New Zealand v South Africa | 2019 TRC Rd 2 Highlights

New Zealand v South Africa | 2019 TRC Rd 2 Highlights

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New Zealand v South Africa | 2019 TRC Rd 2 Highlights

The All Blacks and South Africa have played out a dramatic 16-16 draw in Wellington, with the result only the fourth time the sides have been locked at full-time.

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50 thoughts on “New Zealand v South Africa | 2019 TRC Rd 2 Highlights

  1. Le Roux's pass to Kolbe looks forward, but if you slow it down the direction of the pass isn't forward, it's just his momentum. He is in line with the ball after it has left his hand until he collides with the AB player..

  2. A bunch of normal patheticness. Bunch of losers as per normal since ANC has been managing the team. Waste of life watching this crap.

  3. no more respectful opposition shit good job sa you got done and hope ireland beat your arse dopamine cheats still can’t compete with the best 😘

  4. Hear the crowd booing on the final kick? Won't ever go to Eden Park to watch the AB's either – crowd there was just as poor

  5. My neighbour's springboks if they stop their nasty remarks maybe I will like their team. I'm all black fan for years and years to come and I'm a South African.

  6. Barrett steps on the line and no review how is it possible. JANTJIES was awsome but credit to pollard le roux and colbe for setting it up, but faf still the man.

  7. The TMO was only looking into the validity of the try at the end. Took him long enough. Desperation and pressure I guess.

  8. I remember the days when the boks won far more than lose against the abs. boks then were way ahead in win lose ratio. Sad to see boks struggle against them now…I'm a 60's child and then we springboks were way ahead. I think was when we begun kicking instead of our great running game plan…

  9. I love how Smithy's gut reaction to any play is inherently and deeply pro NZ…esp if it threatens All Black ascendancy. Then he composes himself and remembers to offer some modicum of objectivity…

  10. Amazing match. I have so much respect for both of these teams. Good luck all blacks and springboks from a constantly disappointed USA fan. Hope someday Eagles can be as good as you guys.

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