Nasty Balloon Dart Challenge

Nasty Balloon Dart Challenge

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Who will conquer the nasty balloon dart challenge?   GMM #1576
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– Today we put the ew in balloon! – Let's talk about that. (upbeat music) Good mythical summer! – I'm Christine! – And I'm Emily! – And it is a good summer, because next week we have
another new That Ask Though, the show that we host with Ellie exclusively on the mythical society. So go to
to check that out! – Yeah! But today, it's
all about Connect Four, the game that can make or
break a kindergartner's day, October 5th, 1992 will forever
be burned in my memory. Darn you Paulie, I will have my revenge! – This one's for Paulie.
– Yeah. – We're adding a new twist to the classic children's
game by combining it with a classic balloon
darts carnival game. – Mm. – It is time for – [Together] We're gonna
pop balloons with a dart and hope what we drink
won't make us shart! – We're here in the shart tank. – Here's how it works. We each have a set of darts. We have to pop a balloon
full of gross liquid in order to put our token on that square. Just like in connect four, we have to connect four tokens in a row. They can go either horizontal,
vertical, or diagonal. – And the balloons are color coded from least gross to most gross. Blue is the least gross,
followed by green, yellow, and red, and
black is a mystery flavor. And it could be good and it could be bad. – It's my personal recipe! – Our friendship is over. – Oh. – When we pop a balloon, we have to drink what
collects in the cup below in order to nab that square. The loser will have to
drink the cup of doom, which is filled with all the
liquids from all the rounds. Let's play. – All right, okay.
(balloon popping) (David laughs)
You know what, you're taller, so you go first. You also have a score to
skettle (tongue flubbing) – A score to skettle?
– Mhm. – With Paulie.
(Christine laughs) All right, I have no
strategy except to not hit the black or red.
(Christine laughs) That's like the only strategy I've got. (deep breath) All right, here we go, here
we go, here we go, here we go. Okay. (balloon pops) – [David] Ay! (Christine wheezing)
That doesn't look great. – You said blue, green, yellow. That looks so gross! – Gotta drink it though. – Okay.
– Bottoms up! – This one's for you, Paulie. – When she wins in this or you win? (gags) – Actually, I kept it down. (Christine gags)
I did it. It's– (coughing and throwing up)
(crew laughing) – My eyes are already watering. I am not–
– Oh, I'm fine. I'm fine, I did it! (clapping)
Thank you. – Chef high-five, no, no don't touch me with your hand.
– No I think I got– – Okay, okay.
– Oh, okay, no I'm good. – Okay, cool, great!
(vomiting) – No, I'm fine. – Head completely–
– This is so confusing! (laughing) It was definitely
(Christine laughing) wasabi or something, it's wasa– (gags)
– It's spicy? Okay. – I'm fine. All right, it's your turn now. – My turn now,
(laughing) get out of here. – Go for it. (deep breaths) – I should have done this before, okay. – You gotta stretch for darts? – Okay, girl. – You got this. (blows raspberry)
– [David] Oh! (David laughs) – Whoa! No, not the black one.
– Oh, it's leaking. I think you gotta drink it, it's leaking. – We're about to find out how
much I'm going to hate you. Black is mystery, right? (pops balloon)
– Yeah. (crew grimacing) – Here you go. – Coca-cola?
– Ah, that doesn't smell great.
(crew laughing) – Actually, it smells like balsamic? (spitting up) – You got it, it's okay. (gags)
– I don't know. – Aw. (gags) – This is just like being in a sorority. – [Narrator] Guys, it's okay,
it's just black vinegar. It's okay. – I think the idea of it is so much worse. – And your reaction to it. It's your recipe!
– Yeah, yeah. – Why are you surprised by it? – That was, yeah. It's been there for too long. – All right, let's do it. Let's get through this.
(Christine burps) – [David] Oh, you okay?
(laughing) – This is, you guys picked the two people with the worst stomachs to do this game! – [Narrator] You guys are doing great. You're doing great, you have
two on the board, let's do it. – All right, sweet mother have mercy. (Christine gagging) You gotta stop, I can't concentrate! – (laughing) Sorry. – Okay.
– My body's just doing it. (balloon pops)
– Ay! Ooh! Emily, that is thick. – Thank you. Thank you, David.
(crew laughing) The colorful commentary. – What color was that? (Emily sighs)
Yellow? – I think we've created a new
– No, not yellow. – That was blue,
– That was blue? – Which is supposed to be the least gross. David is a liar. – Here you go.
– (laughing) My face is wet. – Thank you sir.
– There's some brown chunks in there. – [Christine] Do you– (laughing) This is our Vietnam. – (laughing) This is! – Bottoms up! (gags) Oh, you got a good amount of that. (coughing and throwing up) Paulie. Paulie! (coughing and throwing up) – [Narrator] What was it? – I don't know! – (laughing) We'll never know. – [Narrator] I do. – It tastes like– (coughing)
– I feel like I don't – It's okay!
– wanna know in case I pop that balloon though. (spits) – [Narrator] Okay, I'll leave it. The next time you pop a blue, I'll leave this as a mystery then. – You're crying.
– No. – [David] She's crying. – Hey, hey.
– I think this is – It's okay, it's gonna be okay. – This is some kind of dressing. (laughing) – [Narrator] Yeah, yeah. – But it's wetter than dressing. It's like wet.
(Christine laughing) It's like someone
– That's the tagline. cried into it before they
put it in the balloon. – I think that was you, you cried into it. – Yeah, I know, I'm gonna– Somebody take it away! Thank you very much. All right, oh god. All right, it's your turn babe. – All right. Wow, I just put myself
around a bunch of red. – You did. – Okay. (gentle pop)
– [David] Oh, you're leaking again!
(crew laughing) – I'm getting part of what is in hers and I feel like that is not fair. Okay, that's good, I feel
like that's more than– No? Okay!
– Oh my goodness. (crew laughing) – What?
– Here you go. – What is it? What the, there's part
of a balloon in it too. – You put parts of the balloon in there. – Sorry.
(crew laughing) – [Crew Member] Can't choke
on the balloon (mumbles) (gags) (spitting) I'm– (gags) (laughing) – Ow, it hurts– – Don't let it be on your
mouth when you look at me, uh! – Can I have a napkin?
(Emily laughing) – The adrenaline is setting
in and now this is hilarious. – Oh my god, the texture! Ah! Sorry.
(deep breaths) – [Narrator] What was it, Christine? – I don't– I think glue? – [Narrator] Yeah. – It's so disgusting! I feel like I did a– – I don't mind glue! – Well have at it, friend!
– Glue is the red? – Sister friend. – It's non-toxic though. – I don't care if it's toxic. – Did I get a red one? Am I getting all the gross ones? – Well now that I know that
it's glue in the red one, I want a red one (laughs) personally.
– What's wrong with you? – 'Cause I ate glue as a child. Who did not eat glue as a child? – Me!
– Oh, okay. (David laughing) Okay, all right here we go guys. (balloon pops)
– Oh! – [Christine] Ah! That was violent!
– That was a big splash, yeah. – [Emily] Yeah. – You hit that violently,
I'm like "bling!" – That's not helping me at all in this game.
– Punctured. – There's some glue at the bottom. – God dang. – You got that one already though, right? You had a green before. – I did and I hated it. – Was it the worst one? – No. (laughing) – Okay, go do your thing. You gonna–
– Nope. I got it.
(applause) – [Crew Member] Yeah! – Wow. It's a red badge of courage or something. – Ah! Sir? Thank you. (laughing) Thank you, okay. – My cup already has drippage
from whatever you popped. – Yeah, I know. (grimace)
I had some glue in mine. – Oh boy. – At this point, we're
just already drinking the thing that we fear. (liquid splashing)
– Ooh. – [Christine] (sighs) See that? That's a row, guys. – [Emily] That's a new one. – Oh god. – [David] It's very yellow. – Yellow is not that bad, right? – (scoffs) Sure. – You can believe it's orange juice. – You're evil. (spitting)
– Oh god. – I just can't hold any– (gags) (Emily laughing) I can't hold anything down. (gags) – Is this what you people want? (crew laughs) – Are you happy, internet? Are you not entertained? (laughing) – We are going out after this
and we are gonna have fun 'cause we deserve it. – Are we gonna buy a bottle
of Listerine and split it? – Yeah, and we're gonna
(crew laughing) drink it like a housewife. Which is what I could be,
(Christine spitting) if I wasn't doing this!
(Christine throwing up) Okay.
(crew laughing) Okay girl, let's end this okay? Okay. (loud thud)
(yelling) Oop, sorry guys. Now it's all ruined.
(Christine laughing) – [Christine] Uh oh! – You wanted glue, you got glue. – Yeah baby, gimme that glue. – You're so much better at this than me, I don't know if that's a– – 'Cause it's glue! (crew laughing) It's not a big deal. – The look of it is
enough to have me be like (both gagging) – Actually, it's pretty bad. – Right? The texture. – Texture is fine. (deep breath) All right,
my darts are gross now. (crew laughing) But I'm gonna throw them anyway like this. – You're not drinking the darts. – All right, Christine,
you're one away from winning. – [Christine] We both are. – Oh yeah, but it's your turn. – It's my turn. That's right.
– All right. – I honestly thought I would be better at dealing with the liquids. Not so much. Blue is the easiest, right? – Yeah.
– Whatever. – You know what I'm ready to do? – Lose?
– Take us home. Take us home, sweet country
road, is that the song? (crew laughing)
– Sure. (balloon pops)
– No! (laughing) (hits table)
(beep) – So close. (Christine screaming)
(Emily laughing) (screaming) – You shouldn't have
sang Country Road wrong. – I know, I'm Canadian. I don't know country music.
(crew laughing) (Emily laughing) – What is, oh this is dressing? I vomited for every single one. – Why don't you just get this ready? – Just get it ready, get it ready. (gags) – You got it, you got this. – Okay, I got this. (throwing up) – Ooh, now I wanna – No, I think it's go–
– yack 'cause you yacked. – Okay that one wasn't that bad. I (gags) think it's because of the other things that
are inside of the cup. It was like half-full (hiccups) before. Like look.
(Emily laughing) – You are cracking me up right now! It's just (pretending to gag) (laughing) – I feel like Michael Jack– (gagging) (laughing) – All right, I'm gonna take this, the least gooey of my darts.
– I'm so angry that I missed that other above blue one. – This is your chance to win, Emily. – All right, here we go. (balloon pops)
– Oh. (Christine laughing) – Oh! – Another green one?
– I don't know. (Christine laughing) – Oh god, this is that was– Is this the wasabi? I think this is the wasabi. I don't do well with the wasabi. – I haven't done well with any of them. You've been so much bet– no oh! No, no no no no no no no. You have a bucket, use your bucket. Okay good, good.
– I did it, I did it. (crew clapping) (exhales) All right, I'm up.
– Okay. – Country Road time. – Hang on, can I take a sip of this though?
– Yup, mhm. – (gagging) Nope, I good. (crew laughing) I got it. (claps) All right. ♪ Country road, take me– ♪
– Okay. This one?
– Okay, no, that's licensing. I can't do that. (clapping) – This one is for Canada. (balloon pops) – Yeah!
– Ooh! – Oh wait, no!
– I win! (applause) I win, but do I? But since I won, I win a Connect Four, I'm the Connect Four queen, you have to drink the cup of all the gross liquids in the moor. I'm the Connect Four champ, I'm so sorry. – Congratulations, I'm happy for you. – Congrats. – Thank you. Thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. Cheers! – You know what time it is. (gags) – Hey, I'm Derek. (speaking quickly) Mr. PoppinTwist from
Long Island, New York. – I'm Dylan. – I'm Paige. – And balloon Rhett and
Link think it's time to – [Together] Spin the
Wheel of Mythicality. (laughing) – Those balloon animals are
very intense, I like the noses. – That is a cool dad. – Yeah, click the top
link to watch us guess carnival game winners and
losers in Good Mythical More. – And to find out
(wheel spinning) where the Wheel of
Mythicality is going to land. – [Link] Up your pin game
with our mythical enamel pins, available now at

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  1. Emily's outfit is SO on point! I had a shirt very similar to that when I was in elementary school in the 90's. Such a vibe!

  2. The reason i stopped watching smosh many years ago is becausr they let new people host the show and i hated it , im hoping gmm womt turn to have the same fate in my book , im a little dissapointed in you guys

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