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We go in deep on the New Zealand national rugby union team.

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brand-new episode of don't these podcasts on Goa I'm devious and this is a review of New Zealand's national rugby union team yeah with the UM we figure said the UH the Rugby World Cup is coming up with I think in September it'll be I think it's gonna be in Japan or somewhere like that it originally the first time in the hemisphere whatever so we think it says World Cup coming up why not check out some of the the top national teams and I saw the Museu number one we PI over a new day and I saw whales it's martini so we we think we do maybe two teams a week you know saying this it's not known the background Japan right yeah so we're gonna go check now don't be getting short break okay all right all right New Zealand national rugby union team called the All Blacks represents New England early see New Zealand MS rugby union which is known as the country's national sport the team has won the last two Rugby World Cups in 2011 2015 as well as the inaugural tournament in 1987 they have a 77 percent winning record 37 percent when I reckon in the Test match rugby and are the only international men's side with a winning record against every opponent right since their international debut 1903 they have lost to only six of the 1980s they have played in Test matches since the introduction of the world rugby rankings in 2003 New Zealand has held the number one ranking longer than all the other teams combined all that jointly hold the record for the most consecutive Test matches when wins were a tier 1 ranked nation along with England New Zealand completes competes with Argentina Australia South Africa and the Rugby Championships All Blacks have won the trophy 16 times in the competition 23 year history New Zealand has complete a grand slam tour four times 97 the 8th 2005 2008 2010 the All Blacks have been named the world rugby team yeah ten times since the war created in 2001 and All Blacks have one that rugby player of the year award ten times over the same period 15 former All Blacks that been introduced into international rugby Hall of Fame the team first match was in 1984 and their first international Test match was in 1903 against Australia in Sydney the fount yeah they hosted their first ever home test a match against the British side and Walton the this was followed by 34 games including five tessitura in Europe North America and 1905 with the team suffered only one day defeat their first ever loss against Wales New Zealand early uniforms consists of black jerseys with a silver fern and knickerbockers by the night so they were – in all black except for all the Silver Ferns in the name of the object these this time the team performed a haka a memory majority challenge or posture dance before each match the haka has traditionally been the member has come I take all those since 2005 kapa o Pango has also been performed so they've been so David Street domine I wonder why I wat is so good rope what I think man they grow up on a Negro buoyancy though but it's baby domine they want a real cutting edge they let you try the price favored to win it again just a support bra that's their that's what they do you got moving with a courageous athletes are playing that right so nickname of leg you using both can be did a vor Richie taught school at Dan Carter mm-hmm I think we did me what you do then we did a top tricycle Holly yeah so then I saw something though though it was kind of crazy the only loss of six of this 19 nations controversies 419 600 black toward South America South African authorities assisted them were playing excuse me exclusively tell my buddies any kind of thing hey I caught a very led to new zealand rubbing Union before the game you got a tour for the follow ten years include 97 so a real player that did an honorary white so remember some reason some reason they write was so good I was so good they like nobody can play yeah they had to be some reason there's no mercy blow some reason said oh I didn't let them play early World Cup New Zealand hosted dope and one inaugural road clip of 1970 of fret 29 at 9:00 and the final is danica seated on the 52 points at school 43 tires and six gain and route to the title beat Italy Fiji I detainer Scotland and Wales of France by 1991 the grow companies Illingworth inside coach Bob Allison cha have to beat it was a New England anything the to open it they probably do a pool match to get the United States the troubles of the United States Italy when their quarterfinal guess Canada they were knocked out by virtually went to Australia sitting sitting the city finals let me see let me see some of the best plays well you did get the kind of injuries otherwise after you love one do you to you you'll get an all blank time I think I'll tell you more about doesn't want a cop you see him was because yeah we already did a video on the haka we already know about that I miss AI newsela have only been beaten by six Tests nations so will you be dummy like being there you know say under the pie it's crazy they and they are only international Tina have a winning records give every nation deeply you've got winter break that everybody they had 140 all day bouncing eight matches a lot of winners treat 18 victories 10 one join where I'll wreck it hold on my points oh hey gonna top to take the top 30 right of their that much you feeling well are they I'm kind of I'm kind of a fortune is World Cup though straight up oh hey go hey would add World Cups play six one champion you got third place in 91 runner-up in 95 fourth place in I think the Mariner and full pest went on the head Jonah third place all three so they would have out without winning it all then they won the last two hmm hey Paris quite so there is no who that food the best moves for right now saying is these things that we know I think it wouldn't do you Henry breed a very I think he went to God I looked it up I think he won the best in the world right now poor yeah my the best saw today we did Sonny Bill Williams you did hit my head I own you buy off you do well in Duty many Richie zona certainly I got the you know saying a little quick breathe no saying introduces of the background of these teams so if definite looking forward to the World Cup swim like I'm definitely be in there maybe when the time come back right there's a lot of screens of yeah depending on the time of the matches because it is Japan so they're probably like early yes time all right so we're gonna do we're gonna do to start doing the field these top maybe I mean maybe the top five teams in the world you know some different you know you know


  1. the rugby world cup will be in kamaishi japan the scene of the great tsunami rugby wold cup wants to rebuild kamaishi and honour those who have passed on by having the rugby world cup their

  2. but if argentina wins they would be the first nation to win the soccer and the rugby world cup like england

  3. Its like with the US and Basketball. The All Blacks are in the same level in their sport as the US Dream team.

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