NHL 19 Review

NHL 19 Review

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Seth Macy reviews EA Sports’ NHL 19.

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and the opening faceoff is here after spending time with NHL 19 exploring its different modes and customization options it may be my favorite hockey game scratch that NHL 19 is one of my favorite sports games period its outstanding animation and excellent presentation and atmosphere combined beautifully with hockey action that plays the way you want it to whether that's ultra detailed simulation or rkt fun a big part of NHL 19's appeal is its accessibility one of the first things it asks you to do is choose a play style based on your personal skill level with plenty of options between novice and pro you don't need to have kept up with the series to immediately jump in and have a good time but when you want to up your game NHL 19 has a thorough training mode that shows you how to pull off every move from basic passing and shooting to advanced ridiculous through the legs tricks in fact it's overflowing with choice from a generous number of modes to a dizzying number of creative player options it's disappointing that you can only choose from pre-made faces but I'm impressed at how thoroughly you can personalize your custom players especially the different options for authentic hockey player mullets it's pretty much guaranteed no two players will look the same commentary is improved over last year too so repetition isn't as noticeable and a decent soundtrack ties it all together a great menu system allows you to pin your favorite modes for quick access and EA Sports once permanently occupies one of those spots for me it's an absolute free-for-all on a frozen pond a fast arcade style online mode where you can play as dirty as you want I'm just a little bummed you can't play it locally NHL threes mode has a similar arcade style and can be played in single-player as well as local co-op or online threes retains the same ridiculousness as last year thanks to the opportunity to unlock and play as mascots but even when it looks delightfully absurd it retains the solid fast and fun gameplay at the core of NHL 19 [Applause] léa mode returns and I am in no way qualified to play against the caliber of world-class hockey heads competing for domination here this is serious hockey and it establishes NHL 19 is a real competitive game the obligatory EA Sports Ultimate Team mode is here again and it's par for the course I'm not a fan of its reliance on microtransactions nor am i a fan of how its pricing scheme makes you buy points to redeem for packs so you're always stuck with leftovers that being said I'm glad that the damage the microtransactions do is limited strictly to this mode over in the intimidating Li deep franchise mode I spent way too much time creating an NHL expansion rebirth for the Hartford Whalers the management options are hugely robust to the point where I was afraid to go any further without building a spreadsheet to keep track of everything I definitely appreciate the fantastic depth here even if I won't spend the majority of my NHL 19 time playing it'd be a pro career mode is my favorite straight hockey way to play NHL 19 gave me the choice to start in the Canadian Hockey League and work my way up or skip it entirely and go immediately to the NHL draft shortcuts like that keep things moving along nicely and I still felt like I earned my spot in the rookie class by playing the contentious games we don't need to ask where did all the arcade-style sports games go anymore because NHL 19 folded them into a fantastic robust package boozing with pure fun it has a complex sim heavy franchise mode fun fast ridiculous arcade modes and everything in between there's a style of play here for anyone from the absolute rookie to someone who lives and breathes hockey the action on the ice looks and feels excellent and there's just so much to do that I was able to find a game mode to match any kind of mood I was in at the time what's most amazing is how the modes are so different in tone but maintain excellence throughout with the exception of the microtransaction riddled Ultimate Team for more sports games check out our reviews of NBA 2k 19 Madden NFL 19 and p/es 9 and for everything else stick with IGN [Applause]

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  1. Nhl needs a complete overhaul..really wish 2k would release a new one, this review is terrible…doubt hes played a hockey game before

  2. Ok I go to play my Xbox one and this game downloaded. I ask my dad he said he didn't buy it. I'm wondering how it got on there. I know I didn't buy it.

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