Mike Blair announces his retirement

Mike Blair announces his retirement

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Scotland’s most capped scrum-half and 2009 British & Irish Lions tourist Mike Blair today announced his decision to retire from rugby.

Blair, who made 85 appearances for his country – 14 as captain – in a glittering ten-year international career that featured three Rugby World Cups, will remain at Glasgow Warriors where he will take up a coaching role from the beginning of the 2016/17 season

BTW muddy field you just said a minute ago a couple of minutes ago pickling street and as it still a pitch you know you're a town but is it still a pitch that you particularly had you took a great deal from in terms of running out for Scott yeah absolutely i think you know i can i can hear the noise the crowd you know my head now to think about a thing but favorite moment was Angus 2006 as we came against england they switched off all the floodlights and there's a lone Piper with 11 light and hema news blasting at Highland cathedral and you know as I speak about and know the hair and the back of my neck standing up and you know those those kind of memories they'll you know that's take me a long time but you know we've had some some great victories on the pitch some some not-so-good ones as well but you know all the same lots of lots of memories somewhere I think some players rely on the recordings of the games because they don't actually remember what happened during the games are you someone that can recall moments in you and your Scotland kill you yeah I can remember and I think it's probably best I don't look back and I think it's not the case you're trying to remember you know in your head how good you were as opposed to let them back and seeing the reality of it also possibly more important more important in the games and are we as I remember talking to you onto land I think it was Australia and talking about the whole aspect of of tutoring and being with a squad for for a period of time is that something that you you look back on with gratefulness that just the ability to interact with other players yeah that that's that was the best part of rug with me that the tiering side of things and visiting different countries getting business class flights I think I've many of them again you know spending time with the guys I'm not something that they're so hard to replicate and yeah my fondest memories are our of that and that that tier in particular 2012 Fiji Samoa and Australia just absolutely phenomenal one or three games the the scenery the people in all the countries it was you know that was a great tier and I'm tearing his a big part of every in terms of it strikes me that that Mike Blair would be someone as a player and as a stale of clear who would relish playing in the current Scotland set up with the way that they seem to be allowed to play the game what do you think of the way that Scotland a plane and and how do you think you would have fitted into that because it looks till I made for a scrum-half like yeah dad i watch the games there's a large group of really talented young players coming through you know I've had my time i played with with a lot of great players as well but the way the scotland team playing are so the way the team are playing now that the pace and the ambition they're trying to play with yeah of course is something you want to be part but you know I enjoy watching them how much you think you'll miss it I don't know I think you know with that when i retired from the scotland stuff in 2013 i I probably thought I'd miss it more than I did I was able to escape from that quite enjoyed watching the games but I think stream two friends who stopped I think it's probably gonna take six months a year before you kind of realized that year the right of it but we try and find other motivations that certainly won't be running marathons or or anything like that but you know you find other challenges and my next challenge now is is coaching and trying to improve those players so that I get a lot of enjoyment watching them out in the pit I watched you enjoy that rule because I think you're always someone that's been quite analytical or insightful about the game is that something that you feel I'll help you come in when you come into the coaching yeah dad I mean I love watching rugby I love analyzing players and plays and seeing what's going on trying to take a step back and seeing her team just trying to play so you know I get a lot of like a lot of joy from from doing that as I mentioned before about working with the scrum-half at Glasgow and I've really enjoyed doing that and you know that probably done a huge amount you know of impact and their performances so far I like to tell myself that and they're playing three guys playing fantastic ribery so that makes me you know pleased with what I'm doing as well can you pick can you pick one game where you know you maybe got a sense of I suppose you would have felt less in a lot of games but one gamer particular where the emotions are playing for Scotland the attention of playing for Scotland was was heightened for you yes Scotland England 2008 we'd we'd had a bit of a struggle in the championship it was the first game I was captain at she here and you know those there was a lot of pressure and being captain there and in a Scotland team that hadn't been too successful and I remember when we won we won the game I actually watched the last four minutes from inside the chin um the TV because I couldn't watch out here and as a stranger on the end of it and the game you know rather than having that incredible joy of winning the game like had you know I burst into tears their relief that would kind of got that not a monkey off the bat but just you know getting the win that takes the pressure off a little bit more and that's what it was about playing for Scott and a lot of it was you know you're representing your country and you want to do you want to your country proud and you know sometimes results don't go for you but but when they do you know you've got to try and enjoy as well so one final question you'll have time to reflect on this probably and work out the answer in the fullness of time but and greig laidlaw and yourself what is it about scrum house when it comes to Scotland is it because you're magnificent generals on the field or is it because you're naki guys you tell me you know in a human you know it quite well Nigel I don't know I I think scrum-half said it's a fantastic position to play because you can influence the game you have more instances in a game than any other player which is a great thing and this is not such a good thing if you're not playing so well but yeah I don't know bank Greg's leading the team exceptionally well you know we have been fortunate with scrum house over the last you know 20 30 years I don't know what edging in the Welsh seem to habit with this stand offs and you know I guess we're fortunate in scoring with a scrum house but i'll leave you x the question but have a nice a good point just did to finish that is a good point that when you look at that the legacy that maybe you have in particular is that you stand with those are lost at scrum-half Senor thinking about you go back to allen loss and you go to you go to Roy Laidlaw you go Tandy nickel you you know and Greg himself it's it's a hell of a a peer group there isn't as it's nice to be you know mentioned in the the same sort of breath as them but you know I had some some good players around me and you know I've loved my time representing Scotland you know all the teams I've I've represents been a massive honour and you know sad to to finish the kind of the realization saying we now Adam told me but you know about a good student you

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