Mark Selby vs John Higgins - (full match) Players Championship Snooker 2019

Mark Selby vs John Higgins – (full match) Players Championship Snooker 2019

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Mark Selby vs John Higgins – (full match) Coral Players Championship Snooker 2019 – Round 1

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yeah this is an afternoon that passes quality control no problem or whatsoever three world champions out there on the Preston Guild Hall stage another in the commentary box with me it's quality all the way Thank You first frame yes two of the greatest all-around players the game has ever seen on show today [Applause] I'm fresh as John Higgins feeling after just returning from India a couple of days ago we reached the semi-final could work a couple of ways it could be you know getting that better confidence from getting that run to the semi-final or you know is he a bit jaded oh so they just stroke that redden was a minimum of fuss beautiful if you were feeling a bit jaded fella can't think of many players you'd rather not play than the fellow at the table nights absolutely best of eleven it could be a war just got a nice little angle just brush off the pack for the black to the right corner southern don't if he's got the angle of his dead stray or just screw the cue ball back for the red that's closest to the black to the same pocket in fact to get a little bit too much angle enough to stand off the cushion maybe even play the cannon here that's end of break 14 possibly enough angle to play a little cannon on the red plane for the red to the left corner the one that's next to the right but whatever it's fine the baulk cushion time and for a Marcel bit and that's a pure safety shot mark 14 big target no for John Higgins that yellow and brown to get in behind another tempter here it's right closest to the left cushion into the left corner just drop it in for the black but it can leave things on if he misses this what the hell John Higgins an excellent cue ball that's the kind of point you'd benefit from it's any juncture of a match particularly so early on that's one of those shots that the audience think is maybe not gonna reach but as a player you know when it's going to reach the polka or not over his career this has been John Higgins his strength I know everyone talks about what a great all-around player a great tactician but his strength is his scoring phenomenal great builder didn't play for the can on the red but it's okay it's not about a couple of choices 17 just gone a little bit further than then he wanted you could see that's like grimace I may have to their little cannon here in the pink and red just to call the cue ball let's plan for the the loose one 22 23 twenty-eight to manufacture the angle there and the application of side as well pretty well recovered not a full recovery of perfect position but not too bad at all you can plan a cannon on the other red here just a hole for the black mmm didn't get into the cue ball enough didn't want to fill ball contact on that in the road okay it's back pot in the black to the left middle but I don't think it's gonna be anything coming after it and unless he's just pointing his cute up there to see if you can possibly leave the Redis right next to the pink to the right middle I need to be virtually level with that pink and red to leave that red to the middle Brannigan's 30 yes and the black in itself was a tough pot so the body language as it leaves the table is one of disappointment on club tables that might have gone the other way been influenced by the nap but not on these [Applause] this is the point in frames this afternoon that is going to be really interesting to see who comes out on top when there's six or seven Reds left and as a tactical battle to see who can force a mistake in order to give them a chance to clear up and win the frame sure there'll be some frames where someone will get in early and win the frames in one visit but these are the types of situations and frames this afternoon's going to be fascinating to see who comes out on top tactical geniuses on the table I think when it comes to blending tactical acumen and heavy scoring I think these two are standouts in snooker history yeah thank along with Rowan O'Sullivan and Mart Williams ooh for the greatest all-around players of all time enough to put my old friend Steve in that group Phil though Steve Davis was the first of this breed of player absolutely and when you've got all sides of the game and you've got that versatility I think that's the most intimidating thing of the lot because there's no weakness to try and exploit John Higgins 6 Harry can you help me place against the remaining in each chair once the balls put back and so market Kessler referee from Germany immediately says to her marker who is Terry Camilleri can he help me please put the balls back where they were and of course in our first match of the week teni was the referee when we had that lengthy deliberation in the contest between Ronnie O'Sullivan and Barry Hawkins that lasted around seven minutes I think this one will be a Swifter conclusion I think nowadays Steven I think it's the thing referees look forward to the least this kind of replacement must be a nightmare when they go everywhere and you have multiple balls to put back rather than just a couple okay sometimes think the referees managed it before they had the help of an official with a screen in front of them spent like how did we ever find away anywhere without sat-nav so it's just a little bit more up and sometimes you might think watching this at home these miniscule movements of the balls are being rather pernickety but that you have to be so precise because the position of one ball affects the whole shot Wow John Higgins for such a horrible shot to play when you're bridging over another Bowl your whole aiming point is off because you're not looking along the line of the cue you lookin down on it and they're so easy to put unwanted side in the cue ball John Higgins will be absolutely qualified for that q-ball's ended up you think he was guaranteed to be on pink are black and to add insult to injury can't even see the green you could play that shot on about 50 times and probably not when there was not a pot Google now that's the part of Shockley sets the likes of John Higgins apart he's only got a 27 point lead but chipping the blue to the side cushion he's definitely to his benefit as of course is the imposition of the cue ball now then he'll be on black or pink this time that golden chance to draw first blood Wow very straightforward run to the line note in this first frame for John Higgins 8 it's always nice when you're up against such a an opponent such as Mark Selby to get that first frame on the board fifteen red color red to leave mark selby Nina Stoker 16 wanted to and these are the kind of frame balls you crave the admissible ones 23 when the economy is on the way up you always hear the phrase green shoots of recovery and I think we've seen that in the game of John Higgins in recent weeks nothing spectacular by his standards but certainly an improvement on what had gone before and I think a victory here today we can adjust the tonic he needs six 37 John Higgins 37 and the frame the black mist Petach Memphis not good try not to Joe Higgins he will be very pleased with all things has haunted the clothes but it wasn't played just trying to find the vault cushion and expect to get an advantage from that against someone like Mark Selby I'm sorry I wrecked the car left corner here it doesn't go as you can see it goes both he's not interested as they told us in the studio before the match began Sylvie does have a very good record head-to-head wise against John Wiggins 11 6 but it's much closer in total frames won over those matches 118 to 113 you get the impression this is going to be a real battle at the moment though I think ins definitely looks the more settled beautiful shot for shot was just that practice really he was always gonna air in the state of rather miss the ball completely then catch your sick no not for that today that gentleness at the finding some nice areas behind the bulk colors Maju it was good contact with the red at the age of 43 the mince pies are still working okay that's a problem John Higgins completely missed his safety shot left mark selby with his hand in the table and that's what more often the night he'll do to you quite tight against the ball cushion hmm I left this red over sits in left corner but how can he get the cue ball out of there let me see the reason they bought the cue in there trying to get low in that cue ball to screw the cue ball around the back of the black [Applause] and let me tell you that was beautiful as well it looks so simple to dab in behind the vault colors for a snooker but when you're up against the ball cushion like that you need some touch straightforward choice come off the right and say cushion – Leon – the two Reds and the black cushion but he's reluctant to play that because the red to the left of the black will be possible – left corner sighs a little bit trouble here at John Higgins it's just seeing the feet brings a cue ball and just lays it gently onto the red to the right try don't leave that red that's why he's refusing that shot it's the to cushion escape glance off the the main bunch bring tremoring the cue ball back up to bulk obviously the thing not to do here is catch this red the thick leave the cue ball doing that into the table he's not happy with any of the shots here he's in trouble chosen this is the lesser of two evils doesn't want the double kiss that's pretty good [Applause] maybe there's just a little bit of cueball sticking out yeah you can see it's gonna end quite low Wow he was matching the cue ball intently there as it made contact with the 2nd cushion wasn't quite sure whether he was going to go past the brand but now he has an opportunity yeah we're at John Higgins left Mark Selby even if there was no Reds in the way he'd be playing that shot with right hand side so the fact he can only get to the right-hand side of the cue ball made the pot a lot easier I thought for one second that he was gonna rest on the pink and not leave this red he's okay Oh 9 played the cannon on the red that's in the pink spot note was quite a what needed to be very accurate you had the anger that could have played with more power enter into the main Bunch Mark's oven mine that's one of selfies great traits okay he's disappointed to be out of position but he's got the ability to accept it wipe the brain and get on with the next task which is to play a good safety Sony players are so disconsolate when they run out of position they forget the safety that fires [Applause] well if the blue is in the way that's the third time in this frame that Higgins has been lucky with cover once behind green ones behind brown and now the blue try to find I tried to get in behind the yellow there but the pace on the cue ball was still excellent my first glance mega Marcel bees turn to get a bit fortunate I think he's done any damage there whatsoever only damages is probably going to be in trouble and comes to the table again after the show John Higgins loose shaping up to take this read on to the left corner controlling the cue ball as a difficult thing here popped a blind pocket I'm never gonna get hundred percent sure the cue ball was going to end up a chance to the brown any close observer of John Higgins over the years would say that if he does have any kind of weakness it is he's not right at the top of the tree when it comes to using the rest maybe that's influenced him there but also the fact that by playing by very simple but effective shot he put Selby in a lot of trouble now sir fasting this much is developing exactly how I thought it would good old-fashioned proper match-play he has definitely one for the connoisseurs of the game this match sure mr. McManus is drooling in that studio watching this film yes if you play points down at your local club I think the snooker hell would be playing points getting stuck between Allen and John Higgins you do your money quickly and that's an hottie though [Applause] from this mark think that q-ball moved to the left as as we looked at it well I'm glad you said that to him because I was convinced it did absolutely convinced yeah that definitely was hitting the red when he first struck the cue ball possibly unwanted side and that was a reason that pushed the cue ball over but nevertheless well I was gonna say he's the player from arts there'll be a chance but that cannon has not worked out those don't be guaranteed to can that rate and beyond the pink to the left middle bowls are just not running for both players really in terms of the scoring aspect of the game mark selbee wall but what they're lacking in fluency at the moment they're certainly making up for new tactical mouse another duty another beauty [Applause] I can't tell you by the way in the match that's could decide who goes to hunt dad no for the 2a championship and who misses out but Stuart bingum has drawn level with David Gilbert it's one frame each over there well parents every gets a good cue ball if he's playing off this red because it's definitely gonna be bringing it Reds into play this is a wonderful shop shut the mouth shofar and draw Higgins there [Applause] well a nanny movable object meets an irresistible force something's got to give but it's not giving yet the amongst mark Selby's many strengths to his game is the best I've ever seen it getting out of Snickers and not leaving a pot one for his opponent it's a large of the angles is phenomenal okay that was a fairly simple shot you played previously but many times more difficult than that he manages to get over without leaving chances look at the frame turn they're almost 21 minutes and still 10 Reds on the table and with four of them very close to the top cushion I think this is going to be got a lengthy affair [Applause] yes at the moment the balls are saying okay you two might be world champions but I'm gonna make you work hard for it they are not conspiring for either player when it comes to the offensive part of the game [Applause] now that changes things eight mine they sank on the Reta can finish high on the black 16 player cannons for three Reds are immediately below the black there on the cushion you think of it gets a cannon race bone to be on something 17 no by surprised he's played for the straight black to leave a red to the right corner but if I would have played for a high black there yet the opportunity was perfect on the red to do so yeah made some Simo Hankel he's going this right now one two five just enough angle to play that can and no yeah surprise he didn't play earlier we had the chance to leave himself hi block from that second read never send a break mark selby led you to [Applause] again so often we're seeing really good plants for little reward John Higgins want shots like that have to be first conceived and then executed against it both tremendously [Applause] compl if Thomas where he's played safety softballs very close to the cue ball he said to hit them Higgins which would suggest he may be decelerating a Meccano shot and if you let go the tactical initiative in this company you play the price yeah we've already mentioned that Jordan only got back from India couple days ago and this is a kind of frame that certainly if you work for you on a bit jaded you wouldn't be enjoying very hard to put 100% concentration until it's a couple of unforced errors and the safety department one yes it's a five hour time difference over there they were in the province of Kerala in the south of the country in the city of Kochi and that meant flying back involved a stoplight one of the major airports and getting a second flight so it was a nod ewis journey eight 9 this black then to leave join Higgins needing a snooker I'd like to get another right away because John will obviously play on the know who works with us red just make sure the pot 17 like so b-17 begins just concede as expected praying 29 is hard and compromising match play snooker just our mark selby likes it well it's parity the first two frames between Mark Selby and John Higgins have been shared yes certainly no fireworks so far in the scoring Department plenty of time all righty the bottles are pretty well spread just a couple of shots so possibly indicate if someone gets in with a chance could be a heavy scoring opportunity in this frame yes don't get the mistaken impression that these two cancel each other out in terms of scoring because in many matches between them over the years there has been multiple centuries when Higgins beat Selby 13 12 in the quarter final of the world championship in 2009 Selvi in defeat made five centuries this time there was a pot one to the right corner and he can get the two Bowl were in the back of the black one yeah I think this'll be an item vehicle compared to the merchantable one tonight to drug Trump and jet Wazowski I think the men move tactical battles we'll see in that match will be you can count on one hand can't wait for that one six meanwhile John Higgins is in first and frame three decent chance I think this read will clear the pink two left corner seven 12 needs to win the tournament to be advert to a championship and it looks a very tough task but he's done things like that before at the end of the 1997-98 season he needed to win the pretty shoten and then the world championship to take over from Stephen as the world number one no one thought he would do it but he did that was willing to tournaments to achieve a goal yeah I think he also needed me to lose in the first round over on challenger which had Julie obliged yes and that it ended Stephens eight-year reign as world number one now we're talking about mark cell being quite rightly so 26 having a tremendous record because he's in his 49th consecutive month as well number one but Stevens at the top of the tree for almost a decade unbroken 27 yeah talking about the world championship with him and all these top players will I'll just be in the back of the mind how the form is developing towards the crucible times are different now for anybody playing in March you wouldn't have a lot to play playing before again to the crucible but so many big events still to come they're interested to hear of mark worms in the studio a couple of days ago he's already thinking about his forum for The Crucible unusual fur for him to be planning so far ahead normally all all he plans for Phil is his next meal fold what do you want ice break of the match so far forty-two velop t's nicely the naysayers always point out that you can't really tell a lot from statistics but of course you can and one of the statistics that comes to mind with John Huggins this season he's only made 15 centuries of professional competition against last season for instance 58 yeah Johnny cuz I think has made 745 is 250 behind Ronnie O'Sullivan who turned professional the same timers as Johnson shows you what an achievement the Sullivans is bigger scorer is your right felt the season has not been vintage John Higgins so far that saying it was what this part of the season is all about yes he's break building highlights from this season making two one four seven at the Scottish Open on his doorstep he's ninth one for seven in pro competition again another indication of just how brilliant he's been over the years so blue to pill himself six day ahead was 67 on the two Reds next to the black the top one I think goes to right corner once to avoid that cannon though could see the disappointment in John's face always a point lead to snooker who knows you support another red and a color just to put this frame to bed John Higgins 68 [Applause] he should have won the frame against but with Selby you never know getting the black into open play the first order of business Wow John turned down an opportunity to go for that read they played the safety off because he doesn't want to give mark selbee a chance to get back into his frame about it what she took it on no there's our safety shot was gone the way wrong well if Mark Selby can put another three reds and blacks leave the one that's directly below the black spot pretty good snooker using that red an ideal situation was send the red up somewhere near the green and brown leave that cue ball jammed up behind the black button that's it that's in a few shots time in negotiate these other three reds and blacks sixteen 17 just drop on the red that's closest to the right corner and hopefully get straight on the black after pot in this last red or a second last red I should say that last red that he needs to pop before laying the snooker these need your attention he's going to play this with a little bit of pace to make sure it gets up on the black nicely yeah they shot no absolutely perfect a lot potential transformation in fortunes it was in this very arena on ITV where we saw Ryan de get multiple sneakers that's extraordinary frame to deny Marco foo only one needed here Selby with a golden chance little bit closer to the yellow but the still plenty room that cue ball to get round the back of the red now you can see where John Higgins was so disappointed when he didn't get on the red after putting the blue two to leave this important needed sneakers the places I set pace and misses bring the cue ball back down and leave Marcel be easy chance smoke free ball [Applause] indeed it was but the Higgins concerns not over yet look at this very little margin of error to get past the yellow just skirted then go yeah danger playing that dead weight obviously play it too hard you can leave a free ball play at this speed you can be in trouble again [Applause] shouldn't be a problem just come off the black cushion just a little touch of right hand side [Applause] I can tell you Table two I've arrived at their mid-session interval Stuart vengan has just made a 68 break and he leads David Gilbert by three frames to one could possibly go snicker back here it is fuller contact on the red she wall could have ended up behind green and brown set it right up to this end at the table in the vast majority of cases a 16-8 break would pick it enough to to the frame under lock and key against their being forced to work really really hard and of course if your opponent leaves a snooker there's no law against you laying one I remember one epic Welsh Open quarter-final between John Higgins and Ronnie O'Sullivan where and the decide it was O'Sullivan Mader 70 to break mr. Radin Higgins cleared up with 75 each pinch plenty of frames and his time and he knows it's important to mind his P's and Q's hence that shot fall John Higgins Paul that means the difference between the two of them is 40 points so two sneakers needed although if this red goes in it's all immaterial [Applause] John Higgins one frame a 68 Drake wants to build a stone hitting his hats in conscious moments but in the end you just take a 2-1 lead who's been a comeback king over the years particularly against Higgins won't be phased just yet the last three times they've played actually Selby's come back to went from five four down to win 6-5 in the quarterfinals of the UK championship 2016 from nine eight down in the final of this season's China Championship in Guangzhou and most notably from ten four down to in 1815 in the final of the world championship a couple of years ago so facing a a 2-1 deficit is not a scary prospect in light of that it's no doubt John Higgins have a nice run of the balls in this match so far in a few times where it's not hit the safety rate and got the cover from a balk color that time it was behind the green another day could have left this red is playing it from Mark Selby yes no outrageous flukes or anything like that no really unlucky in offs or stuff for Selby to deal with but you're right sometimes that subtle run of the ball can make a massive difference six now through the course of this season these are the kind of lynchpin balls that Higgins hasn't been plotting quite as regularly as he normally does seven nothing wrong with that boat yeah be reluctant to play the black because you'll see that Reds on the black spot so while this blue screw back you'll have a choice of reds here the red at the back of the bunch or the one that's on the black sports the one in the black spot they wants to be on and here's your shot twelve again very looking again another occasion he could have kind that read and snookered himself in the black but I'm sure that's not the way it played that show and again Portia almost missed the black is he on this red still want it yeah that's incredible he's definitely going John's way so far in this match why do you want well he's planted it's really for very pure positional shots and finally it's got the better of him overhead this by a long way that you know might have been a reaction to India last week where the table was nowhere near as responsive as this and muscle-memory movi John Higgins 28 [Applause] Wow if his left us read again okay you have to say I have a pretty decent shot to get the cue ball and behind the brown somewhere but that's it was reluctant they played that shot because I knew there was a red our two Reds going towards that right corner pocket but if he's not got the cover from the brown he's definitely got it from another red [Applause] the way the Reds are situated and blacks in the open thinks the only color out of commission first mistake could be very costly in this lo situation here I said first mistake could be costly Selby had that first chance okay was a half chance but miss should have cost him this fourth frame and where the balls are situated very very tentative attempt pop very unlike John Higgins that was such a nervy nervy action a deceleration to say the scores only to one really a high-pressure point of this match while so glad to say it could be a turning point that after that no Higgins not punished at all one yeah something want Steven he knows he's dodged a bullet there when you make a mistake like that you expect to be sitting down for quite a while yeah the only thing is I think it's played that previous pot attempt to ethanol so badly that it just drains all the confidence out of your body I won't be feeling good I didn't go in the middle of the pocket just needs to pot three or four balls here just to get back in his groove I mean amazingly this match hasn't caught fire but the current are stats trying to kins got 93% pot success rate which is pretty good you wouldn't know that by that last attempt to the middle pocket yes he leads in all of these statistical departments but a long con success rate safety success things are going his way in more ways than one 15 18 find him 26 twenty-seven thirty-four it's not good black guy to leave his opponent needing a snooker make the mistake he made in the last frame okay it's a lot more straightforward but make sure you put at least another read on another color so you can get to the interval and you'll be absolutely thrilled to be 3-1 ahead to members of the famed class of 92 are into the quarterfinals already Ronnie O'Sullivan and Mark Williams begins on the way to completing the trio 43 50 50 while going into the 15 minute break I'm sure that Selby won't be panicking he never does but he's got course to be concerned of that there's no doubt 58 [Applause] poor John hit mr. paddies lead okay I think the concern for Selby is his scoring hi sprite for Mark Selby just 32 that's got to improve Higgins had a couple of half-centuries match between two great percentage players here the last time they played a course he went the distance ten nine in the final of the China Championship earlier in the season Guang Zhao Mark Selby in need of an immediate come back here after the interval needless to say lace not the start he was looking for he's so good at putting other players under pressure Selby but course Higgins is a master of the same sort of game well that's exactly the point isn't it and of course I'll create chances John Higgins with that safety game that he's got he always will he hasn't always got to get in with brilliant long Reds because you will just squeeze out chances by putting his opponent under pressure keeping him at long range he did have a run over the ball in the first four frames we did mention that and it was very noticeable actually that almost every little nudge went his way he's quite rare for a play like Charlie's that came in really conducive to good luck because you know it doesn't let the ball just run around endlessly some players are the very lucky or very unlucky because the ball just could finish anywhere never a little nudge went his way as I mentioned he was very keen in that interview pretty much not to say that he was coming here J to do anything that was really never bring that into his mindset at all yes a lot of people might Selby favorite because Higgins was an Indian at the weekend not to the semi-finals didn't get back until Monday night but I suppose that the counter odd is he's sharper than Selby is not a determine for a couple of weeks bottom line is they're both great players and it's been the sort of match I think in terms of the style of play that we were expecting well again the difficult balance at the moment you're getting tournaments it's the time of the year where you're getting players looking fresher than others some of them playing a lot of snooker hit a peak and they're kind of not as sharp others are coming up nicely to the boil and a very very good time with all these big events build-up to Sheffield one to five he's not God particularly good angle here to be on the next red yeah it was not a good shot on the red before that shot on the black was not really the one that was luck in control it was the previous very much second prize playing the very tight safety shots it gets on the board but the first you better get him in school more than what he did from that opportunity it's cool and thick and he's looking concerned as he goes back to his seat [Applause] it was not easy he was a tough shot and few Mark Selby fans have found their voice known that this is an opportunity and a little tester now and he's straight on the first read even get on to his color this is a good chance bloody well [Applause] eight as I said as the Frank began his heist break so far just 32 she's a good opportunity to improve on that chance that he maybe thought wouldn't come along I've been caught that safety far too thick a moment ago but he cans unable to take advantage Mark Selby will have his own expectations and his own opinions on how he seasons calm but here's the world number one he's only been in that one final that he won against Higgins so I think objectively you'd have to say it's been so far disappointing campaign well that's true but also it's true that he's here and thinks it's gonna be up at the church am Bashir intended no rather player standards of course it would have been a good season to be in all the big events because he had once so much over a period of time that he was another saleable position at the top of the rankings and I guess that has his own precious if for some reason he doesn't seem to fare at the moment as well in the UK as he does certainly in China where he's reliable every season seemed to win tormance there but here in Blighty last year or so has not been so successful 24 of course he did make that one four seven at the chairman of Champions Coventry last November and got to within five ball actually get into the Northern Ireland open finally lost six five on the black tee Ronnie O'Sullivan in Belfast and Sims he's very much in this match now don't didn't make as many there as we thought he might gave away this chance I'd like to see him playing better it Selby at the top of his game and a number of other players competing at the highest level a tremendous reminder of the season yeah it's been war number one since February 2015 he's got big points coming off seven towards the end of the campaign so at the moment you just gonna be struggling to retain it but of course if you won the World Championship half a million that would put him back there which is for whoever wins the World Championship that sort of prize and points tariff they're gonna be right up the top on the head Selvi or many other players what is fuss now there's David Gilbert he's won a very tight fifth frame against you at Bingham so Bingham now leads three-two that's of course a big battle in terms of the placings for the Tour Championship yes – you very much as if it's going to go for one looked overly in the frame it eventually Gilbert one it's a good shot that is your picture the little nudge 3 I know he's not perfectly on the black but it was very well played well this is more like as long as he now goes on to close out this Friday three it's the fluency he's been looking for all afternoon yes and he won't need the awkward develoment very left a shot there for frame by taking the ones are doing more than play just double-check him on that and find out that that's the case possible turning point didn't match this which could easily have been going to a foreign advantage in favor of Higgins yeah it started with actually a bad safety from Selby open all the red sub but he didn't leave anything easy sort of forced Higgins into going for a top one that she missed and that said at this chance this red is frying ball yes John knows that he won't fret itch the friend goes against him of course because he's very experienced so like you say just wants the red the color would help to follow it but it'll make thirty sixty nine with 35 on Wow he's so reliable normally with the rest Selby has a big one to miss I'm amazed sorry David that he missed that I mean he's yelling you ordered the red as I say I can even think of it more and he needed the black because he was looking to maybe get off the cushion and away into the middle of the table he could miss the red on the thin side for that reason but he only wanted the red girl hasn't got an easy shot but I'm just thinking probably happy to be at the table that it can't still win the frame will be unlikely to be at this visit [Applause] that's very good effort you wanted to free the red middle of the table but also snooker mark on that red so that he has to play the other one and bring that it potentially into players clever he had to avoid that being the blue very unlike Selby as he strength playing shots like that and keeping things safe always has been and come as a relief to Selby he's not left a chance but that goes in the clearance was realistic possibility well there's only any sort of a gap between yellow and blue I think there is he can pop this seems unlikely the keyboards running down their end of the table [Applause] well I can forget now about that read that he missed on 67 7 which might have been a very costly error that John cleared to sneakers needed to black not favorable for Higgins where it is so she'll be a big favorite you would feel here where's the Blackmore phone worn out about where the Rebbe finishes I always think that these two it all just feels like a final when they play and of course they have played in several including to the crucible always feels like a proper snooger match oh yes because there's a lot of cagey play I mean obviously you mentioned the Black was safe John deliberately put the black in play Selby missing that red knew that he had the turn one shot snooker was always there I think John might concede yeah he did have a chance but it's gone now you can see the play much serving the delighted okay beep misfire ball initially on 67 goodness of this player's championship yeah there's gonna be a lot of circus to be played again in this match not only because it's three two but the kind of snooker they play every shot is he's thought about every point is earned just got that last-minute flick which helped to see touches the yellow here and sends the cue ball in me on the brown shelby's at the pink fault yes I must say that the young Higgins six cushion for this table are kind of squaring up and what I mean by that is you're not really sliding off the cushion this interview coming off at quite wide angles and that last shot of Selby's I think would underline that point Micah Kessler the referee being out by Terry Camilleri we mark the Reds move just a little bit can you see it on the picture Terry they won't have moved much just fractionally I suppose so it's not hugely important the Reds cue ball is the one really I totally agree with that yeah I mean look you've got to try and get the balls back I accept but I don't think it matters it's it's the angle you come onto the cushion and into the register at and that's got to be the same as the previous time see Terry come in the air he just almost directing traffic still trying to point why he'd cast in the right direction when it comes to they were ball replacement it's aim a bit further down the cushion this time than the last shot this he looks bewildered by that as I say I think the cushions are just throwing a bit wide they're not sliding down the cushions as they do on new cloths well he can't see a red fall so there's not gonna be a warning it's got to be a better way you know all this then what would the way we're doing it I don't know what it is unfortunately but there's got to be fine referee Marty Kessler well we he you just miss to take that time well Shelby's looking at Higgins Higgins is smiling well he's got a 12-point lead and why would you give that away I don't with a selfie was half joking he looks at him for the rear AK he's having none of it and blame it they won't let up 12 points that was a big effort wasn't it he hit the red anyway obviously we don't encourage you to go anywhere but if you do want to make a cup of tea maybe this is the moment I think that if there was a touching ball situation that would end all this not quite it was a match recently I see involving an old pal Alain Manus Nigel bond it was in the most recent nominations event would they had a re-rack after a very long time in a frame I brought myself to ask Allen how long it took but it was forever it's almost a vegetable its best partner now isn't it and then the scoreboard blew up I think as well genuinely well just making it up at the de frame that replaced it went on for a long time as well I thought that maybe there's some kind of freezing of the scores but it will blow up well it's got a cue ball back down to bolt because once I blew be a rewrapped I've just picked a black pac-12 Mac so we've just got the Indian open he played Chris waetford in China couple years back and pink and black kind of got wedged together in the pocket and there to start the flame again well that's not the worst little flick I know there's a red available here but it's not easy the yellow is not in the way but it's kind of a minor distraction I should think for your cueing plays you of those red to the left corner I just wonder if this match does go long with her John coming back from India and playing only Sunday there in that event when he lost in the semi-final whether he would get a little weary – mentally getting on top of him especially playing Selby [Applause] terrific shot though things have changed a bit imagine he was getting or not really working in his favor now he doesn't like the look of this shot that's great but he flicks the blank and then he's embedded in the bunch of Reds here I mean what kind of equipment do you need to be able to get to this English potable you need spiders and Swan Nixon something new not invented yet well he started with the spider now he's getting the spiders going back again the swans coming out this is gonna be a very difficult shot we've got the elevation all right Wow anyone that pots that it has done well these lies being very deep rough and the golf course 20 chip out onto the green Table two it's now level Dave Gilbert's comeback won the last two against Bingham so big big match there in terms of qualification for the Tour Championship whoever wins it goes into the top eight and at the moment they can't be split I'm seeing a very different match here too I suspect the one we'll see tonight which is between Trump Jeff is a ski who both would love to go on the attack and of course both playing so well so I'll be very interesting one this evening from 7 o'clock that's the first quarterfinal it's science here on there that mark Selby's getting back into this match who's surprised by that I'll be anybody he's easy never-say-die player he fights all the way and the longer the match I think the better he is whatever has gone before this season you look at the calendar and see this you know the Tour Championships which are the best of 17 final best of 25 he's got the the big valuable event China Open and the World Championships all events right up his street chance to do a lot of damage in that period of time absolutely the master the longer format is nice lb8 not great fan of the sport as well he spent a long long time yesterday in the media center coming out with all sorts of snooker trivia questions most of which he really didn't need to know but he knew them raising David maybe we should stay involved would be the way to get that kind of knowledge Oh thought Phil Yates his head was gonna explode at one point some of the questions that were being asked of him 17 Excel bees one of those players who if he gets knocked out of a tournament or he hasn't entered the torment he will still watch it something can't bear to particularly if they've been beaten but Selby as I say he's just a snooker fan through and through and that positive attitude certainly helps him matches like this when he's not played his best he's behind but he's just so determined to find a way back into it 22 23 thirty 31 whereas a calculated shot to go into the bunch and it's worked he's on the red like to follow it the black when we spotted though he's thinking a couple of shows my head might not go back on to his own spot 37 so it's hi straight to the intervals 32 booty made 67 in the last his Audion 37 here forty-four forty-five obviously black goes back down onto his own spot now it's a really good chance this 52 fifty-three verax happy that higgins didn't agree the rewrap the style of the frame sixty sixty-one and check them the need is 55 point so red and the black here which is what he's been playoffs it's gonna be enough 69 well very classy contribution this just what he's looking for remember the first time they played each other first round they were challenged to 2005 said he was a qualifier and he was well beaten by Higgins and just thought he's not gonna be a top player maybe a middle ranker but then a year later drew him again beat Higgins the year after that they played in the final and he's been a top player ever since and this has been a top right yes and John will feel obliged to carry on it he eats one snooker if he takes black through the Reds of course otherwise it's more than one [Applause] no that'll do him I think yeah a little knot of the head from Higgins so Mark Selby has put together two good friends here backs of 60 70 and 76 from the world number one from the leg with an inch still possible five friends yes and he has started look the stronger player of the two actually only because of those brakes but just in his general play [Applause] well they basically nothing shot there but fell that's all we had it it's kind of given John he spoke things very good at doubles John Higgins he might play the doubles the left middle it's just the other read that's out in open play might be just I didn't think twice about playing the shot we have played it [Applause] I don't Gilbert there's now one three on the spin on Table two against you at being on four three two Gilbert so quite a turnaround you can see them there in the background just about to start frame eight sort of a six points at that isn't it with the not only the Tour Championship but the actual world rankings as well in terms of The Crucible is big as well yes I'm being in the Tour Championship brings about 20,000 pounds and of course the same amount of ranking points either being in it or not being in it that is the difference then what you can get from there on in if you go on to win it mr. juggins he obviously got a clear shot of Reds here Marcus left him but very nice shot at reds well this is a difficult shot here the thin edge from where he's underneath that cushion that's very good [Applause] well then this tummy hasn't got cover but that's not to say this opening read that sort of distance is easy not over the pocket either and just to add something else to it even if it Potsie not sure will be on the color I was gonna say that he's got away with it but the brown going over the opposite middle pocket so sure now he might risk this threat to the right middle whereas I think he wouldn't do otherwise he could conceivably drop it in and plan the brown here which I forgive reduce there as you could say sealing maybe without that more being available he wouldn't have gone for the pot that would have been awkward I've been low value just feel that Selby is started inches way into this tournament now Phi if you could come through this and there's a long way to go if there happens we're doing the power of good I think you helped his confidence been sadly lacking in that some time now six yes a number of players this season have had their their moments of little domination karan wilson jet trump mark allen Ronnie O'Sullivan Selby has not he has won at Orman I couldn't follow it up with another one but as Neil said earlier there's plenty of events coming up that he really likes the longer format tormance including the world championship so maybe this will be the period in the season when springs to life just caught the red there didn't he on the way through yes he not done so he did but on the red different way to the way he's on it now stay pointed down though this register on the way through keyboards he changes direction [Applause] well he just doesn't fancy the red in the middle it's a Tim shot taking a long time over this shot down and I was here a minute 20 always thinking of getting the ball into a position where your opponents in trouble to shows you how quickly things can go wrong just graze the red it just messed everything up really stop the brake Wow through the lobby well miss roxelle before I tell you what he must been looking for the finished earth in contacts there's hardly a gap that he could have got through back to safety he's gonna have another go at it anyway been invited to play again John saying it was near the cushion which was not even best interest but it just the plans very honest tell you what this must be a wafer-thin contact well he didn't hit it right he was lucky there he hit both Reds that was not how he meant it say lucky he's left a long red but hit both Reds hit the red next to the pink as well the step savvy yes he's immediately looked at the as fall Reds in the line noting that the bottom red he'd like to pot it would bring the black into play when that he in turn plotted a little congested at this stage around the black spot seven 14 fifteen I think psychologically this would feel like a huge change of events my LD could win this frame and take the lead 23 can always be very difficult when you had a long battle of safety and lying upon your wits when the chance comes for often players are out of rhythm out of out of stroke with their best game still be not really one of those players you get into a huge battle and then when the chance comes you was able to take it and get some fluency 31 like that way devote a half of the two Reds actually I just saw the black just related to the pocket 13:9 he's good stuff 46 four to seven well he's done we have to do which is up he's scoring right before the interval it's all bits and pieces but be much better since they came back and you know we talk about him as a great match player and tactician which is but century's life 569 he's sixth on the all-time list of century pro makers so that speaks for itself 53 it's black men and it's Higgins who once again requires sneakers six there 60 well I saw him practicing at 3-1 down amid such an interval when he was working on his game because he can't really improve at that point all the practice has been telling the build-up but whatever it was he was striving for he seems to have found anyway 68 69 74 so I was going to pull out something special if he's gonna go on like a century did you check the judge cutting it back like that they'd with lots of rock left and running side there that time didn't quite get on the roads but take another good one to keep this break alive and get that century that's not far away very good very perfect very quick to get up to moves the red as well it's already polish one of these she's another difficult one 88 [Applause] good self busy [Applause] still going in though they messed much the head 94 there's been a very eventful break very good break early on especially ex yes he's taken the scene group to what will be his 52nd century break of this season what a time to make it as well just confirmed sat down he's playing on since the interval he's got better he'd have been fun actually since they've got that next time big for Higgins because he was 3-1 in charge he's lost three on the spin and Selvi Stalag the plays best snooker 114 because in from here and just two more to makes the court-appointed me they match them epic battles these two of course couple of World Finals last time they played it went the distance in China but the onus town Higgins to get back involved in this match having spent a long time in that seat last half an hour so yes things just didn't really happen and early on in this match for Mark Selby there's no question that John Higgins had few favorable nudges and he's a better player making very let me say I just started to outscore him a little waiting frames in a single visit what the game is all about produce a new sort of match it would be well there's always going to be scoring there would be periods of safety usually high-class safety as well from them both [Applause] [Applause] they are very far wrong and she safety shots are weighted by the one cell we just played underneath that bulk cushion that's where you want to keep your opponent apply this ever played the game that enjoys playing from under there some are better than others at it to see the top of the queue boards where you can get to well this is quite important if John can get through to that red at the bottom of the bun so on to the left of the black then really he could be in because the black will be on and the Reds around they will be there for him this is obviously not a load of room wow that's Thai isn't it well he played that with a ribbon that was a really good shot so he played it a touch up inside on that to me that definitely had to play them just a little bit of left-hand side to make the pot happen he's pleased with the shot [Applause] well very tiny gap he was able to get through to that red that could be crucial chance to stem the flow it's lb playing better no keep him quiet escape with his chair watching so on in the past in big matches John Higgins's found a response when he needed it I think it wasn't just that he lost three frames in a row just the fact the selfie as I say got better in each of them progressively made a bigger break in each of them that would be the concern for the Scotsman [Applause] 20 like a lot of players he'll have good and bad memories of the Guildhall but no doubt one of the happiest would be when he won the Grand Prix 2005 beat Ronnie O'Sullivan 92 in the final made for centuries in succession in successive frames 494 unanswered points one of the great performances but here just left it's a little bit dicey now this cue ball close to the side cushion he just puffs out his cheeks because he suddenly put himself under pressure well very coolly done engage he's not quite on the red as you want equally sure of the blue twenty-seven well that was nicely the livers up the table but you did not control it though you had quite an angle on that on that black it's easy to play with a bit of pace to allow the cable to drift down the table thirty-five turning into a very good match his new standard has picked up quite a lot since the mid-session interval and Johnny's now playing his part in that haven't been kept so quiet forty-two forty-three 50 fifty-one now a poor little passage of light he's broken the Reds up nicely and he's left the right over the middle but of course this writ read the left hand red and then he never does cut in horrible you can have to play safe and he's got to make it a very good one I think the table is very inviting for anyone they've got a chance of these two fifty eight point lead is not necessarily a frame winning one well not in there surely that's quite a bad error know that the opening readies not an easy one before we wanted to be in that top right corner the table near the pocket that's certainly not in it this could be the biggest shot of the match coming up so far and we've bigger ones perhaps if you can knock this in and clear up then he really is warm favorite to win the match this doesn't go in he probably lose the frame well it was the latter hang on though no it stayed out yeah it was a big shot all right everyone knew it but it didn't go in so he gets 54 in front with another chance to level up one yeah it was a little bit wait he wasn't it another ball run down the table it would have been a very thin black he's just on it actually eight well if your pots this and gets up to the blue or higher then it'll be Snickers required that's a good shot I just can't help thinking it's gonna be another decided between these two they've got so many close matches both now playing good stuff 14 15 but Higgins needed this he'd lost three on the spin Selby was playing really well in those three frames Higgins largely frozen out got himself back in and it's effectively now best of three should have done enough 70 for the leave 59 on mark selby stays in his Square impressed it now for frames apiece it's also for 4 on table two now between Stuart Bingham and Dave cool but Gil Bingham has won the eighth frame so both matches finally poised yes that eight frames a reracked frame quite a few minutes ago very early stages they decided to do it all again he always felt these two matches I think on paper looked to be the ones that had managing them not just saying it because it's turning out that way it always appeared that way all the Indians on whether John can get to that right hand read as to whether it puts marking again well the answer is he can't so he has put him in again well this John Higgins for but entirely sure as to whether that mark could to see one here full board and think he could because it is important because he would get warned I don't think that will apply here looking down the table I can't see what he could have got to so he'd be able to play this shot without and he's losing a frame if he misses a third time what thing is it I think he's not that he's not really missing it just because he can see a thin edge he's gotta hit it thin otherwise the keyboard is gonna go into the jaws of the left corner hey listen there is teri kardi this is the highly technical way we sort this out and signals well it's very fractionally off but it's about as good as we're gonna get anything take two sorry take three ish so playing it differently tape playing the swerve this time then they pull up with that shot is he knew that he could miss it a third time and also that he might in this instance stick the red to the right corner and he hadn't done the two previous give up that attempt [Applause] John Higgins I'm willing to play a safety shot taking the cue ball down into the bulk area there I think the problem is it's not so much getting into bolt but it's only the moment can you get to the right-hand side of the bulb into the table which means that the red of the blue does come into play Marky's flying it though playing to bring that head up and down the table that's a bad mistake it's been lucky a thing and if it goes past the Yeller must be tired you may creep past the Ellen not an easy shot well clearly like you think she hit it [Applause] seven it's true that he hasn't times this season struggle for motivation coming off the back of successive will final defeats the first to sell be of course then to mark Williams both very close finals that he could have won as he goes into them now then has the split not bad yes he's got one to the right corner and I think whatever happens in this match and of course he's very much in there with a chance of winning it but I don't feel that motivation right now is a problem but as you say it was he's an awfully long season isn't it yeah it's good to think that he went to India you know the match was held over because he was defending champion with the Tallman had been changed dates because of the terrible flooding there last year and if he wasn't feeling good he wouldn't have gone but he went he got to the semis seems like he's got the taste for playing back and we've seen here in the last 20 minutes the way won that last from the way he's dug in the competitive juices are flowing well and truly which is good to see for one of the game's greats because there was all sorts of talk even of retirement around the time the UK championship nineteen [Applause] turnip in Scotland that the Scottish open in Glasgow said he only plague because he was Glasgow and his family could come and watch him he had a cracked rib or something was wrong with him he made a maximum so even with all those problems he still could produce snooker the highest quality six twenty-seven great first red wasn't it to get in and still in the rest nicely spread chance to go back in front 33 thirty-four 40 we worked very hard for these opportunity to come in the first place 41 four to seven I'm training for threes put together a couple of very good frames here isn't quite finish this one off yet he hasn't got a wipeout the Reds on the Left right at the bottom of the table the safe Fred's not really is concerned in weigh-in fun by the time they come into play fifty-five so this red and it's snoop is required and the pendulum was again a swamp there you see through the play the determination Whitman John Jeavons of space returning to put together a frame break it looks like that's what he's done 67 when ideally you would like want more red just to stop any playing on from Selby that's exactly [Applause] well he misses the blue but he's surely done enough here mark selby nods his head he stays in his seat Sir John Higgins in marks OB to break Higgins has just made a 60 eyebright which equals his best of the match also made one frame three still for 4 on table – between TGIF Bingham and Dave Gilbert no Stuart yeah a big match over there in terms of the qualification for the Tour Championship well this is an opportunity not an easy one they were taking the cue ball you'd think too relative safety then on the black it's not sneezy Potter's all that he's very anxious looking up the table the Reds gone taut looks pretty safe position anyway the one the top part of the table now Jordan has been lifted possible double again he's very good at these to the left middle it's a question of what he leaves he misses he not so good that he can't afford to worry about the consequence of missing he's always kidding anybody about ceviche yeah we don't have a ranking list for it but these two are probably the best two doublers in the game actually well it's hard to see how it could possibly be a viola red here big bar for the cheeks there from John Higgins after that shot stuck to them yes Stephen Andrews was one of the all-time greats of the game reckons he's the worst ever doubler must be worse surely than him and he's hopeless at that shop he's good at all the others though let's just leave it at that now the heat mark will be interested playing this right up into the top right pocket it could be a big pocket with the Reds they're quite close to that bag it's got to be looking at potting that read the first read and write either directly off the other read the other problem is if you were to run through on the blue it's not available to the left middle so even if you did take it on you have to be able to get on a color somehow yeah and if it were to go wrong it could be in the match is the problem carefully doesn't leave it for john-boy because he might be interested in does he think it's a big pocket with this initial read in off the other one well I was pulled to get there they didn't make you tonight brilliant show and then literally surprised that mark selbee odd that didn't play himself or was able to leave it having said that it was brilliant shot from where the qubit was he made anything about that ready not in there is when you've got the big pockets amazing how often a player just Pollak directly when he wouldn't have done anything had the red not been there why he's got himself in he made a 68 break in the last frame 58 the frame before that well I think this would mean whoever won this match was going to take a lot out of it I think just because of who they're playing against but you know John earlier in the season was saying he was getting really fed up with the game I tell you what if you could beat this man sitting there in his chair and he lost a couple of heavy and bitterly disappointing defeats to him in the last couple of seasons that would give John he's a big boost yeah I think they both come into the match looking for some confidence obviously only ones gonna win but certainly more so Higgins who's to say not at times this season been that motivated to even play but just signs that certainly is forward returning confidence as well this would be a big win for him because he's had to play well today it would set up sneakers El Clasico wouldn't iggins be O'Sullivan 21 wanted to Bingham is etched in front on table – five four now against David Gilbert to the Essex manager Bingham twenty-seven and I think we've got a glimpse early on of the fact that green will go past those two Reds he'd like really to pop the right hand red of the two up in that top corner free it up that into the table not sure if they were plant or one it's a little bit of a confusing table with them there twenty-eight I think John believes that those to read some can be made into a plan [Applause] 31 please master cable somewhat it could be they're quite close to the end of the break here he's got one way of getting up and down the table onto a red it can take some doing miss yellow and the red I think on the way back down well he's mr. pop worst of all don't think I'm 32 it was awkward that shot really awkward he over hit the plant Marcel we just relieved to be back table with the match still going 40 points he trails by now there Stuart Bingham as I say he's five for in front on table two against David Gilbert he's got a good little run of things of late Bingham runner-up in the Welsh Open was Gilbert reached the final at the German masters a few weeks ago well I'm never gonna get on the color and trying to put that red in the middle seven ply so John if he trait takes this red on but he could get in behind the black or blue or both here it's quite good this would be somewhat regulation he has actually a difficulty with these little escapes in this match one cushion that's alright [Applause] yeah rather cagey passage of place L be determined not to give Higgins the chance he needs to win the match against determined not to give Selby the chance he needs to level it up and force a deciding frame well this might be attempted for John it's not easy but problem therefore Mark Selby always he had no real control than where the balls were gonna end up at the other end and he couldn't predict when they'd finished safe or not there's risk attached to this long read but if he can't see it could be a match winner [Applause] he's looking there nervously a couple of little kisses he's a good shot it's not an easy pop by any means his take was taken on there she's not particularly straightforward either yeah just say just great pop but just looking at the kisses to see what he was left and nothing dead straightforward now that doubt they're just watching Higgins today the hunger is definitely back it's got over that little period this season where he didn't seem to enjoy playing at all he goes the brown so he's 45 in front in the frame he needs to put himself into the quarterfinals [Applause] six he's competed in every department John Hagee's which is no surprise of course it isn't pleased playing the world number one who's got all of the tactical nassif any player on the tour quite often you see when Selby has not been winning he's often been beaten by someone just scoring heavier putting long balls better but quite rarely will you see someone who is it equal or even better than him at this sort of game the all-round game yeah John Higgins is probably the only player who come out Selby Selby with the formidable tactical game he has there's Bradley by 55 five Reds on sonar the red and a big killer and he's the winner barri sneakers of course fifteen and it would be a great win because cell we put together three great frames to lead for three from three one down there's been a good match Ashley from the mid-session interval this tab has been very high I think it would be a very satisfying win for John in goes the red while I mentioned earlier that 2005 Grand Prix final where he blew Ronnie O'Sullivan away and he's gonna be playing him again he would seem in the quarterfinals here on Friday to check in the schools three sneakers needed as it stands at this exact moment but if the green goes in then so was going to fool you really made a Herculean effort from four three down to now let me get it back into the match will ultimately get over the way tomorrow John Higgins it looks like he's five shrugged off the snooker blues that were afflicting him in the early part of the season and that makes him more than a match for anybody [Applause] [Applause] Higgens specifically – to the quarter-final progressed beating the world number one mark selby 6-4 in a very Scottish feeling studio are pleased to see you've stepped in there John listen congratulations it fresh from India it was a it was a tactical arm-wrestle that one wasn't it always VLC's mark and that that's my game that I play I play some other game and or maybe some people would be thinking you've got attacked their balls better but that's just the we are playing that it's for me he plays sometimes so it's a yeah I mean delighted to be a might not be mad for a but way love lost some some big finals Tim they're a big one from me I think when you know that you can still compete really nice playoffs as you see lost a couple of big finals to you in the last couple of years when you play play play someday like Mark Selby is that in your mind do you think back to those little fixes you you see you've got chance season you think back to basically that you got in front a few teams and you should try and close oh but you don't manage to do that so you always still fancy that you can one butters it's tough when you play the bass playoffs and you've got Ronnie up next so where that's gonna be a another you mean you've played in many many times over the years but that's gonna be another belt or that skate comes up in Friday afternoon yeah I look forward to it no we all look forward to when you play it on it's a she'll beg it closed then he's playing fantastic this season he's only lost a couple of notches so as I said before this game I was then I got the dog against Martin I'll be the same again so you must have been like really pleased because if not the great season and then he went for three down from three went up but you found a gear that must make you feel confident I feel I feel still pretty good I just felt it was freezing me out really from three one two or three but was still feeling pretty good but I've got to say that you never stop learning a scheme and really when I was over and then the area I played mat say when they see me fail and I I was decelerating a few teams so today I was one in the left middle today they need exactly decelerate and I'm thinking to myself even at the end I'm seeing just you through whatever happened was just you through and because when you're decelerating you're not going out yes I said before the match Jordan even although you get along John thereby calmed the thing as you get matches under your belt the last three weeks or someone and about six or seven ones yeah and that's the best medicine today because when comes back at you if you've no game under your belt is half of them it was more like a boy yeah you have no chance I failed I failed when I was over there I played play decent some of the match he's although they weren't long match he's the bestest seven but I felt under player shot a couple of teams over the other I responded a little that saw that gave me a like mulberry called in snow against mark today and this that you we're talking before the match about how much you've been playing and Alan was saying you like to be playing that zips you the way that your technique to keep on playing match these squares you know Jed said a bit of time away from the table he's come back we bit refreshed Mark Williams the same but for you you prefer to be in the competitions yeah think so obviously the late Samarkand JA didn't know they've been they've been good Namibian on mouth he's not he's been too busy enjoy yourself bit like he said John T's he's up there alone he's a player of the year so far so sure guys like hadn't Ronnie Mark Allen we're not really wasn't some big tournaments saying they can peeler that calendar piece it was I was gonna again date you try try it one it and then give myself a chance here today and hopefully cleaner to your chap Michelle I was gonna say because Mart Wilms Kim in the studio and he said he's planning ahead for the World Championship which is unlike him but you start to think about your where in March needs a backe a manger for I'm gonna cook yeah definitely know I feel as if I can start playing and get some practice and obviously the world could be a big tournament for me because I'm I'm obviously I'm not I'm not bothered by any means their season the one thing about the World Championship gel and John will be the same as that there's a very clear that there comes a point in the new year will you think right everybody else is going to be naka land down here I need this to hunt getting on it than the other yeah well that's true I mean and I've just moved on you and you'd fight this you know up in Glasgow with Antley Miguel and Steve McGuire I just had to get over the house brilliant and I've seen it before three tables and they'll no bounce off each other like see Alan I'm she'll come up gleamed or and its back in at the club environment well is the last couple of seasons I thought Stephen went through Israel when you when you're playing it and your own at the house it can be playing the moralizing so I've made that conscious here for up taking it back early and leave the host the morning and the kids go to school and and then just be back to pick them up what is I'd be on the house but I don't we play in half and I'm the analyst that's not get off sometimes you just need to freshen things up and just change that routine just to maybe kickstart things at me but it's great to hear you saying you're not burnt out this season that you are you keen to play and I think everybody seems to have an opinion and what you should be doing we have Korean you know that is hugely encouragement here yeah I mean I see the obvious live in this man beat me the UK a fairly fairly no you you feel it rapping at the game and obviously yeah yeah you're hopping and yeah you know obviously not not feeling Glee about the game and things so but there's nothing else I can do as simple as nothing else I can do I'd love to be played golf as good as easy and then or whatever but I'm rubbish at that so I thought no way also a deuce or well you're good at this so you just be the world number one we look forward to seeing it gets Ronnie on Friday thanks very much John let's see you know it from another winner today Stuart Bingham Stuart you've been a professional for a very lengthy period of time is that the most important

20 thoughts on “Mark Selby vs John Higgins – (full match) Players Championship Snooker 2019

  1. 10:57 It's beyond me why they can't cast the superimposed before/now video to a tablet that the ref can use herself at the table, rather than depend on someone else's hand gestures. Zoom in on the first ball, adjust it down to the pixel; zoom in on the next ball, adjust it down to the pixel; etc. Making it a one-man job (again) would make it so much faster than the back and forth with the control room!

  2. สะใจไอ้ บี้ ตกรอบกว่าจะแทงได้แต่ละไม้โคตรช้าน่ารำคาญ

  3. You gotta love this guy , it will be a great match between him and Ronnie hopefully .
    Keep up the good work Snooker perfect .
    I love your channel

  4. higgins is one of the best player in the world now, problem is when man gets older ,it surely effect on plays,

  5. Whats happened to Selby? 1 meaningful title in the last year and that was in China. Not even a final appearance.

  6. Mark! Your first name is in Holy Bible 'n in there one of the New Testament's Gospel. So Jesus Christ really I mean seriously wants to save u too. Actually He loves u so much amen. God Bless:D P.s. John 14:6 please 'n peace because He's the only Way to Heaven indeed. Hallelujah! Maranatha in Jesus Christ name 'n in His Holy blood amen!

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