure and the joy it's confessed to words with you and kind of dissect a performance Louis congratulations again give a big round of applause ladies and gentlemen [Applause] is on Tuesday when we'll be in Bristol with something very very special for Otto's in the sidelines but for now have a gret Sunday evening we'll see you on Tuesday good night [Applause]

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  1. I actually rate vernon Kay for this, might not be a rugby expert but that’s wha journalists are for. He’s more for a funny chat

  2. Get rid of Verruca Kay!! He is to rugby commentators and interviewers, what Donut Turnip is to race relations and women's rights in the States..
    At least give the job to someone who looks as though they care about England Rugby.. My vote is for The Archbishop of Banterbury himself.. The Haskellator..

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