Meet Your Brand New Islanders! | Love Island 2019

Meet Your Brand New Islanders! | Love Island 2019

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It’s time to meet your 2019 Islanders! A new bunch of sexy singles are ready for the ultimate sizzling summer. Love Island is BACK, and your summer officially starts Monday 3rd June at 9pm on ITV2.
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Welcome to the official Love Island YouTube channel. Get ready as some seriously hot singles take over the hottest villa in the Balearics for six weeks of sun, sea and smooching in their quest for the ultimate summer romance and £50,000 prize!

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Oh Khan sit down hi I'm Jo I'm Amy I'm over gallon Anna truth Curtis I'm Lucy Michael you one day Tommy it's getting confusing I'm pausing I can't wait he's going to like villa I can't wait to have the best summer ever this summer's gonna be the best one of your life so I've been a firefighter for almost two years looks and personality wise I'd say I'm a 10 I would say a humble 9 but being a hero kind of bumps me up to that 10 oh I don't even have to say it I'm living my best life because you just know that I am I do like to get my own way most of the time so my type of girl I'm not really that fussy looks-wise long as I have that initial attraction if I could be what I'm like with the boys around them and they'd actually like me for it I'll stick a ring on it over it or before you know well this love island flight to the villa life as an air hostess is really fast-paced you're here there and everywhere which makes finding a boyfriend really impossible well no don't use that my friends would say my better smooth all prettier because of the way I pack up yet I was in the club I always get the nicest looking at all all my friends in the villa this year you're probably gonna hear some new and weird words Bev Bevan Ishtar puffed off woof oh yeah okay there is 70% of me which is an old man in a young person's body I like 50s 60s music absolutely love it in fact having middle-eastern parents I'm like at that age now where they are on my case like you're 28 years old and now you need to find someone you need to get married you need to have kids oh good that's hard I was always that kind of like the friendzone type kid a few years ago I had a glow up my slides look all right it's sandwich man's a late bloomer I guess yeah I used to love it when I tell guys I'm a scientist I don't think they're really saying much I think it's just like the look of like shock and horror a little bit I'm really really bad at writing I couldn't flirt if you paid me to terrible oh wow shame I'm related to the best heavyweight in the world Tyson Fury and always backing me all the way I'd like to think I'm the full package from the waist down I've been single for about a year and a half labeled as a bit of a player who I'm from not because our tea time but just because I just don't really waste time if I subscribed myself in three words I guess I'm very fun fun pretty flamboyant good fun that's what we'll say crazy slightly crazy cheeky definitely could be times spontaneous and a bit weird funny funny honest funny bubbly bubbly energetic sassy and bit of a diva Sam wood can I say something else I can't wait to get in the villa I'm going to love Island hopefully to find love but also find a gorgeous girl of a nice button to take home to mom look out on the wrong side of me you'll know about it I can't waste getting a villa and getting amongst it all those fit girls I'm coming to go violent and hopes of finding love and finding you know the love my fingers crossed or all of the other lads shredded

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