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hey boys welcome back to some more Melbourne Storm Korea and it's gonna be season 2 so it's gonna be 20 20 20 it does still say more ease install them 2019 that's just because what the teens were called when you download them from the fan hub but it obviously is the 2020 season so we look at the team here I've got grain popping housing in the squad for the nines what an absolute done these kiddies also bring the core I don't actually showed you guys the the recruiting I did that bring Decorah was uh was a big one Matt Eisen hooth as well look at they got Cory Thompson the other poor use to be the Harris through there John Sun has gone of the Warriors John Bateman as well Cameron Mary good lord the worries are buying another quality team this year but um yeah I saw him Brenda Cora because he wasn't even in the like the squad so has like a look at like the feeder clubs but he's still like rated pretty pretty well and Matt Eisen who I actually think he's he's like a fairly not obvious one as I see I'm just gonna bar over for a very soft try but I wasn't who that I actually think he's like he's a player at the storm would go after you know he he looks like a good quality player but the Tigers you know you sort of a bit in and out of their team he's dropped some weeks he's on the bench some weeks then he starts I feel like he's a player that you know he's sort of on the other at the Tigers it seems like the storm would pick up and he would do like a really good job for them you know one of those type of one of those type of plays the forwards who just get in the storm system and do well so he's the reason I picked him up not that he's I think he's a solid player but not the authorities like a incredible or anything that I just thought it is a purchase of the storm would actually go after so there's a there's the two main ones actually don't I don't think I really saw it anyone else because what like it's a storm team like we really didn't need anyone vitally you know we're what pretty set in the hives fall back you know pretty set huzzah let's go again Issac Luke with a beautiful offload I just want to mention this quickly obviously second season in I had a fair break from the first season when I was playing the game and I'd been more focusing on regular league live three so this is my first game back on break building live for after live three and it's it's obviously really tricky to switch between the two because they play so much different yeah they they play completely different so don't expect any good quality um any good quality early on in this but thankfully that's the beauty of the nines we can sort of get a feel for the game again with some you know less structured 40 and just get get the rhythm back for the game so that's that's the only sort of introduction to the series I wanted to say it's not gonna be good does that Allah hope to approaching out on the worries 14 nil up with to try that's pretty frustrating honestly with that that bonus two bonus points was it yeah two ponies two bonus tries but um yeah I'm trying to remember there wasn't anyone else I don't think we saw we might have signed a couple of like fringe plays just for depth but yeah the full-backs I mean we've got Jerome Hughes Drinkwater still and then obviously poppin house and I was gonna talk about him good lord he obviously showed what he could do against the eels that's absolute flogging but even before that like I I mean I can sort of understand it Bellamy he's only playing in very short stints previously like even like five minutes ago in a game you're pretty lucky Cameron monster spreads it off to that man bring Nikora pretty quick I think he's a center on this game so he is pretty quick so it's it's nice and we are gonna score a bonus try bits yeah poppenhouse and every time he's come on here's a looked so he looks he looks like an absolute star dude and the good thing about him is that he's come on like obviously he's a fullback primarily he probably probably playing the hearts as well but I think he's just you know primarily a fullback but he's come in like the middle of the field and his defense is actually like pretty strong as well the games I've seen him play as unfortunately here we took the intercept and I didn't mean to kick it but that's just sort of what happens if you're holding down the button and gonna score the third buddies try so a little unlucky right there but yeah he's defense like pretty strong and then he is just absolutely electric he's so quick he's so quick I you know do like there are some absolute speedsters Indiana like it's funny because like you talk about speices it's always been quick players but I feel like this year and also like probably like last couple of years it's been some absolute flies like I feel like before it was mainly a tow car and like joint a James Roberts they really talked about his being like the two fastest players there was always obviously other really fast players in the league that didn't really get a mention as I could play here we're gonna get another they've all been bonus tries I think or maybe the Warriors didn't score one but yeah there was always quick plays but now like dry field has come under the scene absolutely electric these popping housing is just incredibly quick like there's a few players there's another guy as well I think Oh Bronson sherry as well like there's some guys coming through that it just absolute speedsters and yeah this popping housing looks looked real good so I feel like he's gonna be a tough guy for the storm to keep because you know from what he is done like he came on obviously he came on with like the the eels with a man down when he first came on but just the ability to like just just set up tries and just the pace like you know it was it was a good game to come into for sure with eels just being absolute jokes but I kinda I can't get over how how good he looks so it's gonna be like I was gonna say it's gonna be hard for them to keep him because of the fact they do have full backs in their team they've got hard so you know him just sticking on the bench like a team will probably look to pick him up because he can probably you could probably find himself in a starting spot for most for most any role team's really but uh yeah we'll see what happens there but he's a very very quality player to come off the bench as that x-factor can't get much much more of an x-factor than that really hopefully hopefully the Queen's later it seems like all these young superstars coming through in you South Wales so we need we need a Queen's lady common three but we lose that one bit of a shocking game but hopefully guys enjoyed and I'll see you in the next one


  1. I have a problem with the 2019 teams as in my second year it keeps corrupting the file,hopefully don’t happen to u as this series is Amazin

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