Northern Ireland Podcast Episode 5 - Lawrie Sanchez

Northern Ireland Podcast Episode 5 – Lawrie Sanchez

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Former manager Lawrie Sanchez shares all from becoming manager, those famous wins and the circumstances around his departure to Fulham.

Enjoy this in-depth look back at the Lawrie Sanchez days!

[Applause] that stays done [Applause] hello everyone and welcome to episode 5 of the Northern Ireland podcast with Adam and Andy previously you've heard from Michael O'Neill Stephen Cragen Trevor Carson and Warren Feeney you can watch those episodes back on YouTube or listen to them on iTunes and Spotify but today's guest brought about those great nights here at the national football stadium at Windsor Park against Spain in England we talked to him about the circumstance that led to him becoming Northern Ireland manager and the circumstances that led to his departure so enough talking and let's hear from today's guest Lawrie Sanchez so hello everyone and welcome to the latest episode of the Northern Ireland podcast we are joined today by former non-iron manager Lawrie Sanchez thank you very much for your time and first of all how are you how are things I'm very good thank you keeping well healthy what do you want in life and first of all what is it you're up to nowadays I'm doing an MBA at University of Salford I've just started their two-year course it's two years distance-learning so you go there two days a month and then the rest of the time you have to do your own reading and suchlike obviously we have webinars and stuff like that too modern learning and that's it you've been in a chief executive of a sports organisation so it's the first one in the world apparently and it's got very good credentials and there's I'm one of the first cohort site and we just coming up we finish it May which is the end of our first year how many years you say that two years two years very good well good luck for the rest of that you obviously as you know today we're here to talk about your time is Northern Ireland manager and to get all the insights on those famous nights that you provided at Windsor Park and go back through the memory books but first of all just to kind of take us through chronologically would be our thought process was to start right from the beginning obviously you appointed manager in the January of 2004 what what was the process of that what was the first time you were thought of interested in the job when it became available um well the first time I actually as we can manager and previous manager Sammy McIlroy he got the job actually when I was working manager and I might think it what he was there and then he'd been I've managed against him and it once him I thought well you know perhaps that's in the career path for me obviously I played three times from all the islands I've done okay Whitcomb at the time and you're looking at your next stage and suchlike and I thought well you know in the back of my Long Island might be a scenario Sammy gets the the bullet in the October I think or November I get the bullet in the November as well I think Wickham and the two things coincided so I put in an application suited to the IFA and interviewed I've interviewed with the current I think Chris Nichol Krishna called Chris whose assistant manager the moment Jimmy I don't you mean Nicola sorry apologies was interviewed as well I think they offered him the job I'm not sure I think mayor you have to ask everything left in the job but could he couldn't get out his contractual negotiations with his club at the time he was in Scotland they said to me you know we're trying to sort out the decisions between you to property Jimmy's got contractual problems and then they finally decided well you can't get out of them one more want to offer you the job which was you know everything pretty to be firming it suddenly gone from being sent in after five years and division two managers was there to international management in one step but you know something that although it's been paid less so when they say better step up and you step down I was getting paid and all that's not getting paid at wickham so shows you what the IFA was at that time you know but I wanted to challenge I thought I could do something there there than one for twelve games or something I had one answer and scored a goal for 13 something ridiculous finish their group bottom without winning the game I think I actually got four points is quite achievement there were four draws in me so I thought well back online I thought well I can't do any worse but either way you know I've been quite cynical about it but I thought I could change things around and you always want to try and come in and it was it was a whole new thing to me international aspect we did we did I think we got to go on our first game I think they scored in the first game then a second game thing we be a stone year away than we came he scored again and from then onwards we went from 120 fourth in the world to when I left I think we were 27th I'd like to go 200 places desperate means that have many places around the figure yeah but it just shows us this the achievement over the course of time they're really like that the first game I remember my brother was at that game and he came back and obviously lost the first team for one but he was so happy like it was such a bar and spell you know the over a thousand minutes or something we think that's local that was for one and he came back and say it was for my house by one I came but anyway so happy that just to get back goal I think was such a massive massive deal to Northern Ireland fans at that time I think Belfast Telegraph NC code to hit like that so we've lost 4-1 but we scored that was the main that was the main thing I remember the game do that I think it's one of the Scandinavian countries forgive me what it was but I made the pitch very narrow because of my thinking was you know if you're not very good team that's made a picture small as possible it gives us a chance to get about better team so I made the pitch very small forgetting that they had one of their players over long throat and I'm trying to think of the fullback used to play for Man United miss Coates me but he had an exceptionally long throw the only trouble was when he went to throw used the picture is so narrow he was surrounded past the far published squeeze proof because before I mean he'd been hitting the near post obviously hadn't realized that I've made the picture so yeah I do remember that from the first game but it was it was a start of things I mean and as I say to these four when we get some and the headline being we scored I mean just showed how low or denied and form that stage so that was great obviously going to Estonia the next game remember that and within there and from SSA from then onwards we pushed our way forwards and that first win Estonia how much that mean to you is the manager to kind of get a win in just a second game with where nor denying where at that time well I've said when I taken over that the you know my three priorities were one score a goal – to get win this reads it got the world rankings so the first two were crossed off in the first two games which is great got em out of the way I think thereafter we then went on a trip to the Caribbean a trip to the Caribbean and we went under feet in that trip and I think we got to four or five games underfeed which was you know great for the players conference all of a sudden going from couldn't win to could win and then couldn't get be in you know so that you don't do things overnight everything's a progression and changing the mentality of the team at a time who had been disrespectful to all the players because know they went all like that some people cured international week is a week away from their clubs where they could have that well you know cover nice hour and few drinks and there was a game at the end of it and that was as I say it wasn't it was a minority of people that and I saw those like what the quarter values here the same situation of why always you know that this sometimes as a viewing of fading international teams it was it's just a good chance to get away and have a bit of fun where you might you know a break from their normal season for season so once we need those people out the game and I won't name names but I think he's become self-evident who they were during the course of my time there we ended up with a group of players that dedicated what they were doing prepared to come because there's another big problem I mean for putting our squads reserve was it you know when you're losing team our men claim you see them in the conversation we met McCarthy when one of his players per day injured and I said to him at the time I said Mick I'm gonna fall five day ruling yeah which she said available you can still five to halt I think what might actually have done it you said something or less Randy since I threatened Mick phoned me up and he said this manager son and said you can't do that lorry I said what you mean I can't do it you know he said I never had to do that when I was Republic manager I said yeah Mick you were going to work out finals in European Championships your players add something to court go to squads for my players have got nothing to come to squads for they're being beaten for the last three or four years it's a it's a it's nothing beyond really Britain in their country and I also makes me head it off Peter Tiger as well was the two managers phoned me up I said some I said to her man saying to me do you not see the irony of this situation as an informal international manager and he said Laurie I work for the Republic I think what's best for Republic I work for Sunderland I do what's best for something hey I mean makes a you know he's a typical northerner he and he's right I mean that's what it was so that five-day will worked I mean I changed one or two things like the players had to phone me and tell me why they weren't coming they had my number and I suddenly my dad's phone he starts away round on a Saturday night which was a pain in the butt to be fair waiting for these phone calls to come through and they I mean it's we fed them we're phone off so what were you when you and I said you had to phone me personally I said I don't your age enough Oh Mia don't you wife defy me don't you go for it I don't you mum to me you me tell me what's wrong with you I suppose me another phone yep and so yeah I mean Jo said yeah but you played all 90 minutes city I was carrying for the last 10 or 15 I said we report on five day to five day and the very fact they had to phone me up and tell me cut down a lot of people putting that squad before these the phone David curry up and say take more coming them got this to the manager you know it's easy to do that you know all the club used to final to get a doctored photo said no don't adopt new formula so that that cut down a few a person sees we got over the absentee thing which was a big big problem perform they just made for international management before me because they say there was nothing in near the end of them for they were going to a situation where they're going playing game being gonna bethe cloaks everything they take it out of them so you certainly said you can understand it but the changed mentality you had to go through these processes there are other processes I've been through so finding those players that are really invested in common way with the team what's more important to you in terms as a monetary quality of the player or passion for playing for your Congress a ship a plane with that I mean technicalities right example I mean Tony had played an awful lot for me and he his collection Don I wasn't as as tired some people I think his parents with all my fear he wasn't born in Northern Ireland so you know to service in his first generation if you want and he was he wanted to play I asked him he came to moral place in the world sat in a bank when he got in the team you know he paid it off from international football and you know that's what you wanted you wanted that passion I mean I was very lucky in the fact that you know there were the diehards I mean David Healy return up no matter what you know and got it's just rewards because he came the greatest goals for Northern Ireland's history in the end goals per game ratio shot most of the other internationals major internationals of clubs in faith even won championship yet scored even Raheem of each realm other Spanish supporters at Chelsea Torres he had scored them cumulatively in the European champion visually phenomenal achievement considering how many chances there to consider how many chances we had ago so you know blessed be I mean bless piece of classic I mean I don't think he was too enamored with me when I took over I mean you came to me he wasn't too enamored with me but over the course of time he saw what I was doing and the end the day I saw him on the field liking him players to do what we would talk I was teaching them to do so you know that development of a player I think probably threw him some dough as much as anything hi I'm Stephen Cragen and you're listening to the north on campus and just a quick game to speak about before we go out to the England and that would be the Wales gamer named Stadium a game that I think lots non-violence still remember the 2-2 draw I was watching the rugby on Saturday my thinking I was thinking you know probably the last time that was full would have been one way with it playing under the clothes roof 10 against 9 at the end of the game that was that was an unbelievable night football I mean that's got to be one of my you know proudest moments and then best remembered moments my football career that night I mean you had to be that mean the fans are fantastic the clothes Ruth meant it was a great atmosphere in the place we brought 5,000 friends to Wales to watch they came and it was just phenomenon how many of it i'ma be saying to I remembered after David was sent off so obviously we've got Michael you sent off and Robbie Savage to start with so don't attend today then he David gets him off for celebrating the goal so down tonight versus Ted and I said to I remember saying so it gives him what formation are we plan it is what I mean I've never played with nine men before so we got four four one two four four is our formation and it was just a tremendous tremendous night I mean our the result we got and had the players playing it just the whole it was international football at its best and that gave us great great credibility as well within that all my love fans I think that night and that night Tony Capaldi was absolutely outstanding I mean he played his left back wing back Center for the one game to me I mean in fact II think every chance to win it at the end when he had a one-on-one with a keeper when he broke away in the 90th minute when we play you know nine men but you should be naked but yeah that was a that was a fantastic night well what do you think I'm in that second record who was up but we were being used to be fair I mean we didn't nobody was full I mean it was for taking his shirt off or something wasn't it I think I cut he celebrated and went across and then the next thing we know he's sent off and I said to keep my word to see sent off what he said we didn't know what you said we were just but I remembered it's talking to get Bo in it and it was going on thinking I said I'm saying this is great fun listen it you know give the hey yokomo but everything's going to looking looking right think oh this is great fun you're in charge of all this you know and it's like Mike huge last game for Wales duty then went on that took the Blackburn job that they asked it didn't he so there was a lot of things about that game but remember talking the one player I left out actually and he'd I said to him look you know you know I had taken on the squatters blah blah blah he was obviously disappointed because he expected to be on the bench and he wasn't and that's before the fascia at 22 some sort of remedy such a loud name so some members got turned meet with which we fed that it's a great changeable means you don't turn up don't wanna put in killer watching from the from the I mean I remember taking Brundtland Davis to Azerbaijan and stopping that up in the as young kids they would say upstairs because we're gonna have him on the bench because it was five subs there or something wasn't it so you had squad to train with the twenty and five of them so upstairs and it was obviously you know what my doing it I think you can understand so it's a good rule change there but he I said to him that I disappointed and but you will be involved in future suppose don't don't don't do anything stupid don't charge or anything like that anyway he's gone he's gone he's driven driven up the mobile way and then he's turned around and come back I mean thought about a sermon I come back I'll show him after the game he said to me blow your eyes it could be stupid to left this squad cuz you know we're gonna do good things and really you know someone that would have been her too you know custard pie for that game had bought as well you know so there was a lot there was a lot of I think the one thing I've got to say my legacy if anything big walk in Ireland it's probably they went from a team that though again be and they were expected to get me and they had no real aspirations about anything to a team when I left the top of their group for the World Cup and I think that mentality that change your mentality across the players across the games like the way I was going the England came the Spain game gave him the base in which you know Michael was able to build that this can be done and I think you know I know it's different players whether a lot of the same place to be fair I mean the journey over in this world and every state needs of Steve Davis only thank you to Aaron Hugh's still hanging in there at the end with they mature of each object but that that players saw from what it was to what it could be and that changing that mentality so I think it gave a game of foundation on which Michael was able to build to what he's done himself in getting a team to European Championship almost to a World Cup cuz I was gonna be my next questions you mentioned it a few times though it was only a few months later after that wells get engaged even paid missus debut when did you first kind of come across Damon we took him to Asia by Simon as I said for pullouts she do Azerbaijani was a good reservoir Geronimo she fares my John's quite a nice HT of that case you can weep in the back here recently yeah it's doubly I mean yeah I mean anyway we're gonna go in there and obviously those pull outs and such like because there's nothing in the game and people this and that so we called up Steve Davis who called upfront II as well we took them both there and Steve well certainly Steve don't I – I don't have a Christmas Steve Davis certainly came with us the impression training news let me say in your Oakley anime beast debut for further he was outstanding it and minge but looking each other thinking really you should be in the squadron he's only a kid and I can't you know if I'm gonna leave anybody upstairs it's got to be the kid there than the you know the experienced pros but we were impressed what we saw with him later on when we took a squad to the US during the dingo Canada's David Peace was it when we lost the Canada I think Winter Park yeah but we are we it's funny I go from losing all the time to something start winning them they don't even understand but we went to American I'm a new character I think he was young Houston or pilot captain was near 21 on there against Uruguay yeah giant Stadium I think it was over here we found Uruguayan giant Stadium in front about tooth wasn't 2,000 people 200 in the hundreds it was but it's messy mate he's quite that was quite a bizarre experience as well so he came on their tour but he grew in that torn because we have a lot the younger players on that tool because obviously experienced players indices and it for various reasons decided not to go and I think that that that's all made in that made him was kept him in the other people's eyes as well you know I know Aaron who's the captain but there's a future captain he lays and all the markers in that toys outstanding as a player extending his in his behavior and that's why she came to form to be fair I mean it was very unfortunate for them a full of music he was he was squeezed out by more experienced pros naming names the especially after I left he wasn't protected by the manager wanted to explain his pros group any similar situations squeezed him out of this thing for their own benefit but I mean he's proved is is this quality you know they're after Rangers and Beckett so that women just come back to Rangers yes you know he's an exceptional Chris there is no surprise that Larry he was with me a full it brought back two sons and he showed his integrity ago because it wouldn't leave I'm a free woody you made him pay money friend in me yeah so I mean great character and you know pleased to be involved with you know the development of him certainly as a young player of Northern Ireland and at for them not quite successfully but you know and Johnny Evans as well another young lady I see I'm still playing today I mean I remember when he first came into the squad we were struggling from for a we want to play them in verse 11 we didn't have enough injury so our youth team managed to send over cut players and Johnny turned up he's played left back he's paper right back and one of my coaches got Christmas it it should be a team you know either 21 so he should be in the team that's what should be inflating so we lost to make statements pain to me yes mainly can you imagine – it was a 21 of that making his debut in Spain and they had two three fours and they Torres role and I try think the other Ford made at the time as well they're three big forwards for Spain I remember but it it may be a left back so he's both piece of right foot normally bees come he put made it and during the course that came all three Spanish forwards went over thinking where's the young that I'll ever go ahead and they all came back to the other side they don't want that I black Petes they yeah I'll go up against this young kid and they all want them back so I remember you know that you and I see it as a sigh see and now still play and you're thinking yeah it's it's so to see someone do well after what you you helped to do the pinion so internationally hi I'm Warren Feeney Anya northerner noise so expectations is certainly something that you give back to the Northern Ireland fans but I think I'd be right in saying there wasn't many expectations going into that away again against that one but just tell me about that home game against England and the I'm what happened after that game yeah I mean we obviously just the the white going for no don't make which was disappointing but not unexpected to be fair it wasn't we're new to Old Trafford as well which my summer's mascot which was quite nice and he was the only all the rest rendition mess whatsoever I'm how many that talking to me said well rest for just English friends that had managed home because they had to drag one out each day he was the only person involved in all madethe to come together my home yeah the thing I remember most from that game is that is the challenge after about 10 15 seconds that set the timer there's no incentive for discouragement just ruining our support out although we'll come back to the lot of 10-15 seconds he's clad one of their players the first challenge that came that said the tempo for the game I mean we were we knew what we had to do we were right at it that night I mean it was it was you know they had Beckham plane sort of cool paper I came I think and they decide to view whatever little roll off the call back and to be fair they were gracious in defeat I mean swing came across and said you know congratulations well done and Beckham came across as well and said well done after the game as well but I've got picture I think it's been reproduced a few times of the Healy goal isn't it from from being on site turned round the waist across to keep I've got I've got a picture painted picture a mouse mat I've got to think I've got a cup holder got the heebie shirt I mean beside the shirt for me as well after that Huggy main player shirts but I thought that's one to get signed it was just you know it was probably I wouldn't say was the turning point in what we did they certainly it was the end of a championship it's all set the tone for what we could do next time around you know again we were 100 hundred places below England over time the world rankings so for to be them was was absolutely phenomenal in got pan for it I think he was the only competitive game the qualifying game is fin lost I think some some ridiculous that's mom told me once will work up qualified status anyone eat loss ever lost so yeah it opened I could see the players after the game it opened their eyes to what could be achieved this bloke that come from England he wasn't making Irish despite the fact I was born only at three cats but it's what he before famously said to me Danny books and equipment wasn't first toward the squad said I III on English part so that's that's always stuck with me you know so yeah I mean I I had to earn the right for a non an Irishman if she want to take over and I think that at that game I think everybody in a dress room in the pyres misquotes or woody in talking rubbish he doesn't know what he's doing we can do some of the stuff they said that we could do up until the England game I think that I think not everybody was on site certainly months the players are selling my suppress think after the England game they said we get it now this is a weekend we just be in England I'm not go back to my club on Saturday or cancel New England players and say yeah we just be look you know which was novel for them because they've been in this issue they've been the brunt of the jokes are you up being by more where you got beating a bit compete by Canada you know and Mike she's this banter but you want to fight back against it so when you walk into a club having beaten England you're thinking you know that gives you real credibility in address room what's going on there you doing something right you've got chance now and that was the salt first real major I think hurdle look us got some credibility to the to my staff and myself and to the team as well within themselves that was a group of players we could do this we were talking to Stephen Cragen 131 of the absolutely did they start at this and he was talking about the build-up that England game in one of his quotes that had me at stand that he said that you had the capability of making them believe he said that before the game you say no anything that a certain number of you believe I think we you know we need this number of people to believe and he said before the game Chris bag came up to him and said we can beat these long and the Craig and said at that moment II thought we can't beat these lot was that something you did before the game was it kind of just makin players believe what they could do was it it's a very difficult thing when you take over group lies that big baby not one for that at the time not scored a goal likes for a gold one 13 agony 13 games that score to go I mean it's almost impossible to do isn't it I think we're working then make four or five times but so there were you were being down mentality and that's what I was trying to change and by the time the England claim which concert Caribbean but it could run you know we had a few few wins you know that we stayed on the path we lost some games of course I think half of them on one side I think half of them were probably not fully on side and half of them were they're still making their minds up which way to go I think after the game I think three pours more fully on sight and I just had to weed out the ones that weren't on site that they were still a few people still outside and over the course of the next time I weeded the mantle and you know there's this good players gonna be like squat they were available the one in England score I'm winning this fought against Spain and they look back in and thinking there'll be people I stayed Kreitman the great respect to Stephen was a you know I didn't like Johnny Evans at electron here into the time box I prefer Stephen Cragen that sent a half because he's his relationship with Aaron user was so good but he was a woman I mean you know they you know his strength was he was a workman he he he did all those nasty things he was a solid solid player he wasn't a Premier League player by any stretch to imagine but he played in that squad newsing is crucial to that squad has only Premier League play and yeah I mean it that game was a turning point in that respect for the mentality of the squad and I think after that I think I think you know we could go on from there I have that result and then obviously the absolutely massive game against being higher things change me even just like walking around Belfast like hopefully predator to new people treating unit did you ever ever buy a drink again to fair of course a not a lot of fans I mean fantastic to me even in the early days from the moment I took over you know do sir an anglo-irish one Irish manager Jimmy nickle would have been a hero term from his time with you know I think the big thing I gotta say of a government change is bringing Gerry on Porter Gerry Armstrong and I think at the interview stage when they say you've interviewed quite well and I think I've been quite a while in the interview they said who's gonna be your assistant I said your Armstrong they're good Jerry this comedian listen yeah he's a big boys I would say and I think then you can see when two people suddenly they're in get ahead sir you know the committee think you know credibility level goes up with that I meant but meeting Jerry and the hill when just down the road here the one I've mentioned to you so you from the motorway I said you're gonna meet up in that I said yeah yeah so made there the hill will not ask from London and I said I've got the job I said well John this is assist didn't even think I was gonna get a job said how did you do that don't worry about I did that my if I can do that we can do stuff so you still on board yeah yeah yeah Jerry's brilliant I mean you know it was fantastic with the press he did all those he kept the press happy and away from me to a certain extent we talk to anybody and everybody and to be fair coming to the fans from that first moment I got you know there's the fans themselves would I always felt they were really on my side they're really good I don't I've never had even in the way that they've had finished and after the Spain go mean since I've explained it I've never had fans ever you know I feel criticising me certainly in public and every time I got more than I always got a good welcome but you're right the Spain game again so we lose Iceland three no don't we fantastic we're going to be Faithie in hindsight they look like they could start these stuff I mean I think good John Surma still playing at 38 and he scored a couple of goals of that and we lose three not at home in fact we always lost three my home forget me nothing with the other three and I know there's a tradition where you lost 330 later okay I think I mean I always say to an Xavier managers in international repute a codes it don't worry make your first game all win the second one because you've got two months between your nights going to my high and everybody forgets the first name other members of asking somebody's three win the first one these three and on the second you got two months of PowerPoint over here so we lose three months Weiss and enter the world it's always his in football and it was a turning point for spank I mean it was fantastic and it was probably the beginning at the end of my time in Norton Island as well in that the players according to town after the game after the I said oh there's no curfew sadly might you know we can still get the hill to me players going into town I suppose there one and some of them meet photographed in a nightclub with a bottle champagne on the table at night between them not the cleverest thing to do okay that lift and save you he says I just want to go first ignites it where I could say I'm sorry that's it boy what is he said what you see it so cause I'll come down breakfast I'm showing a pipe that I think was sadly neither breaking my curfew if they think that's what they want to do and get called photographed in it you notice nothing to do with me but it it I've disappointed that everything we've done in hormones all good feel factor that I know the print and the sports pro sports journalist takes nothing to do with them is the news journalist blah blah blah but they so really training session up winner in the morning I say to the players but walks in a paper I'm not gonna take any action because you it's not the cleverest thing to do I've been lost three no I wanna say like to go out on the town show you know if you don't care but it's your choice is not mine there's no cure for you and breaking rules of mine but you know I'm not going to do the press after the game one way or the other just to show my anger of it whether you talk to him and I use down to you is not for me to tell you what to do but that's what I'm gonna do I'm talking to the press will stop whatever the resolve the game so we start the game I drop Mike Taylor for the first time which is always a big decision what counting God gets injured after about five minutes isn't he mm-hmm and I can't moan to tell my look like you've been dropped and take it take it take it well like I said but you got a chance now turn your vote in a great night massive error so whatever your thoughts prior while you sound the bench it get on lemme do you job did I lose cause we got down behind EE yeah go behind like twice if I'm back go behind come back and then the great kick for the third goal where Mike we practiced is well I don't know what David was quite quick I mean he doesn't look like that he's quite quick sending every short distances I would always practice catching kicking you know once he catches it split I mean try and hit you in those go and he was a classic of what we've done call Kate him versus pull your lobster keeper you know great hope one of the things we've been working on or my time with a person have been working with with my crackers might well the great skipper in the world but David words and trying to ping that ball and we've been three two I mean the other Carlton phase is the the straight of the trainer bear with a free-kick go where they all come in and again you know when you see stuff with them on a training ground that you you've worked and it reinforces everything you're doing people if people if they score gold from it coups I was good let's next time we do for something let's make sure we do it sometime you these set plays he plays ice ball and they go through the motions you think you this isn't really gonna but when they when they get it and they works you see next time you have been doing it on training field people say all that work last time will you say to wait this early school goals working it that game is you know great pleasure as well whenever he goes on that baby comes around and works in you know so we went three two classic one scrap Eagles either you know raped or was great reread it goes yeah as a grad okay we come back after that game I think spanger lost the following game to Sweden or Denmark quantum and after that they didn't go undefeated again in a competitive competition to come out to walk to European champion twenty years and the World Cup and then euros again yeah they didn't lose another competitive game of qualified competitive game or if they did over the next six some users wanted to see their loss in the Confederations Cup in that one in South Africa price but they they won the three competitions back-to-back tonight so that and it was other way to being a bully because that that game and they lost the next game and you know it was but I'd I've been because that newspaper I can warning right here only I'd be I said that choosing is coming said you're doing doing press I said I'm not impressed he said if I'm going on as soon as Mauna Kea I said to BES and I you know I'm gonna think about what's going on the other kids and they I came back but I think thereafter I don't meet with the press basically I said look any access you had to me before you can forget don't phone me up outside of a press conferences don't talk to you know you might my program bit but don't contact me outside of it official dates I'll give you the 15 minutes before the games and the time after its but that's it I'm not doing anymore I'm going to a meeting in hotel ipoh Fusco I was asked to come over and I said basically you've got afternoon he came to like left at that time it's my end in my country you've got 10 odd games to get me and I've got 10 games to get out everything before you get me so it's subject ly when the Fulham job came up it was a no-brainer mighty shouter loved his state I was never off another contract I had no contract offer from the IFA it was I thought I can get out here before results turn around and they do have the ability to to get the fans on the fans on ball but why do you lose results then your credibility fan starts to drop its every match of those another moment others time I was on a high with the fans I've got to say that the major error made it was a major error I've got to hold my hand up – it was the way I left obviously that I'll give you the background of why I left but what I should and to be fair full of putting under pressure at the same time which basically they was saying that after Kevin Keene done England and from the same time fight not being happy with it and he wasn't prepared to berth with another manager doing both and what I should have said and did was I should have at that time and I was they wanted me to be manager and so I was in really strong position would say look I'll let me do the Northern Ireland games until the end of the campaign or when they can no longer qualify that's what I should have said because I had three that evening my squad anyway Hughes bed and Davis and I should put my foot down and said look until such time and online their qualification for the World Cup let me do the games and to be fair to international weeks I went in New York and I went to climb into Venice and I said to the boat that Tuesday between where you going where you going the International where you going I said I'm going to finish my birthday he said he said by this gracious knock Ramona I said to him I could be running any national team this weekend without affecting full of one I over I could take him Dave and I could've taken Terry we could come on one date national team for that period left the rest of players couldn't win that many players left because all internationals anyway in charge of the rest of the coaches and that it I regret that of all my career I've got to say that it's my biggest regret because I think we could still qualified in hindsight what happened we fill up I mean I still got me in the qualification process and I'm out of a job so you know it's it's it's a ridiculous situation but for the fans and for everybody associated that I feel bad about that I feel better but there were reasons at the back of my mind where I felt I have to get out now otherwise I'm not going to get out cleanly okay so move on to the calzone some questions in Everson fathers first of all the national team I was good as for all for me particularly after the success and that we had enjoyed under your leadership so mostly for the fans it was a difficult time the lure of the Premier League but for you emotionally how difficult was it to walk away um well I think you can see him that in the video answer like no just before though if they show the clip in the right order it was a big thing but I felt I had a target on my back in it was a matter of wait me to fail we were top of the group it was a big error not not pushing for him to say stay in charge to see that period out to see the qualifying period out one way or the other you know specials I had three of the players in my in my squad as well at the same time and it was it was it was horrendous watching and thinking what I would have done and what subsequently happened and I mean they came with him the last game and not qualifying anyway I think he would have been in charge we'd have qualified then and there but there or the Premier League we all worked working the Premier League I mean that's that's all gone when you get done off to get charged to the Premier League to be fair I've previously been offered the chance of the Premier League but I'd about to give up his organ Island but he was only to the end of the season so on not that season but someone to earlier okay he was that season some early had come to me and said Club Premier League side and said would you be prepared to manage in the season because to govern all tonight and I said no I wouldn't so when full of said you have to give it up and there's a proper contract and that the contracts and everything is it's a it's a really really tough one by the end of the day we all work with the greater spectrum alarm the Premier League is the pinnacle of football is any manager and you if you're offered the chance you go to the Chancellor so it's only down once I thought I liked for them I like the club I like the whole atmosphere of the place I have a clean board to do what I wanted to do I thought I'm not going to get a better chance to move to Premier League side and so I took it but yeah I mean obviously as I said earlier in hindsight it didn't prove to be the best move and I should have done more to to pursue Estonia chargin automatically quietly done the job at the same time quite easily on the job but there were factors of both in stop me doing it it's funny in those days I mean the dress rooms I think they're a little bit better now aren't they in ten years or so but it was pretty pretty bleak in there when we were there we had a little cubby hole opposite of when we were solve I think everybody said about me it was a fantastic achievement I remember coming back to the hotel that night and a friend of mine was over mingling the journalists and we had a few drinks in a bar and I think that other players didn't feel I didn't see too much of them but it was I think someone told me that night that there was a republic came on in the bars and they were shown on some parts were shot in both games in the bars at the same time because it was such an achievement so yeah I think the thing we all celebrate in a right way but it was it was a difficult one is now I mean you know they've done so so well to fair I'm obviously more attached to my players that I I had the davises and evidence at that time you know well I see well Briggs just come for me as me I mean so you you know that there are good players coming through and Michael is proven that you know that you know he's changes for Iran I look at the team now and there's less and less my players ten years later Johnny Evans and Steve Davis at the end of their careers on there is the new ones coming through but I think you've got you know obviously this this campaign has been a building campaign for the next major championship the relocation doesn't really that's where you can as far as I'm concerned I mean what will be measured on is its next major competition and hopefully those players have got plenty of experience this competition will come in and show themselves next time wreck is there anyone in particular in the squad commander who is greggy's I've looked at and I thought can he do it the top level and he's gone from weakened to something under Sunderland now you know he's still not the top level the top level players are still Evans Davis when he was a selector you know that they need to be playing at that level before they you know to make that development I mean I think we developed some players like barely according to the Premier League he got a chance to the Premier League Davis got a real chance at Premier League having played a villa you know they've been brought up into the Premier League I think you more Premier League players you have you know much if you need a good squad more Premier League players who have the better chance you've got doing good doing good things being honest obviously normal squat now don't have many Premier League player you probably didn't at the time as well but what how how did how does it work getting the most good when these players come together whenever you watch Northern Line now you wouldn't look at that pitch and think after playing the Football League do you think you know they are top quality players when they come together as a team they stand as I don't know if they raise I don't know if as a team it works better how did you find that well I said some look whatever you've done with your own cups you know that should work you week you work when you get there when we come in this is what we're gonna do this isn't meant to of course this or gonna do a surprise it's what we're going to do here is we're going to do there this is the way we're gonna play and I like them and this is gonna be tuned or learned when we come in for ten days we'll practice that train that do that you do that and then when you go back to clubs to do it you do it your clubs so if you clubs a foot in club you football if you so whatever talk football though there you play that but when we're here this is what we do let's make it plain this is team warm island this is what we do there on earth know if don't you to say what we do this and my clothes do this this is it and it took a bit of time to people buying because some you know you've got people coming from a fact McManus was still plainly the Irish League at the time wasn't even using gold for us and I think Senator Ford came across to understand a forward cut the center forwards explain the Irish League than they at the time smithy was there and Gary Gary Gary Gary using an interesting how much does it both so they both are Italy plays on took over so when we a Premier League player we had a massive so this is what we do every buy into it you know you've been fob and you know Smith you bought me two got move across across the water than me Gary's manager who was managing still managing his manager Kevin yeah you know that I mean you know he was a lively lively lady when I had him but he played some games so and we played this way this is what we did and some of the place in that I don't do that speak yeah no it's not it's no I do and that's fine and they you know Premier League players ain't in play you know and they mister how long you know a great history of four or five years they missed out on being a bit of the family they beat England at Windsor they beat Spain before they were the massive great power they are now I think they missed out on those nights it was in Vienna Denmark Denmark isn't mi true with Denmark which was a fantastic night unbelievable night we were under the cosh for 90 minutes unbelievable when we got away with it fantastic a massive fan bases brilliant I mean they come to these games and you know in fact I think most Vienna Austria Austria when they're coming to me after came Austria the things that your fans won't go up because I get them behind can you turn to go up so I had to go at the microphone oh man I always wanted to say this but those moments are fantastic and you know say that to bind to what we would do it and and the idea was that we could merge the strengths of all the plays and if they did this did this in that room and we're prepared to do this then we would all benefit and that's what you have to do with the never love you know when you're in vintage different then we'll come in from Premier League clubs they're all party party party party party so it's just party party more when you got playing in Premier League players who pass the ball to Irish League players youth football you've got to find something that fits everybody fits their strengths and weaknesses I mean it was a classic I mean but Mike her news got injured in the came before Spain okay got cut don't said – Karen's gonna say no it's going on he said well he's got eight stitches in his eyebrow can't play on Wednesday night said you know we're playing Wednesday night he said the airplane Spain it's again you might have to hit a ball Wednesday night because the past past past past give me that you know paint England yeah he's going to be you've got a stable you we're heading one ball and anything that's do it that but he hated one book you just playing with eight stitches in his idea what to say anymore stories go on and on I mean when they do it you when you think back on but I've got to say it's you know I have a great place is a good time for them this is good and bad I've got to say to Northern Ireland I mean I can't say great things about how what the players did how the fans were what we did is a team my staff Jerry who contributed towards it there was so many positive aspects from there it's a job I left thinking we've done the best we can we've all seen more than perhaps achieved and hopefully it can be used as stepping stone what's the next step hey I'm Trevor cotton and you're listening and if so club I've got to say I loved International Management and given the chance I would manage internationally again tomorrow I can understand what Michael who I understands that officer manager club level prefers to managing in the national level certainly sees personally it's a great lifestyle allows you an opportunity to develop yourself outside of the day-to-day activity of a club sometimes the day-to-day activity of players can growing and keeping 20 young men happy they're all burning more than you by doing their own thing is it difficult it's a hard thing to do it's a hard thing to do so successfully for any length of time whereas International Management you are given time you're giving campaigns you're really sent you a campaign so you know what you've got to do how long you've got to do it allows you to plan allows you to put your things in the only thing you haven't got you haven't got loads of games I mean now with all friendlies being taken out and more being compared you came to a perhaps judged a little bit more on a game by game basis rather than just well as a friendly don't worry about is the internationals account made in sessions which isn't a bad thing so I'm going to say yeah if I the chance I international would be my preferred option another traveling I've got to say I love travelling I mean it's fantastic did places you see they wouldn't want me see and go to Azerbaijan you know go to Giants Stadium you know playing soldiers field I mean go to the Caribbean experience although though the traveling is a massive massive add on to the job so we've got to myself I'm doing in bed moment I'd like to go in and more the chief executive situation oversee a club I think rather than via the the K&H you know support managers in place to decide on the way a clock is going to go I mean I've done them managing thing for a length of time there's always someone above you dictate in ultimately where you go what you've got to do it with and I'd like the situation would be the person saying well this is this is the club this is where we're going this is how we're going to do it manager and appointed manager technical director and people are they're a part of that process finally for myself I mean obviously you looking about not an island crew sounds like you obviously have fond memories of it and I in the day the fans look it I think we call it this man fans close near the lowering Sanchez days you know those those famous years how where does that all rank when you look back on your career Oh achievement why you know that is probably where I go look into certain font of the FA Cup I got to imagine the Premier League which you know really long buydig imaged in Premier League but that my time in awe tonight in those four years I've got it be three and half years going to be probably my consistently happiest time stressful the time special early on when we were trying to get credibility about what we're trying to do working with great friends like Dave Besson Terry Gibson obviously Jerry as well and winning those marquee games you know people remember I was at Windsor par when we being and always at Windsor Park if we didn't do it if we've done it that when they you're looking great but you innovate all the fans that you had the fans that you know we didn't do in Spain we did it Winter Park come you know those nights will stay with me you know and do stay with me I think my memorabilia that I probably got more memorabilia up to my career my house that I have of any other any other club you know as a player as well so they were probably the highlight hindsight of my manager agreeable what we achieved there from the start we had to the way we left top of the group were qualifying group of Spain above swing but mark halfway through and say the other side of that is there a great you think well should have finished a job should have a state to finish the job but I certainly should have put my foot down and attempted to do it from prompt fuller even mentioned your career I'd say the North Maryland there and it's awesome and it maybe we have to we have to ask about this the teletext player relation though it wasn't my mind think yeah beliefs or how close was he to getting there nothing has been answered great story for someone to come from there to where we go I'm sent a force called one go away that was against Leicester to get us through the cool final two semi-final dynamic club wasn't cup tied as a centre-forward and then scored a goal scorers that goal you couldn't write in and literally his agent saw tella tasting find this from two things it's a movie window you look really but I think we finally I just want to say like from the Norton Island fans especially just a massive thank you to everything you give that they are fonts and baked baked good luck for the rest of your what you're doing thank you know and thank you to them as well just like apologies have intended but great time sir Thank You Laurie Sanchez for his time in today's honest and insightful podcast you can see this episode and all the others on YouTube iTunes and Spotify so make sure you're subscribed to see them first that's obviously the end of today's episode but we'll see you next time and we'll see you here next week as we begin our Euro 2020 qualifiers against Estonia and Belarus we walk in our Charlie [Laughter] [Applause] backstage done scored a Davis again each job done nine [Applause]

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  1. Should never have left Northern Ireland – we would have been at EURO 2008. What a job he did. We were shit for the previous 12 years out after the first 3 games every time.

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