Lewis Hamilton Heads Back To The UK For The British Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton Heads Back To The UK For The British Grand Prix

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Five-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton departs Los Angeles International airport ahead of the 2019 British Grand Prix, which takes place July 14 at the Silverstone Circuit in England. The racing superstar is asked his thoughts on 15-year-old tennis phenom Coco Gauff before taking flight.


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49 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton Heads Back To The UK For The British Grand Prix

  1. This is actually horrible tbh I’m such a big fan of Lewis boy I would never do this I’m not gonna lie though I would ask for a pic but like not this

  2. hi. i dont like people follow any famous sportsman..just ask selfie or autograhf but rush the back after gp f1 sure , Lewis is understress yourself. is no sense walk in the back. FOR WHAT? myself , my idea , i go in toilette and if you come i punch your stupid face.!!!

  3. Sooooooo this is confusing. Why doesn’t he fly his private jet every where? Why is he checking bags. Waiting in line? Not the man who’s worth close to $300mill.

  4. I'd hate to be famous, with dicks like this following you around, ask for a autograph, say hi, but give the guy some peace, you can understand why so many celebs go off the rails, they can't get a minutes peace, Lewis seems a decent guy, gives up plenty of time to the public that respect him for what he does, he's not a song and dance man looking for the limelight, he's a 5 times F1 world champion, hes a normal kid who just happens to have a god given talent for driving as fast as f**k, but dicks like you just don't respect that and need a good slapping, give the guy his space

  5. Well this was awkward af. As much as id love to be a millionaire star this kinda shit of random idiots with a camera filming me would really get on my nerves.
    But then again ur rich 🤷🏽‍♂️.

    Either way he did a superb race in Silverston. Hats off to LH and his 6 victory there.

  6. For sure i feel very uncomfortable watching this video. He deserves a little bit of peace. Being a celeb doesn't mean that you have to be constantly followed and filmed this way. You could ask an autograph and walk away, not follow him like that.

  7. Lax has a private special entrance for celebrities who doesn't want to be seen. I think he was mad because he got caught going home with some instagram booty model the night before.

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