LIVE: Clipper 2019-20 Race Crew Allocation

LIVE: Clipper 2019-20 Race Crew Allocation

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Watch live as more than 600 international Race Crew, family and friends gather in Portsmouth, UK for Crew Allocation to discover which skipper will lead them around the world in the Clipper 2019-20 Round the World Yacht Race.

so come well good morning everyone I'm very excited that all of you I appreciate that and also a warm welcome to this people watching this on livestream want to come be with us but we seem to be asleep in the same way I'm not gonna say it almost faster together just a company might want reduce people gets there first of all that's about 24 years ago actually adds up to 24 years we've got pretty good working together the other pups there's a possibility to know very very well over X 50 bucks someone who's gonna donate draw knives just ten degrees tonight we went together ten years he's not see the knife or butter frosting any other person I'm worried about to cross this race manager because she would say so let's go [Applause] okay is morning everybody welcome I love it I um Robin's up see quite by the way I won't dominate your life but Sara will tell you about you cross her okay so what we need some really great to see so many people here and what exciting there it's exciting to be you guys say it's exciting for us we want to make it really really special people so before we begin just make sure we all focus on silently bezel strips off – rips off so please don't try bring me so this is my fifth Kron occasion so I was really proud to be a them temporary skipper in the 2011-2012 grace I've been deputy race threats of the two races and then race threats at the little arthrosis so I now I'd like to think I know what I'm doing one thing is for sure I know exactly what it's like to be a risk so you guys saw how you Ray skippers feels like a selectable okay we will so I think we've got a really fantastic team here at the place and you know it takes an awful lot to arrange that day like this you know a lot of episodes in many months of planning and so why got a chance and why all so awaiting you all still listening to me could we just give a few seconds Victor Racine but also lots of a people are rich through partners in a and today we've got brother farmers here maybe spread around the auditorium so hopefully you guys have a chance to interrupts and speak to them and find out what they were not for Brussels so thanks guys for supporting us today so this is the biggest rotation that we've ever had and it's being live-streamed many more people watching around the world so how do we can enjoy the day as well all that rescrew in the oratory so please people signed up anybody you litter in this race cream in your resume and in the applesauce be Sun up we now that's pretty impressive so pretty serious enemy us we must die with more hundred of you incident or a new racially his name and just under 300 sign up for grace be watching on the livestream at home so just accessing Monica grace to yourself and this is another important group of people here today so that's also our race crew supporters in the audience so other soul join us I'm gonna go along rescrew the rest are pretty involved in the race you know you sent me to you guys because them you know like your support our crew can unlock and do these so great ocean storm extra for single baby impressed hanging your to approve members is taking part thank you very much so we together together back in January briefing so would say a little bit about what's happened since then so our training seaman from outside they've been delivering the one two three training courses ups in the UK and in Australia as well so we've got lots of you guys free training already our experts our maintenance team so they had rats out on the reef it coming towards the end of the refit Perignon I'm sure you can imagine is a pretty huge task refit Singh 11 motion racing yachts in nine months it sounds easy but it's an awful lot of work goes into that and it's important that we get across some of the things that we've been doing on the yacht so we've been fitting new water makers to the fleet new water pipe almost new fresh water and diesel tanks going on that there's a new garmin-sharp process we've fitted on the the port home station of that so a lots and lots of additions and modifications and we've had four yachts that are already new branded with the new while the graphics and sure you may have seen some of those and it makes looking really good we're all on track it's on target and we will be ready to you guys to the race we've also got to temper seventies that are going to be a gun wolf keys so they're there today another day tomorrow so anybody who wants to see the dots register if you want to take friends and family down tomorrow they're open close so they're free anybody can get a look them to see what we got some I think that get a feel for what it might be like on an ocean racing it was pretty commanding selection process they work really hard to get here we certainly put them through their paces they started where worse than the 19th of March so they've just completed eight weeks training with us already I'm going there sort of 1415 weeks to go with us as well so good luck to them and I think you guys will do well to meet them today and hear what they've got to say which one of them will you get ok so just this is their four-month of the day next hour of the presentation gonna thought you about mechanics of the flipper race going to touch you live about Klepper training waste management's features of the race and the little the little things that make up all the em the scoring systems of our click erase claim you're going to talk about senior shipping safety that's really important to us you're going to hear from lower head of partnerships you can watch your back race harmless and Carla's going to come out and talk to you about the median communication side of the race and you are going to hear from our official race charity UNICEF as well and then we're going to get to hear I know one of the bits then you're really looking forward and that's Dale my deputies have come up and go through the race group okay while I'm telling you with one of us you desperately want to hear what they'll have to say I'm not gonna steal any surprises but we've got quite a few nice announcements there for you and we'll be able to give you a lot of great steaks all the way up until then welcome back to the stage person all the words for you and then build map at 11:30 I'm going to introduce the race skippers so all the race tips will come up take their seats on the stage that's a formal introduction to all of you and then 11:45 we go into the bet that you will really get four which is the great food allocation once the application is complete that'll take about an hour it'll be one o'clock pretty much by the time we've finished up and then they were all great patterns our individual team rooms that have your briefings with your skippers while I was going on our rescue supporters you can stay in the main auditorium here and you will have your very own briefing and it's a really good briefing with our gracefully supporters coordinator Ruth and it finishes with why 1,700 you're becoming out your breakout rooms and then quarter past five 1715 we'll have our much crew photo which should be up on the steps outside and the guild hall okay the weather's looking at it for a moment and then 1800 once we've done with that the day is almost finished you guys get to do the fun bit you go to the bars of gum or piece selected bars and team socials enjoy the evening and get to know everybody this is this is where we will start submit your race campaign starts from here okay it's exciting for us sides of you guys so should we go there okay first off a little bit about cell level training so the first number four was actually start in about three weeks time through tomorrow I think this so not long second the Jews the first level four so that's the time we will be saving the Google race skipper your own ATP teammates on which I'll talk about and your primitives your teammates and you should be saving on your own tipper ratio waste so the only move number four training is to consolidate what you've learnt on previous levels one two or three training but there's some extra bits in this okay you're going to get to do different skills seventies property you're going to learn extra safety drills there's going to be had to tow boats we know we get situations in the race where one young may have to tow another yacht for whatever reason to conserve fuel pubs and you get to learn about some systems are more the boats and how the transverse thought so we made through the racial we will have to transfer some spare kits or some sort of brats from job to job so you learn how to do that properly you also get to learn more the racing starts so we will be practicing race line starts the month rolling starts and then you go up racing it's being each channel I can tell you one thing and I can guarantee this you will not be tied up in a marina so we have five level for training there's five optional weeks daily needs but for one of those we've got 535 Pro that carry books on the before trainings so far that leaves about a hundred and forty or crews still to book okay so it's really important after today you make sure but now what you're training in okay there's a lot of people still to book and after the young teams have been allocated today we need to make sure you're all set in your teams for your local force so please get in touch with our training department and book as soon as you can all right so maybe a little bit about some of the typical race teaches this is a little bit about the race moment with some of the rules engage with the clipper race the race committee how the race works and what sort of things go on to make up our our clipper race some of lipids and detail okay so race regulations and race committee so aren't the race committee oversee the flipper races are all the people in sure all the the rules are followed probably and put in place interpretated properly any penalty points that might have to be applied through the race as you probably know we'll be saving the race in accordance with the racing rules of sailing but there's other documents that we have to consider with our reps and three documents here who listen so first is the notice of race so that's that's a very high-level document it's it coming contains information for the whole clip erase simple information like when is the race start when is the race finish the fleet's eligibility so you can enter their part so of course that's the cover 70s how the race is some going to be sale so by day it's the Racing Rules of sailing a night time so from sunset to sunrise it's the the IR pcs so the international regulations for preventative collision at sea the rules of the road so this document will be officially issued beginning of June in the next few weeks and it will be available on our website on the Kruger so it will be available for all to see we have the same instructions so this is a much bigger document a lot of detail in there but again it's detail for the whole clip erase this gives information about how the race is run with regard to starting procedures multi-point system the application of consequence there's any protests by the procedure for a process lots of lots of collaboration moves in there and many other details it's it's a large document and this document will be issued much nearer to the great start and the game will be posted on our website so it will be available the SIS the salient instructions will be available for you to read through and finally we've got the course instructions or the CRS report them they're very specific very detailed information on the individual clipper races so during the clip race I wish you a new set of course instructions but every single race it'll be detailed information on the start lines to type things finish line info Waypoint information reporting procedures throughout the race and so on so these will be sheep direct these are right skips and they'll be issued about five days before each race begins okay so that's some of the documents so I mentioned in the other the race committee there so in case you wonder if the race committee it's not me it's made up of six people that okay there's some pretty pretty young person means that I'm just lucky enough to be one of them us the race director we've got some okay my co-chairman and finder software man it's me is the race director if justin taylor who's a former race director and clip a race skipper simon wrong it's a siren a former assistant race director is a multiple Alma took maria skipper he's also a guy the fleet weather and throughout the race it's very geeky lovely man very experienced we have Johnny Carson so Janet's is a race manager at work so highly experienced and we have a running race manager Sarah wall so Sarah is after per race manager but also the secretaries of the race committee so it's not me that makes all the decisions generally it's the clipper race committee okay there's a hell of a motion racing experience there but also clipper race experience there and just remember that race committee's decision is final okay so a little bit about the scoring the weights you probably know already it's a high school system it's a high point scoring system so very simply a team at the end of the clip a race with the most points will win overall so that means there's 11 points for a win 7 points the second place if you finish the final you're racing all races wins we made that up later on but generally all races are equal points and there'll be bonus points available throughout the race so talk to you a little bit about they'll be pennants all the podium votes in each race at the podium teams so you get a team pennants but you're also as a crew member you'll get an individual race fans as well and we know the consistency seamanship always win the prize it's not necessarily the team that wins the most races it's consistency in seeing all the way through the race and what's all for there we go it's the prestigious clipper race trophy there so it's all aligned and if you're lucky enough to get your hands on that at the end of the third race it's something you'll be really proud of and it's something we'll never forget so that's what it's that's what it's all about all right so some of the very speeches so again it's first off so we have snowy gates on most of our individual races it's an optional gate but it's a virtual gates among the race cause it's optional so basically means any team could choose to go through that paper to gain bonus point you don't after I've done pretty position the story gates just off the road line in a little bit just off the wrong line and that's basics of teasing and just a temperature insert there you go for the story position in the race my flawless worker so that's the score you get is three points in the first e3 two points of the second we've then got Ocean Springs ocean spirits are just two lines of longitude or latitude dependent of course I'm out so an area which all teams will pass through and it's very simple it's the fastest three teams through that ocean sprints will gain three bonus points for the fastest two for the next fastest and one for the third fastest through that area they're generally about 300 miles duration something like that or distance about 36 hours duration so and any any team will get a crack at the ocean sprints so we've also got a couple more features so first one being an stealth mode see you guys probably aware you can you can go into stealth you can tie to the position in any individual race for 24 hours what this means is if you have implements and top-secret tapped into each spot it's something that you think is worth it you can hide your position and then execute your plan with navigation and hopefully automatic 24 hours ahead of your your competitors that's the one doesn't always work whatever uses no musician will be sent to all the other boats in the fleet why you can't stop for those 24 hours and the race viewer will show that the authors in stuff so no musician update will be we the race on this obviously we still have all the foods up so the next thing this is my life this is the Joker so you can play the Joker once only in your overall click erase it must be declared ahead of time so it must be declared just prior to the race that's about to occur what it means is if you pray to Joker and it will get a match that there's crew brief for that race it means that your race finishing points will be doubled for that race so if you finish in first place stead of getting 11 points 22 points if you babe Joker so it's quite a big difference though if you finish in the final position with one point morning that'll be double to two points so there's a big difference that 22 is against two so you're going to decide carefully as a team when you want to play a joke just a real train which will raise finishing points that doubles it's not own this place there's four emotions but they wouldn't stop so we do occasionally after allocate penalty points this will be fully details in the same as to how we do that the penalties country actually Points Based as a deduction points or it can also be a time-based penalty it'll all be decided by the race-tin is it not just me and part of a committee if it's a time-based calculation it could be quite an involved calculation to Araya penalties are always more severe than the the effects of drug incident and aster just you know discourage further transgression free so another point is come get my for all sorts of reasons so if its tail damage okay so if you accumulate cell damage up to a point once same for a quick damage I want to make it clear at this point that no safety equipment no damage to safety equipment is subject to penalty points infringement of the racial she much for gaming outside assistance actually they're not handing in specific the Pareto optimization paperwork so the safety documents that are important for us to complete with chips and safety checks then 100 little time penalty points will be will be improved saying the passage funds post race declarations for example when you get to the dock at the end of a race under stress declaration must be handed to the race caucus what actually more importantly to Sarah than what Morgan said that Sarah a good how did Sarah within one hour but otherwise again in palaces and the rest committee will decide on what these penalties it's not me but it is a final decision once again so away from permits points onto something much nicer much better you may be aware this is a new problem for the races fine we have each team another an additional qualified person and a key field so they will be on board to support race kipper to support you guys and generally to enhance your experience so after a very thorough recruitment process very similar to the skipper's recruitment and we've selected our xi 8 QP s that sucked back here to find the skipper's and we're just starting with us probably its back ok they'll be full-time with us all around to rich start beyond they've just come back from a week on that seventy actually learning the training procedures and the systems and they'll be working with the race differs from now we're very happy about you guys here so good luck to those as well so just while ATVs professionally qualified seafarers they are fully employed by click adventures there are more each those in the official capacity of mates there are more for the whole circumnavigation and will not begin to chop and change they are absolutely the nominated person say nobody got if necessary the skipper's have stated or can't do so then the a PP is the legal and nominated persons take on macros and skipper that walk back to a position where join the group of agency and then also the knowledge that safety ops of all goes well because something new all the team refused today so you'll be able to meet them and they will introduce itself to you and they will be on board for all level for trainings so you will get the chance to sell with these guys before you set up in the race okay very very pleasant scene you say this is something that's important to us it should be it should be an orphan everything we do of course first of all which there must be a really healthy culture and probably established culture of safety on boy every everything okay without excuses it's so for example clip Nemo you guys have some of your training you will all know that you clip on is 15 months of truly okay that's the threshold okay you look sleepy born at night you'll have to pop my reached on when the sensor and there's no excuses establish system all prove to all of you guys to take responsibility for yourselves but I'm and each other okay I rely on other people to do that vanity to yourselves clearly the array skipper is in charge responsible for everything that goes on that boat but they need to maintain safety okay that's what you guys come in so that means what are you here or the Commission to watch the livestream as well and anybody that wants to race with us in the future it's parked in responsibility can yourselves with your own safety I'm not your father crewman crews we have magnitude refresher training so when you get old if your dream is a brace for the first time we will take my mandatory refresher training sale before you go out race it might be several months between finishing another poor training and joining the rest it's important training modules also a risk assessment anybody it's done training for us and you will have already gone through the preparation for assessment so when your why I'm gonna stop over and join your team the first time you join you will have to pass the purple racer assessment it's nothing to worry about it's not amazing or anything like that but it does set a standard and what it does require from you guys is a bit of effort determination and persistence to pass that again it's about taking responsibility pass the process we also at the beginning email you all have a personal as eat them it'll be fitted to your various life checking my safety you will learn exactly how operate the became part of a path grip it'll have to be inspected by skippers and your ATP's that you guys inspect your own personal air speak ins to make sure that it's it correctly make sure they're fit for operation fully functions so a lot of things to think about there's many many more but from ever comes the safety seat shipment okay the best possible thing you can go to see with is a healthy dose operation and for respects for the oceans for nature for the errors so just to sum up my BP was one of the Wobblies paper quotes phrases and it's one that we all all true so the essence of seamanship is safety safety safety no excuses to not forget aggressiveness and trainers all right so that's it to me phenomenally popular later Petrovich listen I'm going to now introduce you to Laura so lovebirds our head of partnerships and we're going to talk to you about some of our response okay and let's hope it very much mark good morning everyone many faces here today and my racket before I get 22 can be easily awaited updates and I would just like to welcome at our ease partners who are a group with us today get to know them that they hello and see what they're doing with the Rachel hey I start talking about our opportunity so you've seen here today that even talking about after all in the first week of June we will be the arrays honors a brand ambassador his role is open to all of our crew members and I am you to occupy our feet and by our official supplier and they folks and partners for example are down my motto in two groups brand ambassadors during right to sound a package is crew members and attract contact and the votes so you can send that image in blogs blogs a whole range of compatible to use marketing active and usually in return you kept a pet package so whether that's product or service or additional discounts or even capture how to apply and all the info you'll need to Damascus will use mediated to you in screwed news and on the group hug so beginning of June keep eyes out and if you're interested in something a little bit system on your award these how about you love it and get involved also just to remind that on your great screw hub and in your crew needs after that you should all deals even you do to exclusive and special discounts male partners so see how you can utilize them team partners so therapy a few announcements and last companies and Interpol and asking him perspective we need each the team to have seen the Chinese mp3 announced immune attack so some of you after your correctly to take you will also my viewing of skipper make he you also know what team partner you'll be representing for the rest of you over the coming weeks the criteria for any teams all conversations nations aboard in that he competes or in the finest agent and it just means we're working on dates pronouncements about four parties once tea parties concerned we were working affair with the team to create your team that's right right entity ito we'll look at granting the boats will give your team a kick will share key messages to each party you can get to know them and I'm sure you'll get to meet them at the risk our necks Haven the firmly on team partners the first announcement of the day and something I'm personally really excited to announce today you have next team partner so I can answer with drum roll for every rupee team our contest I'm gonna reveal right now but I need some context what we concerning my agents are out today we've said all along both abdicating and crew American continent righty we do you have your piece and crazy laughs no it is then followed by a true practice is when you're trying to take a look after about 200 patients deeply after that there will be an activation window this is when because I deal in holes and we look at what your partner's a more to do with the race so this could be from taking page of clients break tours to tourism activities lots of things that you guys would be if you want to get involved with and your team allocated even out of breath during activation window usually at the very very beginning is your crew changeover day so we communicated or changeover day this is the date if you are eating or doing that you must be at the portage eg essentially and then Chris often food okay so it's kind of eat soup so heaps or great three rates in a night so happy pantry chopped liver will send you how to create the specifics of information we generally try and do this every eight weeks and all inscribe to us okay them and in fact I do have a few things you can see on screen here so from addresses beauty event where the laundry is or an ATM is it you taxi what the telecom at risk we're really trying to give you can a key information that will help you in they can eat eat you everything I'm sure your temple and find out some information all the key application will help you plan he's also very to your waist be supportive so while the loved ones that he related through supporters also get the same information you can also pack your stuff over as well with the advent dates of patients today actually team to the option to a combination and flight so we will also be announcing a TVI sports events as the official travel partner of the race so progress crew to eat right this will help you the community fast because you need that ability and way too fast so over the details of bacon politely moving on site using partnerships and we're just going to touch on sustainability again and so first of all those who remembered to bring that water bottles congratulation around for to you guys on the same subject I thought that leads confirm and that will soon be launching the equilibrates water bottle made out of aluminium is wrong but yeah so many water bottles and it's going to be needed to always grew all race Cruz ahead of restart and risk exporters or present family that would be an option as well though this new water bottle and it'd be coming out shortly and the quick update we started making ongoing changes to our daily work and practices that the company we use one of the eight carbon neutral printing companies in the UK we are using education packs on the board about the use of baby rights that you can avoid of spill kids on both of those lots of things that we small changes that other collective will make a big impact we're also terminating our race partners in their effort so such as removing to Molly roots mooring line which means 100% recycle plastic must owe you a using fish instead that's classic to their packaging and the new travel partner ATP I will give you the option to offset your combinations with all your place so again not nothing really groundbreaking for all things little steps that we cannot make together to make much bigger impact we're also acting on my facebook partners to bring in an environmental impact event as part of every stopover so this could be a each clean it could be an education center the crew a public kids a local school all different ways we can offer opportunities to educate or give back to local communities remember by mental perspective so can obviously note as 20 health a panic we also would like to introduce the official charity partner Thor integrate and so UNICEF I would like to welcome Howie my charts on UNICEF UK wow what an incredible CEO Bree scream really supportive the Clipper rates is a chance of a lifetime and UNICEF you paid off soaks like teams to share that experience with you not only as a charge partner but now also as a team partner so as you know my name is mine and I might lose the partnership with business rates for me to 38 and if you know pleasure to speak so many of you this morning and puts over pasta fundraising ducky but it's like a team that from this point where you journey really begins and this race position for us is set to be the biggest yet with you guys the 2019-20 cohort breaking through the 1 million pound fundraiser mark as you say of the division so a little bit about unit actually paid we were in a hundred and ninety round countries across the world which means that we have the scope to reach even the most remote corners of the globe and the most vulnerable children did you know that the over the world have actually made more children so there's no better time you like now then to make that difference and I'd love to give you a little snapshot into a few of the things that we work on behind the scenes so a little mentioned climate change is a huge issue so technically change if you pay alone eighty six percent of the children are breathing in toxic air UNICEF vodka painting and cooling off from the government to take action for this and are moving towards trying to combat that with our toxic air campaign education in 2016 UNICEF provided fifteen point seven million pounds worth of books and materials to service to help children's education and you can feel school in the box at the back from our stances on water and sanitation so our missions are huge and by 2021 we're making a huge shift to tackle climate change in order to help help an additional 60 million children a lot and give them access to clean and safe drinking water and it doesn't stop there you guys may have heard in the news about the reasons like going to hit Africa I'd like you to meet Paulo Coelho and her child Carlos Rosario many of the buildings were completely washed away by the devastating effects of the cyclone and they were left with absolutely nothing unfortunately smaller than 600 people have lost their lives an additional 1.8 million people are in critical conditions and need our cap and remember we can now also be hit by a second cyclone cyclone Kenneth which has hit but which is affected as well 70,000 people across that region UNICEF's emergency response means that we have the ability to bounce into the areas that need it the most abundant in this situation providing them with health nutrition child protection sanitation and humanitarian supplies such as simple water purification tablets so it really is no exaggeration to say that your fundraising really can make the difference and completely change the course of life for a child across the other side of the pond or actually even here in the UK so help us make a difference as you sail through the ocean on your boat or perhaps on one of the other teams remember why you chose to take part in the difference and what brought you here today each of you might have embarked on a journey for a completely different reasons and we're UNICEF would love to be able to share that experience with you so we know that we are going to use all time to be able to work with you to reach our fundraising target of 400,000 pounds and this year each team will have a target of raising 3000 pounds to reach that target we really believe that other team you can do it and we're there by your side so next steps if you're interested when you great happens your team then you find out which teams it being allocated to speak to your skipper but they'll have a sign-up sheet that you can complete to register and 271 primaries it's a bit difficult to be online form so if you completed your platform just put your name down and actually anyway just to make sure we don't miss you off any communications and this year we're also introducing a roller on wart the fundraising coordinator so if you are interested in representing units that you paid for your teams to drive fundraising and really build that momentum then speak to myself or skipper make even they can give you a bit more guidance and information on that so cabarets will you help us create waves and change the lives of millions of children around the world to ensure that no child is that bad thank you Hey [Applause] that's a little right so that always better Dinanath you have already signed up please check them out feel free to check a summer home in town a great way to show up but there's over small friends did not bet on that thanks to things you're about to cheat but humble reporters on one or two of the boats at the time they'll be capturing a race bike and it's important grab up and you all your entities and maybe even that advocate the videos will be posted on a YouTube page social media account and on our website well even asking this visi asking them to send back their lobsters and then we post on our website team so they don't get all the glory well as many of you as possible the property if the clip eraser Williams a real insight in today like they think you like as you race around the world I can promise your supporters were lucky up today what you're up to to admit is about the heads when we melt change of socks you also have the opportunity by Laura mentions a random accident and maybe a sentence another way the race group race creed supporters and advance to keep up to date with all the action with the air race updates delivered in Z directly into your kilt Peter and have shown our efforts that this email can be found on our website one of the highlights of our team's role is getting an opportunity to taking about and reigning and winning team each of favor with our cameras that capture cheers and celebrations and we need products to say no matter the time of day or night we'll be there to greet you to come alongside American folks that live in sin they hit me here today and I also 70 along a woman who lost face so I never get ahead of you you should be really excited I'm gonna talk to you today well the second most important thing that you want to get groceries you'll have lots of questions in a bit I'll attempt to answer nice to them it's an exciting area consisting of eight legs and I'm going to talk you through the big big picture and as Laura said today I'm going to give you detail and red states and feeling you change the reports goes way up to and including Panama so it's just all thought an exciting announcement feels right race cars all right the next piece of information we started a race from London on the festival of select the toggle divide this is regular place eventually Guinness will be an amazing that grants experience fully dimension and we find to very few parts depending family will be on Sunday the first red star the next morning of something get this Weaver saw Greta coladas sir then one has rebuilt will be London to put to the list and Uruguay for the offense man generation proximity to race and your face dimension also angle of crossing the equator let's look at some pizza net1 net1 will comprise of two races with a stockman still ski confidence in between it's a certain distance of six thousand six thousand three hundred votes canals for the generation of 32:56 let's see it's gonna be quite important to get a good start to your campaign as this can ultimately be the difference between first and second leg roll away the conditions we the interaction weather systems oxygen English Channel and from the European recipes sliding into the Northeast reds and then the wind pulses walls of the gardens before finally breaking through into the southeast Reds of the southern hemisphere your race tactics dysentery but finally gain in the English Channel sir careful preparation sort of false message towards the sky you'll be crossing the notorious atmosphere which can affect on or unforgiving a powerful your best tea decision is he'll eat where the surpassed east or west of the Canary Islands all perspectival listening sellers and acceleration sighs the next decision is going to be made across the opens we'll look at this in detail shortly and looking first crossing the equator we're about to be visited by connection so we did and we'll be looking for Matt Serra welcome in Uruguay where all of the rice team will be there to catch the lines this will be your first preach and about the fourth in some eats a little first crossing of the equator and the government's the government is technically known as the instability son it's an area of admission the energy creditor where the northeast and southeast Reagan's Commission area of extreme high temperature and very variable winds in suspense with erratic and sometimes violent thunderstorms you make your head but the God will swallow the whole feet during mm it's important to price and kept the minutes factions for a longer than usual and longer than any of any other medias to price this sword to be regular today in raising teams can decide to merge some of your set distance in order to minimize the chances of paint become four minutes in this example the opportunity to exercise would be at 12 degrees north teams were any girl optimizer sell for six degrees of latitude which cannot take less than 60 hours as well by one degree latitude is 60 miles so it affects to 360 miles of optional ways of saying we got another team may have been women and she's discard my society from a different position within a cargo but again I'm a maximum of six degrees or sixty hours and teams need to declare intentions right to sell these three hours in advance so each team gets to decide fencing if they wanna and sometimes especially and the other item is a beautiful pep talk to the signing is of Table Mountain this will be a second report lets me consists in Australia you will be sailing across the sunny narration and into the Southern Ocean drowning one of the five protects this neck is around four thousand seven hundred fifty knots Kumar's taking you between 22 and 27 days Loretta cognitions big amazing getting much color as the feet met something to their late 40s the rest ethics we possibly the rush that's a very very simple wins entitled a heading southbound supposed to have a good luck and then the tourists the goddess banks and in any southeast surfing the sunrise and swallows swords rest on Australia but the arriving sir very friendly welcome influence of Western Australia again gender the next day they fall will be Fremantle with Sunday's this race and gender said gets around percent above the most read text head gunner you will be spending Christmas Anita and see maybe that some heats up this is approximately 3,400 what's tomorrow's 18 to 21 days at sea initially deciding that means of us all nations again huge swells popper depression screenings from where Stevens the interruptive are affected by land masses called the net conditions with lots of cloud but exhilarating sailing then what's wrong in Tasmania and we'll be fighting the powerful software East Australian current Perez tactics would be to watch out for some impulse if tempted in Cheaper super great spelling but where the distance may be shorter that he could end up in style banana the East Australian current plan the past between be nice or offshore of East Australian coastline on things be careful is extremely aggressive southern Buster's and the variety and welcome is each in the sunny with Sunday's this is again the lake and after the pools and fire that consists of multiple races thirsty when if some guys to Sonya and plan this is around 4,300 votes for lost pensively dependency attest it'll be tough up when conditions to some of it and getting warmer and lighter winds towards the equator that will be typical college conditions and again will be transiting Governors corridor and if it's a first on will be getting a visit from connection with experience possible sentences and then very luck condition skirts on before picking up the northeast winds the South China Sea it will be very very tactical racing to many different weather conditions Blackmun saying of tactics cost very much communities of poverty concentration will be required you get to arrive and experience the protocol holiday resorts of Sangha the first Chinese supposed the second race in a private resident will be Sangha to Southeast Asian groups get to be content this will be a short recipe to 750 marks for the fortified phase deterioration so be an exciting tactical little teams from our backs and extra points the Southeast Asian port will be a short pants up of two to three days hanging on to my grave site with any result essential points to July the nearest our Chinese suppliers again shortage rice on a new 52 650 miles please support se and this will be another short shop intense rice you can be assured welcome very welcome in some new and exciting time in suspension really one side after another three changeover in July make six to begin with the bracing move to Qingdao this will be a race of extremes from the won't want to do my to the screen pulse of Qingdao where sometimes sighs if Sydney the colors are very experienced on water that's good it's some detail 1,250 miles and I'm exiting as its as I said it sir is it screams sorry ji-hye and ending up in zero it's a – temperatures in Qingdao so I love with lat Edmunds in common of the pretty remove the feet traps and ants from optimum conditions and large confused chief of Quran very very calls of teaching about us enough times and often very good visibility purse to the finish with the possibility of snow and ice this is probably the hottest day to pack for an interesting point about this ed we experienced the largest fishing feats in the world and you really do have to seal it to be that and even any won't be good so keep it about the writing team balances particular welcome in front of thousands of spectators and what you really cute about heroes and celebrities and this race will be a great preparation is something easy so walking 1600 watts tomorrow's pentaquark – psst listen carefully very little sunshine Duncan conditions the sequence from mojits men's gloves and confused seas around southern Japan she weighs very prominent and powerful stones massively exciting surfing cognitions s7 allows press tactics spent down to the sons of Japan internship in Islamic country and the black site it's a favorable product but at the cost but extremely confused and steep sees this is the largest international achievement so late seven serious physical is headed to Panama this often has a light anomaly conditions and can extremely technical bounce man my policy on the multiple mouth direction of 25 to pitch guys where the conditions absolutely common conditions in Seattle and even more pickle will be in Seoul or offshore in so the time would probably be favorable but this could be like an unpredictable fare thereof song come up as much probably more predictable win this race is likely to go down to the last few days and will be very likely as close to the finish that can actually pile all together one thing about the said you also realize along with Costa max occurs and the horizon Flamenca a Larry Hammel transit it's a definite highlight surprise it's a magnificent pizza engine it has large can we park at Altaussee on the shore so nice when they don't want to eat single-handed Oxman and this is to the Pacific Ocean and allied to the integration this is what it looks like on the chart interesting you actually travel from east to west many cousins that's it transit and it's not a race most of the transit is completed in 12 hours and there's also a possibility of make seven rs.12 to each coast of the USA and we'll be racing into the Atlantic event this area is approximately 2,000 months four months with 11 to 14 days at sea weather conditions well up went through the turn again further the plant with me and said giving out some conditions decide possibility of a new season tropical storms develop in the race tactics great very tactical up to the Caribbean and in the master the Gulf Stream current pump me up to five months pains to be paired from off the we're powerful schools discussion airlines and approximately needed fiber said I'll be ready come tonight because I get lost and he starts to the USA in the final chapter this racist opacity importance as you might you might find the final positions 800 to 1,000 nautical miles with approximate and quiet I see typically pair the conditions the less tactics will be tactical as small that it's a very long title screens declined maximum effort 3:05 a few days this race could very well be sought the overall winner the flippity casa 1920 the old race this is where your cross the rock contract officially time in Austin and would have competed for certain alienation of the government we're looking at a finish in August and then will arrive as finishing one final time to come in here as well you would have competed part of all of a circumnavigation of the world and experienced an amazing adventure will definitely be pervasive alive thank you for listening just you know in about 20 minutes if you see walking around these mountains better to ask anything on top ice and get all to move around to talk with you but also activation of the skipper's today a few guys as well no just before you get to there any sizing part of it I must clear the squad last I'll see all together before the rising influence the decision result this will face justice under servant he is on any of us we need to be President the limitations for words the very reason that we need to find out what the facts are from the same consumer of facts will never cease Oh see it's not just that's all pundit ourselves justice liaison you want a piece of my chocolates beautiful pie that we do we're gonna share next 50 that's up to the stage [Applause] Oh [Applause] you love me and George Wilson pretty sure everyone did it Pete Myka that's great tiny Brown hey folks Anthony Garcia Sherman Britain Italy not in Stokely Aspen does happen to idea did different Bert Thomas Rollins Mitchell Patrick funny every nothing else believes something really good my men who are yinz my new friend evening Johnny I think that this wasn't able to see it lets the brothers end up with his Oh master ma sadly Oh listen dr. Lowenstein Oh Karen Smith from slow breath Harry in this Suarez Charles Zenith Rachel urges Michael Crandall Michael Griffin David lover David key Deena Jones however rich Sophie hours and I can't us we have responded Nigel Jetson Chris read our shared Mahmoud David Carol just an ottoman Gareth Duncan Stephen conference Jasmine Morris Melanie Morris see you later in June Shamu Alexis Brown you did open up one my Jeff Buchanan sister under Cohen Christopher awliya allah Joshua Smith oh yeah yeah we shall diesel first my million turn on fire this foster home Stephan baton Wilson all ribs claim Heyward Jerry Jerry drama vision package without my Jackie Davis and right Simon that's not the Marcus cooks through the Morgan Michael Coleman tikka tuna don't Wilson crystal distraction John Hawkins Alvin you let Peter Campbell what is your culture Mark Evans Brian field Maggie Smith Janie Lizzie Grimm and after honey Joseph we're dancin Rob Morris John Pushkin we go every culture color you know any nice boxes Queen e1 j Mahoney Timothy Jillette cherrywood and by the most of the team teachers so it's just a tip first up do Jim says Bobby wells first option an idea Rick White House all the word for caught on a horse under lives Copeland Bruce Davidson Susan Baldwin buttons now Richard cleanse ritual leader eight myths we saw massive stock for much of what seen Hartmann drive Kirsty Osman Christian cannot fight Bennett Michelle video hoots look at Chris a Colin Tully Chris Saunders David Paul Fitzpatrick Trish look at baby weight function 1 John 1 is where Johnny mean how young [Applause] good for machining Magnus urban robot is hot and it's fixing villainy Schaefer David easy yes I will Gordon Graham asked me White's so because we're crazy polka dots between all things German Chow Chow time so [Applause] here Stephen Smith grabbed a jump on time baby ho baby pick up Ben Jones – samosas Stephanie briefs coffee : twist Stephen Mahoney in Korea Christina yes that's to nicotine chewing seem that much lately Alan manhood oh you know footy paper Joanne routine first it is juicy fish Jim Walz Richey puppies son who is Michael Cretu drove straight in psmith break Oliver rings Pearson Brian Addison kill an average person woman Chris Jack we're Laguna Beach and Oh family Alex Katz Anderson my jo John Dawson Joffrey that Geoffrey McGilvery Keith Williams Keith wins and there's a curvier Elizabeth Wilson Antony prefer my Willis sue would go to the 9:30 Poirot Thomas hangin out Omega C Watson Sebastian Ramsey Bruce Anderson Christian hundred Lawrence toggle from Dylan in Gilbert – Terri Weedon Sarah hell yes o people dammit sake Sarah cubed we have completed lineups the teams the second half of tigress is using from you since mom totally magnet when Ronnie James loved Jenny computer system Trisha Granger who will be Ted Childress Romanian Wichita turret heart Angelo Thornton rather be weaker Geoffrey world pretty cute Jean Tigana baby burbles enemies Prosser past edward microgravity sour human vision and Ozzie promised land this university law but Sigma of Z whatever Angela Angela the people's several and in Griffiths learner of immigrant over act morning when the Dominic Julia come Heiser he shall Italian neo-fascist James Israel Charles Coleman jr. would will make war Michael Harris Elizabeth Cady Louise Madeline Jamie Robinson after T Trish v aku John Sheppard Sita Sita human griffiths wolf entered after Margaret takes on water Matthew Thomas without an acquittal and a lot of the teenagers and the to decide the multi better second half my team Emma Winchester I pick as well right Rosen is a nigga Jimmy person Steven grant Susan Hill Glen hedges mark basil Lauryn Ward 7 right Stephen Hidden Valley workman Baptiste little hairy man Scott Scott Francesca karma Sarah Reese Ashley pop cousin simcha and that need macchiato Bernie file Mary Jane and Selena yeah you ain't me Luigi upon one C do it yeah there is it like Sir John maybe Laura Giles under servant horses Richard labor protective people Oh Nicky son eat watch hurt spell waters Tommy hearts John Robertson as ten cheap cheap compared to get a subpoena robot Somali hello beach house Harriet with Keith Warren David Duncan with real shot Crispo Mountain poll James against the research ethics codes rain [Laughter] you this yeah James ha Kurt Westergaard these animals Cesar Medina Maria Teresa koala Charlie Walton Patrick Hanlon will flourish Imogen Congrats Chris – hurry / iya search quenelle happening Raymond Thomas even salsa Jane rapper Cristian Castro carrot Peggy's and three tones service time Robert developed to Chapel disintegrates hi I'm Michele kids tell you know Sarah bullied Sheila Richards 17 living home fish' animosity everyone reality okay –

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