New England Patriots release Antonio Brown following rape accusation

New England Patriots release Antonio Brown following rape accusation

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The New England Patriots released Antonio Brown on Friday, just ten days after his former trainer accused him of rape in a federal lawsuit. Nike also dropped Brown. The player tweeted from the Patriots thanking them for the opportunity.

22 thoughts on “New England Patriots release Antonio Brown following rape accusation

  1. Innocent until proven guilty. So much is going on in this world now, we must be vigilant. Due process everyone, and I pray for all Involved. God has his own way, he know all, he see all & he hears all.

  2. Antonio Brown has accusations against him he was not taken into to court and proven guilty is he not innocent until proven guilty then why are all these sports announcers and these other people in the news talkin like he has been found guilty when he only has accusations against them. Where did we lose our way in this country and yes the NFL does have a double standard when it comes to the black athletes and I am a fan of football and I know this. I see Kraft soliciting sex from a girl in the massage parlor still owns his NFL team they didn't take that away from them. And Donald Trump with all the accusations against him of touching women nobody's done anything to him so yes there is a double standard if you're black

  3. The NFL should make AB get checked out for CTE but they won't because it's real and would prove how violent the game is thus having to pay quadruple what they make today

  4. It is about time the golden franchise the standard literally condone his actions. All the players on that team were singing Praise on him when he was signed. They literally showed that they care nothing more than winning games no matter how womanizing or disgusting you act toward others. The Patriots should be ashamed of themselves

  5. I do not watch the NFL(but I like the stories)……my problem is all these EXPERTS….saying his career is over…..he will be on another team, eventually…..and
    that is why most NFL fans are as smart as an …old NFL player with brain concussions..

  6. I dont really know much about him but if you ever get lied on you will have a whole different point of view about innocent until proven guilty.

  7. It's overdue for these dirtbags to stop getting away untouched, everyone of them needs to be in prison regardless of their "status"

  8. So now Tom Brady can wipe his face and provide some advice for Antonio Brown he would probably say and this to shall pass at least he didn't deflate footballs so brutal this is a message to all make better choices and choose better friends

  9. This whole story stinks of racism. I mean a black man accused of rape WTF.

    The NFL is racist sexist and homophobic. It is literally worse than Hitler.

  10. Just sad all around, went from 30 mil guaranteed to nothing and about to be blackballed from the league like Kapernick, with that hanging over his head!!

  11. Although he’s been acting stupid these past couple months, in this case they should’ve waited until he was proven guilty.

  12. It's funny to me how this Black guy has only been accused of these things but he is already presumed guilty but the White owner of this team was actually caught up in a prostitution sting where they actually nabbed him and notice you didn't hear anything and funny how everything went away very quick WOW!!!

  13. So these women can make up stories YEARS Later smh WTF…. Now I understand why republicans are against those rape aligations against that judge

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