Lawn Bowls How to be AWESOME coaching series by Nev Rodda

Lawn Bowls How to be AWESOME coaching series by Nev Rodda

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Coaching series by Nev Rodda

good morning Australia near here from mega balls again look I've had a few requests from people out there in Australia wanting to know if I can put together a bit of a coaching series for New bowls although in the country all over the world it doesn't really matter where you're from I just want to pass on my knowledge and teach you guys how to play because it's taken me a long time spent nearly 20 years now and growing this feed and got my cool dude hat on and I certainly don't really feel like a lawn bowler but at the end of the day I just want to express what I want I'm passionate about and hope you guys get good at the game from the beginning so long story short I spent about five or six years learning how not to play this game basically getting my getting my butt kicked freshed in every possible way you can fathom it's basically a process of elimination if I was to describe how I felt when I began this game is all I can remember is getting getting flogged you'll sort of learn every way to lose every way not to get a ball the way I had periods where I'll struggling on beforehand or wobbling the bowl I was just basically going out there and experimenting and reading books and learning everything I could from local club coaches because one thing was sort of fun with this game is everybody thinks they're a master of this game and thinks they're a coach which isn't necessarily the case but it is positive that there are enthusiastic people that they're willing to pass on their knowledge so I do applaud you for that now if you are learning the wrong thing to begin with it can take you years to actually replace that information with the relevant information and unconscious habits when I say unconscious this game is an unconscious game you need to learn the right things and practice them to the point where you can unconsciously execute without much thought now it's a little bit to take in think about it when i drive a car or would make the change gears first second third i slam those gears down i press the throttle i press the brake and i do this unconsciously while I'm drinking a coffee or rum listen to the radio and singing a song what I'm getting at is this need this game needs to be automatic and you need a practice the right things from day dot and if you have done long things in the past here to replace them with relevant updated technical information so that you can become a master of this game now I need a breath because that was a lot okay so what I want to talk to you about today is i want to talk to you about rolling the jack weight control setting your body up in a way where you have superior balance because one thing I've learned over 20 years is you have to have superior balance in this game because if my head moves left or right an inch my line it's going to move around so we're going to talk about balance man talk about rolling the jack and i'll talk about having your head still i'm going to talk about getting your head over the top of the bowl and setting yourself up so that you're doing the same thing every single time you should be able to get a slo-mo camera on your delivery and if you break it down to 100 hundredth of a second you should be within a couple of 100th of a second of picking the bowl up going through the same pre-shot routine and automatically executing so what I'm getting at is you need to be really disciplined in this game if you want to be elite an extremely disciplined you need to be smart you don't have to have a high aptitude but you need to take in the right information and you need to practice practice practice practice practice so I thought I'd introduce what we're actually going to be rolling out in the next couple of months i'm going to do segments on everything i know about this game I'm going to teach you what Don chairman seen you taught me is a kid who has a Commonwealth gold medalist I'm going to teach you some stuff that David Bryant apparently one of the world's greatest ever players is the stowed upon not just me white people that I know and I've actually colluded with an offender when I executed these things my game did not just get better it got twenty thirty forty percent better and as you've got as I've got older and experimented of and many many things that have added that extra one or two or five percent to the point where you play at a level is so far above those around you that when you're playing ball so hope you enjoy what's out what's about to come waking some comments below subscribe to our channel mega balls just putting it out there we really want to grow the sport of lawn bowls this isn't about making money this is basically about taking everything that I've known from 20 years whacking it out there for the whole nation to see and basically make up your own opinions so I hope you enjoy thanks

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